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wolfspraulFINALLY I got it - the power supply was faulty, and was destroying one disk after another!00:00
wpwrakalas, i'm still getting errors. so it seems to be something else. i'm not even entirely sure it's hardware. i'm getting an error about every 30 seconds.00:00
wolfspraulit took me a week and several thousand USD in destroyed disk drives until I had it narrowed down to that 20 USD power supply00:00
wolfspraulcould be my stupidity/slowness, or just totally thrown off by such a 'out of sight' component failing in a nasty way00:01
wolfspraulanyway, fun with computers...00:01
rafawpwrak you are faster.. I just read your sms :)00:01
wolfspraulhey I have really good news, a 'ping of life' for the Linux kernel support on Milkymist and Milkymist One - http://lists.milkymist.org/pipermail/devel-milkymist.org/2010-October/000979.html00:01
wpwrak(power supply destroying disks) that's vicious ! :)00:01
wolfspraulTakeshi is definitely maintaining this regularly, unfortunately his English is not very good so he cannot communicate his big picture thinking/direction/goals that well00:02
rafawolfspraul: nice and ugly RAID story.. .. raid just delay the death00:03
wolfspraulbut he is regularly up-levelling (2.6.36+ booting on Milkymist One now), and confirmed to me that he is committed to this for the long run. So it sounds good, and the log he posts there is great to see...00:03
wpwrak(mm1 kernel) great !!!00:03
wolfspraulrafa: RAID made it very expensive!00:03
wolfspraulthat was the most expensive power supply in my life00:04
rafayeah.. I can imagine :(00:04
wolfspraulmy lesson - if you operate a large disk array, make sure power is stable and power supply problems are out of the question. some controllers/disks are not very robust when there are subtle power problems.00:04
wpwrakgrmbl. the problems continue :-( ls ~ -> Input/output error00:15
wpwraklet's see if it's some weird software problem i caught with a recent mega-update, and switching to the latest ubuntu kernel helps ...00:18
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: [uboot-xburst] cleanup the lcm init http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/3b8d55106:03
nitin_guptahow to put aplication in startup i.e my application shall be launched soon afetr the booting operation gets completed06:23
nitin_guptaxiangfu hwo can I launch my app on startup06:24
ahhfhaidhfiMy laptop is not charging, can someone help me?06:48
zearahhfhaidhfi, you mean your nanonote?06:50
zearthis is qi-hardware channel after all06:50
ahhfhaidhfisry then06:51
zearno prob, maybe we can help anyway :D06:51
ahhfhaidhfiso.. help me :D06:52
zearwhat sort of a laptop? What operating system? Does the battery any problems with the pins connecting to the slot?06:52
zear*have any problems06:52
ahhfhaidhfiwin 706:53
ahhfhaidhfii dont know what laptop, its a custom made i think06:53
ahhfhaidhfiand no, it doesnt have connection problems06:53
zearwhen you plug the charger, does the system start up, just the battery never charges?06:54
zearor simply nothing happens?06:54
ahhfhaidhfino the system won'06:54
ahhfhaidhfit start up06:54
ahhfhaidhfieven when its on AC06:54
zearnot even bios, nothing, right? No leds blinking, etc?06:54
ahhfhaidhfithere is a orange light blinking06:54
ahhfhaidhfithe battery light06:54
zearwhat does the orange light usually indicatong?06:55
ahhfhaidhfilow battery?06:55
ahhfhaidhfialso, the light on the AC adapter brick is blinking06:55
zeardoes it blink only if you plug the AC, or every time you try to turn it on?06:55
ahhfhaidhfionly if i plug the AC06:56
zearok, that would mean that it tries to charge the battery06:56
ahhfhaidhfiI cant even turn it on cuz the battery is empty i think06:56
zearand that the hardware is not dead06:56
zearyou should be able to turn it on if the AC is plugged even if the battery is missing06:56
ahhfhaidhfii know.. but it doesnt06:57
zeardid you drop it or damaged in any other way so let's say ram chips could fall out of the slots?06:57
zeardo you have a warranty on it? Or you're able to open it up and look inside?06:58
ahhfhaidhfithe warranty is over06:58
ahhfhaidhfiso i can open it06:58
zearhmm.. does it have any reset holes?06:58
ahhfhaidhfiwhat's that?06:59
zearmaybe the power button is broken06:59
ahhfhaidhfii managed to turn it on for a few minutes06:59
zearwell, any way to reset the laptop without the need of pressing the power button06:59
