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wolfspraulwpwrak: making progress, ben-wpan goes through fine now00:53
wolfspraulwith xue, I am running into two problems00:54
wolfspraulfirst, it complains about 4 missing libraries (k8001, micron_mobile_ddr, ...)00:54
wolfsprauleven though the paths in xue-rnc.pro look good (../library/)00:54
wolfspraulthen, there is a GUI warning "deleted stale lockfile /home/schhist/eeschema-schhist"00:55
wolfspraulthe GUI warning may be a consequence of the library problems, so I'll focus on those frst00:55
wolfspraulwpwrak: ah, I forgot the -S parameter...01:14
wolfspraulwpwrak: in schhist2web, line 138, doesn't it have to be $2 when parsing the -c option?01:41
SiENcEhey bartbes, which version of physfs should i take for nlove? physfs-1.1.1.tar.gz or physfs-2.0.1.tar.gz04:19
wpwrakwolfspraul: that does indeed look more likely :-)04:57
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Fixed use of argument of -c. http://qi-hw.com/p/eda-tools/b94f1b205:00
wpwrakfixed, thanks !05:00
SiENcEbartbes, i get an error compiling nlove. nlove-0.0.2/modules/image/sdl/Image.cpp: In constructor 'love::i05:15
SiENcEnlove-0.0.2/modules/image/sdl/Image.cpp:36: error: 'IMG_INIT_JPG05:15
SiENcE' was not declared in this scope05:15
wolfspraulwpwrak: I had one additional idea, since we have all the data already, we should also make one PDF that includes all schematics pages in one file, for each commit (I mostly see the need only for the 'latest' full schematics PDF, but since all the data is there we might as well create it for each commit)06:09
SiENcE@ bartbes, well i fixed 2 problems, now i have a nlove binary :)06:11
SiENcEbartbes : but nlove-0.0.2/modules/image/sdl/Image.cpp:36: error: 'IMG_INIT_JPG   <- is indeed an error06:11
wpwrakwolfspraul: look at the result page, top line, above the commits :)06:13
wolfspraulok will do :-)06:14
wpwraki dind't generate a full PDF set at each commit, though.06:16
wolfspraulwpwrak: the scripts are holding up nicely, not checking output yet though06:24
wolfspraulI have added blinkenlights, milkymist jtag/serial cable, SIE06:25
wolfspraulwith the AVT2 board it runs into an error06:25
wolfspraul"cannot open function_block.sch"06:25
wolfspraulI think we may have committed some things in a step by step way that creates this broken dependency in a particular commit06:25
wpwrakeek. what's the project called ?06:26
wolfspraulit's in the board-qi-avt2 project, main schematic is main/Qi_AVT2.sch06:26
wpwraklet's see what happens there ...06:28
wolfspraulwe may have simply committed broken stuff at some point in the history06:29
wolfspraulhow about that -S sanitize option, can't that just always be on?06:29
wpwrakyes, -S can always be on. if there's no problem, then it does nothing06:30
wolfspraulnot sure whether it would help here, but it did help me with some missing library dependencies06:30
wpwrakbut i'm not sure if it catches missing sheets06:30
wpwrakyes, it does track libraries06:30
wolfspraulif -S is safe to always be on, can't you just remove the option and leave the code always running?06:30
wpwraksometimes, you may want to see the errors06:31
wpwrak(Failed to open ...) i get it, too06:32
wpwrakand -S doesn't help, as expected06:32
wolfspraulbtw, the eeschema segfault came from not having an X server, and even when I had one the missing DISPLAY variable will segfault eeschema06:34
wolfspraula bit rough, it should handle missing DISPLAY or missing X server more gracefully06:34
wpwrakaah ! yes, it doesn't like that at all. how did you solve it ?06:35
wolfspraulI have now installed a permanently running VNC session on the buildhost06:35
wolfspraulsolution: tightvncserver, DISPLAY=:0 :-)06:35
wpwrak(rough) well, the only case in which it makes sense to run eeschema without display would be my --plot patch :)06:35
wpwrakperfect ;-)06:35
wolfspraulyes but a segfault is not nice06:35
wpwrakand the problem is indeed that function_block.sch wasn't committed. guess we need a sanitize-schem, too06:37
wpwrakshould be fixed RSN ...06:52
wolfspraultake your time I need a long time anyway to hook everything up etc.06:53
