#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2010-10-31

sujanhello, i got an error - no xburst device found.. how can sort this out?04:32
sujanany help04:34
qi-bot[commit] kyak: 8 bit support in readline-aware programs http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/df5f76708:00
kyak(finally sdcv is working in console as expected)08:03
kyakxiangfu: there is an issue.. remember you added the shell script header to gmenu2x.sh?09:19
kyakthis change never got to openwrt-packages git (the gmenu2x there is still older)09:20
kyaktherefore, the change of /etc/init.d/start (where gmenu2x is started with start-stop-daemon) is not working09:20
kyakbecause /usr/bin/gmenu2x is not a valid shell script09:21
kyakso actually i updated the gmenu2x revision in openwrt-packages09:21
kyakbut these leads to other major updates.. for example, gmenu2x input system had been rewritten09:22
wolfspraulkyak: ah I had a question, sorry maybe it was discussed before (need to check irclogs...)09:22
wolfsprauldid you see this one guy on the list who said we should enable --nls to make utf8 work in the console09:22
kyaktherefore, we need to change input.conf in gmenu2x in openwrt-packages.. and maybe something else.. i'm afraid it could lead to mess :)09:23
wolfspraulwhat do you think about that?09:23
kyakwolfspraul: actually, it is not necessary09:23
kyaknls usually refers to localized program strings09:24
kyakand utf-8 (or multibyte) is a feature supported by the program itself..09:24
wolfspraulhmm, OK09:25
wolfspraulneed to read again what exactly he wanted then09:25
kyakand we actually have it supported CONFIG_BUSYBOX_CONFIG_FEATURE_ASSUME_UNICODE=y09:25
wolfspraulhe proposed a patch which said improved the situation for him, not sure which app or use case it was09:26
kyaktherefore, utf-8 is already working in utf-8 aware programs09:26
kyak(examples are busybox, vim, sdcv .. i don't know what else)09:26
kyakwith fbterm, the complete unicode is supported09:27
kyakin console, only 255 chars is possible to display (usually)09:28
kyakso one needs to add according glyphs to console fonts09:28
xiangfukyak: thanks for update gmenu2x. I also found the gmen2x input have update. we definitely need update the input.conf09:28
kyakben-cyrillic does that for cyrillic glyphs09:28
kyakxiangfu: good you agree.. i'm testing this thing now..09:29
wolfspraulare we including ben-cyrillic by default?09:30
kyakas a "module"09:30
wolfspraulwe should include more console fonts by default, cyrillic, chinese/korean/japanese, I could probably find a few more :-)09:30
kyakso it should be easy to users to install it with opkg09:30
wolfspraulI think we should add it to the image09:31
kyakwolfspraul: it is very hard09:31
kyaki have to edit the font file for setfont2 manually09:31
wolfspraulinstalling is a very big burden for many people, especially as our installer is not very user friendly yet09:31
kyakalso i think 255 symbols is not enough for chinese support09:31
wolfspraulhmm, OK09:31
kyakChinese people should use fbterm09:32
kyakrussian people may live without fbterm :)09:32
djbclarkwolfspraul: long ago you asked me some question, and since then we haven't seen each other on at the same time... so whenever this conversation is done feel free to bring whatever that was up :)09:32
wolfspraulcan we make fbterm the default?09:32
wolfspraulwhat is the difference between fbterm and jfbterm?09:33
kyakif we make fbterm as default, we would loose nice fonts of setfont209:33
wolfspraulwhat was the question? no idea...09:33
wolfspraulI'm always just worried that you are alive and happy :-)09:33
wolfspraulI may be in the New York area again soon, maybe I should come back to Cambridge for a drink09:33
wolfspraulwill definitely take/try public transport this time09:33
kyak(setfont2 is not working in fbterm)09:34
wolfspraulhmm, work everywhere I guess. How hard is it to make setfont2 work with fbterm?09:34
kyakand basically fbterm and jfbterm are doing the same job.. i don't know what is the spectacular difference between them09:34
