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kyakunclouded: hi! does sound in freedroid also work for you?01:17
uncloudedkyak: haven't tried enabling swap to try it yet.  strange as I thought SDL was supposed to stream music so I don't know why it needs so much memory01:30
uncloudedbut all the other sounds work.  only the title music doesn't01:31
kyakhm, all the other sound didn't work for me before..01:52
kyakbut ok, right now it seems to work.. just needs someone else to confirm :)01:52
mthSDL can stream audio, but it's up to the app to load the audio in small parts instead of loading the entire file into memory01:53
uncloudedmth: so Mix_LoadMUS won't cut it then?03:00
mththat's from SDL_Mixer, not SDL itself; I'm not familiar with that lib03:01
mth"load" suggests it loads everything into memory, but check the API docs to be sure03:01
bartbesmth: well, it's missing some scripts, the program itself runs05:33
bartbesxiangfu: so why is scummvm broken?09:40
qi-bot[commit] Carlos Camargo: Fix some errors on silkscreen layer http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/6c92e7910:01
xiangfubartbes: Hi. if there is some errors when compile. I will just mark it as BROKEN.10:04
xiangfubartbes: now I am compiling it again.10:04
xiangfubartbes: it give me "openwrt-xburst/staging_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc- error: comma at end of enumerator list"10:05
bartbesbut.. that'd seem to be an error in one of the libs?10:05
Action: bartbes spotted the error in the header10:07
Action: bartbes checks the alsa package10:07
larscits a feature of newer gcc versions to complain about such "errors" in strict c99 mode10:08
bartbesit's not a bug it's a feature10:08
bartbesas always10:08
larscoh wait, it's c8910:09
larscin c99 it is valid10:09
bartbesbut then10:09
larscmaybe CFLAGS+=-std=gnu99 would work10:09
bartbesI guess it's a simple compile-time option10:09
bartbesyeah, that10:09
xiangfularsc: I will try to add it and compile again :)10:10
Action: xiangfu recompiling scummvm now.10:12
larschm... scummvm seems to be written in cpp10:15
bartbesoh that10:15
bartbesif you do find a solution10:15
bartbesplease tell me10:15
bartbesbecause I needed --std=gnu99 in a c++ app as well (lua's lnum)10:16
larscwell, we could patch scummvms configure to not append -pedantic to its CXXFLAGS10:17
larschm, calling configure with --disable-Werror should work aswell10:17
xiangfuRunning ScummVM configure...10:22
xiangfuerror: unrecognised option: --disable-Werror10:22
larscah, I see in c++ it's even an error without -Werror10:27
larscso you have to patch configure to not append -pedantic10:28
xiangfularsc: yes. just found that.10:30
xiangfucase $_host_os in10:30
xiangfugamecube | psp | wii)10:30
xiangfu        ;;10:30
xiangfu        CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS -pedantic"10:30
viricHMm I'll ask again about the kernel - sorry, but I still did not understand11:01
viricTHe openwrt-burst has patches over 2.6.32 to build the uImage11:01
viricBut the kernel branches at qi-hardware don't have the Makefiles patched to build the uImage11:01
Action: kristianpaul too sooon :(11:30
kristianpaul27c3 is this december right?11:31
larscxxc3 is always 27-30 december11:31
kristianpaulyeah  too soon for to arrange VISA, tickets adn try to go to lekernel workshop :(11:32
kristianpaullarsc: oh, i just discover this event last year :)11:32
lekernelhow long does it take you to get a visa?11:32
kristianpaulin varies11:32
kristianpaul3 weeks orless11:33
lekernelit's in fucking december11:33
lekernelyou have plenty of time for your visa11:33
kristianpaulwell yes, i need the money first ;)11:33
kristianpaulalso tickets, acomodation...11:34
tuxbrain_mobilehey what where the magic words to redirect pages on the wiki?13:01
larsc#redirect [[other page]]13:02
lekernelkristianpaul, as in every travel13:16