wpwrakwhoa. lots of libraries it can't find :-(06:59
wpwraksome of the revisions won't look pretty ...06:59
wolfspraulyeah I can imagine07:01
wolfspraulthis was our first KiCad projet07:01
wolfspraulbut for me it's also important that the schhist scripts are as robust as possible, and always generate something07:01
wolfspraulan ugly diff is better than no diff07:01
wolfspraulbecause people will look at it and then work with cleaner commits07:02
wpwrakyes, it's important that the scripts can handle some mistakes. missed commits are unfortunately all too common07:03
wpwrakthe AVT2 revisions do actually loop pretty good. now let's see what happened with those problems ...07:04
wpwrakalso some mystery diffs - in the FETs, the font style changed. my detection algorithm finds this, but it's invisible in the "for viewing" images. (you can figure it out with the before/after PDFs)07:07
wpwrakheh, and the line width for capacitors :) you need to zoom into the pdf to see *that* ;-)07:10
wpwrak(missing libs) the bug is in sanitize-profile. yet another $1 vs. $207:15
wpwrakinterestingly, eeschema didn't mind. probably because also Qi_AVT2.cache.lib is in git, so it never had to actually look for these items.07:16
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: New script sanitize-schem to remove subsheets for which no file can be found. http://qi-hw.com/p/eda-tools/75a4ea807:26
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: sanitize-profile accidently ignored LibDir, causing many incorrect "corrections" http://qi-hw.com/p/eda-tools/d4405e407:26
wpwrakmuch better now07:26
wolfspraulwpwrak: yes it runs through now, great! congrats!07:59
wolfspraulI need to do more plumbing, make it all robust and automatic. will probably continue tomorrow.08:00
wpwrakgood. so you locate the projects automatically or do you just keep a list/Makefile of them ?08:02
wolfspraulI try to automate it as much as possible, but also I want to get it up and running asap08:05
wolfspraulin the end even hooking up a new project to the commit bot is manual right now08:05
wolfspraulhooking it up to the kicad schhist is also manual08:05
wolfspraulplus, like in the case of ben-wpan, there can be multiple schhist histories per project08:06
wolfspraulthat's just fine right now, no need to automate this as the amount of work to automate it would not be recouped any time soon08:06
wolfsprauleven if we expect 100 more KiCad project in the next year08:06
wolfspraul100 * 2 minutes = 200 minutes08:06
wolfspraulnot worth automating further08:06
wolfspraulI'm writing a little script and cronjob on the buildhost, plus a little plumbing here and there08:07
wolfspraulwill all be documented as usual08:07
wolfspraulonce it's setup, adding another KiCad project to schhist will be < 2 minutes08:08
wolfspraulthat's the plan08:08
wolfspraulmakes sense?08:08
wpwrakyup, sounds good. when you add projects manually, you can also run a quick check to see if everything is well.08:09
wolfspraulI know the real costs of automation :-)08:10
wpwrakhehe ;-)08:10
qi-bot[commit] Niels: add menu to show/hide layers http://qi-hw.com/p/nanomap/8daff2609:03
wolfspraulNanoMap! my favorite app09:05
wolfspraulwpwrak: here is the script I'm using on the buildhost09:36
wolfspraul(go down to the schhist section)09:36
wolfspraulI'm sure it could be shorter & more elegant, but I think for now it works09:37
wolfspraula git push on the projects server will set a flag, then git pull runs on the buildhost, then your scripts09:37
wolfspraulnow what's missing is to make it accessible from Apache, working on that next...09:38
qi-bot[commit] Carlos Camargo: Adding evolvable hardware example http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/1f2712e10:06
B_LizzardHi, I've been looking into nupdf10:14
B_LizzardIs there source code available for libfitz etc?10:15
B_LizzardAh, it's part of mupdf10:17
B_LizzardMy bad10:17
SiENcE@ bartbes, after some work i can successfully run love2d files on dingoo. everytime i have to adjust the screensizes and disable mouse, sound.11:47
beegithard drive not getting identified on comp?15:17
