#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2010-08-03

qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: update version numver. update debian/changelog http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/d795fb302:00
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: fix typo of email address http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/8ce9d2002:00
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: cleanup the debian/changelog, add new file ChangLog http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/1b9628a02:00
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: cleanup tmp folder when send INT TERM signal to get-orig-source.sh http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/e9cd9a302:00
tuxbrainrafa: is there is no patent package , I will promote jlime in nano, in fact if there is a nand version to flash are is clean for before september the Nanowar version will be based on jlime03:56
tuxbrainrafa: any news on theora/ogg videos?03:56
tuxbrainare-> and03:57
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: [uboot-xburst] fix erase error when erasing redundant env nand http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/edf2ee303:57
viriclarsc: the jz-2.6.35 kernel does not have a qi_lb60_defconfig04:44
larsci know04:56
viricok, I'll go for jz-2.6.34 then, right?05:00
larscwell, you can use the qi_lb60_defconfig from jz-2.6.34 and run a make oldconfig05:01
viriclarsc: what is the difference between the uboot that resides in the nand, and that to be loaded with usbboot ? The 2nd is an ELF file directly?05:08
larscwhat do you mean by "the uboot [...] loaded with usbboot"?05:13
viriclarsc: hm I thought that usbboot can load an uboot image05:16
viriclarsc: I can use usbboot to load a kernel into the nanonote and run it, right? Can't I do the same with an uboot image?05:16
viric(without flashing the nand I mean)05:17
larscyou should be able to do that, yes05:17
viricwhat image format usbboot wants? ELF?05:17
xiangfuviric, how you use usbboot load a kernel into nanonote??05:17
xiangfuviric, the command "xbboot" can do that.05:17
viricxiangfu: ah, well, I mix xboot and usbboot05:18
larscviric: raw bytecode05:18
larsci think05:18
viricAnd how can I build 'raw bytecode' ? The uboot nand image, for example?05:19
viricAnd for the kernel?05:19
xiangfuviric, when you build U-Boot, there will be "u-boot-nand.bin" "u-boot.bin"05:20
xiangfuviric, "u-boot-nand.bin" is for nand image. "u-boot.bin" can load and run at 0x80100000 in NanoNote.05:20
xiangfuviric, for kernel you need zImage.bin. address at 0x8060000005:21
viricah great05:21
wpwrakhmm, when I commit huge binaries (bz2) to projects, will they show up in all their glory on the commitlog list, overflowing everyone's mailbox ?05:21
xiangfuviric, for example "sudo xbboot -u 0x80100000 u-boot.bin"05:21
xiangfuviric, "sudo xbboot -u 0x80600000 zImage.bin"05:21
viricit looks like time to take notes :)05:21
wpwrak(i'll probably migrate the case scans to projects and into git later today. that's some 100 MB of stuff.)05:21
xiangfuviric, for more info : http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Xburst-tools#xbboot05:22
viricthank you very much05:22
xiangfuwpwrak, the commitlog mails only setup for openwrt-xburst, openwrt-packages and xburst-tools05:29
wpwrakxiangfu: oh, good. thanks !05:31
wolfspraulwpwrak: for a new project like ben-scans, even the IRC commitlog won't work05:39
wolfspraulthat's because indefero doesn't setup the git repo automatically when the project is created, only upon first commit05:39
wolfspraulso after your first commit into ben-scans, I will turn on the commitlog into irc first (1-line)05:39
wolfspraulthe commitlog mailing list is separate, currently the 3 projects xiangfu mentioned05:40
wolfspraulwe could add some more, but this is what the people that asked for the commitlog mailing list wanted05:40
wpwrakwolfspraul: oh, i see. so the very first commit is good for bulk stuff :)05:40
