#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2010-11-15

wolfspraulxiangfu: hey there...00:09
wolfspraulI committed a small cleanup, but when I did 'git push' I suddenly had two commits I pushed :-)00:09
wolfsprauldid I do something wrong? what is the procedure again we should follow now?00:10
xiangfuwait. let me check.00:11
xiangfuwolfspraul: http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2010-November/005979.html00:19
xiangfusee something under :"Some Advice:"00:19
wolfspraulxiangfu: oh00:24
wolfspraulhopefully this time it sinks deep enough into my brain...00:24
wolfspraulxiangfu: so what is the problem people like me are causing that forget to rebase?00:24
wolfspraulwhen do these merge commits cause a problem?00:25
xiangfuwolfspraul: no.00:25
wolfspraulxiangfu: with 'no' you mean they don't cause a problem? only cosmetic?00:30
xiangfuthe 'git rebase' advantage is that the history is easier to follow00:33
xiangfuwolfspraul: also the 'git rebase' will try to rewrite something.00:36
xiangfuwolfspraul: like there is one commit already into master by another one. (like mirko have modify the /etc/banner)00:37
xiangfuthen you have local change something like that commit. the git rebase will take care of that.00:37
xiangfugit rebase may remove the same commit.00:37
xiangfu(I have already change the banner in local). so I use git rebase to remove my local commit.00:39
wolfspraulthanks for the explanation00:40
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: [config.full_system] group up it a little http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/3d875b900:47
wolfspraulxiangfu: why do we need the ntfs-3g and mount.ntfs-3g packages?00:51
wolfspraulare there some dependencies or other interesting things hiding inside those packages? I cannot imagine any real need for ntfs support on the NanoNote.00:52
xiangfumaybe I just select that without thinking. I can not remember that ntfs* package.00:54
wolfspraulxiangfu: maybe they are pulled in by dependencies and removing them will cause some problem? if nobody knows any potential use case then we should try removing them, see what happens...00:55
kyakxiangfu: hi! i noticed, when you update the Makefile of some package, and this package is downloaded from git, you must change both git commit ID and the PKG_VERSION (for example, change the date accordingly).. Otherwise, the..02:16
kyak..old version of package from dl/ will used02:16
kyakthis is the case when you updated gmenu2x/makefile just now02:17
wolfspraulkyak: if you have some ideas for nice icons we should add to the launcher, please let us know.02:20
wolfspraulicons linking to useful apps :-)02:21
kyakwolfspraul: the one i could remember is nightsky02:29
wolfspraulwhat other apps are you using on your Nano?02:31
kyaki can't think about any other gui application.. there are some console apps currently missing from menu - vim, abook02:34
kyaka file selector for mplayer would be great.. and splitting mplayer pacakge to patented and free is in my TODO list..02:36
kyakwolfspraul: btw.. kristianpaul had some problem building uClibc with locales on his machine. May i have an account on build host - this would help to test things not only on my local machine02:42
wolfspraulsure of course. can you email me your public key?02:43
kyakwill do it02:43
wolfspraulgreat. thanks for asking! I saw the chat between you and kristian paul yesterday and should have offered the account myself...02:44
kyaki'm using wolfgang at sharism.cc, right? or is it your malinkg lists only email?02:44
wolfspraulyes that's good02:46
kyakwolfspraul: it's sent02:48
wolfspraulkyak: ok, you can try, kyak and root should work03:02
wolfspraulkyak: the setup of the server is documented here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Server_setup#fidelio.qi-hardware.com03:02
kyakwolfspraul: worked fine, thank you!03:03
kyakwolfspraul: btw, pretty 29 EUR/month is pretty cheap for such machine03:08
wolfspraulyes, hetzner is good03:09
kyakdo they work with private individuals, or organizations only?03:09
wolfspraulkyak: absolutely everybody.03:17
wolfspraulI am sure you can use them as well, if you like. the only unfortunate thing is that they are charging German VAT, and because the service is being operated in Germany, they cannot refund/deduct the VAT even if you are outside the EU.03:18
wolfspraulso you are 'loosing' 19%, but it's unavoidable in this case03:18
kyakso it 29+VAT03:19
wolfspraulno it's included in those 29 EUR already03:19
kyakah ok..03:19
wolfspraulhetzner has to give 19% of that to the German tax people03:19
kyakneed to feed them! :")03:19
wolfspraultheoretically you don't need to pay this since you are outside of the EU, but practically you still do, because the servers are operated in Germany, so they treat it as if you travel to Germany and, for example, buy and eat an icecream there :-)03:20