bartbesSiENcE: have you tried npong and urandom__'s snake?16:30
SiENcEhey bartbes16:34
SiENcEmh no. where can i get them?16:34
SiENcEi have problems with some functions16:34
SiENcEmaybe it has todo with some functions i had to remove for compile16:35
bartbesyou removed some functions?!16:35
SiENcEyep wait16:35
SiENcEthis was all unknown16:36
SiENcEi cant find the references16:36
bartbesit's in SDL_Image16:37
SiENcElet me check the headers16:37
SiENcESDL_image.h ?16:40
SiENcEits a newer one16:42
SiENcEi use16:42
SiENcEbut you use16:42
SiENcEso what can i do to use the old one?16:45
bartbesI have no idea16:50
SiENcEdo i need to initialize this?16:51
SiENcEi ask because some lua functions did not worked16:51
SiENcEbut maybe this has todo with old demos16:52
SiENcElove.graphics.getWidth() did not worked16:52
SiENcEand i get an segfault when starting nlove alone16:53
SiENcEand i have to disable the sound module16:54
SiENcEbartbes, Pong works16:57
SiENcESnake also works16:58
Greek_o_nikosIs it easy to transfer files from one's computer to the Ben Nanonote?19:25
Greek_o_nikos(what I'm first thinking about are simple text files)19:26
nebajothare you familiar with scp?19:28
Greek_o_nikosscp, could it be something I found in a ssh tutorial, I'm not sure. (to transfer files)19:29
Greek_o_nikoswell, I can easily regain some basic knowledge about how to use scp, I just found one of the tutorials available.19:32
Greek_o_nikosI've used it just as it was stated in one tutorial I tried in the past and I successfully copied files from and to another networked computer.19:33
mthGreek_o_nikos: does your computer run Windows or Linux or something else?19:35
Greek_o_nikosmth: gNewSense on the Lemote Yeeloong.19:36
mthwith GNOME or KDE?19:36
mthin either case, you can probably use sftp:// URLs in the file manager19:37
mthI know it works in KDE, but afaik GNOME has the same feature19:37
Greek_o_nikosmth: but first I have to setup an ftp server, I think if I want that method?19:37
nebajothif you're using a windows desktop, grab winscp19:38
nebajothuses scp19:38
nebajothdrag and drop files to your ben19:38
nebajothif you are using gnome, make an SSH bookmark19:38
nebajothopen with nautilus19:38
nebajothdrag and drop files to your ben19:38
mthGreek_o_nikos: not needed: SFTP is part of the SSH protocol19:38
Greek_o_nikosmth: ok. I didn't know.19:39
nebajothoh, I see19:39
mthat least with OpenSSH it's available by default, I'm not sure if the NanoNote uses OpenSSH19:39
nebajothPlaces -> Connect to Server ->19:39
nebajothenter the nanonote ip address19:39
nebajothopens in nautilus19:39
nebajothsave as a bookmark while you're in thar19:40
Greek_o_nikosWhile service type: Public FTP?19:40
Greek_o_nikosThere's also an option for SSH there.19:41
Greek_o_nikos(on service type)19:41
Greek_o_nikosI live in Greece. When I got the Lemote Yeeloong it was shipped from the Netherlands. I'll check now where I can get a Ben Nanonote device.19:43
Greek_o_nikosIs there any image of the ben nanonote which shows what the usb port looks like?19:48
Greek_o_nikosI found it by searching: mini-USB 2.020:02
kristianpaulwhat for VNC server is fidelio?23:25
wolfspraulkristianpaul: I installed it as part of the schhist setup23:26
wolfspraulwhich is just finished, btw, check it out http://projects.qi-hardware.com/schhist/23:26
kristianpauloh ok23:26
Action: kristianpaul click23:26
wolfspraulthat's live from now on, any KiCad project on projects.qi-hardware.com can be hooked into it, and every commit will automatically generate an update to the visual schematics history!23:26
kristianpauloh even avt2 !23:27
wolfspraulof course23:28
wolfspraulfrom now on we will hook every KiCad project into this23:28
wolfspraulnext step: visual layout diffs! :-)23:28
wolfspraulwpwrak: I think the schhist setup is complete now http://projects.qi-hardware.com/schhist/23:35
wolfspraulthanks a lot for your excellent work on this, I only did the plumbing!23:35
wolfspraulI will try to make sure the scripts keep working, next time someone does a KiCad commit we should watch out23:35