ahhfhaidhfibut then it ran out of power06:59
zearah, ok06:59
zearok, so you think that if you had a second, fully charged battery, it would start up?06:59
zearhave you tried to remove the battery, plug the AC and try to start it up?07:00
zearmaybe if the battery is present, the hardware checks for it's charge level and if it's low, it prohibits from turning it on07:01
ahhfhaidhfihmm maybe so07:01
ahhfhaidhfiso what do i do?07:01
zearwell, i'm not an expert in this stuff, but i'd say you first need to try any possible configurations you are able to test07:02
zearso remove the battery, plug AC in, and try to boot the laptop07:02
ahhfhaidhfidamn it doesnt work.. the blue power light turns on for a second but then nothing happens07:07
ahhfhaidhfiand the light on the brick is blinking.. i wonder what that means07:07
ahhfhaidhfihey, you still there?07:21
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu:  fix the gpm94b0 init in zImage http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/d8efb9407:23
nitin_guptahow to get the info regarding battery chargin g07:40
ahhfhaidhfiyou talking to me?07:42
nitin_guptawhosoever can tell me that how to get battery charging status ?07:53
B_Lizzardnitin_gupta, /sys/class/power_supply/battery/status07:58
nitin_guptaand how much charged ?07:58
B_Lizzardnitin_gupta, /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity08:01
nitin_guptadoes NN get fully charged i.e 100%08:01
nitin_guptai am constantly getting 8408:01
B_LizzardPerfect calibration is impossible, so no.08:02
B_LizzardI suspect some batteries might go over 100%08:02
B_LizzardKnockoffs etc08:02
B_LizzardAs I was saying,08:02
nitin_guptabut inmy case it is not going above 84 or 8608:03
nitin_guptaalso NN is connected to USB port but status is "Not charging"08:03
zearahhfhaidhfi, sorry, i was away.08:09
zearif it doesn't want to turn on with the AC adapter even if the battery is removed, sometihng must be wrong either with your adapter, or the laptop itself08:10
qi-bot[commit] Juan64Bits: Adding RFM22b Example. http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/b0be12110:18
wolfspraulkristoffer: you emailed to the list about the #1137 mark in Takeshi's Linux kernel log10:29
wolfspraulwhat does it mean?10:29
kristofferwolfspraul, number of times he has recompiled the kernel10:30
kristoffernever seen anything above 20010:30
wolfspraulpersistant Japanese10:31
rafaand few days since 2.6.36 is out :)10:32
wolfspraulhe is the only person in the world working on a Milkymist / Milkymist One Linux kernel10:32
wolfspraulfor about a year already10:32
wolfspraulhe is constantly upleveling10:32
wolfspraulvery nice work I think10:32
rafawolfspraul: is he working with Sebastian?.. I was thinking that sebastian is the only guy working there10:33
kristofferwolfspraul, for a second I thought I was the only one in sweden having a nanonote.. but Ornotermes stopped that10:33
kristofferOrnotermes, :P10:34
wolfspraulrafa: no no. we have 6 Milkymist One boards, and there are 3-4 active people10:35
wolfspraulrafa: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Community_news_2010-11-01#Milkymist10:35
rafawolfspraul: ahh.. great10:35
rafawolfspraul: wow.. a lot of work made10:36
wolfspraulthe free CPU of the future10:37
qi-bot[commit] Juan64Bits: Adding RFM22b Example. http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/d30285710:49
qi-bot[commit] Yanjun Luo: Change R16 to 1206 footprint, and support 300V. http://qi-hw.com/p/mmone-jtag-serial-cable/0fed69d11:11
B_LizzardI'd like to add "quiet" to the kernel cmdline, I understand u-boot handles that.11:37
B_LizzardHow do I change the cmdline?11:37
B_LizzardDo I need to access the u-boot command line>11:38
B_LizzardHmmm, 2.6.36 doesn't set up the usb0 virtual network adaptor11:51
B_LizzardEven though CONFIG_USB_ETH is set.11:51
kristofferBtw, Ive noticed that alot of you people are still using "a" in your sentences. Please be reminded that they are not patented by me. I can recommend moving over to "A" or "â". Licenses for the proper "a" can of course be purchased by individuals or larger projects.13:45
rafakristoffer: thAt is good to know sir, thAnks AgAin14:02
rafakristoffer: aaaaaaaaaaahh.. I just purchaaaaaaased14:03
kristofferIm afraid that you have filled your quota for this year, do you wish to do another purchase?14:08
rafais "e" expensier?14:14