wolfspraulif Hetzner would one day operate servers outside of Germany, or even the EU, their customers outside of the EU would not need to pay those 19%03:21
wolfspraulsmall detail03:21
wolfsprauljust see it as the 'cost of doing business' with Hetzner03:21
wolfspraulit's still 29 EUR / month, charged to your credit card, and done03:21
wolfspraulwhat I like about hetzner is not the price, you easily find cheaper ones03:21
wolfspraulwhat I like is that they are really professional03:21
wolfspraultheir operations are thought through, it's efficient, scalable, and growing03:21
kyakwell ok, so it's +1 for hetzner!03:22
rohwolfspraul well... i wouldnt say thought through ;) but they do good work for the tiny bit of money they get ;)03:23
wolfspraulthey have very nice online admin, reverse DNS, traffic and uptime control, rescue system, etc.03:23
wolfspraulroh: fair enough, but you have many years experience in this. so in your bottom line, considering everything, do you know a better hoster?03:24
kyaki've been looking for some vps to host my private IRC server for a couple of friends.. i know it sounds strange, but i've been keeping it running for years on my home server and no i feel like i want to shift it to some more..03:25
kyak..reliable place.. so it won't depend on me. But most VPS providers prohibit IRC, so a gave up03:25
rohwolfspraul depends for what. they are ok for everybody-use. if you need an sla or want to host your own hardware you will be better off somewhere else.03:32
wolfspraulroh: what is 'sla'?03:37
rohservice level agreement. only worth something if it has evil penalties03:42
wolfspraulroh: is om/harald still hosting his own machines at hetzner? or switched to hetzner's hw now?03:44
rohom never had own hw03:44
rohafaik. atleast not in germany03:44
rohand yes, its still there. will change soon, but i hope we can keep it03:45
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: add nanonote input.conf.nanonote http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/42ae82604:20
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: [gmenu2x] update, update version to 2 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/4cc6ae904:21
xiangfukyak: (PKG_VERSION), oh, yes. thanks. now fixed :)04:30
kyakkristianpaul: btw, no problems building uClibc with locales on build host.. have you managed to reinstall debian? :)04:30
kyakxiangfu: np!: )04:30
kyakxiangfu: oh.. i meant, PKG_VERSION, not PKG_RELEASE04:33
kyakyou see, there is gmenu2x-20101113.tar.gz in dl/ dir04:33
kyakso it will be taken from dl, not from git04:34
xiangfukyak: I remember the release also works fine. let me test now.04:34
kyakmaybe you're right, it would work04:35
kyakbut it's still better to have 20101115 instead of 20101113 :)04:35
xiangfukyak: ok. will do that. and the download is depends the PKG_SOURCE.04:38
kyakah ok04:39
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: [gmenu2x] update to 20101115 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/c8743e004:42
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: remove the ntfs package http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/94dd1a904:44
kyaki noticed that i had xwrt and luci repos disabled for some reasons04:44
kyaknow that i enabled them, i discovered some interesing packages04:44
kyaklike zoneinfo04:44
wolfspraulkyak: let us know which ones you think are interesting and we'll add them. Or feel free to add them to config.full_system yourself...04:48
kyakfirst need to have a look.. what are they04:50
kristianpaulkyak: it compiled (openwrt)08:05
kristianpaulkyak: (debian) still getting the ISO hope got it in the morning08:05
kyakkristianpaul: so it compiled fine on your machine though it couldn't compile before?08:06
kristianpaulafter back to the commit you pointed08:06
kyakah ok.. let's ee how you fresh installation will work out08:08
kristianpaulyes let find my nanonote08:08
kyakfresh debian installation :")08:08
kristianpaulah yes wel.. hmm let me get my usb stick and laptop to keep in touch08:09
kristianpaulkyak: how is build going on fidelio?08:25
kyakjust fine08:27
rafawpwrak: I set a proper opkg.conf so opkg-target works okey to install new libraries on toolchain. If you want it just tell me. I am not sure if I should add that as default into toolchain. The problems are the paths.. if user wants the toolchain in a different path than default he should modify that opkg.conf anyway09:50
wpwrakrafa: sure i want it ! ;-)10:00
wpwrakrafa: for the path ... there are few ways to handle such things. not sure what would work best in this case:10:03
wpwrak1) just pick a "standard" path10:03
wpwrak2) make the program(s) in question figure out its own path, then calculate a path relative to this10:03
wpwrak3) like 2, but make a wrapper for this purpose10:03
wpwrak4) have an installer script that sets the path at installation time10:04
wpwrak5) make the paths depend on environment variables, and set them either manually or, if using a script like environment-setup, using method 2, 3, or 410:05
