#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-07-30

zearsay, why Ben NanoNote has no wikipedia article yet?03:27
kyakbecause it's cooler than that? :)03:32
zearoh wikipedia being an open source project is equally cool ;)03:32
zeari don't feel being in a position to write an article about it, but i encourage you guys to do it :)03:33
zearwe need publicity, remember how slashdot (or whatever it was) article doubled the sales?03:33
wolfspraulhe :-) sales are good indeed :-)03:36
kyakhow many so far?03:37
wolfspraulbut don't you think too many totally irrelevant projects and people abuse wikipedia for stupid marketing reasons?03:37
wolfspraulI'd say at this point NanoNote is about as relevant as any random new cake creation in a pastry shop :-)03:37
zearwolfspraul, that's true, but Ben NanoNote is a real hardware, it's a commercial product for a couple of months already, there's a lot of articles in the internet to quote03:38
wolfspraulI definitely won't sit down and write a euphemistic article about it...03:38
zearso it deserves an article on the wiki03:38
wolfspraulyeah, but I respect the Wikipedia project and their goals. Flooding it with irrelevant stuff is bad.03:38
zearoh it has to meet the POV03:38
wolfspraulour case should slowly get stronger, I'm not worried03:38
wolfspraulkyak: we sold about 900 to date I think03:39
zeari mean, NPOV, as in neutral point of view ;)03:39
zearwolfspraul, Jlime, heck, even Kristoffer, it's author have their own wiki arts03:39
zearand there are 4 wiki articles linking to nonexistant "Ben NanoNote" article03:40
zearoh, and on the other news, we in jlime are staying in contact with http://humaneinfo.com and trying to make his wikireader software run on the nanonote :)03:41
wolfspraulyes rafa mentioned it - cool03:41
zearhis 2009 enwiki dump is only 1.1GB, that's enough to be fit on nano's nand03:41
zearrafa wants to incorporate it with his gnudict port03:42
zearthe only disadvantage of that will be lack of support for links, but that isn't really a big loss03:44
zearas you can type anything in the search area any time you want03:44
zeari'm really excited about this project03:47
bartbeszear: the dead links might mean that an article existed but was removed04:02
bartbesas happened to me once04:02
zearbartbes, i doubt, they are all in articles about opensource/open hardware projects, as one of the examples of such projects04:03
zearbtw wolfspraul, is the initial batch sold out yet?04:04
wolfspraulzear: about 100 left04:15
hallo99I want to replace the rootfs with my own rootfs, I found a guide at http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ubifs, but this guide assumes I am doing it on the nanonte, how can that work, if I replace the original rootfs?06:35
hallo99how do I replace the rootfs via usbboot, can I just do mkfs.ubifs and flash this via usbboot?06:37
xiangfuhallo99: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ubifs06:42
hallo99xiangfu: I have put the nanonote into usb boot mode, but /proc/mtd on my laptop does not list any of the nanonote partions06:52
xiangfuhallo99: that is right. when nanonote into usb-boot mode. it's not a USB-DISK.06:54
xiangfuhallo99:  we need use "usbboot" command to reflash the device.06:55
xiangfuhallo99: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Updating_Ben_NanoNote_software06:56
hallo99If I just want to reflash the rootfs over usb, do I have to use an image created directly by mkfs.ubifs, or do I have to modify that image somehow?07:01
xiangfuhallo99: there are two option to test your rootfs.07:02
xiangfu1. flash to NAND: the image must ubifs format. yes. we must create the image by mkfs.ubifs07:03
xiangfu2. copy your rootfs to SD card. boot the system from sd card.07:03
