#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-08-13

wolfspraultuxbrain2: you up (just testing the channel :-))01:56
tuxbrain2testing ok :)01:57
wolfspraulDigitalPioneer: DocScrutinizer no more? I cannot believe it...04:14
alcyerrm, is it ok to have the battery plugged in while flashing if the usb boot mode is succesful ?05:41
wolfspraulalcy: why not? you try :-)05:43
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: fix the tar parameter, rootfs name, some cleanup http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/300b07c05:58
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: Merge branch 'master' of projects.qi-hardware.com:nn-usb-fpga http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/a049e3005:58
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: fixed LED D5 not work well http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/677a5ab06:00
wpwrakthe message is spreading :)06:39
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: More board cleanup. http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/a7c04ad07:00
qi-bot[commit] florian: backport r22585 to backfire, thanks maddes http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/8bffa3e07:03
qi-bot[commit] jow: [backfire] merge r22589 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/952efd607:03
qi-bot[commit] jow: [backfire] merge r22593 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/06a448707:03
qi-bot[commit] nico: [backfire] backport r22597 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/6d2845a07:03
qi-bot[commit] nico: [backfire] fix dependency issue introduced by r22598 (x86 has no kmod-input-core) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/305ad8407:03
qi-bot[commit] nico: [backfire] merge r21807 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/c2a19c907:03
qi-bot[commit] nico: [backfire] target/x86: add missing kernel debug symbols, fix kconfig going interactive when kernel debugging is enabled (closes: #7711) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/7379fe107:03
qi-bot[commit] jow: [backfire] merge r22605 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/4d2014b07:03
qi-bot[commit] jow: [backfire] merge r22602 & r22607 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/d323f5c07:03
qi-bot[commit] jow: [backfire] merge r22614 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/74a83bb07:03
qi-bot[commit] Mir07:03
alcyI upgraded the firmware but unable to ssh now.07:13
alcyoh wait07:14
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: preliminary placement improved http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/da7ba8007:17
mirkoboah, how much i hate these bash/dash-incompatibilities...07:30
wpwrakmirko: ipkg --nuke dash dropbear busybox ? ;-)07:31
mirkoright know having issues on a debian system which uses the dash and scripts having "#!/bin/sh" in their first line07:32
wpwrakoh dear ...07:33
qi-bot[commit] Mirko Vogt: use feeds.conf.default if no feeds.conf file exists http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/64df31c07:35
qi-bot[commit] Mirko Vogt: force using bash, because of bash/dash/whatever-sh incompabilities... http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/56538f607:35
wpwrakash :)07:36
mirkofortunately i don't know any server-/desktop linux distribution which is having the ash as default shell07:36
Action: wpwrak is registering project pervertix, a new linux server and desktop distro07:40
bartbeswpwrak: *another* one?07:46
mirkowith ash as default shell? ;)07:49
bartbesand without package system07:52
wpwrakmirko: ash as shell, dropbear for ssh, busybox for all the major utilities, gcc-1.4, ka9q for internet access, chimera for the web, haven't decided what to use for the windowing system07:52
bartbesand without make, gcc, etc installed07:52
wpwrakbartbes: ubuntu already cover the "no dev whatsoever by default" market :)07:53
bartbesyeah, but they have a package manager07:53
bartbesif you strip that as well07:53
bartbesand then stop using ELF07:53
wpwrakthat's a good plan07:53
bartbesyou get an amazingly useful distro!07:53
wpwrakyup. a.out is more than enough.07:54
wpwrakin fact, i could write all major scripts in, say, tcsh07:54
alcyme warns for noob alert07:58
Action: alcy warns for noob alert. wow07:59