rafawpwrak: about paths: did you see that the toolchain tar.gz has thist path ? :   ./usr/local/jlime-2010.1/..etc.. ?  I do not know yet if that means that toolchain should live from /.. so it would /usr/local/jlime-2010.1/.. etc.. or if we can install it under our homes for example.10:06
rafawpwrak: anyway.. here is my opkg.conf :10:06
rafawpwrak: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/jlime/toolchains/opkg.conf10:06
rafawpwrak: and I have that opkg.conf at /usr/local/jlime-2010.1/mipsel/mipsel-linux/etc/10:06
rafawpwrak: after that.. you could try :10:08
rafa . /usr/local/jlime-2010.1/mipsel/environment-setup10:08
rafaopkg-target update10:08
wpwrakDownloading http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/jlime/repository/ipk/all/Packages :-)10:08
wpwrak(paths) it does look suspiciously like root-based paths. at least that's how i interpreted it10:09
wpwrakinteresting: Updated list of available packages in /usr/local/jlime-2010.1/mipsel/mipsel-linux//usr/lib/opkg/lists/all10:10
wpwraknote the double //10:10
wpwrakopkg-target shows a gazillion of things :) now let's see what i can install ...10:11
wpwrakrafa: excellent. works like a charm. thanks a lot !10:12
rafa opkg-target install libsdl-1.2-dev10:12
rafathat will install a lot of packages which libsdl-dev needs :)10:12
wpwrakPackage libsdl-1.2-dev (1.2.14-r3) installed in root is up to date.10:12
wpwrakseems to think i already have everything in need10:13
rafayep.. it looks like that10:13
wpwrakwhat i have installed are just libsdl and libsdl-gfx, though10:14
wpwrakperhaps libsdl-dev doesn't pull in al the rest10:14
rafawpwrak: paths: yep.. somebody should read a bit how to use external toolchains built from OE :D (me perhaps?)10:14
rafawpwrak: you can try to remove that libsdl-dev and re install10:14
wpwrakrafa: thanks for volunteering ! ;-))10:14
wpwrakintersting. remove/install does pull in the whole collection. so there's a bit of an inconsistency10:15
rafawpwrak: well, I just installed libsdl-dev and it installed a lot of -dev packages more10:16
rafaI do not know how you got the first libsdl-dev installation.. because it does not come with toolchain it seems10:16
wpwrakwhole collection:  alsa-lib-dev alsa-lib libasound2 alsa-conf-base libxext-dev libxext6 ...10:16
wpwraki downloaded and installed the first one manually10:17
rafawell.. libsdl manages audio, sdl on X, sdl on fb, etc... maybe it needs all those headers10:17
wpwrakmaybe some of the packages are just "recommended" and the manuall install skipped those10:19
wpwrakanyway, if the automatic dependencies work, this shouldn't be a frequent problem10:19
wpwrak'cause people will just rely on opkg-target to find and download things for them10:20
wpwrakhey, this is great ! now jlime has a fully featured host development environment. i thought it would take much longer to get there.10:21
rafacool.. I am building kernel and uboot to test :)10:23
rafawpwrak: now you just need the SD to test :).. or install it on nand10:29
wpwrakfound one. 1 GB. is that enough ?10:32
kristianpaulwpwrak: yes10:33
kristianpaulbut if you want wikipedia later try get 2gb10:34
wpwrakkristianpaul: my bens tend to be relatively immobile ;-) in fact, they're quite naked, too. just the main pcb, with all the rest in a neat pile on the side :)10:35
kristianpauljeje i have one ben for that10:36
kristianpaulthe other just on my pocket ;)10:36
kristianpaulis really handy10:36
kristianpaulmost if you dont havew internet and need an english dicionary :)10:36
wpwrakheh :)10:38
rafawpwrak: so just do an ext2 first partition10:42
rafawpwrak: and untar there the jlime image.. after that [M]+power button to boot10:42
kristianpaulwpwrak: any plans to get jlime with last OE commits?10:43
kristianpaulrafa: ^10:44
rafakristianpaul: I guess that wpwrak will like bootstrap image.. just 9MB (or 10) :)10:44
wpwrakrafa: i reflash boot loader and kernel as well ? or will it also work with the openwrt ones ?10:45
rafawpwrak: it just works with current qi bootloader.. so you just do the work on SD and try10:46
wpwrakkewl. downloading ...10:46
rafawpwrak: bootloader will read the kernel from /boot/ in ext2 first sd partition... THe jlime images have the kernel there10:47
rafawpwrak: if something does not work maybe your bootloader is not the current qi uboot10:47
rafaand you will need to flash a newer10:47
rafakristianpaul: btw, last OE commits has patented stuff10:48
kristianpaulrafa: i just tought qmake may get compiled in this last version10:50
kristianpaulnow i wonder i just can crosscompile qt apps like wpwrak is doing10:50
rafakristianpaul: no sure if qmake works on the nanonote.. I have tried to find some OE recipe to build that.. but I just saw the qmake sdk for i686, no for mips10:51
kristianpaulok lest siwch 100% SIE to sdl gpx?..10:52
rafakristianpaul: crosscompile.. if you want to try I can give you the instructions.. We did a new toolchain which seems is working fine10:52