wolfspraulI don't know whether the whole binary would be attached in those mails, I would hope not but who knows05:40
wolfspraulwpwrak: the IRC commitlog safe anyway05:40
wolfspraulonly 1 line05:40
wpwrakyeah, better not to find out :)05:41
wolfsprauland even that won't work on first commit05:41
wolfspraulso don't worry05:41
wolfspraulnot everything is as automated and smooth as it should be, but at least it should be safe05:41
wolfspraulI am actually quite happy with Indefero (the 'forge' software behind projects.qi-hardware.com)05:41
wolfspraulbasically only 1-man project, but very perseverant and seems making nice and steady progress05:41
wolfspraulplus it's quite minimalistic, I like that05:42
wpwrakyeah, small is beautiful :) less job secutiry for the administrator, but then you get to have a life beside babysitting the monster :)05:47
wpwrakand another 58 hours scan hits the intertubes ...05:53
viriclarsc: how come the jz-2.6.34 does not have the make target 'uImage'? Isn't that the usual upstream way to build a uImage?07:56
bartbesinteresting.. how annoyed I was by the openwrt toolchain at first08:02
bartbesand how it's now getting workable08:03
bartbes(it's not exactly perfect, and it has its quirks, but it's workable)08:03
larscviric: uhm, don't know, is it?08:04
bartbesthat's weird08:12
bartbesoh no it isn't08:12
Action: bartbes facepalms08:12
bartbes(you can't push if you use the read-only url)08:12
qi-bot[commit] bartbes: gmenu2x: Fixed file explorer/dialog http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/d1208df08:13
bartbesthere we go08:13
bartbestuxbrain: I saw on the wiki you're working on the combo nn + arduino08:28
bartbesso what's the status on that?08:29
tuxbraintake a look on this http://www.tuxbrain.com/en/content/%E6%9C%AC-ben-nanonote-editingcompilingflashing-arduino-sketch08:31
tuxbrainI have not done any significant work after that.08:32
tuxbrainMy dream is to have same tools I have in debian avrdude, avr-gcc, in both in jlime and openwrt , I don't like very much to work with debian (please don't blame me is only matter of taste)08:33
tuxbrainI love to work with debian on big computers but I feel more confortable with jlime and openwrt on Ben08:34
zearbartbes, i read you're trying to fix path for gmenu2x?08:50
larscbartbes: since gmenu2x is also hosted on projects.qi-hardware we should rather fix the bugs there instead of adding patches to the openwrt package08:50
zearbecause i thought this was fixed long time ago on qi-hardware projects08:50
bartbesI mentioned that on the developers mailing list08:50
bartbeszear: it wasn't08:50
zearbartbes, weird08:50
bartbesI just pushed a patch08:50
zeari haven't checked your patch, but just simply changing /card to / won't fix it ;)08:51
bartbesit almost did08:51
bartbesthat and fixing the filter08:51
zearyou also have to change the number of chars08:51
zearfrom 5 to 108:51
bartbesI never saw number of characters listed as 508:51
Action: bartbes checks again08:51
zearhmm.. maybe then 408:51
zearmaybe it doesn't count / or starts with 008:52
bartbesbecause my tests all succeeded anyway08:52
bartbesI believe it said 1108:52
zearbartbes, try to go up a dir08:52
zearit will crash and return to gmenu2x08:52
zearbecause the number of chars is incorrect08:52
bartbesbut it said 1108:52
bartbesso I figured that was unrelated08:52
zearah, right, this was my mistake08:52
zearbecause i ported it stright from dingoo08:52
zearwhere the root location is : /boot/local/08:53
zearso it's probably 1108:53
bartbeswell, I guess you could apply the patch and fix that08:53
bartbespush it to upstream08:53
bartbesand then update the package to point to the new commit (if it's 'stable')08:53
zearbut i thought it was fixed long time ago because i was talking about it every second day for at least a month after i discovered it :D08:53
zearoh, and btw if the root is set to /, the auto searching option will lock up08:54