wolfspraulany opinion on jfbterm (j = japanese)09:34
xiangfuj = japanese09:35
kyakthey both support unicode, both consume the same memory..09:35
kyakfbterm seems to be in developemnt though09:35
wolfspraulmaybe jfbterm just includes by default some japanese fonts or keybindings09:36
kyaksetfont2 is using custom fonts, that can compensate for Bens specific LCD.. each symbol has to be created manually (in png file)09:36
wolfspraulwell maybe we can make setfont2 work with fbterm? and also configure fbterm in such a way that a jfbterm use wouldn't miss a feature?09:37
kyakthis is the default font, supporting ascii only09:37
wolfsprauls/jfbterm use/jfterm user/09:37
kyakthis is modified font file for ben with cyrillic support09:37
kyakfbterm is using ttf fonts..09:38
kyakthis is completely different form how setfont2 works09:38
kyakbut perhpas we can ask Neil09:39
kyakhe, who created setfont209:39
Action: djbclark goes to look at logs re: wolfspraul ...09:40
kyakanother issue is input.. while cyrillic input works, it is pretty hard to type.. though i can type blind in cyrillic, Ben's keyboard is confusing09:41
kyakand there are 33 letters in russian alphabet, not all of them can be assigned to 26 english letters09:42
djbclarkwolfspraul: oh I guess we did catch up, I just owe you a microblog... this sound okay?09:46
djbclarkNews of !qihardware the most !copyleft !freesoftware friendly hardware - RSS http://en.qi-hardware.com/feed/rss20.xml - !freedomincluded to sell !nanonote soon...09:46
wolfspraulit was that09:47
wolfspraulyes please09:47
wolfspraulI will push out the 11/1 community news tomorrow09:47
wolfspraulso the timing is excellent09:47
wolfspraulor maybe you wait until tomorrow, then if someone looks at the feed first they see the latest news, then maybe they subscribe...09:47
wolfspraulright now the latest news is just an editorial, and before that is a bit old...09:47
djbclarkwolfspraul: sure, just ping me or give me a New_York time to do the post tomorrow.09:48
wolfspraulMonday morning is fine, whenever you get up :-)09:50
djbclarkwolfspraul: k09:50
djbclarkBTW to get under 140 did ur1, so09:50
djbclarkNews of !qihardware !copyleft !freesoftware friendly hardware - RSS feed http://ur1.ca/28ak8 - !freedomincluded !nanonote + !librewrt soon.09:50
djbclarkIf you think ur1 / url shortening is bad I can try to trim other things.09:51
wolfspraulI have an idea...09:55
qi-bot[commit] kyak: gmenu2x: catch up with the latest git version, input.conf has changed. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/44b60e709:57
kyakxiangfu: seems ok now09:58
xiangfukyak: thanks.10:00
kyakxiangfu: np!10:00
wolfspra1ldjbclark: we have a shortener for example for the commitlog urls, so I just setup this one http://qi-hw.com/f/rss10:07
djbclarkwolfspra1l: ah cool I'm sure I can make that one fit... sec... although ping does its own annoyinng thing if URL is too large... which is probably a good tip-off that I should start using something else... I remember someone mentioning a decently nice gnome app...10:08
djbclarkNews of !qihardware !copyleft !freesoftware friendly hardware -  RSS http://qi-hw.com/f/rss - !freedomincluded !nanonote + !librewrt soon :)10:10
djbclarkand going to look for more freedomy ping.fm replacement now :)10:10
djbclarkAh Gwibber10:11
djbclarkErg doesn't do linkedin...10:14
wolfspra1lman, I just arrived in Shenzhen, the firewall has some pecularities here10:15
wolfspra1lfirst my openvpn traffic is so throttled that I rather go naked through the censors (i.e. unencrypted)10:15
wolfspra1lat least it's faster10:15
wolfspra1lnow I cannot even use flickr!, need to turn openvpn back on10:15
wolfspra1lwe need to crank up and make all this a lot more user friendly10:16
djbclarkwolfspra1l: You may find http://en.flossmanuals.net/CircumventionTools useful :)10:16
wolfspra1lI want a 'magic' network layer that will just try whatever works, measure speeds, use anything from unencrypted to steganography to vpn to whatnot, and flip between them for every packet as needed!10:16
