#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2010-09-29

wolfspraulwpwrak: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/USB_product_ID_assignments02:33
wolfspraulI will now submit the update to linux-usb.org as you suggested02:50
wolfspraulI will use the description from the table in the wiki02:50
wolfspraulwe can always update it later02:50
B_LizzardI'm making a script for battery readings05:09
B_LizzardI see that I can get a reading in /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity but in what format is it?05:10
qwebirc47789i have connected serial port to my PC at 115200 baud but getting garbage05:10
qwebirc47789plz help05:10
qwebirc47789I need to have serial port comm between nanonote and PC05:10
B_LizzardIt doesn't go over 100 so I guess it's a percentage but it fluctuates a lot.05:10
xiangfuqwebirc47789: it's 57600 not 11520005:15
xiangfuqwebirc47789: also you need a ttl -- rs232 converter.05:16
qwebirc47789i have tried 57600  also05:16
qwebirc47789i have added ttl to 232 also05:16
qwebirc47789flow control is none , databits -8 and stop bits 105:17
qwebirc47789i have opened minicom on nanonote and using ttyS0 to transmit data to PC at 115200 baud but getting nothing on hyperterminal05:25
qwebirc47789while on oscilloscope both TTL and 232 level , output is there05:25
wpwrakwolfspraul: (submit to linux-usb) great !05:27
wolfspraulyeah sorry it took so long05:28
wolfspraulyou first mentioned it in late July :-)05:28
wolfspraulnice system they setup there with the mail robot etc.05:28
wpwrakwolfspraul: well, there's no rush :) (mail system) ah ? i never had anything to submit there05:33
wolfspraulyou can just email a unified diff and that's it :-)05:33
wpwrakoh, finally a geek-friendly interface ;-)05:35
qwebirc47789xiangfu plz help me05:41
xiangfuqwebirc47789: hmm...05:41
xiangfuqwebirc47789: are you use minicom in your PC?05:42
xiangfuqwebirc47789: are you sure the ttl - rs232 works fine ?05:43
qwebirc47789using minicom on nanonote and hyperterminal on winxp PC05:44
qwebirc47789hwo to confirm that ttl - 232 is workign fine05:44
xiangfuqwebirc47789: you can connect the RX and TX pin. see if it can send all data back to you PC.05:51
qwebirc47789loopback is workign fine05:59
qwebirc47789actuall yI have used 7407 hex buffer to raise the output level to 5v05:59
qwebirc47789aybody can help me with serial port06:08
B_LizzardAny idea on getting the current battery capacity in %?06:30
B_LizzardI see that I can get a reading in /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity but in what format is it?06:30
B_LizzardIt fluctuates a lot, leading me to believe that it's either not accurate or entirely incorrect.06:31
larsccapacity should be in percent06:34
Textmode...whats the bit-width of the nanonote?09:23
wolfspraulyou mean the screen resolution?09:25
Textmodewolfspraul: the cpu architecture.09:26
wolfsprauldon't know enough about the various buses09:31
wolfspraulthe registers are 32-bit I would think09:31
wpwrakwolfspraul: (buses) DRAM is 16 bit, NAND is 8 bit, uSD 4 bit.09:33
Textmodewhats the size of the int type? probably the simplist answer.09:34
wpwrakTextmode: 32 bit09:35
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: solidify/README: some documentation http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/c8b0a5113:00
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Added the license (GPLv2+) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/7ea7db813:00
madenhow long does a ben nanonote lasts with a full charge doing normal tasks?19:54
kristianpaulmaden:  what is  normal task for you?21:23
madentalking on irc21:23
kristianpaulfrom my experience around 5 hours with gmu21:23
kristianpaulwait amin21:23
madenwhat about with no GUI21:23
madenCLI only21:23
madenyes chat on irc from the cli21:23
kristianpaulbut using wich internet conection?21:23
madenmicro SD card21:24
kristianpaulgood point21:24
madenlets say21:24
madentext editing in vi21:24
madenfrom cli21:24
kristianpaulwifi pulls energy for sure even nomal tasks you do21:24
madenhow long dyou think it could last21:24
kristianpauli cant estimate i dont have idea about wifi power consuption21:24
madenforget about wifi21:24
kristianpauli cant21:25
kristianpaulyou already said it21:25
madenput shades on I'm a men in black and I will flashs you21:25
madenhow long do you think it can last doing vi editing21:25
kristianpaulhmm 3hrs?21:36
kristianpaulthe screen on have costs21:36
kristianpaulBen dont use ink display afaik wolfspraul ;)21:37
kristianpaulmaden: what is your measure by experience?21:40
madenm measure?21:44
madenmy measure?21:44
kristianpaulabout battery charge life21:46
kristianpaulhow long you did vi editing with tyour ben?21:46
madenI don't own one21:46
madenI'm thinking about maybe purchasing one in a near future21:46
kristianpauli tought21:46
kristianpaulsure go ahead !21:46
madeni'm jobless and broke !21:46
madenand college books are expensive :(21:47
kristianpaulyou now what is PDF for? ;)21:47
