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nitin_guptacan i put my application in /etc/profile in order to get the application lauched at startup00:36
nitin_guptaxiangfu can u solve my prob00:41
nitin_guptakristian plz help me00:42
larscnitin_gupta: /etc/rc.local02:47
nitin_guptalarsc : let me check02:48
nitin_guptait doesnt02:58
nitin_guptalarsc : it is not working03:00
nitin_guptai have developed a console based application and needs to launch soon after the boot operation gets completed03:01
larscif you put it in /etc/rc.local it wont be lunched on your console. but you might use /etc/inittab for it03:04
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: autologin to system, thanks to Juan http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/93f45c103:06
nitin_guptahow to make an entry of bin file in inittab ?03:08
nitin_guptaxiangfu it is not working03:15
xiangfunitin_gupta: don't use cd ..., just the static patch like: /root/test03:17
kyakxiangfu: hi... do you maybe agree that only tty1 should be "respawn", and others should be "askfirst"? i guess in most cases spawing shell in other terminals automatically would be just a waste of resources..03:23
nitin_guptaxiangfu still it is not working03:24
nitin_guptamy app is not getting launched03:24
xiangfukyak: oh. I don't know that. so only enable tty1 better.03:29
kyakxiangfu: i think so, yes03:29
kyakxiangfu: could you please help me with git at openwrt-xburst? for some reason (i guess it was renaming of remote branches) i don't see the list of modified files after "git pull"..03:31
kyakit only outputs this line "d8efb94..93f45c1  master     -> origin/master"03:31
kyakwithout actually shoowing what files were affected03:31
kyaki can do git diff of course, but i'd like to understand this03:32
nitin_guptaxiang inittab is ot working03:32
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: autologin to system at tty1, thanks to Juan http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/688381903:33
xiangfukyak: hmm.. strange. the git pull should always show the change files.03:36
xiangfukyak: if there is no change in your local. I think you can try delete you local branch. then checkout this "mater" branch again.03:36
qi-bot[commit] Wolfgang Spraul: partial boom update http://qi-hw.com/p/mmone-jtag-serial-cable/a8f8e8a03:39
xiangfukyak: when the "git pull" not show those change files?  today ?03:41
kyakxiangfu: i think, couple of days ago03:52
kyakxiangfu: can i just rename my local branch?03:52
xiangfukyak: yes.03:53
kyakwhat should be its name?03:53
kyakright now it is local_backfire03:53
kyaki think local_backfire should track origin/master03:59
xiangfukyak: wait, can you send the "git config -l " to me .03:59
kyaknot origin/tracking_backfire03:59
kyak(i followed the http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image)03:59
xiangfukyak: it's up to you. I always use the same name as remote.03:59
xiangfukyak: yes. we need update the wiki.04:00
kyakxiangfu: one sec..04:00
kyakxiangfu: http://pastebin.com/f0zb78NZ04:02
kyakand you are tight, i would like to name the local branch the same,, so git push would be more easy04:03
kyak*you are right even04:03
xiangfukyak: oh. why there is no change files , because there is not local 'master' branch .04:05
xiangfuwe are start to commit to 'master' branch.04:06
xiangfuso when you run git pull. it's just pull the 'tracking_backfire'. which is no changes.04:06
xiangfualso it will fetch the remote 'master' in background. which you will see "d8efb94..93f45c1  master     -> origin/master"04:07
xiangfukyak: so just create another branch track the origin/master. then you will see those changes.04:08
kyakokay, so i'll do now this: "git checkout --track -b local_backfire origin/master"04:08
kyakor even better, git checkout --track -b master origin/master04:09
kyakwhat do you think?04:09
kyakthen i will have local branch master, tracking origin/master04:09
xiangfukyak: i think git checkout --track -b master origin/master is better :)04:10
kyakfatal: git checkout: branch master already exists04:11
kyakstrange that i can't see it..04:11
kyakin git config -l04:11
xiangfukyak: let's do this:04:12
xiangfu1. remove your local backfire branch, which is useless : git branch -D backfire04:12
kyak$ git branch -D backfire04:13
kyakerror: branch 'backfire' not found.04:13
kyak$ git branch -D local_backfire04:13
kyakerror: Cannot delete the branch 'local_backfire' which you are currently on.04:13
xiangfu1. git fetch -a04:14
xiangfu2. git gc04:14
xiangfu3. git prune04:14
xiangfu4. git remote prune origin04:14
xiangfulet's see what happen :)04:14
xiangfuthen paste the 'git config -l' :)04:15
kyakxiangfu: http://pastebin.com/NCe6RCkb04:17
xiangfukyak: try git br -D tracking_backfire backfire04:19
xiangfuthen  git checkout --track -b master origin/master04:20