kristianpauli think wpwrak will be really usefull :)10:52
kristianpaulrafa: are thos instruciotns on the jlime wiki?10:52
rafakristianpaul: the new toolchain lives on qi-hardware10:52
rafakristianpaul: and I have not written documentation yet10:52
rafakristianpaul: because I am not an expert on toolchain. But I have learnt how to install and use basicaly, and how to add libraries and packages to the toolchain10:53
kristianpaulnever tried openwrt SDK?10:54
kristianpaullibrairies <- thats sound hard?10:54
rafakristianpaul: I mean.. I know how to use toolchain.. That I did not know is how to install/use the toolchain built from OE. BTW, the new toolchain is the proper one built from OE. The previous one, which you tried was not built properly for external use.10:55
rafakristianpaul: add libraries is on your pc something like : opkg-target install libsdl-dev ;)10:55
rafakristianpaul: i would not say that it is hard :)10:55
kristianpaulahh is chrooted !10:56
kristianpaulor at least there is a script to set proper ENV variables?10:56
rafawell.. it is not chrooted I would say.. it is like toolchains built from OE work I guess10:56
wpwrakuntarring ...10:57
kristianpauldamn my debian installion hungup..10:58
kristianpaulhope is not a harddisk issue :/10:59
wpwrakbooting .. let's see what happens11:31
wpwrakhmm. no output on idbg and no response to ssh :-( is this normal ?11:34
wpwraklast message was: turn off boot console early011:34
wpwrakkernel said  Linux version 2.6.34-ben (rafa@nodo3) [...] so this looks good11:34
rafawpwrak: output idbg is okey.. kernel config.. for ssh you need to set the proper. You usb pc ip shoul be11:34
rafann is
wpwrakah, you move it ;-)11:35
rafawpwrak: nn also has as default router so if you use another ip on your usb pc you should set the proper default route in nn.11:36
rafawpwrak: password of root.. let me remember.. :) "root"11:36
wpwrakhmm, i  see the ben on lsusb, but still can't reach it. odd.11:37
kristianpaulplug again11:37
kristianpaulsomethimes happens to me11:38
rafawpwrak: btw.. if you install the image with GUI it should have libsdl already.. no libsdl-gfx I think.. And other tips that I need to write on future jlime wiki for qi version:11:38
rafawpwrak: for installation of new packages:11:38
rafajlime-pkg update11:38
rafajlime-pkg install libsdl-gfx011:38
rafa(it is just an example of course)11:39
wpwrakah, now it worked. i had a on eth0 too11:39
wpwrakkewl. logged in ;-)11:39
wpwrakbtw, for the prompt, why not PS1='\w\$ ' ? that gives you a nice '~# ' by default. doesn't get much shorter :)11:41
wpwrakbtw2, turning off the serial console is vicious :)11:41
rafaserial console.. it is there for a long time and I have never changed that.. well, I changed when i tested my idbg.. but then I never put that change on final kernel uploaded (I forgot)11:42
wpwraknow .. which of my little devices did i lose by giving 192.168.1 to the ben ....11:43
wpwrak... ah, re-installation of my wireless routers. okay, that's tolerable.11:43
wpwrakwe need more idbg users :)11:44
rafaprompt: the prompt has an error.. but well, there are a lot more.. it is just a huge set of ideas on top of some rootfs from OE :)11:44
rafaidbg users: there are not more because I did not write the how to install yet.. or you or wolfgang11:44
wpwrakbah. it's not that difficult :)11:45
wpwraki figured it out on the first try, too :)11:45
wpwrakdoes it make sense to use different IP addresses for OpenWRT and Jlime ?11:46
kristianpaulrafa: why not just a ip in same range?11:47
wpwrakthat's pretty much what i thought too, including the capitalization ;-)11:47
rafakristianpaul: well, I used a similar ip as openmoko used.. so I continued the chain..11:48
kristianpauljust change it to the openmoko aswell, problem solved !11:48
rafakristianpaul: wpwrak : and I am just kidding.. I would like to be compatible.. but I did it like a hobby.. IT IS REALLY HARD TO KNOW THE CURRENT STATUS OF OPENWRT11:48
rafaip/partitions/bootloaders/etc.. all change a lot.. Well, no ip.. but the rest do not look so static11:49
rafato be considered as default to immitate11:49
kristianpaulyes this talk is about IP's no more, and since i remenber thats like a default since years ago11:50
rafakristianpaul: openmoko was before11:50
kristianpaulno i meant openwrt11:50
rafawell, I continued the chain.. openwrt did not11:51
kristianpaulany way..11:51
rafakristianpaul: hey hey. .kidding.. btw. the current jlime ip is not in openmoko anymore either.. it is just similar, but no the same range11:51
kristianpaulwell, so are you going to change it to same range like in openwrt ben?11:52
kristianpaulplease :D11:52
rafakristianpaul: I am not going to do much for this thing.. sorry. No time11:53
wpwraki think it would be beneficial. that way, people can use the same names/scripts, etc.11:53
kristianpaulwpwrak: scripts <- yeah really helpfull11:53