wolfspra1lget my data through the pipe! :-)10:16
wolfspra1leven dns tunneling if it has to be, I don't care10:16
wolfspra1ldjbclark: yeah but I need China quality10:16
djbclarkwolfspra1l: I assume you are aware that is a thing10:17
wolfspra1lI need a layer that will just try ANYTHING10:17
wolfspra1lwithout asking, jsut try try try, get the data through10:17
djbclarkwolfspra1l: Zealous CircumventionBot? ;-)10:17
wolfspra1lfor China the user interface of the current tools is just way too innocent10:17
wolfspra1lI want something that will just go bezerk to get data from a to b10:17
djbclarkwolfspra1l: There are some tools that suck less. I'll ask a friend who works on things like that when I see him on XMPP next...10:18
wolfspra1lthat's what the other side does as well, in China at least, so have to match it :-)10:18
wolfspra1lI just want a slider where I basically tell the computer at what 'danger level' I am currently communicating10:18
wolfspra1lif I set the slider to 'high', the magic layer will not go below a certain encryption level10:19
wolfspra1lif I set it to low, it will throw all my data into the data mining and archival forever machine, what the heck :-)10:19
wolfspra1lhe, anyway10:19
kristianpaulI tought Gnome network manager was able to do it so ;-)10:20
kristianpaulwolfspra1l: you should try a n2n tunnel some day, at least is faster that openvpn (troughtput)10:22
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: [keymouse] new package http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/9f1726e11:01
sujanhi i just flashed my nano using the script .. i also copied nupdf into /usr/bin .. i created the data folder in home folder and added one simple pdf file.. while i tried to open the file, screen goes blank and stays like that.. i had reboot at the end.. any suggestion why i'm facing that problem?11:04
xiangfusujan: it's probably because uClibc 0.9.32 problem.11:11
xiangfusujan: you can try old images. which is uClibc 0.9.30. test nupdf again.11:12
sujanok thanks11:14
sujancan i install that using opkg?11:16
xiangfusujan: no. you cann't. we must reflash the whole rootfs system. (root.ubi)11:28
xiangfusujan: try old one: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Ben_NanoNote_2GB_NAND/2010-06-15/ :)11:29
Action: wpwrak hates power failures and fsck. power down for ~1 h, then 1.5 h of wrestling with super-nanny fsck and patronizing ubuntu to get my system back :-(12:23
heberthkristianpaul:  hi!!12:41
kristianpaulheberth: hola12:41
heberthque mas como va todo por aca?12:41
heberthcomenteme como van los proyectos ..12:42
kristianpauleso es una charla larga ;-)12:43
kristianpaulpero !12:43
kristianpaulheberth: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/News12:44
kristianpaulhttp://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Main_Page <-- Some pictures of our work, read News for more...12:45
kristianpauldamn i forgot the 1.8V jtag12:53
kristianpaulwhy i guessed it was 3.3V..12:56
kristianpaulVJTAG(2) JTAG input voltage limits 0.5 to 4.0 V12:57
kristianpaulhmm the ben have 1.8V TP somwhere..13:04
kristianpaullet fidn it !13:04
kristianpaulwell soemby and ##fpga said is okay with 3V313:18
kristianpaulso lets try13:18
kd35ahi, i tried to use reflash_ben, but got some weird results, and googling the error doesn't give me much13:25
kd35a(the downloads are shortend)13:26
kd35anow when i try to boot my device, it does nothing, usb booting won't either work13:26
qi-bot[commit] Erwin Lopez: Added .bit with hbridge pins and with testing pins http://qi-hw.com/p/sie-ceimtun/551a96e13:26
kd35ai tried both power+u, and shortcut the usb boot-pin under the battery while powering on13:27
kd35anow when i have the battery in/usb plugged in, the device makes a clicking noice13:27
kd35abtw, just so that i undertood the shortcuting of the usb boot-pin correctly, i shortcut the two pins in that area right? not usb boot to gnd?13:28
kd35adoes anyone know what could have happend/gone wrong? is the mtd0 (NAND boot partition) "zerod out" so it won't boot?13:30
