#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2010-11-10

nitin_guptahwo to mount sd card at power on ?01:52
nitin_guptawithout user intervention ?01:53
nitin_guptaxiangfu can you plz tell me how to mount sd card at power on without user intervention ?01:57
kyaknitin_gupta: add the command to mount sd card in your /etc/init.d/start02:03
kyakthis might be not cosher, but it'll work02:04
nitin_guptaNN booting process gets stuck sometime while SD card is inserted . why ?06:56
nitin_guptacan it be reduced or avoid ?06:57
drizztnitin_gupta: what system ?07:11
drizztusualy sd card partition should be added to /etc/fstab07:11
nitin_guptaso thats means we shall make an entry in /etc/fstab for sd card07:12
nitin_guptabut there is a problem .07:12
drizztthis is the usual way07:13
drizztunless it is your rootfs07:13
kyakopenwrt has it's one way of /etc/fstab handling07:13
drizztthen it's on the kernel command line07:13
kyak*own way07:13
nitin_guptasd card has tow nodes files i.e mmcblk0p1 and mmblk1p107:13
nitin_guptahwo to take care of it07:13
kyaknitin_gupta: what's th eproblemm adding this to your start script?07:13
drizztI'll need to do it for courses I give in two weeks (sd card in openwrt)07:14
drizzthum, this is two different sd cards07:14
nitin_guptayou mean to say I shall mount the sd card in my application instead of /etc/fstab07:14
drizztmmcblk0/1 <-- sdcard number 0 or 107:14
drizztp1 <-- partition number 107:15
nitin_guptathen ?07:15
drizztnot in the application,07:15
kyaknitin_gupta: i said already, /etc/init.d/start07:15
drizztthen you must try both, unless you now wich one id the one you want07:15
drizztyou can find informations in /proc/partitions07:16
drizztand in /sys/....07:16
nitin_guptawhat about long booting process time ?07:16
drizztI have to go07:16
drizzttry using "quiet" option on kernel command line07:16
drizztor use a serial cable and an option like "console=ttyS0,115200n8" to get the boot messages07:17
nitin_guptawhere ?07:17
drizztttyS0 to be adapted to the main name of the serial on your system07:18
drizzton kernel command line07:18
drizztso in the bootloader config07:18
nitin_guptaI am using ttyS0 for my application07:18
drizztthis is board dependant (the bootloader)07:18
drizztthe ttyS0 should be fine07:18
drizztsorry, I really got to go07:19
nitin_gupta see u 2 morrow07:19
qi-bot[commit] kyak: abook: now suitable for Ben term size http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/f995e5707:32
kyakxiangfu: i ended up shrinking abook interface to fit to Ben display :) 4x8 font is just not readable if you use it long enough07:33
xiangfukyak: great patch 001-term-size.patch.07:35
kyakthere might be something left that can't fit into screen.. hope we will stumble upon it while using abook07:36
kyakbtw, if we want utf-8 support in abook (and other ncurses apps), we would need libncursesw, which is not backported to backfire yet07:43
rafawpwrak: interesting.. between packages there is an om-maps-berlin..ipk  but then .. I also saw an om-maps-buenos-aires..ipk  ;-))07:58
wpwrakyeah. and i never actually tried it. shame on me !08:03
rafawpwrak: I just realized that .. so I never tried either08:04
rafaah.. hong kong as well08:04
rafalondon, paris, new york08:04
xiangfukyak: maybe we can backport to openwrt-package.git,08:22
kyakxiangfu: good idea, wouldn't it cause conflicts with ncurses from packages/ ?08:34
xiangfukyak: not sure, need test08:35
kyaki'm wondering how it'll work.. but this is definitely worth it.. also taking into account that though libncursesw is ported to the latest openwrt, it still doesn't work ;)08:44
kyak(well at least wide-char libncursesw "Hello world" didn't work for me)08:45
kyakso if have it in our packages, we can try and figure that out08:45
kyaki noticed that libncurses even from the latest openwrt is lacking a lot of patches08:46
kyakheh, it just appears twice in menuconfig08:55
xiangfukyak: oh. you fast. I am reply Mirko's email.  about next openwrt release.08:58
kyakxiangfu: though it appears twice in menuconfig, the one from openwrt-packages is being built09:00
kyaki guess it means we can safely have our own cool version of ncurses :)09:01
