#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2010-07-31

bartbeswolfspraul: is this the new bot you were talking about?06:12
bartbeshow do I add the symlinks to an openwrt package?06:36
Action: Textmode huggles bartbes 06:40
Action: bartbes huggles Textmode 06:41
zearhmm.. i noticed my nanonote is very sensitive for shaking07:06
bartbesin what way?07:07
zearit shuts down every time i grab it harder with my hands07:07
zearput it on a table a bit less carefully07:07
bartbesit wants to feel loved obviously :P07:07
zearor close the screen rapidly07:07
zearwhen i poke it with fingers, it also shuts down07:07
bartbeswell that *sounds* like a loose wire07:07
zeari think the battery must disconnect the pins when i do that07:07
zearbut it's really annoying07:07
bartbesthat is possible as well07:07
zearnow when i can have a wikireader in it, i started using it07:07
bartbestry to put some paper between the battery and the opposite side07:08
zearand well.. it shuts down every couple of minutes07:08
zearreally annoying07:08
zearbartbes, i don't think i can fit anything between the battery, it sits there very firmly07:08
bartbesyou probably can07:09
bartbespaper is thin07:09
bartbesnot folded, anything, just a single sheet07:09
bartbesif that doesn't fit, well then your battery can't be loose, can it? :P07:09
zearok, with some force i managed to fit the folder paper in it07:10
zearlet's see if it still disconnects07:10
zearfine so far07:10
zearpoke it with a lot of power in different places and it's still on07:11
zeari guess it fixed it, thanks bartbes07:11
bartbeswhatever the problem, the answer is always paper!07:11
bartbes"I need to send a rocket to space, but the metal melts.. what do I use?" "PAPER!"07:11
bartbesso, no07:11
bartbesbut in this case it was07:11
bartbes(obviously my replies are this elaborate because I'm procrastinating)07:12
zeari thought the answer is always WD40 or sticky tape ;)07:13
bartbesthat is a lie07:14
bartbeshow do I install a lib into the toolchain?07:15
zeari guess you copy it to [toolchain]/usr/lib07:19
zearthough i don't know if this is right in case of openwrt, openwrt is weird07:19
bartbeswell I added a dependencie07:19
bartbesah well, who cares about spelling07:19
zearyou can use the --prefix= if it has a configure script07:19
zearso if you type "make install" it will install it to prefix location rather than your system's /usr/lib07:20
bartbesyou don't type that07:20
bartbesand it installs correctly on my nn07:20
bartbesjust.. not in the toolchain07:20
bartbesbut maybe DEPENDS takes care of that07:20
bartbeslet's hope so07:20
bartbeswell it does not07:24
bartbesthat.. is.. weird07:27
bartbesah well07:27
bartbesI'll wait :P07:28
kyakbartbes: what library do you need?07:42
bartbesbut that's not the problem07:49
bartbesI've ported it already07:49
bartbesI simply.. don't see it show up in the toolchain07:49
bartbes(in the staging dir, to be exact)07:49
kyakdid you do make package/symlinks?07:52
bartbesafter I built physfs?07:52
kyakno, in order to build physfs07:53
bartbesthat isn't the problem07:53
bartbesat all07:53
bartbesgot that 3 days ago07:53
bartbesI now need to link against it07:53
kyakwhat's your problem then? :)07:53
kyakah ok07:53
kyakadd the DEPENDS: +physfs07:54
Action: bartbes await magical solution07:54
kyakinto the Makefile07:54
bartbesI currently have07:54
kyakDEPENDS:=+physfs to be exact07:54
bartbeswithin the define Package/sdltest07:54
bartbesso do I need to place it within the define07:55
bartbesor outside of it?07:55
kyaksee any Makefile as an example07:55
bartbeslol good idea07:55
bartbeswell it seems I did it correctly then07:56
bartbesno physfs in the staging dir though07:56
kyakwhy staging dir?07:57
bartbesbecause.. that is where it links?07:57
kyakit's build_dir07:57
bartbesall other libs are there07:57
bartbesls staging_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc-
bartbesshows me all SDL libs, lua, etc07:58
bartbesoh wait07:58
bartbesI think..07:58
Action: bartbes facepalms in advance07:58
kyaktry building with V=9908:00
kyakthis should help see your problem08:00
bartbesno no08:02
bartbesit's not that08:02
bartbesI'm forgetting the actual install part08:02
bartbesmanaged to get it installed08:12
bartbesnow to see if I can link against it08:13
qwebirc59544are there any working video players for NN?09:22
wolfspraulqwebirc59544: I think mplayer is working in jlime09:28
qwebirc59544what is jlime?09:28
wolfspraulwww.jlime.com - it's another distribution for the nanonote09:30
wolfspraulI don't think we have a working video player in openwrt right now, but could be wrong...09:30
qwebirc59544thank you09:37
Action: Textmode huggles wolfspraul 09:38
bartbesI think I've seen something about mplayer in openwrt though09:40
bartbesyes, I remember, in the gmenu2x conf files09:41
bartbesthough it is not installed09:42
bartbeskyak: this means you have to have seen I solved my problems ;)11:02
kyakbartbes: yup11:02
kyakbartbes: btw, i think you shouldn't leave out the md5sum check11:02
bartbesoh yes, I should check if it works11:02
bartbesit was commented out because it didn't download at first11:03
bartbes(but that was unrelated)11:03
kyakbartbes: so what's your plans for physfs?11:04
bartbesit's a dependency for love11:05
bartbesas indicated here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Software_Status#Blue_sky11:05
kyakwhat is love? (baby don't hurt me)11:05
kyakah, it's LÖVE11:06
bartbesthe classic11:07
bartbesI wonder if it's still on our wiki main page..11:07
bartbesit is not11:08
zearbartbes, if you want, i can lend you physfs i compiled for the dingoo11:09
zearit should be binary compatible11:09
bartbestoo late11:12
bartbesphysfs built 2 or 3 days ago11:12
bartbesI knew code-wise it would need almost no changes (none, to be exact)11:12
zearjust the cmake or scons (don't remember which) part was tricky11:21
bartbesbut at least now we know how to do cmake (as jirkab said)11:24
bartbesplucker seems nice12:07
bartbesjirkab: you announced you were coming using a commit, nice12:11
jirkabbartbes: Plucker? Don't be happy too much, the GUI needs some rework to be useable.12:14
bartbesthat.. was.. fast..12:16

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