xiangfuformat your first sd card partition to ext2. then copy your rootfs to that partition. copy the kernel to SDCARD:/boot/uImage.07:04
xiangfuhold the KEY_M when poweron. NanoNote will boot to sdcard.07:05
hallo99I don't own an micro-sd card, so option 2 is not for me07:11
hallo99If I want to flash via usbboot, I do 1. mkfs.ubifs and 2. usbboot? I don't have to do ubinize and ubiformat and ubiattach?07:12
wolfspraulrafa: yes correct, cleaning up a bit10:37
wolfspraulupticked mediawiki, fixed a css problem on downloads10:37
wolfsprauloptimized the spamassassin config10:38
wolfspraulwant to get rid of the unstable qi-commits and use eggdrop for all irc stuff10:38
wolfspraulwant to merge the developer list into the discussion list10:38
wolfspraulpreparing to help Sebastien with a new Milkymist website designed by rez/corelabs10:38
wolfsprauland so on10:39
rafawow.. big TODO list.. nice10:39
rafa(for today) :)10:39
wolfspraulyeah, I also need to get to some more risky things, like removing the partition block from the virtual machine. somehow it's always causing a hang on restarts...10:40
wolfspraulanyway, out now, n8 everybody10:40
kristianpaulrafa: new news??10:41
bartbeshe says goodnight at 16:30?!10:41
rafakristianpaul: no good news yet. Waiting for the human wikireader author answer10:42
kristianpaulbartbes: he is the other side of the globe10:42
rafakristianpaul: I wrote him twice10:42
kristianpaulok \10:42
bartbeskristianpaul: then how come his hostname is german?10:42
rafakristianpaul: and I was thinking how to go further if his answer is not useful for us :)10:42
Action: kristianpaul cant wait.. ;)10:42
kristianpaulbartbes: sshing10:42
rafaI do not have great idea yet though :P10:42
bartbesbut why not use ssh+screen and leave the session open?10:42
bartbestoo much questions, I know..10:43
kristianpaulbartbes: :)10:43
kristianpaulrafa: use grep !10:43
rafabartbes: if you do that then that is why you want to read the whole buffer chat session that you did not read.. I think that wolfgang does not have enough time for that :)10:43
kristianpaulmay be ack-grep modified to wikipedia articls10:44
rafathat is because*10:44
kristianpaulyes time is wothly this days10:44
rafakristianpaul: we need a tiny dump wikipedia first, and we need to know :10:44
rafa- how to make that tiny wikipedia dump < 2GB10:44
kristianpaulbinary !10:45
rafa- how to get articles from it10:45
kristianpaulgrep ! :p10:45
bartbesrafa: that raises the question, why ssh at all?10:45
kristianpaulrafa: buy for that size or binary or really good compressed10:45
bartbesI can probably ask an infinite amount of questions, so it's not like you *have* to answer that one10:45
kristianpaullike wikipediam dumops right now !10:45
kristianpaulat least for spanish10:46
kristianpaulis less than 2GB10:46
rafabartbes: perhaps if you use a standard system without many applications installed you will need ssh10:46
kristianpaulbut you need indexsome how10:46
kristianpaulrafa: i think you should write to the wikpedia dumpreader developer10:46
kristianpaulif you dint already?..10:46
rafabartbes: perhaps I do not have.. but infinite amount of question have infine amount of answers for every question ;)10:46
rafakristianpaul: english dump is around 6GB these days10:47
bartbesis that true? then why isn't the dna of a duck equal to that of a donkey?10:47
kristianpaulrafa: yess :(10:48
kristianpaullets speak all spanish then :)10:48
rafabartbes: because they live in the same era10:48
rafakristianpaul: ;-)10:48
kristianpaulthewre is dumps for the simple english wikipedia?10:49
rafakristianpaul: I know how to index and how to retrieve articles if we know how to make dumps <2GB10:49
rafaI am not worried about how to do indexes and how to get articles. The main problem is to have a wikipedia dump <2GB10:50