alcyok so how do i get to the terminal from the graphical env ?07:59
tuxbrain2alcy: alt+f208:00
alcynot working ?08:00
mirkowpwrak: and openwrt covers the embedded linux market (also without dev foo in the target)08:04
bartbes(last part being f1 to f4 all work for diff terminals)08:04
mirko(why's everybody starting making his own linux distribution?)08:05
wpwrakmirko: ah yes, right. hmm, a gentoo for small embedded would also be interesting. write everything in C++, for speedier compilation :)08:05
mirkowpwrak: ehrm... c++ is afaik the very worst regarding compilation time08:06
wpwrakmirko: mission accomplished ;-)08:06
tuxbrain2mirko: because they can :)08:23
tuxbrain2alcy: sorry I forguet the ctrl :P08:24
alcynm, had figured it out anyway, just that spreading the fingers was a lil awkward08:25
bartbesa resurrection!10:17
tuxbrain2hehehe a pseudo briked NN turning to live again?10:20
bartbesI meant qi-bot10:23
wolfspraulbartbes: nah I'm just still not that good with eggdrop, so I restart more often than needed :-)10:23
wolfspraulbut I can reproduce mirko's commitlog flooding problem now... good10:23
bartbesplease, no reproductions! ;)10:24
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: usb added http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/35a1b3510:28
SiENcEis it possible to run gcc on nanonote?10:51
kristianpauli do10:53
kristianpaul(uses gcc with in jlime)10:53
kristianpaulothers with debian i think10:53
kristianpaulnot sure if openwrt ahve gcc10:53
SiENcEah nice10:56
SiENcEso i can programm and compile nativ on nanonote?10:56
SiENcEi thought it might couse ram problems10:56
zearSiENcE, if you want to compile kde, then probably yes :D10:57
SiENcEhaha nono10:57
tuxbrain2nothing like a little swap file can't fix,10:57
SiENcEbut what are the limits?10:57
tuxbrain232Mb :P10:57
SiENcE-kernel -deamons -shell -xxx -xxx10:58
SiENcEor do you run gcc without kernel ;) ?10:59
tuxbrain2I have succesfully compile ethereal and kismet on a device smaller in (CPU and ram) than Nano you only need to a little more patience10:59
kristianpaulwell you have swap11:00
tuxbrain2SiENcE: heheh ok ok touché!11:00
SiENcEwell ok this sounds good!11:00
kristianpaulit is !11:01
tuxbrain2I think I have read some report of a succesfull native kernel compilation11:02
tuxbrain2ofcourse it take a bunch of hours :)11:02
zeari once compiled freeciv on jornada 720 (206MHz arm, 32RAM + swap)11:03
zeartook ~20min to compile11:03
SiENcEthats acceptable11:04
SiENcEso dingux apps are working on nanonote?11:05
kristianpaullinux? :p11:05
SiENcEzear, is it worth to buy a nanonote to compile dingux apps?11:09
kristianpaulno more?11:09
zearSiENcE, i don't think so, at least you'd have to use the same toolchain, or link them statically11:10
zearbut nanonote is fun in general11:10
Last message repeated 1 time(s).11:11
zearSiENcE, and jlime broke the compatibility with (at least some) dingux binaries11:11
SiENcEjlime ?11:14
SiENcEa mouse dektop for nanonote 8-) ?11:15
tuxbrain2SiENcE: an OpenEmbedded based distribution that also has a version for nn11:15
tuxbrain2kbd controled so don't worry but it runs X :)11:15
kristianpauland runs vey well btw !!!11:16
zearSiENcE, jlime, originally a distro for the Jornada handheld pcs (hence the Jornada Linux Mobility Edition name), though recently most of the crew (rafa, kristoffer, me and soon blizzard) got their nanonotes, so we've ported it to the nanonote :)11:17
zearX11, stuff like that, quite impressive11:17
SiENcEmaybe my keymouse port works ;) ?11:17
zearvielleicht ;)11:18
zearhere you can see some screenshots: http://jlime.com/wiki/index.php/Showcases_screenshots11:19
zearit has a wikipedia offline reader, very handy stuff11:20
SiENcEwhen we will get a nanonote 2 with wifi?11:24
zearprobably never11:24
zearas i heard these guys have problem finding libre wifi11:25
wpwrakmaybe not ieee 802.11, but maybe ieee 802.15.4 could be an option. hey, at least the first digits are the same :)11:26
zearif it had a regular size usb host it wouldn't be a problem11:28
zearas you could hook up almost everything to it11:28
wpwrakalmost all the usb-attachable devices protrude quite a bit. so they wouldn't be very nice on such a small mobile device.11:30
zearwpwrak, wrong ;)11:30
wpwrakbut usb host would have other uses, i agree11:30