sdschulzeHi -- are those USB gender changers you can buy only pieces of plugs and wire or do they really have two controllers inside?!13:16
kristianpaullekernel: sure :)13:17
kristianpauli just complain more that the ususal :)13:18
sdschulzeIn other words, shouldn't it be possible to "tunnel" USB host traffic over a USB device, which itself acts as a host towards the actual device (like the NIC)?13:32
nebajoththeory sounds good13:32
nebajothbut I doubt the gender changes have controllers inside13:32
nebajothcitation needed13:33
sdschulzeThey're actually too cheap for this. :)13:33
sdschulzeAnd it would require Linux driver support.13:33
sdschulzeIf someone already wrote a kind of driver for this, we would be a step further.13:34
Action: sdschulze imagines two AVRs, both acting as hosts and talking to each other via a UART or something.13:35
sdschulzeDo you have an idea how the USB host controller is implemented in the development board?13:36
sdschulzeDoes the JZ47xx have it on-chip?13:36
sdschulzeHm, there is a double arrow to the USB host.13:39
sdschulzeDoes this mean "outside" the chip?13:39
viricHmmm what means that UBIFS says "scrubbed PEB 383 (LEB 0:381), data moved to PEB 163413:40
viricAnything wrong with the flash?13:40
viriclarsc: how can I, then, make the uImage for the kernel 2.6.34 in qi-hardware? Do I have to put the load addresses and all that by hand? What do you (kernel developers) use to build those, a not-public script?13:42
viriclarsc: I don't find the mkimage parameters trivial :)13:43
viriclarsc: and even less trivial those of zImage13:43
qi-bot[commit] Carlos Camargo: Adding SAKC logo http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/f22d66d13:44
nebajothviric: you don't need to be alarmed by those messages13:45
nebajothits wear-levelling13:45
nebajothall flash does it13:45
nebajothat least all flash with wear levelling13:45
viricnebajoth: ah. I don't even know what does that mean13:48
viricHow much I have to care about writing into the nanonote?13:49
viricah ok13:50
viricI'm doing some OS tests, and then I end up copying megabytes :)13:50
viricand as I'm having troubles with the first sector of the nand...13:51
sdschulzeviric: Don't you build from OpenWRT?14:12
sdschulzenebajoth: Oh, OK, the USB stuff is inside the SoC.14:19
larscviric: i'm using plain openwrt14:20
sdschulzeThere are ways to tunnel USB over PCI, why wouldn't it be possible to tunnel USB over USB?14:22
sdschulzeI'd be almost surprised if that hadn't been done already.14:22
sdschulze[Any kernel hackers here?]14:22
viricsdschulze: no14:26
viriclarsc: then you apply those patches in openwrt for 2.6.32 to your tree of 2.6.34?14:26
larscviric: no. in openwrt are patches for 2.6.3514:27
viricthose patches are to be put over the qi-hardware 2.6.35 branch, or over the mainline 2.6.35?14:32
virictarget/linux/generic-2.6 contains patches until 2.6.34 I think14:33
larsci'm talking about https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/trunk14:36
virichm I was looking at the openwrt git repository in qi-hardware. Is that obsolete?14:40
larscits stable14:40
larscmore or less14:40
viricah, the development goes in the openwrt trunk?14:40
viricSorry for asking that much. I don't know how to get that information other than asking :)14:40
viricthank you14:41
viricis there anything in that stable git repository that is not in the openwrt trunk?14:41
viricand does the openwrt trunk even have patches for mplayer, for example?14:41
larscthere might be some qi specific patches in there.14:42
larscbut i'm not sure14:42
larscqi related packages are in the openwrt-packages repo at projects.qi-hardware14:43
viricthey are not in openwrt trunk then14:44
viricthere I don't see anything about mplayer14:45
viricwasn't there some code for the SIMD instructions of the xburst?14:46
viricor that is already in mplayer mailine?14:46