bartbesmaybe you did fix it upstream08:54
bartbesbut the 'downstream' package is still pointing to an old commit08:54
zearwell, i tested it with / only on my x86 pc, maybe it just locked up on chmod problems (gmenu2x was written for gp2x which ran on vfat)08:54
zearbut who knows, maybe it's locking up on symlink loops08:55
bartbesin any case, *you* are the one who can commit upstream, meaning *you* should fix it all :P08:55
zearno, i can't commit because i neither have an account nor i know how to do it ;)08:55
bartbesthen who does have commit access?08:55
zearmth, larsc08:55
zearthat guys08:55
bartbeswell you sure beeped them now08:56
zearmaybe they didn't change anything yet, because this repo is for gmenu2x for both the nanonote and dingoo (mth is working for dingoo fixes)08:56
tuxbrainI propose to disable the autosearching options08:56
zearso maybe they were planning to change it somehow else08:56
zeartuxbrain, that's not a good idea, because it's vital for dingoo08:57
bartbeswell, yeah, but aren't we allowed to get a short-term fix?08:57
bartbesI'd be happy to edit the patches some more08:57
bartbesto get it working *today&08:57
tuxbrainmmmm, ok08:57
zearbartbes, there's also another reason this hasnt' been changed to /08:57
bartbesbecause tbh without these fixes gmenu2x is pretty useless08:57
zearbecause gmenu2x thinks this is SD card mount location08:57
zearand the icon indicating the free space has SD card icon08:58
bartbesminor inconveniences08:58
zeari think the guys were thinking of adding both / and sd mount location at the same time08:58
larscbartbes: i added your account to the gmenu2x project08:58
zearand i think i saw some code towards it08:58
bartbesespecially when compared to the current non-functioning08:58
bartbeslarsc: wow, thanks08:58
bartbesbut now I have to go read the code :P08:59
zearbartbes, the current non-functioning is thanks to me :D08:59
zearyou can hit me in the face now :D08:59
bartbesbtw, zear, I only changed the root in the file dialog09:00
bartbesjust saying09:00
zearbartbes, there's more lines to change09:00
zearjust grep -ir "/card" ./09:00
bartbesnot if I just want the file dialog to work?09:00
bartbeslarsc: btw, is there a reason why the filedialog is still filtering ".gpu,.dge,.sh"?09:01
zearbartbes, it's because i did a straight port from the dingoo :D09:01
bartbesthe new code09:02
bartbesis more confusing09:02
bartbes(of course it is..)09:02
bartbesoh I see09:02
bartbesit has moved to browsedialog09:02
zeargpu is gp2x's extension for programs (as opposed to games which are .gpe), dge is dingoo extension09:02
zearjust saying if you wondered what they are09:03
bartbesfigured something like it09:03
bartbesno wait09:03
bartbesI knew that was the cause09:03
bartbesyou know what? I'll fix the patches now09:04
bartbesget to know gmenu2x and then work on a long-term fix09:04
zearbartbes, don't remove the .dge, it's vital for the dingoo ;)09:04
mthI introduced CARD_ROOT as a constant, so you only have to modify one line09:04
zearmth, i see09:04
bartbesthen the other errors pop up09:04
bartbesI'll update my patch to do dir-up correctly09:05
bartbesand then I'll start reading it all09:05
bartbeszear: actually09:06
bartbesdue to the path being /09:06
bartbesthe whole size comparison stuff can be killed09:06
mththe gmenu2x code is a big mess, but we (larsc, Ayla and I) have cleaned it to be less of a mess than it was at the start09:08
mthstill a lot of nasty stuff left though09:08
bartbesinterestingly enough09:10
bartbesit seems to be pretty simple09:10
bartbes(not saying you're doing anything wrong)09:10
bartbesI expected some horrible mess of unreadable code09:10
mthwell, to me things like public fields are a horrible mess, because you never know where they are being modified09:22
bartbeszear: cleaning that checking up fixed the dir-up09:23
zearah, great09:23
bartbesnow I only messed up my patch09:23
bartbes(it only has half the files :O)09:23
