#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2010-09-27

qwebirc8940I have ported the recent official image of kernel on nanonote01:21
qwebirc8940getiing few icons on the screen but no idea that hwo to run applications01:21
wolfspraulqwebirc8940: which application do you want to run?01:30
wolfspraulimo the only one that is actually usable is gmu, the music player01:30
qwebirc8940like file viewer or console01:32
qwebirc8940or how to operate this GUI01:33
wolfspraulto go to the console press Ctrl-Alt-F101:33
wolfspraulin the GUI, try the music player gmu, depending on which version of the gui you have you need to press 'x' or 'enter' to start an app01:34
qwebirc8940if i need to get GUI back then hwo to get t01:42
qwebirc8940hwo to add links to applications on the desktop01:50
qwebirc8940is there any document where Ican have all the details of it01:51
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Cleaned up POV-Ray file handling. New use: solidify -p project http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/12f5aa201:52
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Cleaned up z0 plane input/output. Note: need to change fx in all .sfy files ! http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/163812301:52
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Correct z0 for z vs. xy scale differences. Now things work as planned ! http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/6acca4e01:52
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Re-aligned all projects after fixing the inclination in solidify. http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-scans/c00799f01:52
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Makefile and helper scripts for running solidify and POV-Ray. http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-scans/6e287cd01:52
wolfspraulqwebirc8940: maybe this helps http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Gmenu2x01:56
qwebirc8940is there any default file viewer ?01:57
qwebirc8940how can I have shortcut links to Console or any application on the Nanonote screen ?01:58
qwebirc8940how to add applications in Explorer/File Browser02:27
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Show an exploded view of all parts scanned so far in one image. http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-scans/3b6325d02:59
qwebirc8940how can I have shortcut links to Console or any application on the Nanonote screen03:03
wpwrakwolfspraul: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/ben-scans/ben.jpg03:04
wolfspraulwpwrak: oh wow!03:12
wolfspraulmy mind is still stuck at your last 3D mail where you asked for help on how to go from the scan to a solid 3D model. I guess you passed that already now?03:13
wpwrakwolfspraul: well, i'm half way there. i more or less solved the alignment problem. what i still don't have are proper solids for cad.03:17
wolfspraulhmm, I see.03:19
wolfspraulimpressive pictures nonetheless03:19
wpwrakwolfspraul: what i can generate is pov-ray output. that's a format i'm familiar with. not sure how difficult it would be to get into a cad system. i have functions that let me resample a mesh, so in the worst case, i could just generate a lot of "toblerone"-like columns03:19
qwebirc27425Hi Wolfang, I'm Pietro, the guy that has locked the Nanote; I've the carnonized rubber. I'm now in my office, the Nanonote is at home; if is more convenient that I've the Nanonote in my hands I'll rejoin the channel tomorrow.03:24
wolfspraulqwebirc27425: yes sure, when you are at your nanonote come into this channel and we will help you.03:27
wolfsprauldon't worry we will 100% definitely guaranteed unbrick your nanonote03:27
wpwrakwolfspraul: here are some more pictures. a little more surreal.http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/03:27
wolfspraulworst case you send it in, and we reflash it or (in the unlikely case that it's a hardware problem), exchange it03:27
wolfspraulbut I am optimistic, since you come to this channel, good English etc. we can do it together here03:27
wolfspraulqwebirc27425: the only problem is timezone, I am typically in irc only until about 3 PM or so your (Italian) time. after that there are other folks here that may help you though, just try...03:28
wolfspraulif you stay up late, I should be back online 2-3 AM your time :-)03:29