qbjectrafa: my organization owns exclusive rights to "e". As the most-common letter in many Western languages we find that enforcement of peacemeal licences is a waste of everyone's time. Instead we offer scaled site-licenses starting at US$98,000. I'm sure you'll agree that this is a more economical option for you.14:45
kristofferqbject, Ill trade you licenses for "qi-h(a)rdw(a)re" of I get one for "jlim(e)" and we can share the trial money for bringing rafa to justice.14:53
qbjectkristoffer: Done. Fire up the orbital piracy obliterator.15:02
rafaqbject: ;-))16:55
qbjectrafa: =D16:57
heberthhola a todos!! una pregunta; donde esta el link de la pagina de la siguiente vercion del nanonote?17:27
viricno, eso es una cámara.17:28
viricheberth: no sé de ninguna versión siguiente17:28
heberthviric:  pero por ahy escuche que la segunda vercion del nanonote tendra soporte de usb17:29
heberthyo creo aber escuchado que estaban en planes de la segunda vercion..17:29
viricni idea17:30
viricde dónde eres?17:30
heberthde colombia17:30
heberthsoy vecino de kristianpaul17:30
heberthviric:  y tu?17:31
viricyo catalán17:31
rafaviric: heberth : hola, somos varios hablando espaniol.. deberiamos cambiar el idioma de este canal! :D17:33
hebertho crear uno nuevo  #qi-hardware-es17:33
heberthrafa: de donde es?17:34
rafade argentina17:35
rafasoy vecino de kristianpaul aca en el chat ;)17:35
heberthjejeje.. oy vivo a 15 minutos de la casa de el. en carro jeje17:36
qbjectAnyone know if there is a way to manually sleep the Ben's screen, the way it does when it's been idle for a bit?18:07
mthecho 1 > /sys/devices/platform/jz4740-fb/graphics/fb0/blank18:14
mthqbject: that's how you can force screen blanking18:14
qbjectmth does that turn off the backlight?18:15
mthit should18:15
qbjectNow I just have to figure out how to bind that to F8.18:15
mthit will even shut down the LCD controller18:17
mththe JZ4740's LCD controller, that is18:17
qbjectmth well, it works, but the screen pops right back on again without user input.18:26
mthI have no idea why that would happen, but maybe someone else does18:27
qbjectI'll ask the list.18:30
qbjectThanks for the help.18:30
kristianpaulah hey19:57
rafanow that we realized that more than 50% on this channel speak spanish.. we are going to change the official language here..21:03
wolfspraulrafa: spanish takeover?21:06
lisandropmtakeover! takeover! ;)21:16
rafaEs muy sencillo hablar espaniol :)21:19
rafawolfspraul: rafa methril werner kristianpaul lisandropm viric hebert methril_work  and who knows how many people more talk spanish here.. I am convinced .. we need to talk using spanish21:26
rafajaja :D21:27
lisandropmrafa: in the same spirith, almost all of us speak english....21:27
methrilwhy we need to talk spanish?21:27
rafamethril: no idea.. just to force wolfspraul to learn spanish21:27
rafamethril: is that enough?21:27
methrilthis could be nice21:27
methrilbut iwould like to not be force to learn german21:27
rafalisandropm: ha!.. we are forced.. .. I feel the power on me21:28
methrili started a course, and i desist21:28
rafamethril: ooohh.. well, you will need to re start21:28
methrilor chinesse21:28
rafamethril: yes, german would be hard for me.. english is hard for me .. so maybe german is harder21:28
kristianpaulhola hola hola21:29
methrilrafa, for me german is harder21:29
kristianpaulrafa: ando mirando el cliente para sox21:29
kristianpaulpero nada21:29
methrilwe need a bot that translate with google translator21:29
methrilto our preference language :)21:29
kristianpaulmas facil aprendo sdl y se le hace una interfaz21:29
rafakristianpaul: ;-))21:29
rafamethril: chinesse: I would like to learn.. China is a big country.. a lot of people.. maybe I should visit China some day as well.21:30
kristianpaulno si se si wolfspraul aprendio algo de español en colombia pero creo que no...21:30
methrilin the computer world, is more natural speak english than spanish, we get so much words21:31
kristianpaulchinese cool language and writing indeed :)21:31
rafakristianpaul: cuando estuvo en BA luego de colombia no me dijo ni hola!21:31
rafakristianpaul: he knows chinesse, german, english.. maybe a bit of french? ... and we just ask him a bit of spanish :)21:32
kristianpaulwhy he did said that before ;)21:32
kristianpaulbuen comienzo para aprender español21:32
methriluff!! french is hard21:32
Action: kristianpaul intenta aprender frances ultimamente21:33