rafakristianpaul: we can convice other jlime devs to support some version for qi as well.. no idea if they would like to work with that "patent" thing11:53
kristianpaulbut is just an IP..11:53
wpwrakalso reduces support overhead ;-)11:53
wpwrakrafa: the patent thing is something pretty much all distributions have to face in one way or another ...11:54
rafakristianpaul: if you mean, to put an ip to the version recetly uploaded to qi .. then I can change that.. no much effort needed.11:54
wpwrakrafa: besides, it can't hurt to make people more aware of where patents are interfering with their life11:54
wpwrakrafa: and at the same time, steer them away from such stuff, this reducing the value of those patents11:55
wpwrakrafa: kick the patent owners where it hurts them :)11:55
wpwrakrafa: (the IP) where does it come from ? i would imagine it's some ben-specific package somewhere in OE, no ?11:56
rafawpwrak: yes, of course. And I like the idea. BUt no sure if other devs wants to work on that. Remember that is is just a hobby for all. We are few and do some linux distros for Jornadas, and some hacks. No much more11:56
kristianpaulwpwrak: is an script in /etc/mufi..11:56
rafawpwrak: the ip is set in a start script wiht ifconfi, that script does a lot of settings. Let me point you it..11:57
wpwrakkillall: Input/output error ... interesting :)11:58
rafawpwrak:  /etc/muffinman-extras/final.sh that script does everything11:58
wpwrakah .. the killall ... of course. it's because i'm trying to talk to the uSD slot :)11:59
wpwrakhmm. next stop: nand install :)11:59
rafawpwrak: did you try your sdl thing?12:00
kristianpaulhe cant12:01
wpwrakrafa: yes, and it killed my uSD. which is of course what it should do, in a way ;-)12:01
rafakristianpaul: :)12:01
rafawpwrak: maybe you would like to install bootstrap on nand.. so it is faster12:02
wpwrakbut it started. that's good. the ben in question has no display attached, so i couldn't see it work anyway. last time i tried to attach a display, it didn't work. so there may be some hardware problem, too.12:02
rafaxhost +12:03
rafalunch time12:04
wpwrakah, SDL works over the network ?12:04
Action: kristianpaul same question12:04
rafasdl can work on X.. so if you export the DISPLAY and tell sdl to use x1112:05
rafathen that would work perhaps12:05
wpwrakkewl. that's nice.12:07
wpwrak(nand) i'll have to host the whole system there. the application is for wpan, so i need the uSD slot.12:07
wpwrakbut that can wait a bit. for now, i'm happy to know that things work in general. now i need to get back to that damn antenna tuning ...12:08
wpwrakit's amazingly difficult to extract that one number i'm looking for from a sample of 1 M complex numbers ...12:10
kristianpauldamn my cdrom unit is fuck3d up12:11
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: remove the useless PKG_INSTALL http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/707061612:19
kyakxiangfu: what happened?12:24
wpwrakrafa: jlime-pkg update  says it only understands "install" and "search"12:24
kyakxiangfu: git pull in openwrt-packages complains about a number of unmerged changes.12:25
kyakxiangfu: why you removed the PKG_INSTALL? some packages use PKG_INSTALL_DIR12:26
kyaknot PKG_BUILD_DIR12:26
wpwrak"Shrinking packages DB" hmm, sounds like a potential optimization to do this before making the rootfs snapshot12:26
wpwrak(sounds like ...) that is, without me knowing what exactly goes on there :)12:27
xiangfukyak: hmm... is there any relation between PKG_INTALL and PKG_INSTALL_DIR??12:27
kyakPKG_INSTALL instructs the build system to run make install12:27
kyakthen the installed files are in PKG_INSTALL_DIR12:27
kyakand some packages rely on that12:28
kyakand it is usually better than just copying files from PKG_BUILD_DIR12:28
xiangfukyak: ok. I just found it at include/package.mk:201.12:28
kyakxiangfu: you should run build now and see how it fails :)12:29
xiangfuI have try to search the document in openwrt. can not found the PKG_INSTALL. then grep. then I think I skip some info. will revert my commit. thanks kyak12:29
kyakand i wonder what happened to git.. it gone crazy12:29
kyak$ grep -R "PKG_INSTALL:=1" feeds/*/*/*/Makefile | wc -l12:31
kyakused a lot12:31
xiangfukyak: try git pull -r first.12:31
xiangfukyak: my fault.12:31
kyakxiangfu: git pull -r shows lines like:12:31
kyakM       zimreader/Makefile12:31
kyakPull is not possible because you have unmerged files.12:32
kyakxiangfu: i haven't finished the git reference yeat :)12:32
xiangfukyak: if you don't have local commit. try 'git pull origin master:master -f"12:34
kyaki have some local changes, they are not commited12:35
xiangfukyak: ok. I remember if this is a merge , git will goto a temp branch. which branch you current on ?12:38
kyakon master12:39
xiangfukyak: 1. check the 'git diff' see if there is something you still need.12:40
xiangfu2. if don't , just "git co -f"12:40
xiangfu3. git fetch origin12:41
xiangfu4. git rebase -i origin/master  , paste the result. :)12:41