qwebirc27425OK, fine, I'll rejoin the channel tomorrow morning, around the current time [sometime at 2-3am I'm working, but not always :-) ]; many many thanks again, Pietro03:31
qwebirc27425worderful pictures, cu03:36
qwebirc55417need to add shortcut of console on desktop . How can I do it04:14
kyaksee /usr/share/gmenu2x/sections/applications/ for examples04:41
tugasofthello all05:05
tugasoftgood morning (paris local time)05:05
tuxbraingood mornig (spanish loacal time :P)05:16
kyakBen is taking over the Europe05:24
tuxbrainFSM hears you kyak :P05:26
qwebirc55417if i copy the vim in /usr/share/gmenu2x/sections/applications/ will i get the vim shortcut on desktop ?05:27
tuxbrainno not working this way qwebirc5541705:27
tugasoftBen is take over europe, I agree :)05:27
qwebirc55417then hwo can I add Vim or Nano file editor on desktop05:28
kyakno offence, but when i'm reading such messages as from qwebirc55417, i indeed understand that wolfgang was right that Ben is not only for geeks05:28
tuxbrainin usr/share/gmenu2x/sections/applications/ there are some little text files with a description and the path of what to execute05:28
tuxbrainyou must create one of this text files for the vim launcher to appear in the on screen05:30
qwebirc55417thats ok but what is the solution to my prob05:30
qwebirc55417fine got it05:31
tugasoftyesterday my nano was bricked. with the help of a few people here i was able to make it work with usbboot again05:38
tugasoftnow I've juste flashed a new debian05:38
tugasoftbut it seems that it is still not booting05:38
qwebirc55417how can I launch console from desktop05:39
tugasoftif i boot it with the U pressed i can use the usbboot -c "boot" and result is successful05:39
qwebirc55417in fedora its konsole what is there in Nanonote ?05:39
tugasoftbut then, if i try to boot it by itself, nothing happens05:39
tugasoftany idea?05:39
tuxbrainI debian is the most common bricking cause of NN, I recomend you to flash  Openwrt or Jlime, since debian is not very supported now05:39
tuxbrainqwebirc55417: you can press ctrl+alt+f1 to f4 to access a console , ctrl+alt+f5 will return to grafical menu05:42
kyaktugasoft: how do you boot it "by itself"?05:44
tugasoftkyak: i mean puting the battery and powering it up05:44
tugasoftthen, nothing happens05:44
kyakyou do press and hold power button, right?05:44
tugasofti've triedpessing for about 10 seconds05:45
tugasoftthe screen is always dark05:45
kyakis the battery fully charged?05:45
kyaktry to boot it like this with usb cable plugged in05:45
tugasofti don't know how to check the baterry level, but it is higly probable that the  baterry is very low05:45
qwebirc55417nope i want to open a console from desktop without human intervention i.e select a icon and press x to open the console05:46
tugasofti've tried with th usb plugged and with at least 3 different usb cables05:46
kyakif it boots successfully with U button pressed, it should boot without it (at least show something on screen)05:46
tugasofti will wait for the battery to charge a few hors05:46
tugasoftmaybe it is fully discharged05:47
kyakyou've sucked off all the energy from your Ben :)05:50
tugasoftor I may have damaged the screen :(05:53
tugasofti will see later05:53
kyaki will not see :)05:53
kyak*or will not see05:53
kyakbut ok, assuming your screen is dead05:54
kyakyou can still ssh to your Ben or at lest see it show up in dmesg05:54
tugasofthow can I know if it is only the screen?05:54
tugasofthmm, shh, good idea05:55
kyakalso is the red LED lightning?05:55
kyakat all05:55
tugasoftI see05:55
tugasoft [1565380.998017] usb0: register 'cdc_ether' at usb-0000:00:1d.7-2, CDC Ethernet Device, 9e:4f:a8:77:7e:cd05:55
tugasoft[1565395.656133] usb0: no IPv6 routers present05:55
tugasoftthe red led works05:55
kyakvery good05:55
tugasoftit turns on as i plug the usb05:55
kyakyou can ssh into it05:56
tugasofti should try to re-flash with openwrt05:56
kyakand yes, this is the best idea05:56
tugasofti'tried to ping, but it is not pinging05:56
tugasoftfor openwrt is there any python port?05:56
kyakpython is functional on openwrt05:57
tugasoftmy project involves arduino + python, this is why i flashed with debian05:57
kyaki haven't tryed it, but it's there05:57
tugasoftok, this is a very good new05:57
tugasoftok, I will flash openWRT then05:57