aisaI've just booted my NanoNote into USB mode for the first time, to update u-boot.23:38
aisaThings seem to be fine now, but how do I shut the machine down?23:38
aisait seems I had to unplug the device and take my battery out.23:43
aisaI'd love a better suggestion when anyone passes by and reads this.23:43
wolfspraulaisa: you can try the hardware reset pin, the little hole on the bottom of the device23:45
aisaIndeed, I will next time.23:45
wolfspraulI rarely (never) use it, but I think it's the equivalent of unplugging USB cable and removing the battery23:45
aisaIs that how one exits USB BOOT mode?23:46
wolfspraulexit in which sense?23:46
aisaturn the machine off, or reboot it.23:46
wolfspraulUSB boot mode is a state the CPU is in, it waits for commands over USB23:46
aisawhat do I do when I'm done issuing commands over USB and want my screen back?  :-)23:47
wolfspraulso in that sense 'usb boot mode' is already exited when you run usbboot, especially when usbboot loads and executes binaries in the NanoNote RAM23:47
wolfspraulI unplug the USB cable, replug it23:47
wolfspraulyou can also try the hardware reset button23:47
aisaawesome, thank you wolfspraul!23:47
aisaI'm trying to update my NanoNote using MicroSD.23:52
aisaI believe I've copied the uImage, root.ubi, and untarred the rootfs on an ext2 MicroSD card.23:52
aisaI boot by using Power+M, and I get the following error:23:52
aisa** File not found /boot/uImage23:52
aisaWrong Image Format for bootm command23:52
aisaERROR: can't get kernel image!23:53
aisaI think I should believe the first message,23:53
wolfspraulhow big is your microSD card?23:53
aisaand that "Wrong Image Format" is essentially saying "zero sized file.23:53
aisa16gb, I believe.23:53
wolfspraulthere is a bug in u-boot's ext2 handling23:53
wolfspraulyes, won't work23:53
wolfspraulfilesystem bug in u-boot's ext223:53
aisadang.  how small should I be to avoid this bug?23:53
wolfspraulxiangfu is on it, but we have many bugs and unfortunately it also has been hard for us so far to get patches back upstream...23:54
aisawould reformatting and copying uImage early in the process work,23:54
aisaor do I need to get a smaller microSD card?23:54
wolfspraulI think cards up to 4 gb will always work23:54
aisagood, ok.  Time to go purchase a new card :-)23:54
wolfspraulyou can also try to make a small partition on your 16gb card23:54
aisathat is a good idea.23:54
wolfspraultry a small partition first23:54
wolfspraulat the beginning23:54
wolfspraul2 gb23:54
aisaWorth trying, it will be mucch faster23:54
wolfspraulthis is a bug in the ext2 filesystem codes of u-boot23:54
wolfspraulwe just haven't gotten aroudn to tracking it down and fixing it yet23:55
wolfspraulthey even have 32 gb microSD cards now, but I was too lazy/stingy to buy one and test :-)23:56
aisaIndeed.  I've been sitting on flashing my NanoNote for way too long.23:56
aisaI needed like several hours to sit and work on it,23:56
aisaand finally made time tonight.23:56
aisaI'm really looking forward to getting this process done,23:56
aisabecause I want to be faster at it so I can go find some of these problems.23:57
wolfspraulwell thanks for your patience23:57
wolfsprauloh you can help us with that kind of low level bugs?23:57
aisaIt's all fun.  :-)23:57
wolfspraulthat would be awesome!23:57
aisaIndeed, I'm a long way from being an expert,23:57
aisabut I generally understand how the kernel runs,23:57
wolfspraulu-boot is a bit troublesome, we have been unsuccessful in getting some patches upstream, and quickly fixing some bugs such as this one23:57
aisahave a really strong notion of how libc works,23:57
wolfspraulwell try the 2gb partition idea first, let's see whether it helps you23:57
aisaand know almost nothing about MIPS.23:57
wolfspraulit may also have to do with block sizes or so and then maybe the bug will always show on a large card, even if you have a small partition on it23:58
aisagot it.  I'll find out.  Is there an open ticket I should append information to?23:58
aisaI'm updating the wiki.23:58
aisaI'm about to stop working on it tonight, but will come back to it.23:59
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