kyakxiangfu: ok... seem to have it fixed12:45
kyakxiangfu: i branched from master, then i git pull origin master:master -f and git reset --hard12:46
kyak(in master)12:46
kyakno i will checkout to the branch, commit my changes there and merge it to master12:46
kyakthis is what my poor git knowledge says to me12:47
xiangfukyak: it's good. :)  always many solution :)12:47
kyakoh, and the bad new is that.... when i created branch all changes in working directory have not got there -\12:48
xiangfukyak: you can use 'git stash' save the local change. then 'git stash pop' can apply them again.12:49
kyakxiangfu: ah, nice hint!12:51
kyakok, it is restored now12:51
kyakxiangfu: why did that happen?12:51
kyakit seems that git failed to diff gmenu2x/Makefile12:52
xiangfukyak: sorry. I can understand. which command you run when you try to diff gmen2x/Makefile??12:54
kyakfirst, i did git pull, as usual... but git complained that it can't merge gmenu2x/Makefile12:54
kyaki edited gmenu2x/Makefile to resolve the conflict12:54
kyak(btw, i didn't change gmenu2x/Makefile before i git pull)12:55
kyakthen i git pull again, and there are these files...12:55
kyaka lot of them12:55
xiangfukyak: after you resolve the conflict. did you run "git add gmenu2x/Makefile"?12:59
xiangfuwhen you do git pull again. what 'files' do you mean?12:59
xiangfukyak: after resolve a conflict, I think we should run "git merge --continue"13:00
kyakxiangfu: no i didn't run it...13:00
kyakxiangfu: all the Makefiles without PKG_INSTALL13:00
kyakpopped up13:00
kyakin git status13:00
kyakok, i'll remember it for future13:01
xiangfuusually, 1. git pull, 2. resolve conflict, 3. git add the file. 4. git merge --continue13:01
kyakxiangfu: ok, thanks!13:02
xiangfukyak: I think we can do this. 1. rename you local master branch to temp, 2. git fetch origin 3. git co --track -b master origin/maser 4. cherry-pick  commit from temp. then git push again.13:03
xiangfukyak: I am really sorry I delete that 'PKG_IINSTALL' commit. not using "git revert" . sorry. that's why make your git confure. :(13:04
xiangfus/confure/mess up/13:05
kyakxiangfu: that's what i thought i could do, but i didn't save my local changes before a branched :)13:05
kyakxiangfu: it's ok, now it is all restored as i said13:05
xiangfukyak: just commit it.13:05
xiangfukyak: oh. ok.13:05
kyakthat changes were very few13:05
kyaki added "workdir" to ash-rus gmenu item13:05
xiangfukyak: what is use for?13:05
xiangfukyak: I am plan to add as much as possible gmenu2x items.13:06
kyakit would chdir() before starting ash..13:06
kyakso the ash would start in ~13:06
kyaki thought it's more convenient13:06
xiangfukyak: is your git ok now?13:07
kyakyes, it's totally fine13:07
xiangfukyak:ok, I need goto sleep. 2AM  here. see you.13:07
rafawpwrak: sorry.. maybe I forgot to add the last jlime-pkg.. which image you installed?13:58
rafa(bootstrap or full GUI)?13:59
rafawpwrak: yes, I think that I forgot to add the last jlime-pkg on bootstrap :( If that is the case please download the last jlime-pkg from : http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/jlime/misc/jlime-pkg  and use it please (you can replace the one under /usr/bin)14:23
qi-bot[commit] Jiri Brozovsky: Updated to current version. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/282840014:26
qi-bot[commit] Jiri Brozovsky: Updated to current version. Now can create PDF tiles with "mandoc -Tpdf" http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/c27b44514:26
kristianpaulha debian german repo finally saved my day14:43
rafakristianpaul: haha :)14:44
rafakristianpaul: what happened?14:44
kristianpaulrafa: seems US repo have an old key ring for the repo wich my squeeze installer was rejecting14:46
kristianpaulor viceversa ;-)14:46
kristianpaulat least is installing now :)14:46
kristianpauldamn all this because broken autools :S14:47
kristianpaulsince now all chrooted or in /opt14:49
kristianpaulno more system breaks i hope14:49
wpwrakrafa: i have Jlime-muffinman-image-2010.1-ben-nanonote.rootfs_READY_beta4_01nov2010.tar (~80 MB)14:54
wpwrakrafa: hmm, jlime-pkg install is still "Shrinking packages DB". it's been doing this for about 2 hours now.14:55
wpwrakrafa: there's no CPU activity but i see a sed -n /^Package/p;/^Filename/p; ...14:56
wpwrakhah. ^D ->  - the package does not exist.14:56
wpwraklet's see if the new jlime-pkg is better14:56
kristianpaulwpwrak: didyou ran opkg update before?14:57
wpwrakkristianpaul: ah, no. let's see.14:57
wpwraktha's better. thanks !14:58
wpwrakintersting. no package "file". hmm ... let's see where it is hiding ..14:58
wpwrakhm... no file ? don't see it with jlime-pkg list either15:00
wpwrakerr, i mean  jlime-pkg search15:00
kristianpaulbtw how long take opkg update to run?15:00
kristianpauli wonder you said thanks too fast15:01
wpwrakit was very quick15:01
kristianpaulnot normal15:01
wpwrak./jlime-pkg search 'e' | wc -l -> 99015:01