kyakthis means, build the wide-char ncurses only, cause it's binary compartible with one-byte ncurses09:03
xiangfukyak: great.09:04
kristianpaulB_Lizzard: hey09:06
kristianpauli noticed in my Ben that suspend on ram09:06
kristianpaulis not resuming after some hours09:06
kristianpaulthe Ben just was power off09:07
zearmaybe the battery runs out?09:07
kristianpauli tought first09:07
kristianpaulbut then turn it on09:07
kristianpauland i was 68%09:07
zearmaybe the battery is loose09:08
zeartry to shake your nn09:08
kristianpauldid witht the ben turned on09:08
kristianpauland it dint poweroff09:08
zeari see09:08
kristianpaulapartently bat is good, but still some test to do09:08
kristianpauli'm just saying what happen to me in, just in case some body else happened or even dind tried09:09
kristianpaulbtw i tried this suspend then let it there for few hours three times so far09:11
B_LizzardHappens to me too09:14
B_LizzardProbably a kernel problem, ask larsc09:14
kristianpaullarsc: hello09:21
kristianpaulThere is a way of debug linux kernel in the Ben, using ie the serial console09:21
kristianpaulso i can save debug signals before the devices just power off...09:21
larscwhat do you want do debug?09:30
B_LizzardThe Nanonote shuts down after some time left in suspend09:38
B_LizzardProbably crashes09:38
B_Lizzard2 - 3 hours09:38
B_LizzardSo if you do "echo mem > /sys/power/state" and leave the nanonote alone for some time it shuts down09:40
larscas a software guy i would say it is a hardware problem ;)09:47
rafalarsc: :).. now you need to wait the answers from hardware guys09:50
wpwrakmirko: hmm, "new" image with Linux- ? :-(10:23
wpwrakrafa: which kernel version does jlime use ?10:23
rafawpwrak: current beta versions built use 2.6.34.. version that you can built completely from OE (we some jlime devs already pushed stuff) uses 2.6.36 latest (with lars patches)10:24
rafawe some jlime devs= because some jlime devs10:25
wpwrakrafa: ah, so your upstream is more recent than your project's head. intersting ;-)10:26
wpwrakso one of those days i'll have to make my own 2.6.36 then ... see if MMC bind after unbind still hangs (like it does in
rafacool no? :) .. but well, B_Lizzard and kristoffer are working to push the good ideas from beta and new ideas. And because lars did a big effort to put a lot of kernel stuff in 2.6.36 mainline why no to use it ? :)10:27
wpwrakoh, i'm all for tracking mainline closely :-)10:28
rafawpwrak: working to push the good ideas from beta=  working to push the good ideas from beta on OE mainline10:28
mirkowpwrak: what's the feature of 2.6.3X you miss?10:29
wpwrakmirko: dunno. i've noticed what looks like a bug but i don't know (yet) whether 2.6.36 is better or not10:31
wpwrakmirko: the bug is that, if i remove any uSD item, then  echo jz4740-mmc.0 >/sys/bus/platform/drivers/jz4740-mmc/unbind10:31
wpwrakmirko: echo jz4740-mmc.0 >/sys/bus/platform/drivers/jz4740-mmc/bind10:31
wpwrakthe 2nd "echo" hangs10:31
larscwpwrak: just tested it and it works fine on 2.6.37-rc110:32
wpwrak(with (i think) per "official" september build)10:32
wpwraklarsc: ah, great, thanks !10:32
wpwraktime up upgrade those kernels then :)10:32
wpwrak(background: i've written a little library that should bring a bit more sanity into bit-banging - without introducing latency. one of the things it should do is guarantee that the mmc driver is moved out of the way. for this it used the unbind/bind.)10:34
wpwrakuseS even10:34
mirkolarsc: can we backport this fix?10:35
larscwell, there is no specific fix10:37
larscyou can backport the whole mmc driver10:37
larscand see if it works10:37
wpwrakbtw, has anyone on 2.6.32.x tried the unbind/bind, to check that it's indeed a kernel issue and not something weird i have locally ?11:05
xiangfuwpwrak: http://pastebin.ca/1987330 , tried several times, only once it's hang, but system not hang I can till open another ssh, and kill that thread.11:16
xiangfuwpwrak: by the way, what  is it use for??11:17
xiangfutime for sleep. see you tomorrow.11:18
wpwrakxiangfu: thanks ! yes, the system is still okay11:18