tuxbrain2in addition the size of an standard USB plug is barelly imposible to fit in such small device11:30
wpwrakzear: well, besides the miniature bt dongles11:31
zearyeah, and i've also seen miniature wifi dongles11:31
wpwraktuxbrain2: i'm not so sure it's impossible :)11:31
Textmodewhile full-sized would be nice, simply making it capable of being a usb host at all would make things a lot easier.11:31
tuxbrain2"barelly" imposible11:31
tuxbrain2not totally imposible11:32
zearwpwrak, http://www.lps2u.com/shop/images/prolink_wn2000_wireless_dongle.jpg that size should be acceptable11:32
tuxbrain2imposible is nothing but a lot of things are quite improbable11:32
Textmodeand adding a standard miniUSB to USB cable would somewhat solve the problem of having ugly-big things hanging off the side11:32
wpwrakzear: hmm, probably not for a side-facing, but for a rear-facing connector.11:33
wpwrakTextmode: instead you have a chain of ugly things :) besides, the plug would be about as large as such a device11:34
Textmodewpwrak: yeah, but theres plenty fo dongles that aren't as reasonably sized.11:34
Textmodeand I think we're all used to using the NN with a cable in that slot, even if its not our first choice.11:35
nebajothwhat's the alternative, really?11:37
nebajothto usb host, I mean11:37
zearas for mini-full usb adapters: http://wstaw.org/m/2010/05/16/coolguy_jpg_750x750_q85.jpg11:37
Textmodeeh...that is a bit ugly :P11:38
zearyeah, that's what happens when you use miniUSB host ports11:39
Textmodenebajoth: USB-to-go?11:39
wpwrakzear: that cool guy should at least have added a satellite dish :)11:42
zearhehe, i only had a big-ass wifi at hand ;P11:43
wpwrakzear: or a radio telescope nearby. then plug a usb cable into the ben and bury the other end next to the scope's base. take a picture :)11:56
Action: Textmode thumbs up! :D11:56
Textmodewhat do you reckon the range will be?11:56
wpwrakTextmode: depends on your protocol's tolerance to round-trip time11:59
qi-bot[commit] Juan64Bits: FPGA decoupling capacitors http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/37912ec12:25
alcyfolks, have run into a bad situation, it seems. it was all fine till I decided to put debian on the nano-note. I am not sure but could using the u-boot provided at the pyneo site (avt2-u-boot) have caused the device to not function ?12:48
alcysoftware usb boot doesn't work. and the hardware method hasn't been succesful either. I couldn't have possibly bricked the device, could I ?12:49
kristianpaulyes sure you can alcy12:51
kristianpaulyou canboot using an alternative method (not U key + power at startup)12:51
kristianpaulwait a min12:52
alcykristianpaul: alright12:52
Action: samgee awaits in suspense12:54
kristianpaulalcy: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/USB_BOOT_mode12:55
kristianpaulThere is hardware boot method12:55
kristianpaulYou only need boot the ben that way (remenber use the small carbon rubber included in box)12:56
kristianpauland you can run the update script as always the recover the firmware including uboot and openwrt12:57
samgeeI've been wearing out a piece of tin foil for the past 15 minutes, but lsusb shows nothing12:58
alcykristianpaul: thing is, it isn't powering up ! took out the battery, conencted the usb cable, pressed the power button, no go. I have flashed it a few times with different "official" images, but its the first time I was trying out the debian ones12:58
alcyand that's when this happened12:59
samgeealcy, does yours also tick when you leave out the battery and plug in the usb cable?13:00
alcysamgee, well the tv was on n kids were playing around, i dd think i was hearing something, but not sure13:01
kristianpaulalcy: it is powering up even the screen dint look like it is13:02
kristianpaulalcy: you just may be damaged the uboot13:02
kristianpaulso the Ben cant boot, but dont mean is bricked13:03
kristianpauljust you need boot it using hardware method13:03
kristianpauland on the computer side as you see the right usb id with lsusb13:03
kristianpaulyou can reglash13:03
alcykristianpaul: I know the screen won't show up, but the problem is lsusb doesn't show anything about any new device13:04
kristianpaulit must13:04
samgeesame here13:04
kristianpaulhow are you shorting the usb boot hardware pins?13:04