kyakthere are 68 packages matching "python"05:57
kyakso don't worry05:58
tuxbraintugasoft: please keep me updated on you project :)05:58
tugasoftdo you have the url to download openWRT?05:58
tugasofttuxbrain: i will post all this in my blog05:58
tuxbrainthen link to your blog :)05:59
tugasoftkyak: thx05:59
tugasofttuxbrain: by now there are no post about the NN+arduino, however06:00
tugasoftthis is the blog's url06:00
tugasoftand we speak spanish :)06:01
tuxbraintugasoft: great, we have some NanoNote/arduino and arduino/procesing projects on our Pre-todo list , pending on start on some actual items on our TODO list, I'm really  happy to see there are other dealing with the NanoNote/Arduino tandem06:06
tugasofttuxbrain: I'm happy to find out that there are more poeple interested in those both tools06:08
wolfspraultugasoft: your nanonote boots but the screen stays dark?06:16
wolfspraulthat's not good06:16
wolfspraulif you boot from NAND, u-boot should immediately initialize the LCM and display something, and you should always see that06:16
tugasofthello wolfspraul06:17
tugasoftmi lcd seems to be dead06:17
wolfspraulwhat have you flashed into NAND last?06:17
wolfspraulare you sure that there is a working u-boot in NAND?06:17
wolfspraultell us a bit about the history of your NanoNote. when did you get it? first it worked. then you reflashed (what?), now the screen stays dark?06:18
tugasoftlast flash was successful, with a debian image from pyneo06:18
tugasoftnowe i'm flashing back to openwrt06:18
wolfspraulhe, at least you get more confident in flashing things back and forth, good :-)06:19
wolfspraulwhen was the last time you saw something on the lcm?06:19
tugasoftgot my new nanonote last week, openwRt worked06:19
tugasoftbut I wanted debian, old habits :)06:19
tugasoftthen after a few tries i was able to flash it with debian, it worked06:19
wolfspraul'it worked' means it booted, you saw something on the lcm, etc.06:21
wolfspraulthen what happened?06:21
tugasoftafter a reboot that bricked it I was able to make it work with the help from this #channel people, but now after a successful flash, screen stays off06:21
wolfspraulok but why do you say 'successful flash'?06:21
tugasoftmy linux box seems to detect something06:21
tugasoftif flashed with no errors06:21
wolfspraulhow did you flash - reflash_ben.sh?06:22
wolfspraulor manual commands in usbboot?06:22
tugasofti mean, I've just tried it06:32
tugasoftthe previous ones were with usbboot -c "...."06:32
tugasoftdmesg shows me a usb0 device06:35
tugasoftreflash_ben.sh worked06:35
tugasoftbut my lcd is still black :(06:35
tugasofti can log in06:38
tugasoftwith telent06:38
tugasoftso it IS the LCD that died06:39
tugasofti can connect to the internet with the NN. it is actualy working06:45
tugasoftif somebody nows how to check my LCD, I would appreciate help :)06:46
kyakbut it's actually cool06:48
kyakyou are now forced to use ssh06:48
kyakisn't it great? :)06:48
wolfspraultugasoft: oh well06:57
wolfspraulI find it a little strange that your LCM problem started right after some reflashing, but from the symptoms you are reporting right now I'd say we need it back to fix it, or send you a new one.06:58
wolfspraulif you are good mechanically, you can try to lift off the plastic part around the keyboard, and disconnect/reconnect the FPC coming through the hinge to the mainboard06:59
wolfspraulbut it may not be worth the trouble, and in fact you may damage something in that exercise, which would make it harder for us to find the root cause later06:59
wolfspraultugasoft: where did you buy your NanoNote?07:00
tugasoftsorry, went for a sandwich07:09
tugasoftwolfspraun: got my NN @ hackable-devices07:10
tugasofti think i can open safely the device07:11
tugasoftI have a reasonable experience in dealing with small devices07:12
kyaktugasoft: you should never say such things to women ;)07:13
tugasoftsmall _electronic_ devices :)07:14
tugasoftbeing forced to use ssh seem to be my curse :D and it is actually cool07:15
tugasoftand geek07:15
tugasoftI feel so proud07:15
tugasoftactually the absence of screen is not a problem at all07:15
wolfspraultugasoft: he07:16
tugasofti don't want to delay the project, so I will try to see if re-plugging the LCD flat cable works07:16
wolfspraulwell I still want to focus to get the NanoNote 100% back to what is is 'supposed' to be07:17