kristianpaulkd35a: ( usb boot to gnd) no way13:57
kristianpaulkd35a: do you have last xbusrt tools inst?13:57
kristianpaulalso reflash script?13:57
kristianpaulhow many times did you tried to reflash the nanonote?13:58
kd35akristianpaul: i just downloaded xburst-tools_0.0+201007-1_i386.deb, so from what i know it's the latest13:59
kristianpaulyeah it seems13:59
kristianpaulwhat abotu the second question?13:59
kd35akristianpaul: reflash-script also just downloaded, just tried once13:59
kd35ajust tried once --> answer to third question14:00
kristianpaultry again14:00
kristianpaulbut before14:00
kristianpaulare you using the usb cable that came on Ben box?14:00
kristianpaulare you suign a usb HUB?14:00
kd35afrom the script "__VERSION__="2.1.1""14:00
kristianpaulyeah is last14:01
kd35akristianpaul: nope, i'm using another usb-cable, and i do not use an usb-hub14:01
kristianpaulis first time you tried to reflash?14:02
kd35athe problem is that when push the power button, power+u, shortcut usb boot+power - the device does nothing, and i can't find it with lsusb14:02
kd35akristianpaul: yes, first time14:02
kristianpaullet see14:02
kristianpaulyou seemed have no uboot14:03
kristianpaulthats why nothing happen after poweron14:03
kristianpaulor do you get some messsages and no boot?14:03
kristianpaulotherwise you'll have to do usb boot fitting the two pins under the battery14:04
kristianpaulit should who soemthing in lsusb14:04
kristianpauljsut try again14:04
kd35awhen i do dpkg -L xburst-tools | grep bin/, i get the same answer as what's told on the wiki14:04
kristianpaulok so thats OK, let focus on usb boot14:04
kristianpauldo you have the rubber thing that came on a small plastic bag in your Ben box?14:05
kd35anope, i just got the device (second hand from a friend, the box is coming later)14:06
kristianpaulcarbon rubber*14:06
kd35ai tried with a key14:06
kristianpauloh well14:06
kristianpaulyou'll get some time getting it to boot14:06
kristianpauljust try again14:06
kristianpaultry fir usb boot pins before plug usb cable14:07
kd35aalso tried with those rubber things on old-school keyboards14:07
kd35aok, shall try again14:07
kristianpaulyeah those shold work14:07
wpwrakone more item: it takes some time for the ben to discharge. remove battery, disconnect usb, wait 30 seconds (!), short the usb boot pins (and keep them shorted), connect usb, wait a couple of seconds, then release the usb boot pins.14:09
kristianpaulhey that go for the wiki !14:09
Action: kristianpaul writing14:09
kristianpaulwpwrak: 30 seconds, long time i think14:12
kristianpaulbut guess same as in laptops14:12
kristianpaulszie dind matter seems14:12
kd35athe device still doesn't show up with lsusb :(14:14
wpwrakkristianpaul: yeah, 30 s is fairly long. you can probably get away with less. but ... the minimum, or rather, the delays that i found weren't sufficient, are quite large.14:14
kristianpaulkd35a: you relly need a trusty tool to fit the pins14:15
kristianpaulas the rubber that came within the box14:15
wpwrakkd35a: sometimes, it takes a few tries. it virtually always works, but sometimes it's hard to make a good contact.14:15
kristianpauldont give  up !14:16
kd35awpwrak: kristianpaul ok, shall try some more times14:16
wpwrakkd35a: also, make sure you don't break the contact on the usb boot pins until a few seconds after plugging in USB.14:16
kd35ai read something about this device beeing "unbrickable", is that realy true? sounds too good to be true for me...14:16
kristianpaulwpwrak: you went here before  http://www.sase.com.ar/?14:17
wpwrakkd35a: (note that you don't need the power button in all this)14:17
kristianpaulkd35a: (unbrickable ) sure it is in most cases14:17
kristianpaulyour looks like a usual one, just in trying to fit the thing right way14:18
wpwrakkd35a: (unbrickable) i think it's true. short of electrocuting or hacking it in two, there's little you can do to kill it, it seems :)14:18
wpwrakkristianpaul: (sase) no, first time i hear of it14:18