sdschulzeMy shitty Taiwanese computer had a hard lock-up...15:32
sdschulzeActually, building a host that can handle two RNDIS devices shouldn't be *too* hard.15:35
sdschulzeWould there be demand? :)15:55
nebajothas long as it was cheap15:56
sdschulzeI just thought that the appearance of the Ya would make it superfluous immediatly.15:59
sdschulzeHm, strange, my computer says the NanoNote is RNDIS, but itself, it claims to be ECM.16:00
sdschulzeFor owners of the devboard, it is already superfluous.16:03
sdschulzeHm, couldn't you even get the USB 1.1 out of the NanoNote with a tiny bit of hardware hacking?16:04
sdschulzePins 106 and 107 are totally unconnected in the NanoNote.16:17
sdschulzeIn the devboard, they go out quite directly from the case.16:17
sdschulzeThe only thing added is a 5V voltage source.16:17
sdschulzeAre there *any* objections to using those pins?16:18
wpwraktuxbrain: 8 counterweights are already cast. only the paint is missing.17:04
wpwrakrafa: diego is now working on the others :)17:04
rafawpwrak: cool!.. he could add some art to the solderings perhaps ;)18:21
wpwrakrafa: at them moment, he's adding artful air pockets :)18:22
rafawpwrak: visitors here.. really busy days :P18:23
tuxbrainsdschulze: Bas has answered you on the list, believe him. No way18:24
wpwraktuxbrain: naw, let him try. more sales and maybe a technological breakthrough :)18:26
tuxbrainwpwrak: then you have 80% of a beer earned18:26
tuxbrainwpwrak: We are big enough to hire, I want you as my costumer relationship manager :P18:27
wpwrak(beer) we're at 10 now. i'm making a new cast, though. the old one is looking a bit charred. had already more than 20 cycles.18:27
wpwraktuxbrain: what was previously known as the customers complaint department ? :)18:28
tuxbrainyeah but complaint doesn't sound cool18:28
bartbesso now your customers don't complain, they relate to you18:28
bartbesmuch better18:28
wpwrakthey re-late to you and and you can be-rate them back :)18:29
tuxbraincostumer care, post-sales, hotline, costumer assistance, support.... euphemistic names for the old well know complaint department18:31
bartbescostumer care18:31
bartbes"Take care of the customers"18:31
Action: bartbes gets knife18:32
bartbesor ehm18:32
bartbes"Day care was closed" "Are you a customer?" "Yes" "Then come in!"18:32
tuxbrainhey I forget the FOSS euphemistic one: Track list :P18:34
tuxbrainlarsc: or of course any one else.18:46
tuxbrainwhere I can download the 2.6.36 kernel with our code there in a tarball18:47
wpwraklarsc: do you have an AVT2 ?18:47
tuxbrainI have no intentions to compile (yet) but I want to do some good header picture for the post announcing it18:48
larsctuxbrain: i don't think there is a tarbal yet18:49
larscwpwrak: yes18:49
tuxbrainany way to achive the source code without the git control files?18:50
wpwraklarsc: USB host is available then, i guess ? (haven't tried anything myself yet. just wondering, seeing all those cries for help on the list)18:51
larscwpwrak: yes it does work18:51
wpwraklarsc: kewl. thanks !18:52
larsctuxbrain: rm them ;)18:53
tuxbraintouche!, can you giveme give me the git order to checkout it?18:54
larscgit clone it://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git18:56
trebuchetmy mom is calling my cat sexy18:56
trebuchetwrong channel18:56
larsctuxbrain: `make tarbz2-pkg` builds an archive for the kernel source18:56
larsctuxbrain: see `make help`18:56
tuxbrainthanks !18:57
tuxbrainonce I make the image I will ask you for help to localize our piece of code on it :)18:57
wpwraklarsc: so absolutely everything is upstream now ?18:57
larscwpwrak: no. i did not submit the usb gadget driver and the driver for the lcm, because they need some more cleanup19:00
larscwpwrak: and not all trees have been merged by linus. sound for example is still missing19:01
tuxbrain20%=225Mb so 100% arround 1.1Gb, wow19:04