wpwrakjlime-pkg update-> 11.2 seconds15:02
wpwrakno "file", no "psmisc". hmm.15:04
wpwrakno strace :-((15:05
wpwrakis it normal for jlime-pkg to exit with exit code 1 ? http://pastebin.ca/199252715:06
wpwrakthere are no complaints. i only noticed because "time" mentions it15:06
kristianpaulbut jlime-pkg update i never eevn tried to run15:07
wpwrakit seems to do something15:07
wpwrakit runs for 11 seconds and some steps take longer than others. so this suggests real activity.15:08
kristianpaulwait i min15:09
kristianpaulrafa: jlime repo is ok, no more 403 errors?15:10
kristianpaulah but you're using qi repos wpwrak ?15:10
wpwrakkristianpaul: it seems to use only the jlime.com repo. probably because the rootfs is from http://jlime.com/downloads/releases/muffinman/15:14
kristianpauloh np seems server is okay15:18
kristianpaulhmm what happen if i ignore complex data for now..16:14
kristianpaulno better just separate it from raw data16:14
wpwrakstruggling with the math ?16:15
kristianpauland format it to fit schar especification16:15
kristianpaulwpwrak: yup16:15
wpwraksounds familiar :-( still trying to get that darn FFT to produce usable results16:16
kristianpaulyou have more issues than mean, at least -1 +1 is easier to handle comparted with 16bits data..16:17
kristianpauli think*16:17
kristianpaul(-1, +1) because just 2 bit resolution adc from sige chip16:17
wpwraknot sure. isn't the -1/0/+1 just the same but at a higher rate ?16:18
rafawpwrak: kristianpaul : jlime-pkg in full jlime and jlime for qi are a little different.. the same thing but just a little different anyway16:18
kristianpaulin fact it is16:18
kristianpaulrafa: why?16:18
rafawpwrak: strace is in its package.. and it uses bash ;) .. so you need to install both16:19
kristianpaulrafa: is not tyhe BIG keep patent stuff away just in the repo ?16:19
rafakristianpaul: because jlime-pkg is a workaround to avoid opkg.. full jlime image is already two weeks old perhaps... jlime for qi is two days old16:19
wpwrakrafa: bash:  - the package does not exist.16:19
rafakristianpaul: no.. the patent thing was worked in the images as well16:20
rafakristianpaul: so images are not the same with jlime.com16:20
rafawpwrak: mmmh?.. that is imposible! :)16:20
kristianpaulrafa: wait a min when you said tow days old from upstream?16:20
wpwrakjlime-pkg search bash16:20
wpwrakLooking bash... (wait a while)16:20
kristianpauland wich upstream?16:20
rafakristianpaul: no, I should write a bit of info.. too many stuff confussing :(16:21
wpwrakhow long is a   jlime-pkg update  supposed to take ? are ~11 seconds reasonable ?16:21
rafakristianpaul: it is not released yet.. just wpwrak is faster than devs16:21
kristianpaulrafa: ahh ;-)16:21
rafawpwrak: let me check with my nn16:21
rafawpwrak: 11 sec looks okey.. maybe a little more.. but the time sounds good16:22
kristianpaulyeah you said 15 sec was the good time before16:22
rafaJlime$ jlime-pkg install bash16:23
rafaGetting installed packages list... (wait a while)16:23
rafaShrinking packages DB... (wait a while, around 30 seconds)16:23
rafaPackage: bash16:23
rafaGetting dependences :16:23
rafaso it is there.. (bash)16:23
rafawpwrak: can you show me  /etc/opkg/opkg.conf ?16:24
wpwrakhmm. here i get   - the package does not exist.  right after  Shrinking packages DB... (wait a while, around 30 seconds)16:24
rafawpwrak: wait a moment :)16:25
rafawpwrak: i am faster than you :)16:25
rafawpwrak: well, no.. I mean. I uploaded new files : http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/jlime/images/16:26
rafatwo days ago16:26
Action: wpwrak hands the title of "Fastest Mouse in all of Argentina" back to rafa16:26
rafawpwrak: and you downloaded old files16:26
rafa(old images)16:26
wpwrakaha !16:26
rafathat explain a lot of things16:27
rafa(for me)16:27
wpwrakindeed .. i just followed jlime.com16:27
wpwraknow i also understand the :bootstrap" reference :)16:27
rafawpwrak: no no.. I uploaded all the files to qi.. because we need all of them in both parts.. The images at jlime.com has a lot of problematic stuff (problematic=patents..etc..)16:28
rafawpwrak: so images are different.. the ones at qi are okey to work from this side :)16:29
wpwrakyeah, right. not sure why to went there in the first place. must be the alzheimer, sorry ...16:29
wpwrakdownloading now ... meanwhile, i'll take a shower ...16:30
wpwrakback. downloads complete ...16:45
wpwrak(i also got the nand image, just in case)16:48
wpwrakwolfgang: (why ash is not preferable over bash as an interactive shell if you have the choice) touch $HOME/foo; cat ~/fo<Tab> (file name completion. doesn't work.) neither does  cat $HOME/fo<Tab>   with bash, both work16:54
wpwrak*hmm* with the jlime image from qi-hw: ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused17:50
wpwrakoh .. now. took about a minute. odd.17:51
wpwrakjlime-pkg update now take a lot longer. good :)17:53
rafawpwrak: and repo should have strace and bash17:56