kd35aI DID IT! :D14:20
kd35ait's alive :D14:20
kd35aand now i should do something like this? http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Updating_Ben_with_usbboot14:21
kristianpauljust run reflash script14:21
kd35asame error again14:22
kd35a./reflash_ben.sh -b maybe?14:22
wpwrakkristianpaul: wow, 7 months between paper submission and the conference.14:24
wpwrakkd35a: (alive) congratulations ! :)14:24
kd35anice, ow i've got a bootloader at least...14:26
kristianpaulwhat happen next?..14:27
kristianpaulit sound like you may need to erase some temp files and try flash again14:27
kd35ai but b="TRUE", others to FALSE14:27
kristianpauloh i never tried that -b14:28
kd35aok, got the same error as before "error while flashing kernel:14:28
kd35aError - can't read bulk data from Ingenic device:-110"14:28
kd35akristianpaul: -b didn't work, just read it on the wiki, so tried to change the variabels14:29
kd35awhat are the tmp-files i need erase?14:29
kristianpaulare in /root/.ben14:29
kristianpauli think14:29
kd35akristianpaul: same error again while flashing kernel14:31
kristianpaulpaste please14:32
kristianpauljust for confirm :=14:32
kd35aflashing kernel...14:32
kd35afatal error occured - ABORTED14:32
kd35aerror while flashing kernel:14:32
kd35aError - can't read bulk data from Ingenic device:-11014:32
kristianpaultry on console14:33
kristianpaulrun sudo usbboot14:33
kristianpaulthen type boot14:33
kristianpaulwell you should flash your nano by hand then14:34
kristianpaulthe required files are in /root/.qi14:34
kd35aas stated in the wiki i linked earlier?14:34
kristianpauli wonder what's wrong with your reflascript14:34
kristianpaulwpwrak: yeah 7  moths long time..14:37
kd35aok, kernel flashed, rootfs on it's way in14:40
kristianpaulalmost done :)14:41
kd35athank's kristianpaul and wpwrak! realy appreciate your help :)14:41
qi-bot[commit] Erwin Lopez: Pins corrected again http://qi-hw.com/p/sie-ceimtun/034565615:15
kristianpaulwhy no body tell me that pico-gate exists..16:03
wpwrakkristianpaul: as in "*1G*" logic ?16:21
kristianpaulwpwrak: 1G?16:39
kristianpaulone gate?16:41
wpwrak74AUP1G125 and such16:41
wpwrakor do you mean another kind of "pico-gate" ?16:41
kristianpaulno that one16:42
kristianpaulyes 1 gate16:42
wpwrakthat stuff's been around for a while ;-)16:47
kristianpaulheh yes i have a 74245 for my jtag programmer16:48
kristianpauli jsut ignored that it was more..16:48
viricWhat can I buy cheap to have a TTL serial line (tx/rx) in Linux, connecting one usb device?16:49
viricBetter if I have to solder little :)16:49
wpwrakviric: you mean linux in general ? and where is usb ?16:49
viricI think I want something like those ftdi chips16:50
viricI have a computer only with usb connectors16:50
viricand a device with a ttl serial line like the nanonote16:50
bartbesI'd love to do some bitbanging..16:50
viric(or is it 3.3v?)16:50
wpwrakviric: it's only 3.3 V on the ben16:51
wpwrakbartbes: what's stopping you ? :)16:51
bartbesI don't have an ftdi cable16:51
viricwpwrak: how do you access with a PC that serial port?16:51
wpwrakviric: hmm, i use idbg :)16:53
viricbah, you cheat :)16:53
wpwrakbartbes: the ben can do some nice bitbanging ... in fact, the ft232 kinda suck at this16:53
viricwhat is 'bitbanging'?16:54
wpwrakbartbes: the ft2232 works, but i don't trust the ft232 anymore.16:54
bartbesso how would I do that?16:54
wpwrakbartbes: make a board that goes into the micro-sd slot and connect whatever you fancy to it.16:56
bartbesand how would I code that (not that I can make a board at all, but hypothetically)16:56
wpwrakviric: control of i/o pins by setting them directly to 0 and 1 under software control.16:56
wpwrakbartbes: see ben-blinkenlights :)16:56
wpwrakbartbes: or, for something a little more complex, f32xbase/c2ben/16:57
kristianpaulwpwrak: c2ben is just pcb/sch stuff from what i can see and make..17:04
wpwrakkristianpaul: yup. connects to a c8051f326 or c8051f320 microcontroller. it's for in-circuit programming.17:05