zeari was wondering what's wrong that even if i set the char value to 1 or 0, it still wasn't working with /09:23
bartbesbut other than that, yay!09:23
bartbesit was the whole check09:23
bartbesnever seen that last part09:23
bartbesp < 4?09:23
bartbes(amount of / chars)09:24
zearno idea09:24
zeari'm not even a programmer ;)\09:24
bartbesthere we go09:31
bartbestime for another commit09:31
qi-bot[commit] bartbes: gmenu2x: Fixed dir up http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/cfd20f809:32
bartbestime to go look at sounds..09:32
mthbartbes: why commit it as a patch instead of a change directly on the gmenu2x code?09:34
bartbes2 reasons09:34
bartbesfirst, current gmenu2x code I haven't 'mastered' yet09:34
bartbessecond, the package is lagging several commits anyway09:34
bartbesoh, and third, I will fix it upstream09:35
bartbesjust wanted a short-term solution as well09:35
mthok, as long as it's fixed in the gmenu2x repository it's fine with me09:35
bartbesI see I can easily change that repo to at least allow going up to root09:37
bartbesor CARD_ROOT09:37
bartbeswhatever you want09:37
bartbes(though / is easier)09:38
mthI don't really understand the idea behind the multiple roots thing anyway09:38
mthwell, to show free space it's useful09:39
bartbesyeah, that is the long-term solution09:40
bartbesturn everything into / and fix the space indicator09:40
bartbesI guess09:40
mthwell, on the Dingoo there are three "roots": the actual system root, the SD card and the NAND09:41
mththe system root is a loopback mounted readonly file system, so there will be no apps on that09:41
mthbut it would be useful to show the free space of both the SD and the NAND09:41
bartbesugh, I'm stuck with the sound issue anyway09:42
bartbesI'll go look at that09:42
bartbesso what do you want me to do?09:43
bartbesmake it all /, or /card?09:43
mthI think / is more useful: it would allow access to too many directories, but that's better than too few09:48
bartbesnvm, I know the answer09:48
bartbesI thought you'd say "keep it CARD_ROOT which then is defined at compile-time"09:49
bartbesanticlimatic here09:49
mthCARD_ROOT is better than "/card" hardcoded, that's true09:49
bartbesbut browsing should go to /09:49
bartbesor what?09:50
bartbesI'm confused :S09:50
mthis the browsing for apps or also for data files?09:50
tuxbrainwell actually gmenu doesn't rely apps with data files to open them so I guess is only for apps09:55
bartbesthe goal is to find apps09:56
bartbesbut the filter is supposed to take care of other files09:56
mthin the case of the Dingoo apps could be on the SD or on the NAND09:57
mthso it would be good to be able to browse to both locations09:58
bartbesmeaning /?09:58
mthone way of doing that would be to have multiple roots, but that's a big change09:58
mthso / would be a good compromise for now, I think09:58
bartbesI'll do that in a few mins10:02
tuxbrainrafa: ping10:04
rafatuxbrain: hey morning10:05
tuxbraingood afternoon :)10:05
rafawell, here is almost noon in one hour.. just that I am late to start the day :)10:05
wpwrakrafa: you're early - the sun is still up :)10:06
rafatuxbrain: ah.. I read .. cool.10:06
tuxbrainrafa wpwrak: good bless you with a child you will miss this wake up hours a LOT10:07
rafatuxbrain: no news with theora yet, and our nand tries failed .. but let me chat with other jlimers about the idea ;)10:07
tuxbraindoesn't OE includes ubi as image format?10:08
wpwrakhmm, does anyone know if there's a place on projects where i can put an HTML file such that http://projects.qi-hardware.com/wherever/ will show it as HTML, not as "pretty" source ? or some magic option for the url ?10:08
rafatuxbrain: kernel problem, no ubi10:08
rafatuxbrain: but working on that ;)10:09
wpwraktuxbrain: yeah, i figured out a while ago that reproduction and my lifestyle wouldn't go together too well :)10:09
bartbesmth: so have you replaced every occurance of /card with CARD_ROOT? (or only the ones you saw, so grep vs eye)10:13