alcykristianpaul: pressing the ruber thingy on the usb pins.13:05
kristianpaulwhat steps you did before?13:05
samgeewooh! found my rubber thingy again13:05
Action: samgee tries again13:05
kristianpaullet  a watch lsusb running on the computer so can be sure when it appears13:06
alcykristianpaul: took the battery out, disconencted usb cable, pressed the rubber thing (not sure which side of it though !, help ?) on ths usb boot pins13:06
samgeestill no go :(13:06
kristianpaul'watch lsusb' <-- two coommands13:06
alcykristianpaul: I know, abiut that.13:06
alcykristianpaul: my real source of apprehenesion is whether I am shorting the usb pins correctly13:07
kristianpaulpress the rubeber thing then power on13:07
kristianpaulwich side?13:07
kristianpauljust int the4 middle of the two tiny pins13:07
alcykristianpaul: I will finally ask this, embarassed as much as I might be. which side of the rubebr thing ? the protruded side or the black one ? :(13:08
kristianpaulblack one13:09
kristianpaulthat touch the two pinds13:09
alcyok so i was doing that right at least13:09
kristianpauli remener i did this13:09
kristianpaulunplug usb13:09
kristianpaulpush rubber thing13:10
kristianpaulplug usb13:10
kristianpaulthen power on13:10
alcykristianpaul, ok...will try it13:10
alcykristianpaul: thanks for the help :)13:10
kristianpaulbug me again ig noething happen13:10
samgeeholy crap! It finally showed up for some reason.13:11
kristianpaulis really toooo weird usb hardware dint work13:11
wpwrakkristianpaul: now, if you had an idbg, you could: idbg-nnboot usb; idbg-reset; sip a cool beer while you wait for it to boot :)13:11
samgeekristianpaul, thanks a bunch!13:11
kristianpaulsamgee: holly good news :D13:11
Action: samgee hugs the channel13:11
kristianpaulwpwrak: i dont but yeah that tiny thing really help13:11
Action: kristianpaul want a beer is friday :)13:12
alcysamgee , what did you do ?! :D13:12
samgeealcy, I did exactly as kristianpaul described ... again :)13:12
Action: samgee hands kristianpaul one of these: http://www.oxfamwereldwinkels.be/pageview.aspx?pv_mid=4577&prod_ID=2813:14
samgeealcy, I switched usb ports a few times, maybe that matters too13:15
kristianpauljust make sure rubber is free of dust also the pins, fingers usually have grase so that may affect13:18
kristianpaul(just thinking waht else can be wrong)13:18
alcykristianpaul, samgee: the power led blinks once, that's all I notice. it happens when I am plugging in the usb cable.13:18
kristianpaulyeah normal13:18
alcykristianpaul: but lsusb shows no activity13:19
alcyholy cow it showed :D13:20
samgeeError - can't read bulk data from Ingenic device:-11013:21
samgeealcy, awesome13:21
kristianpaulsamgee: what usb cable are you using ?13:21
samgeethe one that came with the nanonote13:21
kristianpaulis still flashing or whaterver is doinf aftter that message?13:22
samgeescript says ABORTED13:22
kristianpaulif not write to thet list i dont know about that message13:22
kristianpaulther is a log13:22
samgeeso it seems13:23
samgeedoesn't seem very informative13:25
kristianpaullas version of xburst-tools?13:25
kristianpaulsame here13:27
kristianpaultry again if not bug to the list and fill a bug i think13:28
kristianpaulif not works13:29
samgeetrying another usb port again13:30
samgeedoesn't work, I'll post to the list13:33
alcysamgee, have you tried the other method(s) rather than the script ?13:34
alcyEarlier when I was trying different kernel images with openwrt, I used only the second method using usbboot, successful every time13:35
alcyso maybe you could try it too, samgee13:36
samgeeok, thanks13:36
kristianpaulsamgee: but you got uboot at least?13:38
kristianpauli gues13:38
kristianpaulthats is flashed before kernel13:38
samgeekristianpaul, reflash.sh says "flashing bootloader...", then "flashing kernel..." and b0rks out13:39
kristianpaulhmm no13:40
kristianpaulthe error was in uboot flash13:40
samgeeI see "flashing kernel..." in the terminal when it's running, when it fails it overwrites that with "fatal error occurred"13:41
samgeeI guess that's a bug in the reflash script13:42
kristianpaultry erase what files in .qi/nanonote/ben/latest13:43
kristianpauland try again13:43
kristianpauljust to be sure is not a xburst tools bug :/13:43