tuxbrainehem that why you have to wait until the end "only" 377.43 MiB of c code...19:06
Action: zednano ircing from nano in bed with wifi19:10
tuxbrainzednano: :) go to sleep and stop doing the freak also in bed dude :)19:12
Action: tuxbrain envy zednano19:12
zednanotuxbrain trying to justify spending crazy amount on the wifi card19:14
zednanoworks well tho for irc19:14
tuxbrainhehehe sleeping with it can be way yes....19:14
Action: zednano grins at tuxbrain19:18
wpwraklarsc: pretty close then. nice.19:34
tuxbrainFYI, I'm trying to make a kernel diagram of the 2.6.36 kernel like this one http://fcgp.sourceforge.net/images/lgp-total.png, and then localize our piece of code on it :)19:37
tuxbrainthe script seems to run fine , let's see the results19:37
tuxbrainbut I think I will go to sleep and see results tomorow good night19:40
wpwraktuxbrain_zzz: btw, any color preferences for the counterweight ? default color will be black19:41
tuxbrain_zzzyes I think black is the right choise19:41
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Improved the mold for better yield. http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-counterweight/e910ea019:41
wolfspraulandres_calderon: hey Andres :-)22:29
andres_calderonhey Wolfgang22:30
wolfspraulwerner is wpwrak22:30
wolfspraulhe lives in Buenos Aires and speaks Spanish :-)22:30
andres_calderonnice, Werner is  online? is OK to speak Spanish in this channel?22:32
wolfspraulof course why not in Spanish?22:33
wolfspraulI don't know whether he is online22:33
wolfspraulbut he will definitely see it later22:33
andres_calderonfor consistency in the historical record...22:34
andres_calderonWe need a "Lars" for LM32 :)22:35
wpwrakhe's online and speaks spanish so-so but writes it really poorly :)22:36
wolfspraulok maybe I oversell you :-)22:36
andres_calderonI think I can help to support  the kernel. But I prefer to work in HDL.22:37
wolfspraulwpwrak: Andres is the guy behind the Xue camera, a camera around the Milkymist SoC22:37
wolfspraulhe tried to do it entirely in KiCad (schematics + layout)22:37
wpwrakwolfspraul: btw, you'll like this: ti also have a 2.45 GHz compliance-with-regulations document ;-)22:37
andres_calderonhi Werner, como está, mi ingles es bastante malo..22:37
wpwrakandres_calderon: and, how did things go with kicad ?22:37
rohi wonder whats the documentation/foss situation with the wilink wifi from ti (used in n900 and so)22:39
wpwrakandres_calderon: quizas la solucion seria que vos escribis en castellano y yo en ingles :)22:39
wpwrakroh: "this product is for high-volume customers [...]", something in that sense22:39
wpwrakroh: or, "go away, plebs !" :)22:39
andres_calderonI am just learning to use kicad. I am a "Orcad man"22:40
andres_calderonBien Werner22:40
wpwrakandres_calderon: kicad still misses lots of things, but some people have succeeded to do complex projects with it22:41
rohwpwrak i see.. too bad. their drivers seem to work properly ;)22:42
andres_calderonwpwrak el hecho de que todo es un archivo de texto es muy útil, eso me gusta..22:42
wpwrakandres_calderon: yes ! and my scripts ! :)22:42
andres_calderonwpwrak hay uno monton de problemas de usabilidad.... pero poder usar script da mucho poder22:43
andres_calderonwpwrak solo he escrito un par de scripts en python, ahora puedo generar componentes a partir de archivos de Xilinx y de archivos de simulación IBIS22:45
andres_calderonwpwrak i am using the fped, is very interesting.22:49
wpwraksorry ... a bit of an interruption ... visitor ...23:09
wolfspraulemeb|mac: hey, early rise? :-)23:54
wolfspraulit's a good coincidence, Andres Calderon the founder of the Xue project is also here - andres_calderon23:55
andres_calderonwpwrak Do You know the Topological Autorouter project for PCB Geda?     http://anthonix.resnet.scms.waikato.ac.nz/toporouter/23:55
andres_calderonhi emeb|mac23:56
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