wpwrakso, no idea for HTML on projects ? it's for the overview page for the scans10:14
mthbartbes: I used grep10:14
bartbeswhat platform uses .pxml10:17
tuxbrainrafa: due I also want to do a Makefile to have a ipkg package to openwrt to Nanowarize also openwrt users , I supouse that the ipkg than only will copyfiles to specified ubications containing no binaries, can be the same, just changing the gmenu menu files for whatever jlime is using now (desktop files?)10:18
tuxbrainbartbes: openpandora10:18
bartbesbtw, scanning would add loads and loads and loads of executables on openwrt10:18
bartbeswhat extensions should I set it to?10:19
rafatuxbrain: ah yes, I think so. Current jlime uses Matchbox.. so it uses freedesktop.org spec. So, it is so easy to add an icon with two files /usr/share/applications/your_file.desktop and /usr/share/pixmaps/your_file.png (icon)10:20
rafatuxbrain: then we just need to add your ipk file two files to have the launcher icon on the matchbox desktop10:21
rafa(or commands in your Makefile)10:21
larscyes, we should add support for .desktop file to gmenu2x10:22
tuxbrainwell it will be some icons I want to add various Nanowar content (albums, lirics, history, artwork... ) and each of it will have it icon10:22
tuxbrainIn openwrt will be a new tab, in jlime a folder10:23
bartbesmth: so how do I build it?10:23
tuxbrainlarsc:  this will be awesome10:23
mthbartbes: this is what I use for Dingux: ./configure --host=mipsel-linux --with-sdl-prefix=/opt/mipsel-linux-uclibc/usr10:24
mththe SDL prefix would be different for the NN10:24
bartbesand how do I set the toolchain location?10:24
mthI have the toolchain in the $PATH10:24
mththe host= argument tells autotools to cross compile10:25
bartbesright added it to my path10:27
bartbesthere we go10:28
bartbesI needed ot set host to mipsel-openwrt-linux10:28
bartbesand sdl fails10:28
bartbesah, ~ is invalid10:29
viriclarsc: sorry, I just came back. For the upstream linux, you can ask "make uImage", and it calls mkimage after building the image.10:42
bartbesmth: interestingly enough it fails to accept input10:43
larscviric: i guess it depends on your target architecture10:45
wpwraksigh. where is wolfgang when i need him ... ?10:47
mthbartbes: I always start gmenu2x by letting init respawn it10:48
mthmaybe that makes a difference (vs starting from telnet/ssh)10:48
bartbesI never do10:48
bartbesoh, I just use the console on the nanonote10:48
mthah, the Dingoo doesn't have a keyboard, so that's not an option there10:49
bartbeswell, I run it from the dir the current version is installed10:49
bartbesso I guess it should pick up on that input.conf10:49
mthI don't know whether it uses the current dir or looks up the dir of the executable10:50
bartbesI guess current dir10:50
bartbesbecause when I ran it in executable dir it segfaulted10:51
bartbesthough I could copy the confs over10:51
bartbesthat helped10:51
bartbeswell, I guess I got it running10:52
bartbesI can browse everything10:52
bartbeshmm I messed up somewhere..10:54
bartbesI hadn't added that yet :P10:54
tuxbrainxiangfu: there are plans for new release?10:55
xiangfutuxbrain: hmm. we need ask Mirko Vogt :). we have done some preparation work. I even start to write changelog about next release.10:59
tuxbrainmirko: there are plans for new release? :P11:00
xiangfutuxbrain: there a lot of new packages. and the 32bit font work really nice in NanoNote.11:00
tuxbrainthat's why I propose it's time to do one :)11:01
xiangfutuxbrain: yes.11:01
bartbesmth: found the problem, the one who added those std::string.compare statements reversed the check :P11:01
tuxbrainalso due I want to release a special version  for september It would be better to work with the last one :)11:02
bartbesor.. not..11:03
bartbeswait.. now it's getting weird11:03
tuxbrainhow perverse is marketing.. special version=some image and pinping _P11:03
bartbestuxbrain: marketing is manipulation11:06
bartbesmth: there we go11:25
bartbestime for a commit11:25