bartbesa more serious question, why can't I just use mips-*-make instead of having to go through the trouble to get that package system set up? :P10:50
bartbes(I don't expect an answer, I know it isn't that easy)10:50
kristianpaulrafa: indeed10:50
kristianpaulbtw the wikireader devices uses 4gb sd no?10:50
kristianpaulso thats a challenge get <2GB10:51
rafabartbes: because you have not set a toolchain. For jlime we have one, and you just want to build a just application you do not need to build the whole system.10:51
kristianpaulrafa: https://launchpad.net/~benji2 wikipedia dumpreader guy10:51
rafabartbes: xiangfu said me this today :10:51
rafa"make package/uboot-xburst/compile"10:51
rafabut surely the application is already under openwrt building system. IF you want to build another external application you need a toolchain10:52
bartbesnot entirely what I meant10:52
bartbesand I am using thr toolchain10:52
bartbesbut my current complaint is that I spend more time waiting then actually fixing10:52
rafabartbes: then, what do you mean with "to get that package system set up"?10:53
bartbesdo you know how long it takes to create a working Makefile?10:54
bartbesbut I'm just bitching10:55
rafabartbes: I do not understand what you mean, sorry.10:55
rafabartbes: you write makefiles for every application?10:55
bartbesyou have to10:55
bartbesa special one10:56
bartbesbut yeah10:56
rafathe application already have one10:56
rafawhich applications?10:56
bartbesone with the package definition10:56
rafaare you talking about open source software?10:56
rafaand I do not know that is "package definition"10:56
rafawhat is10:56
rafaare you talking about openwrt :P10:57
rafawhy do not you use the Makefile that every application provides?10:57
bartbesbecause it doesn't work that way10:57
rafalot of hard work10:57
bartbesif you read the page you'll see why10:57
bartbesit's not like I need to tell it how to compile10:57
bartbesthe makefile is purely for instructing the toolchain how to build the application10:57
rafanah.. I prefer just download the application and build. No extra work. Or, if you need many applications you would use Debian or another more complete building system ;)10:58
bartbesI'm.. porting.. something..10:59
rafanow I understand why there are millions of new mails talking about application ported to openwrt... :)10:59
bartbeswell yeah11:03
bartbesI'm currently failing to port a test app11:03
bartbesI did manage to port physfs with lots of help from jirkab11:03
bartbesthat only took 8 hours :D11:04
bartbes(including setting up the toolchain etc)11:04
kyakxiangfu: ruby host-compile build fails for me11:12
kyakxiangfu: let me know if you experience the same on a clean build11:12
xiangfukyak: I start to build the openwrt-xburst everyday.(I start to this two days ago, so it's only compile twice :) all compile fine.11:15
xiangfukyak: what is the error message?11:15
xiangfukyak: maybe we miss some package in your system.11:15
kyakxiangfu: the error has appeared after package update11:21
kyaki.e. make package/symlinks11:21
kyakxiangfu: http://pastebin.com/xDU3xKQz11:23
kyaki think i'm getting it11:24
kyakmy system openssl was updated to 1.011:24
kyakthis is a host compile, and some older version of openssl is assumed11:24
kyaknot cool..11:25
kyaki think i need to wait when ruby-openssl will be updated to compile again latest openssl11:26
xiangfukyak: my system is openssl                                   0.9.8k-7ubuntu811:28
kyakyeah.. mine was too 0.9.8* before the update11:28
xiangfukyak: I think I need add "make clean" to that compile.11:28
xiangfukyak: maybe not.11:28
kyakyeah, it definitely was 0.9.8.. i totally forgot11:29
kyaki updated mandriva 2010.0 -> 2010.111:29
kyakso now i have openssl 1.011:29