samgeeI'm trying "alternative to using the reflash_ben.sh script" now13:43
samgeewtf? I type "nprog 2048 openblabla.ubi 0 0 -n" and it says "not enough argument."13:45
kristianpaulbtw is that the last script?13:45
kristianpauljust exit13:46
kristianpauland try again13:46
kristianpaulthat happens to me i can  cofirm13:46
samgeeyes, script freshly downloaded from wiki13:46
Action: kristianpaul using custom openwrt image 13:46
samgeeah, it's writing nand now13:47
kristianpaulyeah that happens i dont know why (and forgot repor bug)13:47
samgeeso I had regular power on, usb boot, reflash script and manual method failing on me. Good thing I love this little gadget and the underlying philosophy. :)13:49
kristianpaulahh same error?13:50
samgeeno, it's still writing13:50
samgeeit's just that every step failed at the first try :)13:50
kristianpaulalcy: how are you doing?13:50
alcykristianpaul: debian's up and running, thanks a bunch :D13:51
kristianpaulalcy: :)13:51
bartbeslol, launchpad is busy today13:56
bartbesI submitted a package for my ppa 6 hours ago13:56
bartbesand it's still waiting to build13:56
bartbes(i386 built after 4 hours, I think, amd64 is still pending)13:56
Action: samgee watches nanonote boot and sheds a tear of joy :')13:59
samgeekristianpaul, thanks again for your help14:00
kristianpauli like help :)14:01
bartbesmuahahahahaha >:)14:06
bartbesthat deservers an explanation, doesn't it?14:07
bartbeswell apparently it doesn't14:09
tuxbrain2samgee: congrats :)14:22
samgeetuxbrain2, oh, you're here. I was just about to reply to you. :)14:23
samgeetuxbrain2, thanks for you help too, btw.14:24
bartbesis there a way to stop the framebuffer?14:30
bartbessee, a fb app just crashed14:30
bartbesI managed to kill it, but I still can't return to the terminal14:30
kristianpaulcontrol + F315:35
kristianpaulcontrol + F4 ?15:35
kristianpaulbut i think if you killed in a not good way if dont allow to swich15:37
zearbartbes, well, in the dingoo you have to reboot it15:43
zearif this happens15:43
bartbesyeah, that's what I did in the end15:43
bartbesbut yeah..15:43
bartbesnot exactly what I wanted15:43
zearwe didn't find a better solution there yet15:44
bartbeswhat would happen if you'd start another fb app?16:03
zearsdl wouldn't be able to load because of no free fb16:08
zearas for non-sdl games - no idea16:08
bartbesthat sucks16:09
tuxbrain2bartbes: thats why some one has invented X :P16:12
bartbesI guess that's true..16:13
bartbeswhat do you guys know about timer accuracy?16:21
bartbesspecifically about SDL_GetTicks16:22
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: spi memory added http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/ef7534716:43
bartbescome on...16:51
xiangfubartbes: Hi16:51
bartbeshi xiangfu :P17:24
bartbesso do *you* know anything about SDL_GetTicks?17:26
xiangfubartbes: sorry, no17:26
bartbesso, do you know anyone who does know about SDL?17:26
xiangfuthe author of "imgv" project.17:28
tuxbrain2I think rafa knows about SDL but don't know if he knows about you don't know17:28
uncloudedbartbes: what do you want to know about SDL_GetTicks?  is it something simple?17:49
bartbesdoes it have its normal accuracy on the nn?17:50
bartbesbecause an algo I use keeps saying no time has passed17:51
bartbesso either that isn't as high17:51
bartbesor there's some rounding error17:51
uncloudedSDL_GetTicks returns the number of millisecond since the SDL app started: http://www.libsdl.org/cgi/docwiki.cgi/SDL_GetTicks so if you invoke it more than once each millisecond it will return the same value as it did last time but when a new millisecond begins it will return a new value17:54
bartbesyes, that makes sense17:56
bartbesbut even after 10 secs the total diff time is still 017:56
bartbesI'll just go and add some debug prints17:56
uncloudedwhat's the algo for that you're using?17:56
bartbesthanks for the help anyway17:56
uncloudedis it frame rate limiting?17:56
bartbesTimer::step (line 58)17:57
bartbesand it should have at least a 1 ms diff, first of all because even full-powered computers have17:58
bartbesbut also because there's a 1 ms delay (and SDL_Delay isn't even that accurate, so in practice it will be longer)17:58
bartbesbut I guess in theory it could be a rounding error somewhere17:59
bartbes(probably when entering lua)18:00