qi-bot[commit] bartbes: Changed the file browser to use / as root and added ability to see extensionless files (i.e. executables) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/ba9af5311:33
mthbartbes: eh, setting CARD_ROOT to / means the free space indicator will be wrong on Dingoo11:37
larscbartbes: I think the "|| path.length() <= CARD_ROOT_LEN" check is superfluous, at least if it is done after the path has been compared with CARD_ROOT11:37
bartbeslarsc: it is not though11:37
mthI thought you were going to let the browser go to / while CARD_ROOT would stay the same11:37
bartbesit checks *before* changing dirs11:37
bartbesso if you're at /the/root11:37
bartbesand press ..11:37
bartbesit allows you to go to /the11:37
bartbeswith this code you at least have to be at /the/root/<something?11:38
bartbesmth: was I?11:38
bartbeswhat are the problems with CARD_ROOT /?11:38
mthapparently not, but that was what I assumed :)11:38
bartbesjust the sd card indicator and stuff?11:38
bartbes*- and stuff :P11:38
mthI don't know what else CARD_ROOT is used for11:39
Action: bartbes greps11:39
bartbesit's used in selector11:40
bartbeswhat is selector?11:40
bartbesI'll revert CARD_ROOT11:40
bartbesand then change those related to file browsing to a hardcoded /11:40
bartbesis that okay? (mth)11:41
viriclarsc: then to build a kernel, I better look at the openwrt makefiles?11:41
mthbartbes: yes11:41
larscviric: yes11:41
bartbesso what is selector.cpp?11:42
mthI have no idea11:42
rafatuxbrain: booting from nand now ;)11:42
mthlarsc: are the changes from the jz-2.6.34 branch merged into jz-2.6.35?11:43
tuxbrainrafa: GREAT!!! giveme giveme11:43
rafatuxbrain: okey, okey! just for you, nobody else right? :D11:44
larscmth: mutli chip support is not11:45
tuxbrainyeah pure foss spirit :)11:45
bartbesmth: starting dir CARD_ROOT or /?11:47
mthCARD_ROOT, I think11:48
bartbesthen I'm ready to commit11:48
bartbesfinal test11:48
mthlarsc: but all the rest is?11:48
qi-bot[commit] bartbes: Now only allows file browsing up to /, CARD_ROOT is /card/ http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/e9941dc11:49
mthbartbes: do you still need CARD_ROOT_LEN in the latest version?11:50
mirkotuxbrain: yep, there are :)11:50
bartbesmth: yes11:50
bartbesthere still are comparisons with CARD_ROOT11:51
bartbesand those used to be hardcoded to 511:51
bartbesspread all over the place11:51
tuxbrainI love german precision on answer :)11:51
bartbesif you're going to use CARD_ROOT, then you shouldn't use 511:51
mthselector.cpp:                           if (p==string::npos || dir.compare(0, 5, CARD_ROOT) != 0 || p<4) {11:53
mthlike that, you mean?11:53
mthI didn't realize I had to change that as well when introducing CARD_ROOT11:53
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: create debian branch only for make debian package. http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/71ed21e11:54
mthanyway, if it has to stay, is it possible to replace "5" by "strlen(CARD_ROOT)"?11:54
mthin the definition of CARD_ROOT_LEN, I mean11:54
bartbesguess that works11:55
bartbesbut then again11:55
bartbesyou could change all occurences of CARD_ROOT_LEN to that11:55
bartbesyeah, that might look better11:55
bartbesthe compiler should optimize that out anyway11:55
larscmth: it should be, yes11:58
mthdoes the compiler replace strlen calls?11:58
bartbesit should11:59
bartbeswell, if its input is hardcoded11:59
mthbut strictly speaking strlen() is not part of the language but of the standard lib12:00
larscgcc has a built-in version of strlen12:00
bartbeswhich you can see if you ever forget to include <string.h> when you build code with strlen12:02
larscnowadays it will give at least a warning12:03
bartbesI meant the error tells you that12:05
bartbestest.c:2: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function strlen12:05
mthactually CARD_ROOT_LEN is currently not equal to strlen(CARD_ROOT) because of the trailing slash12:09
mthis that intended or a bug?12:09