kyaki think i can install an older version of openssl along with the current one11:31
kyakbut this can make things worse :)11:31
kyaki skipped the ruby / libruby bild for now11:34
xiangfukyak: sure.11:37
kyakgdb is built by default.. not necessary, imo11:49
kyakxiangfu: that's all, no more errors except for ruby11:53
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Changing D10, D9, D8 footprints to 0805 Adding DC jack polarity indication http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/f95025d11:56
rafaxiangfu: you still there?12:06
xiangfurafa: yes12:06
rafaxiangfu: my professor tried to build openwrt to get the uboot for SAKC.12:06
rafaHe found this directory : openwrt-xburst/build_dir/linux-xburst_qi_lb60/u-boot-sakc12:07
rafabut you said me that I should copy build_dir/linux-xburst_qi_lb60/u-boot-qi_lb60/u-boot-2010.06/12:07
rafato get the sources of uboot for sakc12:07
rafaif that directory (openwrt-xburst/build_dir/linux-xburst_qi_lb60/u-boot-sakc) obsolete?12:07
xiangfurafa: the code is the same.12:08
rafaxiangfu: ah.. okey :)12:08
xiangfurafa: the only different is that which different option.12:08
rafaokey.. but if I copy build_dir/linux-xburst_qi_lb60/u-boot-qi_lb60/u-boot-2010.06/ as you12:09
rafasuggested me12:09
rafaand then12:09
rafamake ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-openwrt-linux- sakc_config12:09
xiangfurafa: yes.12:09
rafaI will get the proper code to build the uboot for sakc12:09
xiangfurafa: yes.12:10
rafaokey, thanks a lot xiangfu12:11
xiangfurafa: if we select the sakc in bootloader option. (in make menuconfig). then we have have a folder like: /linux-xburst_qi_lb60/u-boot-sakc12:11
rafawe were confused because he found the other u-boot-sakc12:11
xiangfurafa: if we select the qi_lb60 in menuconfig. then we will get a folder like /linux-xburst_qi_lb60/u-boot-xburst12:11
xiangfurafa: the source code is exactly the same. only different is :12:11
xiangfuu-boot-sake run " make ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-openwrt-linux- sakc_config"12:12
xiangfuu-boot-xburst run "make ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-openwrt-linux- qi_lb60_config"12:12
rafaxiangfu: okey, so I did this :12:13
rafamake package/uboot-xburst/compile12:13
rafathen I copied : build_dir/linux-xburst_qi_lb60/u-boot-qi_lb60/u-boot-2010.0612:14
rafato /tmp for example.12:14
rafaThen I did that you suggested me :12:14
rafamake ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-linux- distclean12:14
rafamake ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-linux- sakc_config12:14
rafamake ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-linux-12:14
rafaand I got the binary :)12:14
xiangfuu-boot-nand.bin is for NAND.12:14
rafamy toolchain is mipsel-linux- .. that is why I did not use mipsel-openwrt-linux-12:14
rafaxiangfu: thans a lot man12:15
xiangfurafa: you are welcome.12:15
bartbesmuahahahaha ?:)12:44
bartbesI'm finally getting the hang of it12:44
bartbesoh and that is supposed to be >, though I probably do have a big curl12:44
xiangfurafa: in fact the "ARCH=mips" is not needed by uboot(it's only needed by compile kernel). I make an alias crossmake='make ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-openwrt-linux-' then I can easy type 'crossmake' to compile uboot and kernel. just for your information. :)12:47
xiangfubartbes: it's compile fine?12:47
rafaxiangfu: ha!.. cool tip ;)12:49
bartbesxiangfu: I'm doing something else which is finally progressing12:51
bartbestoo bad it's a test12:51
bartbesand not the final product12:51
wpwrakhmm, what exactly needs 5 V in the sakc ? almost all modern chips want at most 3.3 V ...12:51
bartbesI thought 5V was still considered logic high12:54