wolfsprauldelay the project?07:17
wolfspraulreporting bugs is a great way to push the project forward07:17
wolfspraulwell let's just try then07:17
wolfspraulyou need to unscrew 4 screws on the back07:17
wolfspraulafter that, you can lift off a plastic piece that sits around and above the keyboard07:18
wolfspraultugasoft: still there? another sandwich?07:23
tugasoftyep, here07:23
tugasoftI'm in the office07:24
tugasoftand it get a little busy now07:24
tugasoftby project I mean my project, which involves the NN07:24
wolfspraulnice picture from Werner :-)07:24
tugasoftI will try to open it later07:25
wolfspraulyou are trying to liftoff the yellow part07:25
wolfspraulok sure07:25
tugasoftnow it will be a little hard07:25
wolfspraulsure, and still: no worries07:25
tugasoftthx a lot07:25
wolfspraulif there is a hardware problem, we will fix/exchange the device07:25
tugasoftsee you later07:25
qi-bot[commit] kyak: w3m actually depends on ncurses http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/ad4b04809:13
wolfspraulroh: you there?09:38
kristianpaulmorning :)09:50
tugasofthello all09:53
wolfspraultugasoft: hey that was quick. I'm almost out though...09:57
tugasoftno worries09:57
tugasoftjust wated to know if anybody nows what dmesg should show in my NN if the LCD is still alive09:58
tugasoftbecause I don't see anything like "video"09:59
wolfspraultugasoft: the first thing the NanoNote loads and runs when booting from NAND is u-boot10:01
wolfsprauland u-boot will immediately turn on the screen10:01
tugasoftso, my screen is actually dead10:02
tugasoftmaybe the flat cable in the middle of the unit10:03
tugasoftI haven't disassembled yet, will come back later.10:03
tugasoftbye, and thx10:03
tugasofthave a nice day :)10:03
kristianpaulwpwrak: (hoperf) okay i follow you and also you should work as radio spectrum layer10:06
wpwrakkristianpaul: layer 1 ? ;-)10:07
kristianpaulbut is not far from the first word :)10:09
kristianpaullayer 1 lawyer10:09
wpwrakto paraphrase brecht/sandburg, imagine there it a lawyer but nobody goes there. then the lawyer comes to you !10:12
wolfspraulwpwrak: is there a wiki page that lists the usb product ids in the qi vendor id?10:17
wolfspraulwpwrak: anythingosia - hilarious!10:24
wolfsprauland that vs the democratic bureaucracy of restrictia...10:24
kristianpaulwpwrak: forgot for 1 minuto spectrum restrictions, what you like to do with rfm12b and the nanonote?10:41
wpwrakwolfspraul: (usb) not to my knowledge :)10:42
wolfspraulok I need to start it10:42
wolfspraulwhich product IDs did you use so far?10:42
wpwrakkristianpaul: mainly usb replacement. download packages, ssh, maybe a bit of web browsing, maybe use it as a fancy remote control.10:43
wolfspraulwpwrak: btw, you will like this story10:43
wolfspraulI know first-hand which deal Fedex has with Chinese customs, and why not say it here :-)10:43
wolfspraulso it goes like this: we all know most packages have 'something' that is not right, true?10:44
wpwrakwolfspraul: 0x1540 ben-wpan, AT86RF230-based10:44
wpwrak"why not say it here" ? huh, contradiction ?10:44
wolfspraulbut then fedex is a courier, all about speed. so the deal is: fedex _randomly_ pulls out 1% of packages, and hands over to Chinese customs10:44
wpwrakwolfspraul: 0xcb72 /* CNTR */ (ben-wpan, cntr)10:45
wolfspraulthey are not allowed to pull out 'certain' packages, or let the packages of some customers pass 100%10:45
wolfspraula random 1% is pulled out, and then 'normally' will never be reclaimed by anybody10:45
wolfspraulnice system, everybody gets something to do, everybody's face is saved10:45
wpwrakwolfspraul: 0x1db5 /* IDBG in DFU mode */10:45
wpwrakwolfspraul: 0x1db6 /* IDBG in normal mode */10:46
wpwrakwolfspraul: that's all so far (i think :)10:46
wpwrak(fedex system) ;-))))10:46
wolfspraul'why not say it here' because with public logging I'm sure fedex wouldn't like this kind of arrangement to be widely known, but whatever...10:46
wpwraki particularly like that people simply give up when that happens10:46
wolfsprauloh sure10:46
wolfspraulthe only problem is if you send a truly unique and valuable something, and then it's in the 1%10:47
wolfspraulthat sucks10:47
wolfspraulif you send loads of fake goods it's actually nice, just add 1% to the sales price :-)10:47
wpwrakjust make two :)10:47