hallo99I replaced the rootfs. when booting I now only see openwrt image but no text. How can I tell the kernel to display text messages instead of the image, so I can debug?12:15
qi-bot[commit] Lars-Peter Clausen: Add gpio chager driver http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/97d812a12:16
qi-bot[commit] Lars-Peter Clausen: MIPS: JZ4740: Add qi_lb60 board support http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/d88c52a12:16
qi-bot[commit] Lars-Peter Clausen: Add n516 board support http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/41057ef12:16
qi-bot[commit] Lars-Peter Clausen: Add n526 board support http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/288848912:16
qi-bot[commit] Lars-Peter Clausen: ASoC: JZ4740: Add qi_lb60 board driver http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/c45286512:16
qi-bot[commit] Lars-Peter Clausen: Add N516 sound SoC board driver http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/3765c7b12:16
qi-bot[commit] Lars-Peter Clausen: Add N526 sound SoC board driver http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/636d15912:16
qi-bot[commit] Maarten ter Huurne: MMC: jz4740: Fixed card change detection. http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/f1f0dbd12:16
tuxbrainhey who has put larsc patching machine on?? :P12:17
larscsorry, had to rewrite history12:18
tuxbrainmmm have you recently win a war?12:19
bartbesthat is some epic quote12:19
larscmth: I'm going to send the last patch upstream12:25
larscis it ok to add a s-o-b line from you?12:26
kristianpaultuxbrain: hola12:26
kristianpaulwhat happen with your gps adventures?12:26
tuxbrain_awaynothing new to tell12:26
tuxbrain_awaybye for a while12:26
mthlarsc: I think so, but I don't know the procedure for that12:28
mthdo I have to produce some kind of signature or is it just a line you can add?12:34
larscjust a "Signed-of-By: ..."12:35
larscbut i already send the mail12:36
larscyou are in CC12:36
mthyes, this is fine12:38
wpwrakrafa: of course, this should be over here. let future idbg users find the solution to their future problems in the archives :)13:56
wpwrakrafa: well, solution, except that i'm changing the pin in version 2 of the board :)13:57
rafahaha.. okey. I think that reset did the trick13:58
rafaBut no sure.13:58
rafaI did like 1000 tries13:58
rafathen I ran like you suggested (to enable usb boot mode)13:59
rafaidbg-gpio P0_3=013:59
rafabut no luck13:59
wpwrakthe reset is essential. without it, nothing happens13:59
rafathen perhaps I did a reset13:59
rafabut I did not see anything in console14:00
rafaso I do not remember if I did or not14:00
wpwraki think the usb_boot signal is only sampled at hardware reset14:00
wpwrakmaybe if you do a software reboot too, but i'm not sure14:00
wpwrak(don't have any system up and running now)14:01
rafawpwrak: all was black and dark :).. But well, I mean, I did all but without signals to go well. For example, I did reset, almost sure. But console just shows me : [ Connected ]14:01
rafaso I do not remember now exactly14:01
rafaand that [ Connected ] message is before to the reset14:02
viriclarsc: I noticed the 'make uImage' works for some architectures (arm, avr32, powerpc, sh, ...), but not for mips14:03
wpwrak"console connected" only means that you're talking to idbg14:03
wpwrakrafa: idbg doesn't know what's happening at the other end of the serial line14:04
rafayes, I just would like to see one nn led or something :)14:04
rafawhen resseting14:05
rafaas feedback14:05
wpwrakjust trust idbg ;-) if you idbg-reset and you don't get an error, it did reset the cpu14:06
viricwhat is idbg?14:17
wpwrakviric: this, inside a ben: http://www.almesberger.net/misc/ben/idbg-v1-pcb.jpg14:18
viricahhh I remember this from the mailing list. ok.14:18
viricthank yo14:18
wpwrakviric: yup. np :)14:19
viriclarsc: openwrt-xburst builds the kernel 2.6.32, having patches that allow 'make uImage', and that was added by you I think :)14:27