kyakxiangfu: here http://en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2010-June/000734.html you mentioned you included centerim in openwrt-packages.. it's not really there. And it's also not anymore on jirka's page. Do you know what's happened?12:55
wpwrakbartbes: where have you been the last decades ? ;-))13:04
xiangfukyak: no. I will send email to him. the centerim is not in oepwnrt-package.git. too bad. I will send email to Jirka again.13:05
wpwrakbartbes: most I/O runs at 3.3 V these days. faster signals, such as memory buses and such, often at 1.8 V. internal logic can go even lower.13:05
kyakxiangfu: thanks!13:06
bartbeswpwrak: but still, wpwrak...13:09
bartbesmentioned your name twice13:10
bartbesin one sentence13:10
bartbesthat has to be a world record13:10
xiangfukyak: I need goto sleep. 01:00AM here :)13:10
jirkabwprak: centerim does't work well on Ben's small screen.13:10
kyakxiangfu: indeed you need :) there was some activity here today... thanks for your help :)13:10
xiangfujirkab: Hi. we have small font now 4x8. we can try it again :)13:11
jirkabok, the I will add the Makefile for the centerin to git13:12
xiangfujirkab: very thanks . I got go offline, see you.13:12
kyakjirkab: hi! would be nice13:13
jirkabjyak: btw, centerim IPK is still available: fast10.vsb.cz/brozovsky/data/ports/centerim_4.22.9-2_xburst.ipk13:21
kyaki'm more interested in Makefile, but thanks :)13:26
jirkabkyak: please wait few moments, it will be in GIT repository soon ;-)13:29
qi-commitsJiri Brozovsky: Initial port of Centerim IM application. Needs smaller than the default http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/fdf24ad13:30
jirkabCenterIM should be in openwrt-packages now ;-)13:31
bartbesjirkab: so how would I go about linking to SDL?13:32
mthuse the flags output by "sdl-config --libs"13:32
bartbeswhich sdl-config?13:33
mththe one from the SDK13:33
bartbeswhere is it located?13:35
bartbes0wait nvm13:35
bartbesI have find13:35
bartbespretty sure I did that13:36
jirkabalso you can specify the libraries by hand: see GMU or Gmenu2x makefiles13:37
bartbesyeah, I checked the output13:38
bartbesit is kind of what I was doing already13:38
kyakjirkab: configure: error: The ncurses terminal library is required in order to build the program13:43
kyakhm.. somehow the ncurses is not detected..13:43
jirkabkyak: I will try it13:48
kyakjirkab: yeah, please13:50
jirkabkyak: it was an error during configure?13:58
jirkabi see no error13:58
jirkabkyak: it works for me, no ncurses error14:01
jirkabkyak: how you are building this? make menuconfig ; make?14:02
kyakjirkab: yes, during configure14:10
kyaki build make package/centerim/install V=9914:10
kyakif i just "make" the build still fails14:11
kyakthats very strange, because other programs depending on libncurses build just fine14:12
jirkabkyak: you need to update dependencies (it is done automatically during "make menuconfig")14:13
kyakjirkab: i just built the whole openwrt-xburst, so libncurses is already there definitely.. and i also ran make menuconfig to select centerim14:14
kyakjirkab: do you have the latest everything?14:15
jirkabno idea - i use this SDK for some time14:16
jirkabif you have libncurses.so in the staging_dir/target-*/usr/lib then configure have to find it?14:17
jirkabI updated the sdk at 5 July14:18
kyakyep, have it.. i will try to trick configure script with ac_cv_lib_ncurses_initscr14:19
kyaki'm pretty sure compiler will find it14:19
kyakmight be something wrong with the configure script14:19
jirkabbut why it works for me?14:20
kyakyou are saying you are build with SDK14:21
kyaki build from within the toolchain14:21
kyakmaybe there is some difference?14:21
kyakin Makefile, no it goes further14:22
kyakcompiling so far..14:22
kyaklet's see how it links14:22
