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kristianpauli think we need a httpd with usermod in fidelio, i'll install it tomorrow00:35
kristianpaulor now..00:35
kristianpaulxiangfu: what you think? {00:35
kristianpaulsorry userdir00:45
tuxbrain2dear all, tuxbrain.com seems to be totally down :(, also the mail, I will be available by chat jabber dsamblas@jabber.org or though my gmail account dsamblas@gmail.com , can some body be some kind to send a message to the list with this info? thanks02:02
elricsfatehi all02:07
elricsfatehas anyone gotten nethack running on open wrt? I have the pre-compiled binary for it but I haven't been able to get it running.02:08
tuxbrain2the server company notifys that they have a total power cut, they are trying solve it, but seems tuxbrain.com will be down for a while yet.... damn it?02:31
tuxbrain2damn it!02:31
elricsfateGuys anyone have any luck getting nethack working?03:09
viricwhat is the problem with nethack?03:20
viricI'm not sure, but I remember as if it worked for me03:20
tuxbrain2and we are back again03:25
qwebirc94906has anyone been able to load debian with a working gui  ?03:31
tuxbrain2today the comunitt is sooooo silence, no chat, no list..... scaring...09:20
methril_worktuxbrain2, hi!!09:25
methril_worktuxbrain2, you were silent some days ago ;)09:25
virictuxbrain2: everyone bought an ipad and is playing with it09:36
mstevensviric: I bought a kindle09:37
viricah yes, some a kindle.09:37
tuxbrain2traitors!!! :P09:37
mstevensI have a nanonote as well!09:37
viricwhat a life in contradiction09:38
viricI've to admit I own a Sony ereader09:38
viric(bought two or three years ago!)09:38
mstevensThe kindle hasn't arrived yet09:39
viricat that time there still were not chinese children assembling open hardware09:39
mstevensgo go chinese children09:41
elricsfateI turned my ben nano note into a portable nethack player09:45
elricsfatewoot woot09:45
tuxbrain2congrat elricsfate :)10:13
tuxbrain2what was finally the problem??10:13
elricsfatetuxbrain2: Thats a wonderful question actually10:16
tuxbrain2and the answer is.....10:16
elricsfatetuxbrain2: The problem is actually still there. I have a work around though.10:16
elricsfatetuxbrain2: For some reason it searchs for the lock file thats not there10:17
elricsfatetuxbrain2: use the touch command to touch the imaginary lock file to make it not imaginary and then start the game. The game will ask do you want to destroy your old game. Type yes. This actually RESTORES your game.10:17
elricsfatetuxbrain2: A little help from #nethack and some crazy ideas10:18
elricsfatetuxbrain2: and it working. I even automated the whole touch command so all I have to do is type nethack then yes and I am in my game10:18
elricsfatetuxbrain2: if someone can help me with setting up some type of environment I can build packages in then I may be able to actually patch the source10:19
tuxbrain2not time right now I have also to make up a new working enviroment with all the changes that have been in the repos and so...10:20
tuxbrain2but soon we will have an "cloud" building enviroment where we can do this thingns without need to wast Gigs on our HD10:21
Ornotermestuxbrain2: a few gigs isn't such a big problem for me, if i had better uplink i would help with hosting and such10:30
elricsfatemy big problem is getting everything set up10:36
elricsfateseems a bit complicated10:36
elricsfatethen again I am a newbie at compiling from source10:36
wpwraktuxbrain2: how are the counterweights ? are you now making some true heavy metal nanowar nanonote ? :)10:44
wpwrakviric: btw, any suggestions for conveniently merging my scans into 3D solids ? what i'd like to do is to align the two sides manually (that is, flip one side, then translate and rotate the two parts until they're parallel and have the right distance from each other)10:47
wpwrakviric: then the solid would be the space between them. e.g., if i could extrude each mesh a bit (by the maximum thickness), then the solid would simply be the intersection10:47