viricalso the git kernel 'master' branch has that14:31
kristofferHas the flashing improved any lately? Is there any point in upgrading xburst tools?16:49
tuxbrain_awaykristoffer: I will try the SD flash approach in short, I can report if you are interested16:52
kristoffertuxbrain, please do16:53
tuxbrainin fact is to flash jlime :)16:54
tuxbraindid rafa talk to  you about my proposal?16:54
kristoffertuxbrain, yeah we talked about it, sounds very interesting. But we need to get a good grasp of the details (atleast me), so rafa was to mail you and Wolfgang (and CC me)16:58
kristoffertuxbrain, so expect the mail whenever rafa wakes up. Btw, that SD flash approach is a way to flash onto NAND by supplying files on the SD?17:03
tuxbrainkristoffer: yes17:04
tuxbrainkristoffer: then until tomorrow morning for me , lunch time for rafa :)17:04
tuxbrainyou can take a look at http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Updating_Ben_with_an_SD17:05
kristoffertuxbrain, timezones suck :) thx for link, Im having great problems with usbboot atm.17:06
tuxbrainmean while you have a u-boot able to to boot from sd, I think is the less anoying solution, I never have serious problems with usbboot but I find that sd aproach a little bit more confortable17:08
kristoffertuxbrain, yeah. My issue currently is that it refuses to flash the kernel correctly (looks like 2 bad blocks inside kernel area). Trying to figure out some smart solution but so far no luck17:10
tuxbrainI will tell you now compiling and openwrt image, when it ends surelly tomorrow morning I will do some test17:10
tuxbrainthat was one of my units, isn't it?17:11
tuxbrainI don't know if nandwrite will be less sensible to that and will allow you to smash that bad blocks17:12
kristoffertuxbrain, no idea, might have been. Ive had issues like this before but it sorted themselves out after extensive nerase' s, but not this time.17:12
tuxbrainwell only way is trying :)17:13
kristofferIve been at it for an hour or so, so at this moment it looks semi-bricked (atleast until I can figure out where the bad blocks are and adjust u-boot or kernel)17:13
virictalking about flashing...17:34
viricI use the latest xburst-tools (I think) and I have troubles flashing the first blocks17:35
viric(those of uboot)17:35
urandom__viric everyone has trouble flashing sometimes ;)18:10
viricWell, I see errors on 'nanddump' too18:14
viricnot only writing18:15
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: micron ddr ibis model added http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/f386b0118:32
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: micron_ddr_512Mb models added http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/552843518:32
tuxbraingood night guys, time to some sleep.18:34
viricbona nit18:34
tuxbrain_zzzzzzfins demà viric :)18:35
viricdemà tornar-hi.18:37
rafatuxbrain_zzzzzz: I am able to play theora.. but the video delays several seconds until it goes properly, so sound starts immediately and video no. After a seconds both are fluent but no sync20:14
rafatuxbrain_zzzzzz: if you have jlime you can try. I converted to ogv with ffmpeg2theora, in jlime I used : mplayer movie-sample2.ogv -correct-pts20:15
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: micron_ddr_512Mb.lib fixed http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/a29352d21:38
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: 60fbga_ddr.fpd added http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/d6bbd2d21:38
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: 60fbga_ddr.mod added http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/1e0102022:24
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: ddr mobile replaced by ddr http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/3e25e8d22:24
kristianpaulrafa: so the problem is syncing not fluency?22:25
--- Wed Aug 4 201000:00

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