wpwrakxiangfu: what it does is that it tells the MMC driver in the kernel to release the MMC port (unbind)11:19
wpwrakxiangfu: or to re-acquire it (bind). this is necessary when using the uSD interface for bit-banging11:19
qi-bot[commit] Juan64Bits: Updating prototype of SIE code generator. http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/9d5789114:21
Ornotermesby the way, there is free (as in beer) hardware to get(if you live in europe, middle east or africa): http://www.ebv.com/en/products/stm32-design-contest.html14:25
Ornotermesit's just a shame ST-Link don't work with linux14:26
wpwrakOrnotermes: admit it, you just want the bike ;-)15:39
kristianpaulah ubind dint work with jliem kernel..15:44
kristianpaulthast why last night.. hmm15:45
wpwrakkristianpaul: you mean this ? echo jz4740-mmc.0 >/sys/bus/platform/drivers/jz4740-mmc/unbind15:46
wpwrakkristianpaul: or some other unbind ?15:46
kristianpaulthats yes15:46
kristianpaulwelll not sureif that command exactly15:47
wpwrakhm, that ought to work15:47
kristianpauli'll try again tnoight15:47
wpwraki've never had unbind fail on me. the only thing that can go wrong is that you're trying to unbind after you've already unbound15:47
wpwrakthe kernel is nice enough to tell you, but none of the "echo" in openwrt feel this is information the user should be bothered with15:48
kristianpaulsure let me try again15:48
wpwraknot sure about jlime15:48
wpwrak(the echo problem is one of the subtle annoyances you get for using those "diet" environments, busybox et al. they often suppressed uncommon error paths, which can cause unexpected behaviour in advanced use)15:49
Ornotermeswpwrak: atleast i would have some use for a bike :P15:51
wpwrak(i don't know how much time i've wasted at openmoko with just this sort of problems. thus my dislike for busybox, dropbear, etc.)15:51
wpwrakOrnotermes: bah, for whose 2-3 days of sunny weather you get per year ;-)15:52
Ornotermeswpwrak: still better than a gas gusseling motor bike or half an apple computer :P15:54
wpwrakOrnotermes: though i have to admit that northern europe is impressive in summer. once been to oslo for a conference just in mid-summer. the city was full of convertibles and people greedily enjoying the few sunrays that graced it :)15:54
wpwrakOrnotermes: oh, i thought, with "bike", you meant the harley :)15:55
Ornotermesnah :P15:55
wpwrakOrnotermes: the apple bite indeed is an insult, i agree15:55
Ornotermesyeah, epecially since there is no stm32 ide for mac (as far as i know)15:56
wpwrakbah, the hip macs are for eloi ! what use would they have for morlock tools like an IDE ?15:58
wpwrakOrnotermes: H. G. Wells, "The Time Machine" ?15:59
Ornotermesnever read16:00
wpwrakwolfgang: perhaps some idea for a t-shirt ? front side: <some fancy apple gadget> = Eloi, <something gritty from the qi-hw-universe>=Morlock. back side: dinner is served.16:00
wpwrakOrnotermes: shame on you. one of he GREAT classics. also available as movies. the old one is much better than the ~2000 version.16:02
Ornotermesyeah, i'm a lousy geek :P16:03
wpwrakold = 1960, new = 2002, see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Time_Machine16:03
wpwrakther'es a lso a 1978 tv film, but i don't think i know that one16:04
Ornotermesactually i prefer movier rather than books, aleast they allow some multi tasking16:08
wpwrakyou can drink beer while reading ...16:12
Ornotermesi don't drink bear at all :P16:13
wpwrakah right, in sweden it would be vodka16:14
Ornotermesbut if i would i could watch a movie, hack someting and drink a beer at the same time :P16:14
wpwrakGRRRR. the RF frontend I'm using with my USRP is only half-duplex, not full-duplex, as the documentation suggests. no surprise i only got weird results, no matter what i tried. naturally, all failure is silent ... :-(16:55
wpwrak(well, "documentation" may be a stretch. it's rather bits and pieces collected from all over the intertubes ... finally found the last bit in the mailing list archives)16:57
kristianpaulwpwrak: http://makeyourbot.org/mantis9-121:00
wpwrakkristianpaul: cute :) now, what happens if humidity changes ? ;-)21:02
wpwrakgrmbl. crashy xchat21:03