kristianpaulis that for prorgamin your MCU?17:05
kristianpaulahh ok17:05
wpwrakhere's what the thing looks like: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/f32x/c2ben-run1.jpg17:05
kristianpaulbeutifull :)17:06
wpwrak(i've already mentioned it here. maybe you've seen it already.)17:06
kristianpaulyes i remenber17:06
kristianpauli like mostly how look the PCb in the picture17:07
wpwrakwhat's especially nice about it is that i finally got the uSD board geometry right. in all the things i did before, it was a little off.17:07
wpwraki should have scraped off the copper at the edge. or, better, the toner that left it there. i could just not print the edge, but it helps a lot when positioning the paper.17:08
wpwrakhmm, qucs doesn't want to simulate crosstalk in a ribbon cable :-(17:15
kristianpaulCould not open parallel port (null) :-/17:37
wpwrakhuh ?17:39
kristianpaulI'm running xc3sprog trying to program the cpld17:41
kristianpaulbut so far the jtag cable is not detected..17:41
wpwrakhmm, simulation says that crosstalk should be troublesome on a ribbon cable. even if only ~20 cm. glad the ones i made for f32xbase are much shorter :)17:51
kd35ahi again :p now i'm trying to get WiFi to work with the SPECTEC SDW-82318:21
kd35ai moved the .rom and .cfg file to /lib/firmware as stated in the wiki (http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ben_NanoNote_Wi-Fi#Ben_Nanonote_Wi-Fi_howto)18:21
kd35abut when putting in the wifi-card in the microSD-slot, i get this http://pastebin.com/vQ3hA3dk18:22
kd35aa new output every 0.5s, you can see it's repeating from the dmesg18:22
kd35athe last few lines are from removing the wifi-card18:23
kd35ai downloaded the latest .config you use when building openwrt-xburst, and in that one kmod-ks7010 is marked for "built-in"18:24
kd35aso i guess i don't need to recompile the kernel, but something won't work, and google gives me nothing, ideas??18:24
Action: kd35a makes sandwich, brb18:29
wpwrakinteresting site: http://machinedesign.com/?p=119:43
wpwrakhard to search, but they do seem to have some good articles. e.g., about wires. http://machinedesign.com/article/wiring-111519:43
wpwrakkristianpaul: something similar to your machine. but seems to be able to handle lots of different materials: http://machinedesign.com/article/fab-it-now-052219:52
kristianpauloh yes is the fab@home19:53
kristianpaulfrom MIT Media Lab guys19:53
wpwrakkristianpaul: this one is from cornell19:57
wpwrakgrr. Gerber is pure anarchy :-( some of the codes kicad uses seem to be completely undocumented. they're easy enough to figure out, but one has to wonder ...20:27
wpwrakwell, doesn20:29
wpwrakt actually seem to be real gerber. just a similar-looking fake. it also has real gerber, but then loses the ability to pick apertures. grmbl.20:30
kristianpaulahh i was confused then20:37
kristianpauli tought was from then but in fact is the fab@home20:38
kristianpaulwpwrak: (gerber) seems to be same problem with custom gcodes and mcodes20:39
wpwrakyeah, i guess everyone feels a need to make up their own :)20:39
kristianpauli have tow 3d printing machines, and i dont know why there is no starnd20:40
kristianpauli dont know if is same with CNC machines20:40
wpwrakwow, even two machines ! i know of the cupcake. what's the other one ?20:41
wpwrakwith cnc it's probably similar. mine doesn't even speak g-code but RML-1, some bastardized HPGL20:42
kristianpaulwpwrak: cupcake and reprap20:43
kristianpaulreprap is son of cupcake :p20:43
kristianpauli could resist build one ;-)20:43
kristianpaulwe need a kicad developer evuanlly join this channel20:44
wpwrakhow does reprap compare with cupcake ?20:44
kristianpaulcupcake printed reprap plastic parts20:45
wpwrak(kicad developer) yeah, would be useful to have someone who'd take care of all the pesky little details we need :)20:45
kristianpaulalso cupcake electornic is useable in reprap20:45
kristianpaulwell reprap works but i really need tune sofware a bit more to achieve better resolution, but that will be next year i hope so..20:46