Action: bartbes boots up dev computer18:00
uncloudedI can't see anything obviously wrong with that.  dt will be 0.0f sometimes if step() is invoked more than 1000 times a second but I would hope that "fps" would be updated regularly18:06
bartbesoh, it's really dt I'm looking for though18:06
bartbesbut yeah, sometimes at most18:06
bartbesI get a consistent 018:06
bartbeswhich leads me to believe it's rounding somewhere18:06
uncloudedan IEEE 32-bit float can store much smaller numbers than 0.001 though18:09
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: VCC fixed http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/333097e18:34
bartbesunclouded: I checked, and even getTime() returns 018:59
uncloudedbartbes: is this on your workstation or your NN or both?19:00
bartbesonly on the nn19:00
uncloudedsince time_init is never assigned then either SDL_GetTick() is returning 0 or that division results in 0.0f19:01
bartbeswell, it is assigned 019:03
bartbesbut I see what you mean19:03
bartbestoo bad I can't simply add a cout there19:03
bartbesoh wait19:03
bartbesI know why that part failed19:03
Action: bartbes adds a debug print19:03
bartbesSDL_GetTicks works19:06
uncloudedSDL_GetTicks() is definitely working on the NN for me19:06
bartbesnow let's test the division19:06
uncloudedI have an FPS limiter with similar semantics to the one in pygame that limits the FPS to ( say) 30fps and sleeps when the main loop is running faster than 30 Hz19:08
bartbesdivision is working fine19:09
bartbesthen lnum must be screwing me over19:09
Action: bartbes adds a debug print right after insertion into lua19:14
bartbesthat.. is weird19:16
bartbesfirst number being the one in lua, second being the number before insertion19:21
Textmodebartbes: lnum isn't working right?19:53
Action: Textmode huggles wolfspraul 20:13
kristianpaulhttp://mobac.dnsalias.org/ :D21:27
tuxbrain2kristianpaul: first we have to make java running , isn't it?21:31
kristianpauli'm hoping how if this supported sofware is compatible with tangogps format21:32
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Move make_base from cw.py to new module shape.py, to allow sharing http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-counterweight/7da2d7c21:32
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Draw counterweight shape also on cover. http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-counterweight/64ae37821:32
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Generate single sketch for cover sheet instead of one for each part. http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-counterweight/6bf49a121:32
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Print 16 covers on a page. http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-counterweight/c853a0921:32
tuxbrain2By default Mobile Atlas Creator uses up to 512 of RAM....21:32
kristianpauli dont have all that ram21:33
kristianpaulwell lets forget it ;)21:33
wpwraktuxbrain2: step 1: make friends at the math department of the local university. step 2: present them with the problem. step 3: get them to assign a bunch of students. step 4: see if they found a space-efficient algorithm. step 5: if not, back to step 3. step 6: celebrate.21:34
wolfspraulwejp: we are making progress on the IRC privacy issue21:40
wolfspraulfirst I included /irclogs in the robots.txt Disallow section, but then I saw in the irclogs that quite a few people thought that's a stupid idea21:41
wolfspraulso maybe we remove that again, don't know21:41
wolfspraulthen I changed the topic of this channel to clearly state that it is being logged and where it's logged21:41
wolfsprauland I also have an idea for the last part, that some people prefer to not have their messages logged21:42
wolfsprauloh, another thing - the qi-bot is now the official owner of this channel and flagged as an operator, so it's clear we have a big brother watching over us :-)21:42
wolfspraulat least a well documented big brother, see http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Server_setup#eggdrop21:43
wolfspraulso my idea is that since it is qi-bot anyway who is doing the logging, and qi-bot is supposed to help us (!), qi-bot should have a list of nicks that are excluded from logging21:43