wolfspraulbut even though the actual package handling is entirely in the hands of fedex (though their entire warehouse is full with govt cameras), they would never dare to make some packages pass 'for sure'10:48
wolfspraulthat's their part of the ugly deal10:48
wolfspraul1% has to be 1%, randomly, "in front of justice we are all equal" (ahem)10:48
wpwrakwell, they can leave the details of negotiating the bribes to the customer :)10:50
wpwrakthey must have something similar in argentina. fedex generally incurs a lot less trouble than, say, dhl.10:51
kristianpaullife is 1% random, isnt? ;)10:51
kristianpaulwolfspraul: did you miss some nanonote with fedex recently?10:56
wolfspraulno we never use Fedex China10:58
kristianpaulah ok :)10:58
wolfspraulI just mention the story because of werner's hilarious kingdom of anythingosia and the democratic bureaucracy of restrictia10:59
wpwrakwolfspraul: after learning about the "deal", will this make you more or less inclined to use fedex ? :)10:59
wolfspraulwpwrak: hmm11:01
wolfspraulhard to say. no change. if needed I know the system, and it's great that fedex tells the system to their customers.11:01
wolfspraulthey are not supposed to, their entire building, warehouse, office, reception area, all is fully and officially bugged11:02
wolfspraulwelcome to the kingdom of anythingosia11:02
wolfspraulsince I know the system, I would also just send easily replacable (i.e. standard) goods through the system, and write off the 1% without bothering11:03
wolfspraulif you think about it, this system is really perfect. exactly fits the needs of all participants :-)11:04
wpwrakyeah. pretty clever indeed :)11:09
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ben-bottom-outside2-100um is done. http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-scans/252da0411:13
rafawolfspraul: wpwrak is working hard and I can not read comfortable the chat!11:14
wpwrakrafa: why can't you read the chat ?11:19
rafawpwrak: many qi-bots around!11:23
rafajust kidding :)11:23
wpwrakwolfspraul: you'll hate to see this one ;-)) http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/bottom.png11:26
kristianpaulwow how you got the microsd name in there??11:27
wpwrakkristianpaul: look at your ben carefullt :)11:28
wpwrakso ... that's about all the "case" parts i can scan: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/ben-scans/ben.jpg11:32
wpwraki still have the battery and the pcbs to do, though.11:33
wpwrakalas, i don't think i have the metal that goes on the top. well, i could try to scan a cover with it and then subtract. maybe that even works :)11:34
wolfspraulwpwrak: yeah yeah. [micro sd]11:42
wolfspraulit's a typo11:42
wolfspraulit's mean to read 'flash memory card'11:42
kristianpaulwpwrak: for crosscopile you blink/poke i just need to export the mipsel_gcc and no more isnt?12:29
wpwrakyup. just make CC=whatever12:32
lisandropmwpwrak: I sent you a mail a few hours ago about the measuring thing12:55
lisandropmjust to let you know in case the spam filter catches me ;)12:56
wpwrakchecking ...13:03
wpwraknothing there :-(13:05
wpwraklisandropm: to which address did you sent it ? werner@openmoko.org ?13:05
wpwrakaah, to werner@almesberger.net13:10
wpwraklisandropm: INTI ... so that would be in buenos aires (capital federal) ? or are they also in bahia blanca. or is this not inti.gob.ar ?13:14
viricHello all13:14
kristianpaulhello viric13:15
viricI'm just trying to run a kernel for 'malta' with a mtdblock I built with the mtdtools in ubifs13:15
viricIn qemu13:15
viricThe kernel has support for mtd devices, but it shows no mtd devices at boot. I think I have to set up something in the kernel command line13:15
viricOr maybe prepare the file for mtdblock specially.13:16
viricanyone can help me a bit? :)13:16
viricI think the malta machine has no NAND emulation13:22
kristianpaulsorry i dont  know13:23
kristianpaulwhat is malta btw?13:23
virica mips machine13:23
wpwraklisandropm: i'll be afk for a bit. ~2-3 hours.13:27
kyakthis is just fashist13:57
kyaki'm sitting here, trying to figure out why libiconv failes on cp125113:58
kyakfor some reason, koi8-r is not stripped13:58
kyakthough cp1251 is MUCH more used in Russia than koi8-r13:58
kyakmaybe need to contact iconv maintainer for openwrt, /usr/bin/iconv is also not installed though it is selected14:00
viricI was just reading about NANDs today17:26
