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wpwrakwolfspraul: ah, they look a little odd indeed03:32
wpwrakhmm, one of my disks went offline. need to check what's up ...03:32
lekernel(from ron's link) http://www.physics.rutgers.edu/ugrad/387/388s06/film_deposition/Musgraves05.pdf05:22
mstevensexciting news!05:31
wolfspraulwow werner is still not back, well let's hope his harddisk failure was not too bad...07:28
qi-bot[commit] Yanjun Luo: Update usb_jtag.lst http://qi-hw.com/p/mmone-jtag-serial-cable/f9a115911:47
qi-bot[commit] Yanjun Luo: Merge branch 'master' of projects.qi-hardware.com:mmone-jtag-serial-cable http://qi-hw.com/p/mmone-jtag-serial-cable/c3c13a611:47
qi-bot[commit] Yanjun Luo: Remove C2/C4/R3/R4, high speed works now. http://qi-hw.com/p/mmone-jtag-serial-cable/87b791d11:47
qi-bot[commit] Lars-Peter Clausen: Framebuffer notifier: Call notifier callbacks prior to blanking the screen http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/b50a70e14:17
qi-bot[commit] Lars-Peter Clausen: POWER: jz4740-battery: Protect against concurrent battery readings http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/ace61dc14:17
Action: kristianpaul discover the qi hardware t-shirt21:34
Action: kristianpaul reads the social contract http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Social_contract21:39
wolfspraulkristianpaul: he, all sorts of attempts to write 'documents'21:41
wolfspraulbut somehow we can never finish them...21:41
kristianpaul"sharism for expensive tools, scopes, spectrum analyzers, protocol analyzers, laser cutters, test chambers, x-ray machines. copyleft hardware company should be like hacklab. " i like21:41
kristianpaul"access to EVBs, prototypes, unused parts. Loan stuff, ask it back, or after finish send to the next person. Be careful with stuff, keep everything in good shape. " good to know i'll keep in shape ;)21:42
kristianpaulcan you mail  or publish your slides from cparty?21:42
kristianpauli'll give a small talk about copyleft hardware this friday21:43
wolfspraulsure it's still not uploaded because I still think about the file format21:43
kristianpauli just want check yous slides in case i see soemthing usefull to take from21:43
wolfspraulI made the presentation in scribus21:43
wolfspraulcan I just email you the pdf?21:43
wolfspraulunfortunately scribus doesn't have a container file format21:43
kristianpaulwin show 2321:43
wolfspraulso it's like 20 files or so21:44
wolfspraulI didnt' know whether I should upload a tarball...21:44
kristianpaulwhy not a single pdf?21:44
wolfspraulI can send you a single PDF21:44
wolfspraulbut that's not (easily) editable21:44
kristianpauli just need text, can i copy text from it?21:45
kristianpaulor wel i can install scribus21:45
kristianpaul(just realizing this kind of sofware exists)21:45
wolfspraulscribus is actually pretty good for presentations21:46
wolfspraulI played with lyx once, that was very painful21:46
wolfspraulinkscape - no - way too much focused on graphics21:46
wolfspraulbut scribus works, for me21:46
wolfspraullet me email you the pdf first21:46
wolfspraulif you need more I'll either email or upload it21:46
wolfspraulit's 100% cc-by-sa or cc-by licensed, of course. do with it whatever you like.21:46
kristianpaulsure i can give back what i'm working on (in spanish for now)21:47
wolfspraulrafa: do you know what happened to Werner and his disks?21:50
Action: kristianpaul remenbers do backup more often21:51
wolfspraulI haven't seen him offline like this in years, unless he was traveling from Buenos Aires to Taipei :-)21:51
kristianpauli wonder thats is that kind of situation when checking a disk ends in reinstalling sofware :/21:53
kristianpaulhope no21:53
kristianpaulno no scribus not for me, what that uglt interface..22:01
Action: kristianpaul scared22:01
kristianpaulsupport alternative/recyling/non-commercial projects22:06
kristianpaulwhat kidn of support?22:07
kristianpaulor exampler for NC22:07
wolfspraulwhat? can't understand you :-)22:07
wolfspraulare you still talking about scribus?22:07
kristianpauli was22:08
kristianpaullatelly about the Social Conttract22:09
kristianpaulnv words about scribus ;)22:09
wolfspraulif you don't like something in that doc, just edit22:11
kristianpaul weed a sustem to share hardware as books may be?22:11
kristianpaulsure i will i just dint understand that line22:12
wolfspraulI think these kinds of document will almost write themselves, after we have 2 prerequisites:22:14
wolfspraul1. products that are attractive to regular people (not just Linux hackers)22:15
wolfspraul2. a group of people that can independently make a living, or at least some extra income, from copyleft hardware22:15
wolfspraulonce we have those two writing a few docs to explain our rules, principles, beliefs, etc. will be a no-brainer22:15
wolfspraulwriting them now is very hard because many things are too hypothetical22:15
wolfspraulso I rather do some practical work :-)22:16
rafawolfspraul: interesting.. I did not read about that werner disk problem.. no idea.. let me check with a sms ;)22:19
wolfspraulsend a 'pad on his shoulder' sms22:22
kristianpaulrafa: any ideas to translate/interpretate the word Sharism to spanish22:27
kristianpauli'm not sure if caridad works very well..22:27
kristianpaulcause is not just about that..22:27
kristianpaulis not share, so not compartir22:28
kristianpaulso the ism22:28
kristianpaulcompartimiento ? xD22:28
rafayeah.. hard..22:28
rafakristianpaul: I think that David or Victor would find a proper word :) they often write/translate a lot of work using english and spanish at the same time22:29
kristianpaultuxbrain !!22:29
kristianpaulahh he is not her.22:29
kristianpaulyeah i'll ask then tomorrow22:29
rafa"Sharism is a concept initiated by Isaac Mao. It's presented as "Mind Revolution": The more you give, the more you get. The more you share, the more you are shared."22:30
kristianpauli can said the last in spanish22:30
rafathat is something at least ;)22:30
rafabut I am not sure that Isaac Mao is the guy we want to read about sharism22:32
rafaLibera tu mente :)22:32
wolfspraulwpwrak: still alive?23:57
wolfspraulthat sounded bad yesterday...23:57
wpwrakwolfspraul: somwhat ... pc still has troubles.23:58
wolfspraullost any valuable data or setups?23:58
wpwrakone of my disks started throwing errors. so i shut the box down and examined everything. replaced the power supply (that was pending already) and the disk.23:59
wolfspraulI remember many years ago, I had a RAID array somewhere23:59
wolfsprauland was literally working full-time on error after error23:59
wolfspraulfor about a week23:59
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