wolfsprauleggdrop is fairly extensible with tcl scripts, and there are many scripts available. maybe something like this even exists already, I need to look into it.21:43
wolfspraulso then qi-bot would maintain this nick list, and you could send commands to the bot to see the list (to check that you are in), or to add and remove nicks.21:44
wolfspraulthe bot would then not log any messages from any nick in that list21:44
wolfspraulso basically it's an 'opt-out' model21:44
wolfspraulwe don't have this yet, but it's a proposal. if people like it I need to look into it.21:45
wolfsprauljust fyi, things are moving...21:46
rohhey wolfspraul22:32
wolfspraulroh: hey22:33
rohhow are things?22:40
wolfspraulgood, busy, happy22:47
rohnice to hear22:48
wolfspraulyeah, there is lots of good hacking going on everywhere...22:48
wolfspraulyou probably know. werner is doing awesome stuff around case scans, and also with his new usrp toy wrt 802.15.422:49
wolfspraulI am working on some gps stuff using a sige 4162 front-end rf ic22:49
rohi still cannot find anybody saying good stuff about 802.1522:49
rohmuch too complex.22:49
wolfspraulmilkymist is moving forward, the xue camera as well22:49
rohthats nice22:49
wolfspraulsie (former sakc) small run22:50
wolfspraulyes, milkymist one is now fully verified!22:50
wolfspraulsince yesterday22:50
wolfspraulI am meeting with the guys working on the jtag/serial cable and (other guys) working on the case design in a few hours22:50
wolfspraulwe are warming up for another small run to have 20 of them for 27c3 :-)22:51
wolfspraulideally including reflashing cable, end even including case if we can make it. we work on it...22:51
wolfspraulben nanonote software also doing very well I think. really some great contributions now, really good stuff.22:51
wolfspraulthen lars big success in getting a large part of the Ben NanoNote kernel included in 2.6.3622:52
wolfsprauland of course - the stealth weapon - you have some hoperf modules and will surely emerge soon with the greatest hack ever! :-)22:53
wolfspraulI think it's all cool, bits and pieces... still a way to the free smartphone though22:53
rohwolfspraul no time atm :(22:53
wolfspraulhe :-) that's ok - see the new topic of this channel "time is on our side"22:53
wolfspraulif not today, then tomorrow22:53
rohor the other way around: too less paid time, so not much free time to spend22:53
wolfsprauladopted some lessons from Werner22:54
wolfspraulah I have zero paid time, but I hide in China22:54
wolfspraulyep, I'm not the only one22:54
rohi would love to hack on such stuff for money, but currently its extremely hard even finding enough work with other stuff22:54
wolfspraulthere is a whole colony of westerners that hide here so they can work a few years on whatever project with minimal cash needs22:55
rohuh. some way to get away from taxes also?22:55
rohor rather insurance costs22:55
wolfspraulnot really. i still pay my german health insurance and by now it's pretty much the biggest expense I have each month.22:56
rohsame here. living in berlin is not that expensive. my flat is cheaper22:56
wolfspraulyes true, Berlin is similar to China in that respect, ha :-)22:56
wolfspraulkeep your spirits high, I am 100% certain we will get this off the ground...22:57
wolfspraulI chatted with Harald a bit recently, he is very happy in Taipei :-)22:57
rohand if the letters are all true i will see if the insurance isnt even more expensive than the rest of everything combined. will meet a lawyer about that on monday :(22:57
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: decoupling DDR cap. placement http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/8f8f33223:10
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: decoupling nand flash added http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/e07bc3423:10
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: decoupling nand flash added http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/2161dfc23:10
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: improved placement http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/fae876523:10
wolfspraulroh: (if you are still there...) what do you think about our projects? what do you like, what could we do better?23:31
--- Sat Aug 14 201000:00

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