rafathe safe version of jlime for qi/resellers does not have libmad .. and libsdl-mixer needs libmad.. :( .. so the most of sdl games will not work on that jlime version :(21:03
wpwrakkristianpaul: cute :) now, what happens if humidity changes ? ;-)21:03
kristianpaulwpwrak: well hope i dint changes :p21:04
wpwrakah, the message made it :)21:04
kristianpaulrafa: WHAT?21:04
rafakristianpaul: that.. what you read21:04
wpwrak"MPEG audio decoder library"21:05
kristianpauldamn patents..21:05
wpwrakrafa: does libsdl-mixer always use libmad ? or would it be possible to just replace the calls to libmad with abort() and still get something useful ?21:06
rafakristianpaul: yeah :( .. but well, libsdl-mixer manages different formats.. one of them mp3 surely. WIthout libmad, libsdl-mixer is not installable.. so most of games will not work21:06
kristianpaulcause they use mp3?21:06
rafawpwrak: we could avoid libmad into libsdl-mixer.. no all the games uses mp321:06
kristianpauljust that?21:06
kristianpauli meant is sound21:07
rafawpwrak: libsdl-mixer manages different kind of sound formats21:07
wpwrakrafa: ah, zear mentioned that they're all quite mp3-happy21:07
rafawpwrak: and many games do not use mp3.. so we could build libsdl-mixer without libmad support21:08
wpwrakrafa: maybe step 1: no sound. step 2: convert the mp3s to ogg ?21:08
rafawpwrak: but well, I am not going to do this kind of stuff.. it is a little mess..21:08
kristianpaulok so be nanonote =  no targered for current games21:08
wpwrakrafa: or is there more involved than just conversion ?21:08
rafawpwrak: I will put the stuff like it is.21:08
wpwrakrafa: okay, good enough for step 0 ;)21:08
kristianpaulwell i like my dict and gmu :-)21:08
rafawpwrak: I mean.. I do not know games using mp3.. surely there are many.. but no into OE. When zear talk about those.. he talks about DINGOO WORLD21:09
wpwrakrogue doesn't need mp3. the rest are inferior imitations or irrelevant  anyway ;-)21:10
rafawpwrak: which is a COMPLETELY parallel linux-pirate world.. living at the same time that linux21:10
wpwrakah ! ;-))21:10
rafawpwrak: but most of games zear talks are not in any linux distribution21:10
kristianpaulwhos saids pirate here??21:10
Action: kristianpaul hides21:10
rafathey live into dingoo and similar pirate worlds21:10
rafakristianpaul: I SAID21:11
wpwrakrafa: ah, i see. he had me scared for a bit with all the warez he wrote about21:11
kristianpaulsaid share instead21:11
kristianpaulany way..21:11
rafawpwrak: they have fantastic games.. they share their codes between them.. most of them also do not know what "open source" or "free software" mean..21:12
rafawpwrak: but well, into their worlds they share their codes.. that is nice at least21:12
wolfspraulrafa: sorry you lost me. So what is your idea for libmad & libsdl-mixer?21:12
kristianpaulbtw any one can recomend a good lecture about logic analizers?21:12
wolfspraulcan mp3 be configured out of libmad? or the libmad dependency be configured out of libsdl-mixer?21:13
wolfspraulor both will be left out?21:13
rafawolfspraul: I will not do anything yet.. People trying to install games in jlime safe version will realize that libsdl-mixer will not install because libmad is missing.. just that so far.21:13
wpwrakwolfspraul: hmm, libmad is "MPEG audio decoder library" :)21:13
wolfspraulyes sure I know21:13
wolfspraullibmad is the #1 thing Sisvel is looking for on Linux21:14
rafawolfspraul: so libmad is not part of jlime repo on qi/resellers repo21:14
wolfsprauland they enjoy the many dependencies to it... :-)21:14
wolfspraulrafa: can you create a list of packages that depends on libmad?21:14
wpwrakwolfspraul: so "configure mp3 out of libmad" doesn't sound like much of a choice. well, perhaps you could make a libmad-fake that does an open(`basename $1 .mp3`.ogg) :)21:15
rafawolfspraul: yes, sure..21:15
kristianpaulokayy i got my answer http://www.funcubedongle.com/?p=15521:15
wolfspraulwpwrak: yes exactly. although even the presence of this package name will make Sisvel look harder...21:15
kristianpaulrafa: what about games with no sound? is that posible? (even i know is not confortable)21:15