kyak$ git br -D tracking_backfire backfire04:23
kyakerror: branch 'tracking_backfire' not found.04:23
kyakerror: branch 'backfire' not found.04:23
kyak$ git checkout --track -b master origin/master04:24
kyakfatal: git checkout: branch master already exists04:24
xiangfukyak: have you set the "GIT_DIR" ?04:27
kyakenv |grep GIT_DIR04:27
xiangfukyak: what is the output of 'git br -a'04:28
xiangfukyak: ok. we have remove the 'master' branch then create the 'maser' again.04:34
kyakwill do it now04:34
xiangfukyak: that why you remotes/origin/HEAD  point to 'master' which is old config.04:34
kyakmy git dir is pretty old04:35
xiangfukyak: sorry, I mean the server have remove the 'master' branch then create the 'master' again04:35
kyakit survived several renames :)04:35
xiangfukyak: :) my final advice is . remove the whole folder. git clone again.04:35
kyaki think it's working now04:36
kyakthanks to your advanced usage of git :)04:36
xiangfukyak: ok. I think we can remove the 'xburst' and 'master' in local.  checkout the 'mater' again.04:36
kyaki will clean up now04:36
xiangfukyak: edit the ".git/refs/remotes/origin/HEAD" change to:04:37
kyak$ git br -a04:37
kyak* master remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master remotes/origin/master remotes/origin/tracking_backfire04:37
xiangfuref: refs/remotes/origin/tracking_backfire04:37
kyakoh ok04:38
kyakthis is git br -a04:39
kyaklooks good now?04:39
kyaki don't understand now what is the purpose of tracking_backfire? and why i pointed HEAD to it?04:40
xiangfuyes. now looks better.04:45
kyakxiangfu: thanks for you help!04:45
xiangfukyak:  for now I just want your local setting is same as server.04:45
xiangfuat before. we want use 'tracking_backfire' as the develop branch. that's why we point the HEAD to it.04:46
xiangfubut for now. we switch back to master. but we haven't modify the server setting.04:48
kyakwhat is the procedure? how are commits from tracking_backfire getting to the master?04:48
xiangfuthe master branch is base on tracking_backfire, all trackiing_backfire have goto master04:48
kyakon the server side?04:49
xiangfukyak: yes.04:49
kyakwell ok, let it be so :)04:49
xiangfukyak: take a look this email : http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2010-October/005904.html04:51
xiangfukyak: we rename a lot  on openwrt-xburst :)04:51
xiangfukyak: I have one question about package: ben-cyrillic04:51
xiangfukyak:  after run 'russian.sh', then we can input  and display Russian , right??04:52
rafakristianpaul: http://debian.pastebin.com/AapQsn4207:39
rafakristianpaul: that is an example of how the new install script tool works.. Now, (until somebody fixes opkg/ipkg or set apt useful for OE) we do not need to wait hours to install something :) .. and also it does not need swap ;)07:41
kristianpaulhola heberth09:53
kristianpaulgreat rafa !09:53
heberthjejeje kristianpaul  hola!!09:54
kristianpaulheberth: sobre elusb host no creo aun este en camino09:55
kristianpauldigo esta como una deseo pero faltan otros nanos por vender aun para pensar en la sigueinte version09:56
kristianpaulhmm heberth  !09:56
heberthkristianpaul:  me decias que ya hay compradores para encargar?09:56
heberthque ya ahy gente para pedirlos?09:56
kristianpaulhay 209:57
kristianpaulvos y un mande bogota09:57
kristianpaulbueno depronto hay otra persona en bogota serian 309:58
heberthmmm y ronald?09:58
kristianpaulde donde..09:58
kristianpaulel tiene uno ya09:58
hebertha ronald no e que se lo iban a regalar?09:58
kristianpaulpero est en espa;a09:58
kristianpaulpor eso09:58
kristianpaulun primo pero esta en espa;a ya se lo compro pero no lo ha enviado09:58
heberthno se..09:58
heberthpero eso escuche..09:58
heberthjajaj .. eso09:59
kristianpaulentonces heberth podrias comprar una board de AVT210:00
kristianpaulque es el la board de prubeas de la siguiente version del nanonote10:00
kristianpauly esa si tiene usbhost10:00
kristianpaulpero es algo mas cosotosa que un nanonote pues no hay muchas10:00
Action: kristianpaul english mode10:00
kristianpaulheberth: why you need usb host?10:01
kristianpaulyou already have a usb dongle to connect to the nanote?10:01
Action: heberth medio entiende....10:04
kristianpaulheberth: i think you can explore a lot of features witht the nannote as it is10:04
kristianpaulheberth: ;)10:04
kristianpaulbueno espa;onl entonces10:04
kristianpaulheberth: que por que quries usb host?10:04
kristianpauly fdigo tambien que hay mucho que explorar del nanonote asi como es ahora10:04
heberthno no no..10:04
heberthyo se que asi como esta el nano se le puede explorar mucho!!10:04
kristianpaulah bueno :)10:04
heberthpero seria bueno que tubiese usb host10:05
heberthpor decir si una persona que no le gusta nada los sistemas..10:05
heberthpero quiere tener su musica rapida en el nano..10:05