kristianpaulalso a Ben is an intersting development platform21:47
madenmy college uses the latest editions of books21:48
madenwhich is amazingly annoying21:48
madeninstead of using version 8, they use version 9, so we can't buy it off people who used it the previous year21:48
madenit's amazingly sutpid21:48
madenbut yeha I got a job interview at costco soon if I get the job I'm buying a nano note :P!21:49
kristianpaulwhat you like most from the nanonote?21:49
madenfists in my pocket - hah21:50
madenI already own a netbook but I'm growing tired of it21:50
madenit's old and weak21:50
madenwhy did you get one in the first place ?21:59
kristianpaulbecause is copyleft hardware movement22:05
kristianpauli also ALWAYS wanted a free runnner22:05
kristianpaulbut was toooo expensive22:05
kristianpauland actually not so "open" as markenting said22:05
kristianpauli saw it in the 2009 in a blog22:06
kristianpauldont remeneber wich one22:06
kristianpaulthe pictures was really asware22:06
madenso you've had one for a while?22:06
kristianpaulqi something i remenberd tbut as time pass i forgot, until a friend tell me about qi-hardware and then WOW is real :)22:07
kristianpaula while some moths22:07
kristianpaul3-4 mpoths ago22:08
wolfspraulmaden: kristianpaul is a core Qi member now, for sure. He's doing a lot of case hacking with his 3D printer, and GPS (more coming in the future), and he's interested in Milkymist too. In everything actually, it seems :-)22:18
kristianpaulwell not so everithing but Milkymist is awesome !22:20
kristianpauland ben is cheap and hackable so..22:21
kristianpaulthe case well is easy22:22
kristianpaulis not so advanced figure22:22
kristianpauland well the floss 3D printing is there so why not use it ;)22:23
kristianpaulmaden: so.. , join us, all this is getting fun :)22:24
madeni might i might :p22:25
madenit seems very interesting i must admit22:25
madenwhat'S milkymist?22:27
kristianpaula Sytem on Chip copyleft platform22:28
wolfspraulmaden: a free (gpl licensed) CPU22:28
kristianpaulalso a VJ sation22:28
wolfspraulbasically a replacement for Intel/AMD/ARM/MIPS22:28
madenmy knowledge of hardware is so very limited22:29
madenit's far from being a field of interest of mine, unfortunately22:29
kristianpaulwhat about software?22:29
wolfspraulmaden: what are you interested in?22:29
madeni dont know MUCH about it but I'm very interested in programming22:30
wolfspraulwell, pick a small problem that relates to your real life, and solve it with cool free software :-)22:32
wolfspraulthat's going to be hard enough...22:32
wolfspraulif you like the portability of the Ben, go get one and try to solve the problem there. There are several starting points for software development on the Ben, I think the best are OpenWrt and Jlime, some people might say Debian but I think the device is a bit too constrained for Debian.22:33
madenwhat languages are supported by openwrt ?22:33
madenobviously C but what else?22:33
madeni heard about that22:34
madenobviously ! :)22:34
madenpython ?22:34
madenoh yeahhh22:34
kristianpaulthats for what i read things made22:34
kristianpaulgforth too22:35
madenI might just get a nanonote and mess around with python22:35
madenthat would be a cool agenda22:35
madenmuch more useful than this huge hard-cover agenda I've got right now22:35
madenI wish I had C lessons in college, instead of java :(22:37
kristianpaulben is a starting point22:38
kristianpaulfor example in jlime you can install gcc easilly22:38
kristianpauland vi(m) of course22:38
kristianpaulso you're done :)22:38
kristianpaulah thats not all22:38
madenit would be an amazing linux experience too22:39
kristianpaulyou have multi tasking22:39
madenthats cool22:39
kristianpaulso you can have a console in one side and vim in the other22:39
madenhah better keep your lines short, or font very small !22:39
madenit must be hardcore coding on a such small keyboard,  no?22:40
kristianpaulthats up to you22:40
kristianpaulmaden: http://www.jlime.com/wiki/documentation/user/nanonote/muffinman22:41
kristianpaulan the bottom there are some screen captures22:41
madenhow exactly do you install a different OS on the nanonote?22:42
madenah i just saw the installation instruction page22:42
kristianpauluSD or NAND22:42
kristianpaulor both22:42
madenI guess once you get your ben it's openwrt installed?22:42
madenand you don'T want that?22:43
kristianpauli like that22:43
kristianpauli just want some things else like jlime22:43
madenok I get your point22:43
kristianpaulopenwrt is really stable22:44
kristianpauland jlime have a bunch of software22:44
kristianpaulmaden: how do you found the nanonote?22:44
madenhow I found out about it?22:45
madenI'm not exactly sure, I heard about it ages ago. I think it was on slashdot22:45
wolfspraulah we need more blog coverage...22:46
madenI don't own a blog22:46
madenI don't even read blogs22:46
madenI don't know any interesting blogs22:46
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