rafakristianpaul: games without sound will work surely.. because they will not need libsdl-mixer installed.21:16
wolfspraulwe need to be careful with naming. 'jlime safe version' and 'jlime full version' sounds like asking for trouble to me.21:16
wolfspraulso the 'safe' version is broken beyond usability, and everybody will first thing switch to the 'full' version, and the documentation for how to do that will pop up faster than we can delete it.21:17
wolfspraulmaybe we find out the 'safe' version is not so 'safe' after all.21:17
kristianpaulsadly :'(21:17
rafawolfspraul: yes, but well. IF you have some advices about names I am happy to know.. dont have enouhg english skills to be careful with names for example21:17
wolfspraultheoretically it doesn't matter. I'm just thinking ahead a little.21:17
wolfspraulif the 'safe' version is only to 'safely' pass customs, sooner or later we will fail.21:18
wolfspraulit also depends on how we look at this and how we use it.21:18
wolfspraulwe need to be honest with ourselves :-)21:18
wpwrak"jlime for qi-hardware" ?21:18
wpwrak"official jlime ben edition"21:18
wpwraketc. :)21:18
wolfspraulsure, anything goes21:18
kristianpauljust dont use the lime i think21:18
wpwrak(officially endorsed by the makers of the ben)21:18
wolfspraulI'm just saying we need to be careful to not assume that nobody will leave it installed anyway.21:19
wolfspraulbecause the 'upgrade' instructions will pop up everywhere21:19
kristianpaulalready !21:19
kristianpauljust go jli.... com21:19
wpwrakwolfspraul: if we do this right, people may not even care all that much21:19
wpwrakwolfspraul: e.g., also document how to recode mp3 to ogg21:20
wolfspraulcorrect they shouldn't. the 'qi/ben' image must be really usable.21:20
wpwrakthere's only a fraction of the ben owners who wants to use it as an mp3 player anyway21:21
wolfspraulrafa: configuring libmad out of libsdl-mixer is too hard?21:21
kristianpaulwpwrak:  only a fraction <- true21:21
wpwrakthose who have mp3 via games don't really care about the format anyway. could be uuencoded high-res jpegs of 45 rpm discs ;-)21:22
wpwrakand also the number of people who really care all that much about games may not be all that huge21:22
mthare there games that use MP3? so far I've only seen WAV and Ogg being used21:23
wpwrakwell, that's actually a question for the jlime folks: what's the "typical" user doing with their jlime-ben ?21:23
kristianpauli wonder how many jlimes are running out thre..21:24
kristianpaulrafa: do you do stats about jliem donwloands?21:24
kristianpaulfor example in beat421:24
kristianpaulwpwrak: anyway ben is not a device for having bunch of sofware shiped i think21:25
wolfspraulkristianpaul: he, I think the whole 2 gb should be loaded with valuable free software and content :-)21:25
wpwrakkristianpaul: not YET ! ;-))21:25
wolfspraulif someone doesn't like it they can still reflash, but why ship empty bits - makes no sense to me21:25
rafawolfspraul: set libsdl-mixer without libmad: maybe it is not hard.. if "configure" has some option to avoid libmad/mp* then it would be really easy21:26
wpwrakkristianpaul: i hope that will change with jlime :)21:26
rafawolfspraul: two lists:21:26
kristianpaulwolfspraul: content is big :_9 for 2gb21:26
wpwrakwolfspraul: (ship empty) faster production process :)21:26
rafawolfspraul: http://fz.hobby-site.org/hp660lx/nn/libmad_list  : these are the packages which need libmad.21:26
rafawolfspraul: http://fz.hobby-site.org/hp660lx/nn/libsdl-mixer_list  : these are the packages which need libsdl-mixer21:26
kristianpaulwpwrak: jlime change <-  sure, seems go fast and realiable21:26
rafakristianpaul: stats: no.. sorry. Maybe Kristoffer has those details.21:27
kristianpaulwolfspraul: btw the "digital color dictionary" uses the suspend on ram feature?21:28
kristianpaulor some sort of suspend?21:28
wolfspraulrafa: great lists, thanks!21:28
wolfspraulit seems libsdl-mixer is the only one that will take even more dependencies with it21:29
wolfspraulthe others can just be removed I guess21:29
wolfspraultoppler has a direct dependency to libmad21:30