kristianpauldamn i hate xilinx now more than yday ;-)20:47
wpwrak(pics) nice ! but how do the two compare - accuracy, speed, work area ?20:47
wpwrakenjoying the proprietary tools ? :)20:47
kristianpaulwork area is better in reprap also speed (but you loose accuracy)20:47
kristianpaulaccuracy can better is a sofware thing20:47
kristianpaulis not same sofware made from academics than in the wild of a comunity20:48
kristianpaul(propietary) trying to avoid it, and when use it, is just cr4p..20:48
kristianpauli think i'll save my CPLD if i find out how make this xilinx impact to work.20:49
kristianpaulat least SIE and my avnet fpga kit dont have thta issue :)20:49
kristianpaulrafa: there??20:49
kristianpaulrafa: i ned your help with SIE and jlime !20:49
kristianpaulargg "WARNING:iMPACT -  Module windrvr6 is not loaded. Please reinstall the cable drivers. See Answer Record 22648."20:51
kristianpauland YES even in linux the module is called windrv..20:51
kristianpaulheh no more message !20:54
kristianpauland one point for the use of non privative drives20:54
kristianpaulid 0000...20:59
kristianpaulwell at least i said detected something unknow now20:59
kristianpaullets see if if have wire issues..21:00
wpwrakthose very first bringups are always unpleasant. too many unknowns.21:01
kristianpauli hate ltp port and now my day sucess i depend on it :/21:03
wpwrakno open alternative for this communication ?21:04
kristianpaulis jtag21:04
kristianpauli could try use my bus pirate21:04
kristianpaulactually i did some dig and my cpld is not supported21:05
kristianpaulby open alternatives21:05
kristianpaulright now the comunication is held by and open driver, that fakes propietary one21:05
kristianpaulbut no luck yet..21:06
kristianpaulopenocd or urjtag are the open ones21:08
wpwraksounds suckish21:08
kristianpaulCan't open /dev/parport0: Permiso denegado21:09
kristianpaulthats old21:09
kristianpaulINFO:iMPACT:1578 - '1':  Device IDCODE :        0000111111111111100011111111111121:10
kristianpaulINFO:iMPACT:1579 - '1': Expected IDCODE:    0000011011100101100000001001001121:10
kristianpauli'm close :)21:10
wpwrakpicking up static ? :)21:10
kristianpaulthat or a bad quality connector21:13
kristianpauli just push it and i got a partially recognized device21:13
kristianpaulwee !21:14
kristianpaulthere are many unknow devices founded21:15
kristianpaulbefore i had just one ..21:15
wpwrakthe reprap looks pretty mean. not as tamed as the cupcake :)21:25
kristianpaulsure thats theplan21:26
kristianpaulcupcake just was the buy for something that is supposed to work after you assbled21:27
kristianpaulreprap is for reasearch and more fun :)21:27
wpwrakcan the reprap also extrude a support material ? (for overhangs and such)21:28
kristianpaulis sofware thing21:28
kristianpauleven it can support a second head to extruder non-pastic but and soluble support material21:29
wpwrakkewl. so it's quite a bit more capable than the cupcake then.21:29
kristianpaulyep bit is DIY and nor wait other sell you the kit21:30
wpwrakif it was designed for making it from 2D parts (like the cupcake), i could just mill it :)21:33
kristianpaulthere is reprap milled21:34
kristianpaulwell sor of21:35
kristianpauldamn it works sometimes21:35
kristianpauli was about to program and then got error..21:36
kristianpaulis kaptop tape good avoid static?21:36
wpwrakwhat is kaptop tape ? :)21:37
kristianpaulor a nnanote is not good to for a trusty 3V3 power supply21:37
kristianpaulwpwrak: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Kapton21:37
wpwrakhow long is your cable between jtag device and the board ?21:37
kristianpaulno more than 13cms~21:37
kristianpaulmay be is my parallel cable21:39
kristianpauli just dont have one and made it from ribbon cable plus the ltp male and female connectors21:40
wpwrak13 cm should be safe21:40
kristianpaulok this is getting worse ramdon now i have 32 unksnow devices..21:40
wpwrak(kapton vs. static) dunno21:40
wpwrakthey multiply ;-)21:40