wpwrakviric: the question is: which program lets me do this in a sensible way ? meshlab is driving me crazy with the alignment alone. the visualization is wonderful, but manipulation is odd.10:48
viricwpwrak: I'd try meshlab, but it segfaults twice every time you try10:53
viricI think that is the best you can get (and the easiest to build) for free10:54
viricWe also use 'paraview', but it has no alignment functions10:54
wpwrakhave you found a reliable way to translate and rotate an item ? i'm a bit surprised that such basic things are so incredibly hard to do10:54
viricAnd my company has closed software that can fit a bit for that, but it's not free :)10:55
viricwpwrak: in paraview it works setting numbers.10:55
wpwrakoh, i don't mind doing the alignment manually :)10:55
viricwpwrak: reliable, you mean, repeteable?10:55
wpwraknumbers sounds good :)10:55
wpwrakone problem i have with meshlab is that i can translate or rotate, but not both. once i figured out by chance the right sequence of freeze flags to click that did combine both, but then never again.10:56
wpwrakcan paraview also combine the two meshes into a solid ?10:56
viricno no10:57
wpwrak(repeatable) that would be nice, too. even something purely scripted would be nice (of course, as long as there's a not overly painful way for visualizing the result :)10:57
wpwrakthe no no was about paraview combining the meshes ?10:59
wpwrakor were you dismayed at my troubled with meshlab ? :)10:59
wpwrakmost of the 3d reconstruction packages seem to assume scans that don't quite fit. that's a problem i shouldn't have. mine should be nearly perfect views from exactly opposite sides, so i should be able to combine them with simple geometric operations.11:01
wpwrakunfortunately, heekscad can't extrude a mesh or i'd try that11:01
viric'no no' is for paraview. it cannot align or merge.11:09
wpwraksigh :(11:10
viricLet me know if you find a good software for that11:10
viricThere is also the stanford vrip or something like that11:10
wpwraki looked at their web site. vrip seems to be for merging only. for aligning, they have scanalyze. but they all seem to be more geared towards reconstruction from range images11:11
wpwrakso i'm not quite sure if they're really suitable for what i'm trying to do11:13
wpwrakviric: have you used them ?11:13
viricI think they should fit. You have 'range images'11:16
wpwrakhmm, i can at least generate them. but i wonder if those tools will be happy with non-overlapping "range images". or only overlapping in a degenerate way (on the "vertical" edges)11:21
wpwrakah well, i guess i just have to try and see what happens11:22
virichow do you create an ubifs image?14:43
tuxbrain2mkfs.ubifs -r ~/diroftherootfs -m 4096 -e 516096 -c 4095 -o afilename.ubifs14:54
tuxbrain2ubinize -o finalnameoftheimg.img -m 4096 -p 512KiB ubinize.cfg14:54
tuxbrain2where ubinize.cfg =14:54
tuxbrain2# Volume mode (other option is static)14:54
tuxbrain2# Source image14:54
tuxbrain2# Volume ID in UBI image14:54
tuxbrain2# Allow for dynamic resize14:54
tuxbrain2# Volume name14:54
tuxbrain2# Autoresize volume at first mount14:54
virichmm let me see.14:56
viricDo you know if I can create device nodes into the ubifs without running commands as root?14:57
tuxbrain2with fakeroot maybe (I really don't know I use root for do that)14:58
viricsome have options to describe in a text file what nodes there will be.14:58
viricI have to find that option.14:58
viricdo you know where can I find the manual for what you wrote?14:59
virictuxbrain2: I think the -D option of mkfs.ubifs is what I want! great.15:03
Action: tuxbrain2 actually using one NN as usb battery charger of a lost power plug movile phone :P15:06
tuxbrain2mobile phone15:06
viricI'll try to make a bootable image...15:06
tuxbrain2the thing is too nasty to be published but it works :P15:07
virickeep this criteria :)15:15
kristianpaulwin 1915:18
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