rafapython-mad could be used a lot in different packages perhaps.. let me check which packages need python-mad21:31
rafano.. just 3 packages need python-mad21:32
rafabut well, the name of one of them is python-pymp321:32
rafawhich is not part of the repo I think21:32
rafawolfspraul: about names.. I uploaded some image files with "safe" as part of the name :( Sorry, I will change that21:34
wpwrak(dependencies) doesn't look too horrible. if you don't tell anyone, they probably won't even notice ;-) well, duke and perhaps freeciv21:36
Action: kristianpaul donwloading FEL21:36
rafawolfspraul: wpwrak : libsdl-mixer built okey without mp* support (without libmad).. "configure" has some options to disable that. What would you advise? libsdl-mixer is needed just for few games.. You prefer to remove libsdl-mixer and the few games or you prefer try me uploading this libsdl-mixer version without libmad support and check what all work? (I mean.. somebody should test those games some day.. I guee that any of them use mp* .. so they would wor21:52
wolfspraulrafa: well it depends on what is maintainable for you21:53
wolfspraulI can only compare with OpenWrt. OpenWrt thankfully introduced a PATENTED config option upstream. So we have a baseline. Now if we need to drive configuration into some package, we can do so in a relatively clean and maintainable way.21:54
wolfspraulfor OE, maybe you need to document the steps to remove patented technology somewhere, so it doesn't 'slip in' easily later21:54
rafawolfspraul: well, it would be great to have into OE some config option like openwrt has for PATENTED. But maybe OE has and I do not know. But well, that is another regard I would say. For the current repo I would upload this libsdl-mixer version without libmad. I would like to do my best .. but if it gets messy soon (I do not know how broken is the repo with all the removed packages).21:59
rafawolfspraul: unfortunately I will not have a lot more free time so I will not be so available to maintain something. I would like21:59
rafato help to upload the current jlime version without patent problems.. but then.. users should use it like "it is"22:00
rafabecause if nobody is going to work on that (jlime devs will work just on the jlime full version)22:00
rafait will not get fixes from time to time.22:01
wolfspraulrafa: he, yes ;-) I can imagine and that's why I think about maintainability right away.22:02
rafawolfspraul: yes, maybe the current repo is not a good idea on qi/resellers servers then. users willl find problems, they will complain, nobody will help.22:03
rafacurrent repo=curren jlime repo without packages with patented technologies.22:04
kristianpaulso stay as we are?22:04
rafakristianpaul: I would say.. I am seeing that a broken repo is not a nice thing. Current jlime repo at jlime.com has some missed stuff.. which users find easily.. Now.. for the jlime repo at qi we would be removing several packages.. or many.. which does it still worst.22:06
rafakristianpaul: Of course.. there are a lot of nice stuff on jlime repo which works.. for example all the development packages.. the whole perl/python.. all the X stuff.. several WMs... etc..22:07
rafakristianpaul: but still.22:07
wpwrakrafa: but most problems people run into would exist in "full" jlime too. do you think the other jlime developers would refuse to help also with such cases ?22:08
wpwrakall that would be needed is a way to push or pull updated packages from "full" jlime22:10
rafawpwrak: I think that they would help of course. BUt no for the special cases here.. The current repo has 16000+ packages.. so you have a huge amount of software ready to use.. But also.. some of them, or many (after we remove packages for the repo at qi) will not work surely.22:10
rafaAnd jlime people just will advise to use the full version in such cases I guess.22:11
wpwrakwell, if they don't work, that would be a problem in the OE metadata anyway.22:11
wpwrakif you can't even install them, that's another story, of course22:11
rafawpwrak: yes, I am talking about packages which you can not install because we removed packages. users find that easily :)22:13