kristianpaulmethril: not at all if you speak spanish21:33
methrilthe grammar is the most complicated i know (i could not said i know french)21:33
kristianpauljust memorice some words and verbs21:33
methrilkristianpaul, brazilian portuguesse is easier21:33
methrili'm living in brazil, and i could speak with people ;)21:34
kristianpauli think, may be i'm wrong you think spanish as in french,21:34
kristianpaulmethril: your naitve langues is?21:34
methrilkristianpaul, spanish21:34
methrilkristianpaul, i'm from spain :)21:34
kristianpaulmethril: ah why we'are talking in ENGLUSH """21:35
methrilno se21:35
kristianpaulah bueno21:35
kristianpaulya somos mas :)21:35
kristianpaulpregunta !21:35
kristianpaulcomo interpreto sharism en esñaol21:35
methrilpor eso rafa me puso entre los nicks de español21:35
kristianpaulsi yo estaba confundido21:35
kristianpaulcomo respondio en ingles pues...21:35
methrilpor el resto del canal :)21:36
methrilyo traduciria sharism como comparticion o compartiendo21:36
kristianpaulla lucha eternea del -es en freenode ;)21:36
kristianpaulpero bueno si tiene que ver con compartir21:36
kristianpaulcomparticion suena raro21:36
kristianpaulpero tiene mas sentido21:37
methrilshare + ism21:37
kristianpaulalmenos no es como decir share y ya21:37
methrilgentilicio de compartir o algo asi21:37
Action: kristianpaul no le gustan mucho los gentilicios21:37
kristianpaulpero si21:37
methrilseguramente compartiendo suena mejor21:37
kristianpaules como por ese lado21:37
kristianpaulpero eso como decir "to share"21:37
kristianpaulentoces se le cambia el sentido a la palabra21:37
methrilpodemos traduzirlo como el arte de compartir21:38
kristianpaulsuena mejor21:38
kristianpaulmethril: estas trabajando con el milkymist en brazil tambien?21:39
methrilno mucho, estoy siguiendo el desarrollo, con la intencion de usar milkymist21:39
kristianpaulah usar el VJ?21:39
xdpiratewhat's going on here, i thought brazillians spoke portuguese21:40
methrilkristianpaul, ahora mismo no tengo ninguna FPGA, y ando bastante liado en el trabajo, pero esta en mente21:40
kristianpaulo el SoC?21:40
methrilxdpirate, they do21:40
kristianpaulbueno qemu ayuda mucha21:40
kristianpaulyo tengo FPGA pero no con ram21:40
kristianpaulsirvr pero a medias.21:40
methrilsi, vi q tenias un Xilinx21:40
kristianpaultoca usar qemu para cosas como ulinux o rtems21:40
methrilseguramente este fin de semana le dedique un tiempo a rtems21:41
methrilpero no prometo nada (la vida familiar quita mucho tiempo) ;)21:41
kristianpaulbueno si hay que disfrutar la familia21:41
methrilxdpirate, i only live in brazil, but i'm not brazilian21:41
xdpirateahh, I see :)21:42
methrilxdpirate, do you speak portuguesse?21:42
kristianpaulxdpirate: o español? ;)21:42
kristianpaulxdpirate: u from?21:43
kristianpaulmore people from there here at irc?21:43
kristianpaulpero si es cierto que la mayoria de personas en este canal entienden ingles rafa21:46
kristianpaulpuede ser algo incomodo ver otro idioma21:46
kristianpaulasi cuando aparecen caracteres chinos en este canal una ves por mes...21:47
rafamethril: yo le dije a kristianpaul que sharism podria ser traducido como "libera tu mente" :D.. aunque sea un significado completamente distinto :D21:52
rafamethril: igual no se me ocurrio' a mi.. estabamos buscando algo de sharism en internet y salio' eso :P21:53
rafao algo parecido21:53
kristianpaules que libera tu mente es algo generico y re-usado..21:53
methrilseria mejor comparte tu idea21:55
rafakristianpaul: si .. obvio21:56
methrilrafa, kristianpaul aunque no me gustan las traducciones ;)21:56
rafamethril: comparte tu idea suena bien21:56
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: [config.full_system] add gnuplot http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/9869df521:56
kristianpaulno claro que no bueno no para tdoas las palabras del ingles21:56
methrilpor eso tenemos tantos anglicismos ultimamente ;) para intentar decir con pocas palabras lo q necesitarias frases enteras para decir21:57
kristianpaulnoches !22:12
kristianpaulmethril: por cierto gcc 4.5.1 y el ultimo biutils funcionan bien con el lm32 de milkymist :)22:14
kristianpaulpor fin migre :)22:14
methrilsip, yo tbm lo use22:14
Action: kristianpaul tiene que aprender muchoo de la cadena de compilacion de gnu :/22:20
Action: methril no recomienda aprender demasiado de gcc/binutils/gdb es casi un infierno22:22
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