viricand the ubifs 'torture test' I was experiencing in the nanonote looks like it tries to wear out nand blocks17:26
viricnoone here saw those torture tests in their nns?17:26
lisandropmwpwrak: inti.gob.ar, indeed17:30
lisandropmI don't know *exactly* where they are, but they are in Bs. As. zone17:30
wpwraklisandropm: they're directly in town and in gran buenos aires. but aren't they a more commercially oriented service ?17:38
wpwraklisandropm: (that is, for things where they provide a service that's not for the government itself)17:39
wpwraklisandropm: well, it can't hurt to ask. should i just send a mail to consultas@inti.gob.ar or would you know a better contact ?17:55
lisandropmwpwrak: you should contact  Salvador Eduardo Tropea <salvador@inti.gov.ar>20:04
lisandropmyou may know him from kicad's mailing lists20:05
lisandropmhe surely knows you, but you can tell him I told you to contact him20:05
kristianpaulI cant believe the only  "GPIO" pin capable of input is the TP3822:13
kristianpaulwait a  min, the PORT Function Register if is set to corresponde to the table in wich pins are labeled as out/in22:15
kristianpaul_but_ if i set FUCTION to 0 the port becomes GPIO so it can be IN/OUT no mather what said in the table 10-2 ?22:16
kristianpaulwpwrak: help !22:16
Action: kristianpaul reads again22:17
kristianpaulahh as always the other datasheet solves the problem :)22:20
kristianpaulnow why i wired TP26...22:20
mthkristianpaul: yes, for every pin you can choose between a predefined function or using it as a generic I/O pin22:23
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: make the changelog maintainer name same as control file. http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/29778e822:24
kristianpaulmth: yeah i was scared ;)22:25
kristianpaulmth: do you wich port is TP24 and TP7?22:27
kristianpaulare in my list of free pins and also i soldered TP25 now i dont remenber wich port is it..22:28
mthyou mean how to program it or which physical pin on the IC?22:29
kristianpaulTP25 is  GPB3022:29
kristianpaulbut Tp24?..22:29
mthsee page 14 of jz4740_ds.pdf22:31
mthactually, the tables on page 15 and on are more readable22:32
mthI don't konw where you get the name TP24 from though22:32
kristianpaulbut how it follow the TP24 track22:32
kristianpauli tought i was asleep22:33
rozzinOK, so...23:15
rozzinI'm trying to lift the corciutboard out of my NanoNote...23:17
rozzinand there there seems to be a firm connection between the board and the case at the audio-jack.23:17
rozzinAm I mistaken, or am I about to break something?23:18
wolfspraulthere may be a little adhesive somewhere if I remember correctly, around the speaker23:22
wolfspraulis that what you mean?23:22
wolfspraulthe audio jack itself reaches into the plastic, so you have to shift it sideways a bit to pull the board up23:22
rozzinAnd is that ribbon-cable actually soldered onto the board?23:22
wolfspraulwatch the small LED lightguide on the other side - easily lost23:23
wolfspraulwhich ribbon cable?23:23
wolfspraulhave you disconnected the FPC cable coming from the LCD through the hinge?23:23
rozzinNot yet.23:23
rozzinI mean to ask if that's actually possible.23:24
wolfspraulthe rest is all one piece (at first, the speaker is held with 2 screws to the mainboard)23:24
wolfspraulwell... do you know what you are doing? :-) (if I may ask)23:24
wolfspraulof course everything is possible, but we would not want to break the device in the process..23:24
rozzinIt certainly appears that the smaller branch of the ribbon-cable is attached to a soldered part.23:24
rozzinI'm trying to dike out the microphone.23:25
wolfspraulwhich ribbon cable?23:25
wolfspraulah, I think the speaker has 2 cables running to the mainboard23:25
wolfspraulyou mean those?23:25
wolfspraulyes they are soldered to the board I believe23:25
rozzinThe only ribon-cable that's apparent to me, right now--coming through the hinge and attaching on tht top of the board next to the microphone.23:26
rozzinNot the speaker, the microphone :)23:26
wolfsprauldo you call that a 'ribbon cable'?23:27
rozzinI'm fine with the speaker.23:27
wolfspraulthat's what I meant with FPC23:27
wolfspraula flat cable23:27
rozzinAh, yes.23:27
wolfspraultypically called FPC (flat printed circuit) or FFC (flat flexible circuit)23:28
wolfspraulthe FPC goes into a connector23:28