wpwrakbut if a package can't be installed, it should be straightforward to identify the reason, too. after all, we know which packages had to be removed.22:13
wpwraki guess one should just walk the dependency graph and remove all packages that have a dependency that can't be resolved22:13
wpwrakdon't you already sort of have that, with your opkg accelerator ?22:16
rafawpwrak: okey, I will try with that idea before we show something about jlime as option for resellers/qi. No promises though22:17
wpwrakkewl, thanks !22:17
wpwrakwhat was the workflow so far ? something like this ? 1) manually identify all the problem packages. 2) remove the problem packages. 3) identify a few dependencies as well (and maybe remove them) ?22:18
wpwrakif yes, that should be relatively easy to automate. say, have an exclusion file that says  no libmad*, etc,. then kick out everything that depends on any package matching libmad* in some way22:19
wpwrakwell, instead of kicking out, perhaps better to take the package list, remove the problems, and then output a list of packages that can be safely copied. rsync could then pick up those packages.22:21
wpwrakadd a notification mechanism for any new additions (as opposed to mere updates) and the whole mirror could run almost on auto-pilot :)22:21
rafawpwrak: it was : 1) I identified the problmatic packages. Got a list of them. Then 2) I wrote a simple script which removes the package and removes its entry from Packages index.22:24
wpwrakgreat. so only 3) is missing :-)22:25
wpwrakone small step for rafa, one great leap for qi-hw ;-)22:26
wolfspraulrafa: you said you will have less free time. got a new job?22:27
rafawolfspraul: I ran out of money a time ago.. I am okey though.. we are two in this family ;) And I also get a bit of money of my previos employer who still has a debt with me and he pays me some coins from time to time. So I tried to find a proper linux dev job here in Bue, without luck. So I am evaluating options (I have worked as linux/unix admin for example, which is not nice in big companies, but that is something which exists)22:32
kristianpauldamn "warning: macro `AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0' not found in library"22:36
kristianpauli think i broke my autotools some way :-/22:37
kristianpauli cant run a autogen and not get erros..22:37
rafakristianpaul: but that is a warning.. which else you get as output?22:37
wpwraksound like the kind of warning that is usually followed by a segfault within a few millisecond ;-)22:38
kristianpauli tought i may broke it when tring rtems first time..22:38
kristianpauli was not carefull with configure install got some gnu stuff22:39
kristianpaulrafa: http://paste.debian.net/99520/22:39
kristianpaullets see what happen if i boostrap a clean system22:39
wpwrakwell, actually, no. autojunk probably means something else with "library" than what i though22:39
kristianpauland is not just this sofware, i think is evertyhing with an autogen script :/22:41
kristianpaulhttp://paste.debian.net/99523/ he, now..22:43
wpwrakkristianpaul: the monument we'll errect to honor the great slayer of autotools will be glorious :-)22:43
kristianpaulha magically it works on my just installed and clean deboostraped debian22:43
kristianpaulis already purge auto* packages and installed again22:44
wpwrakbah. looser. no monument for you then.22:44
kristianpaulproblem still there..22:44
kristianpaulno thanks22:44
kristianpaulfinally i foudn chroot usefull22:45
wpwrakpity. imagine, in the middle of the great "Plaze del Libertador kristianpaul"22:45
kristianpaulironic freeing the sofware that was supposed to give you freedom..22:47
wpwrakwell, there are often problem with the political implementation of social ideals ...22:48
kristianpaulnow my auto*trahs sucks..22:50
wpwrakkristianpaul: what's new ? ;-)22:51
kristianpaulmake install fail :-S22:51
kristianpaulis not my day surelly22:51
kristianpaulnow find wich library dint copy..22:51
kristianpaulWTF Making all in22:52
nitin_guptaanybody who can help me in developing a gui based application for NN23:38
--- Thu Nov 11 201000:00

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