wpwrakand the installation of psmisc succeeded. excellent !17:56
rafawpwrak: and gdb if you want something like that17:56
wpwrakthe "shrinking package DB" each time you install is a bit annoying. that's your shell script, right ?17:56
rafawpwrak: yes, one little update would be to do that just once and to use it for ever.. but well, that script could be re written now that I know that it works :917:57
rafawpwrak: it was just a workaround for the two bad boys bugs in opkg17:58
wpwrakone could probably make it a lot more efficient by rewriting everything in C :)18:02
wpwrakurhg. and you have some particularly evil incarnation of vi (busybox, of course)18:02
rafawpwrak: vi.. there is vim as well18:07
wpwrakalready installed :)18:09
wpwraknow .. the "shrinking package db" seems to suffer from a particularly slow sed18:10
wpwraklet's get a real sed and see how it goes18:11
wpwrakbefore: ~20 s. after: ~11 s :)18:13
rafaah yes?.. wow!18:14
wpwraki also got rid of the cat, but i think that's almost unnoticeable18:15
rafawpwrak: real sed:.. is it into which package?18:16
wpwrakjust "sed"18:16
rafaah :D.. easy18:16
rafaI will install sed and psmisc.. I have bootstrap currently18:19
wpwrakone of these days, i'll adapt myroot. then it'll be very easy to make a custom rootfs.18:21
rafabusybox awk is for women.. better to install gawk18:23
wpwrakyup :)18:24
wpwrakin my opinion, the ben is already outside the range of devices where busybox and friends are a good choice. particularly not for developers.18:26
wpwraknow, time to do a bit of shopping18:27
Action: kristianpaul curios18:29
Action: kristianpaul installing build tools in new install of debian squeeze19:35
kristianpaulwpwrak: you may want take a look to UHD  http://oz9aec.net/index.php/gnu-radio/gnu-radio-blog/402-the-universal-hardware-driver-uhd-working20:43
kristianpaulat least to the ascii spectrum analizer ;-)20:43
wpwrakah yes, UHD. next construction site ;-)20:50
wpwrakat least it seems they're rewriting much of the documentation. so now there's good stuff in the UHD world while the pre-UHD world rots in peace. not a great loss, though. there's basically one useful document. the rest is more confusing than helpful.20:52
wpwrakthe real information is in the sources and sometimes on the mailing list20:52
wolfspraulshould I add the GNU Radio blog to the qi hardware planet?20:52
wolfspraullooks like it might fit, maybe they blog a tad too frequent and about too trivial things, but there seem to still be valuable gems in there...20:53
wpwrakwolfspraul: oh, there's a blog ? :)20:53
wolfspraulsure, kristianpaul just linked to it :-)20:53
wpwrakaah. but i don't think this is "the gnuradio blog". that looks like just some guy who does things with gnuradio and has a blog, no ?20:54
kristianpaulis not gnuradio blog20:54
kristianpaulthere is one?20:55
wolfspraulcould be. should we include it in the planet or not?20:56
wolfspraulsometimes what I do is if I run into something that is potentially interesting, I add it to the planet. If after some time I realize it doesn't fit, I remove it again (just remember the URL in the wiki).20:56
kristianpaulwell this guy is somr sort of related to gunradio and radio space ham, i dont know how that will be interesting..20:58
kristianpaulthis loooks like gnu radio blog http://sdrblog.wordpress.com/21:01
kristianpaulha gotchat http://www.ettus.com/uhd_docs/manual/html/21:01
wpwrakkristianpaul: yup. that's the new docs. less complete but a lot more accurate than the wiki ;-)21:02
wpwrak(or ettus' own sales material, for that matter ;-)21:02
wpwrakof course, UHD is still experimental, so ...21:03
kristianpauli just ask my self why they call it universal21:03
kristianpauleven so  when USRP is not so universal to adquire :-/21:04
wpwrak"Ben Brosgol (of Adacore) is describing how C and C++ are unsafe [...]" yeah, i thought i'd say that too if i was into ada ;-)))21:04
wpwrakoh, the usrp can do quite a lot21:05
wpwrakthe tricky bits are the math and the frontends21:05
kristianpauloh god, maths...21:06
wpwrakthere seems to be an opportunity for an "SDR for dummies" ;-)21:06
wpwrakwhat i found so far is really trivial material and then stuff that's very far from any practical considerations. what's missing is something that goes through the various concepts and explains what they actually mean.21:08
wpwraksort of an SDR equivalent to "TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol. 1", if you know that book21:08
kristianpauli dont21:09
wpwrakwell, maybe such an SDR book exists and i just haven't found it yet :)21:09
wpwrakTCP/IP Illustrated explains Ethernet, IPv4, and TCP in a comprehensible way. so after reading it, you understand what all the fields in an IPv4 packet do, you understand how the TCP windows work, etc.21:10
wpwrakit doesn't go to the last extremes, but does a very good job at covering what matters in real life21:10
--- Tue Nov 16 201000:00

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