kristianpaulhay esta !10:05
kristianpaularranca en 15 s4gundos10:05
kristianpauly puede repdrucir musica10:05
kristianpaulbueon la pasa en la memoria uSD10:06
heberthlo digo por pasar la musica de mi pc de escritorio al nano10:06
heberthen la microsd10:06
heberthsi si si ..10:06
Action: heberth se le habia olvidado la micro10:06
kristianpaulno es tan grave, asi fuenciona un mp4 ahora10:06
kristianpaulheberth: es muy importante !!10:06
heberthoe otra pregunta como es eso del wi-fi por micro sd?10:06
kristianpaulel puero usd lo podes usar para conectar dispositivos10:06
kristianpaulinclusives leds o pulsadores10:07
kristianpaules muy facil !10:07
kristianpaulla micro sd tiene un puerto SPI, eso permite conectar dipositivos de varios tipos10:07
kristianpauluan tarjeta con wifi es uno10:07
kristianpaulpero son costosas10:08
heberthpero al conectarla el nano ya queda con internet ?10:08
kristianpaulpues es laidea10:08
kristianpaulno heprobado creo tuxbrain tiene una10:08
kristianpaulpero no esta por estos lados para contarnos como le fue10:08
heberthcreo que el fue el que iso la explicacion en la wiki?10:08
kristianpaulcreo fue wolfspraul10:09
kristianpauly otros mas :)10:10
heberthmenos kristianpaul10:10
kristianpaulpero tranaquilo !10:10
kristianpaulloque pasa es que no queremos usar wifi cerradas10:10
kristianpaulhay otras iniciativas actualmente para darle al nannote conexion inalambrica10:11
heberthcomo cuales?10:11
Action: jluis entiende mejor las faltas de ortgrafia en Ingles. El irc destruye neuronas 10:12
kristianpauljluis: :)10:13
kristianpaulheberth: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/wpan/atusd/atusd-20100908-inserted.jpg10:14
kristianpaulheberth: ;)10:16
heberthese dispositivo quien o lo desarrollo?10:16
heberthpero por que puerto del nano trabaja?10:16
heberthosea .. ahy a que esta conectado?10:16
kristianpaulpuerto uSD10:16
heberthya ya ya10:16
heberthque elegante!!10:17
kristianpaulestan los otros moduloes los rmf12b10:20
kristianpaules otra opcion para darle conexion sin cable al nanonote10:21
kristianpaulsi compra el nano le paso uno para que experimente ;)10:21
kristianpaulpodria controlar el pinguino desde el nanonote10:21
kristianpaulo algo asi10:21
kristianpaulheberth: le queda facil comprar el nanonote en estados unidos?10:22
heberthpues la verdad .. no creoo10:22
kristianpaulpor que en freedomincluded.com/ lo van a vender tambien10:22
heberthque me lo compren seria facil..10:22
kristianpaulbueon toca esperar reunir mas gente10:22
heberthpero que me lo manden..10:22
kristianpaulpara eso esta el correo postal10:23
kristianpaul25 dolares le vale10:23
kristianpaulo 5 dolares sin seguro10:23
kristianpauldjbclark: do you have nanonotes avaliable to ship/sell in-side the USA ?10:24
heberthoe kristianpaul  y por que no traen a vender aca a colombia?10:24
kristianpaulheberth: presteme dos millones de pesos y le hacemos10:25
heberthcon dos millones cuantos se trae?10:25
kristianpaul10 unidades para venderlas aprox en 260 - 270 mil y recuperara lo invertido10:26
kristianpaulclaor que el dolar baja y baja10:26
kristianpaultal ves se puedea llegara  250mil10:26
Ornotermeshttp://linux.slashdot.org/story/10/10/28/0113244/Microsoft-Charging-Royalties-For-Linux if anyone is interested10:30
wolfspraulkristianpaul: forgive my ignorance - is this Spanish? http://www.puntogeek.com/2010/10/26/ya-tengo-mi-nanonote-y-suman-1000-compradores/10:32
kristianpaulwolfspraul: yes it is10:32
wolfspraulI cannot easily tell the difference between Spanish and Portuguese :-)10:33
wolfspraulah ok THANKS!10:33
kristianpaulwolfspraul: no problem ignore the same when is deutsch :/10:33
kristianpauli ignore*10:33
kristianpaulwho is Jaume?10:39
heberthle regalo el nano al pelao?10:40
kristianpaulni idea10:40
kristianpaullo compro10:40
kristianpaulJaume debe ser de tuxbrain10:41
djbclarkkristianpaul: not quite there yet. RISCI_ATOM just handed off an alpha unit to me yesterday. I'm hoping we'll get there before black friday (Nov 26). (To those not in US: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Friday_(shopping) )10:58
jluisque yo sepa los nombres de tuxbrain David y Victor11:00
kristianpauljluis: quien sabe quien sera Jaume entonces...11:08
jluisno lo se pregunta a tuxbrain (David). Segun el post no sabia ni de la existencia de la tienda11:24
kristofferlarsc, you really norwegian or just working in norway?14:48
larsckristoffer: it's another lars on the mailinglist15:38
wolfspraulwpwrak: you rose from the ashes!20:18
wolfspraulwhat happened in the end?20:19
kristianpaulwpwrak: wb !20:21
rafa /names20:32
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: [uboot-xburst] move lcd init more early http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/a510aa323:54
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