wolfspraulyou can lift off the little black part of the connector, then pull it out23:28
rozzinI see that one part of it does, anyway.23:28
wolfspraulbut be careful, especially if you are not regularly doing this kind of stuff23:29
wolfspraulyou need to pull out the fpc away from the connector, not upwards23:29
wolfspraulalso you need to open the latch of the connector first23:29
wolfspraulwhy do you want to do this in the first place?23:29
rozzinBut the cable is forked--what about the other branch?23:30
wolfspraulforked? other branch?23:31
wolfsprauldon't understand you23:31
wolfspraulif I remember correctly there may be a small part of the cable 'forked' and on the side of the connector23:31
rozzinThere's a `no recording devices allowed' policy where I want to use my NanoNote.23:31
wolfspraulit has no function, I think23:31
rozzinyes, that's what I mean.23:32
wolfspraulno need to touch the LCM or LCM cable then23:32
rozzinOh, hah--23:32
wolfspraulfocus on the microphone23:32
rozzinright, it's not actually connected to anything.23:32
rozzinWell, I notice that the microphone simply lifts out23:32
wolfspraulI don't have an open board in front of me right now.23:33
rozzinAnd I could simply snip the wires *right there*.23:33
wolfspraulbut I think it's right of the LCM cable?23:33
wolfspraulyes sure, just take it out23:33
wolfspraulshould work23:33
rozzinSeemed like a dubious idea to have those wire-ends floating freely in the case, though.23:34
rozzinSuggestions as to how I should ensure that the freefloating microphone wires don't make conact with something that they shouldn't?23:40
wolfspraulnot really, maybe someone with more hardware skills has an idea23:45
wolfspraulbtw, I'm curious: so your place does not allow recording devices23:45
wolfspraulbut it must be restricted in hardware, not software?23:45
wolfspraulif you remove the sound modules from the kernel, that's not enough?23:45
wolfspraulI guess what matters is that nobody actually records (if anything matters at all, and the rule is not just to keep the security dept busy).23:47
wolfspraulhow can anybody check that you physically removed the microphone?23:48
wolfspraulyou will open the device to show it?23:48
rozzinIf asked.23:48
wolfspraulif someone demonstrates that he has hardware hacking skills, doesn't that alone already increase the risk?23:48
wolfspraulwhat if you soldered a new microphone to some free pads elsewhere?23:49
rozzinWell, what's the converse situation?23:49
rozzinThat I'm asked to hand over the device, it's opened for inspection, and hardware capabilities are discovered.23:50
wolfspraulI understand.23:51
wolfspraulbut let's say you have a kernel on the device that has no recording support23:51
wolfspraulthey don't like that kind of 'restriction' because they cannot check it?23:51
wolfspraulor they assume you will fire up your vi editor on the device, hack a new kernel driver, compile and load it into the kernel?23:51
rozzinIt's easier to just dike the hardware out and be able to say `it is physically incapable of recording', and not have to even worry about whether anyone would even be able of appreciating the concept of software `disables'.23:52
wolfspraulsure, I don't suggest you argue with them23:55
wolfspraulI'm just thinking23:55
wolfspraulif I have 2 devices23:55
wolfspraulone has a microphone, wires 'clipped off'23:55
wolfspraulbut software is fully capable of recording23:55
wolfspraulthe other one has a microphone attached, but no kernel sound support, and no source codes/compiler on it either23:55
wolfspraulwhich one is easier to get to record?23:55
rozzinI'm not even going to try to fathom how their minds work :)23:55
wolfspraulon one, you have to re-attach the wires23:55
wolfspraulon the other one, install software (maybe from a microsd card)23:56
rozzinI've learned to avoid trying too hard to reverse-engineer people's brains.23:57
rozzinI've encountered some where I'm pretty sure that, if I brought myself to fully appreciate how they thought, I'd become a less capable engineer.23:58
rozzinI could tell you about the way one of my wife's employers specified schedules for their employees, and both of our IQs would drop by 50 points.23:59
wolfspraulok that's convincing. we stop here. :-)23:59
--- Tue Sep 28 201000:00

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