wpwrakwolfspraul: btw, how did your "street job" go ? (the uSD-to-breadboard cable)21:56
qi-bot[commit] Erwin Lopez: Yet another .bit fix http://qi-hw.com/p/sie-ceimtun/4618f6421:59
wolfspraulwpwrak: he, no idea. You are too fast :-)22:01
wolfspraulI work on 20 things in parallel, so it's slow unless it's at the top of the priority list, which this isn't.22:01
wolfspraulplus I'm mostly interested in a clean, documented, fast & efficient process22:01
wolfspraulnot an address book with some wild contact infos...22:02
wpwrakwolfspraul: (process) yeah :) i'm just curious how it turned out. now that i have explored a bit in this direction as well, i now have a better understanding of the issues.22:06
wolfsprauloh wow, the 11/1 news on the planet look crazy! :-)22:06
wolfspraulwell, it's fun...22:06
wpwrak(planet) very space-efficient ;-)22:08
rafawolfspraul: hey, morning for you :)22:08
rafawolfspraul: you asked me to give you some screenshot after boot finished. The next beta 4 version (which will have a version without packages with patented technologies) looks like this after boot :22:09
rafaand if you go into "more" :22:10
kristianpauloh calc !22:17
kristianpaulrafa: xcalc??22:17
kristianpaulNightSky !!22:17
kristianpaulso many fun games !22:18
rafakristianpaul: he.. no so happy. It is not xcalc.. it is gtapecal.. a gtk1 simple calculator.22:18
rafakristianpaul: NightSky.. I like it22:18
kristianpauland the sound record icon, is jsut there. or is ... (suprise !!)22:20
rafakristianpaul: the sound record is the best thing .. you will have a lot of fun with that22:20
kristianpaulgreat :)22:21
rafakristianpaul: because I have been having a lot of fun after I set properly the mic to record :)22:21
wolfspraulrafa: wow, nice!22:22
wolfsprauland all these apps are working?22:22
rafawolfspraul: and there is the wikireader plugin for mydict.. so Dict has two tabs.. english dictionary and english wikipedia22:23
kristianpaulohh !22:24
kristianpaulrafa: when this marvelous distro will be released ?22:24
rafakristianpaul: the standar one is ready (well, we just need to add some extra txt info into "Help" for the new applications)22:25
kristianpauland grat work !22:26
rafakristianpaul: the version without packages with patented technologies is the same, just that mplayer just will play theora and ogg22:26
rafakristianpaul: and also we need to finish the idea about how to provide packages for that special version22:27
kristianpaulha my cable is full of static22:44
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: cntr/cam/: added PCB-cutting process http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/170223423:02
wpwrakkristianpaul: "oh my god, it's full of sta...tic"23:05
kristianpaulwhat on the..23:07
kristianpaulsie repo is a mess23:07
kristianpaulthere are miissing files in order to compile the xc3sprog  fork..23:08
kristianpaulit looks like an archive not a repo..23:08
kristianpauli'll drop a  mail23:08
kristianpaulwolfspraul: you missed the last new about Jlime support for SIE ;-) coming23:47
wolfsprauladd it to the 12/01 news23:48
wolfspraul11/01 was already overloaded anyway23:49
wolfspraulplus, keep in mind, for anything Jlime we first have to solve the patent issues23:49
kristianpauland 12-01 will by sure23:49
kristianpaulahh true23:49
wolfspraulwe cannot first include/link/etc. and then at some point later fix the patent issues23:49
wolfspraulthat order will not go down very well23:49
wolfspraulbut I understand they are on it, so it's all good. just keep in mind - as long as those issues are not 100% solved yet, we shouldn't link yet.23:50
kristianpauli forgot that before mail to list :/23:50
kristianpaulbut i'm adviced now :)23:50
wpwrakkristianpaul: (forgot) you mean the mail where you mentioned the name "jlime" in the context of the fpga stuff ? if that would imply an infringement on some mp3 patent, then i think we could as well get you hanged for just breathing ;-)23:58
kristianpauli'll cnahge my nick soon ;-)23:59
--- Mon Nov 1 201000:00

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