kyak*now it goes further14:23
kyak../../src/impgp.h:10:19: error: gpgme.h: No such file or directory14:24
kyakok, this is next :)14:24
kyaki wonder how you avoided all this stuff..14:24
kyakseems the dependancy for libgpgme14:24
kyakmight be that you have all this already in SDK14:26
jirkabit's possible14:26
kyakhmm, i don't have gpgme.h anywhere is openwrt-xburst dir14:28
kyakchecking for gpgme-config... /usr/bin/gpgme-config14:29
kyakchecking for GPGME - version >= 0.4.2... yes14:29
kyakthe hell is wrong with the configure script...14:29
kyakit detects things from my host system14:29
jirkabI don't have gpgme in the host system ;-)14:30
kyakyep... jirkab, i bet you don't have libgpgme-devel in your system?14:30
kyakyes :)14:30
kyaki have it, because i use centerim actively on my host and compile it there..14:30
jirkabsurely I don't have it14:31
kyakbtw, --with-linux-headers is not a recognized option.. so it needs to be removed14:31
jirkabit will be removed ;-)14:32
kyakconfigure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-ipv6, --without-gpgme14:33
kyakagain  i have to trick configure with ac_* stuff..14:33
jirkabthere is an option --with-gpgme=14:35
kyaktrying it..14:36
kyakconfigure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-ipv6, --with-gpgme14:36
kyakstill there is : --with-gpgme=PATH       path to gpgme-config (auto)14:37
kyakreally, in a face of centerim developers for such usage of auto tools.14:37
jirkabso I have updated my openwrt-xburst; now it is compiling the stuff14:41
kyakac_cv_path_GPGME_CONFIG="" into the Makefile..14:42
jirkabchecking for gpgme-config... no14:42
jirkabthat's nice: no gpgme-config in the host system => no problem :-(14:43
kyakyeah :)14:43
jirkabthis is probably why it works for me14:43
kyakhope it won't choke on something else now14:43
jirkabtheir configure is really clever:14:45
jirkabchecking whether NLS is requested... no14:45
kyakjirkab: do you mind if i move centerim to Network/Instant Messaging?14:45
jirkabchecking for gmsgfmt... /usr/freeware/bin/msgfmt14:45
jirkabchecking for xgettext... /usr/nekoware/bin/xgettext14:45
jirkabchecking for msgmerge... /usr/freeware/bin/msgmerge14:45
jirkaboops, its in utils14:46
kyakdamn.. what a weird configure.. just looking everwhere14:46
jirkabit will be better14:46
kyakgood! will do it in a minute14:47
jirkaband does it work on the Ben?14:47
kyakgood question, lol :))14:48
kyak..haven't tried it yet14:48
kyakjirkab: is there special reason why you disabled the checksum check?14:49
jirkabwell, as a side product I will probably got compiled it on my MIPS desktop, too14:49
kyakcool, a MIPS desktop14:49
jirkabnot only on the NanoNote14:50
kyaka good field to test things :)14:50
jirkabnot so cool as I can not use it to compile OpenWRT stuff :-(14:50
jirkabit's SGI O214:50
kyakis it because it's big endian?14:51
kyakhm, whats SGI O2?14:51
jirkabsilicon graphics14:51
jirkabyes, it's big endian14:51
kyakis it an old computer?14:52
jirkabstill faster than Ben14:52
kyak * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for centerim:14:53
kyak * satisfy_dependencies_for: libgpgme *14:53
kyakduring opkg install..14:53
kyakshit.. stupid me14:54
kyaklibgpgme in DEPENDS :)14:54
kyakwill remove it now14:54
kyakopkg just shown it's smartness :)14:56
jirkablibgpgme is not in feeds?14:57
kyakcan't see it there14:57
jirkabopkg was designed to be simple14:57
kyakperhaps another thing to oprt14:57
jirkabnot to be smart ;-)14:57
jirkabgpgme is surely in openwwrt14:58
kyakwhat is simple, still can be smart ;)14:58
jirkabprobably it is only not edabled to compile14:58
kyakfind . -type d -name gpgme14:59
cxddwriting from centerim here15:02
kyakcxdd: good. now get out15:02
jirkabso centerim works?15:02
cxddkyak yes sir15:02
kyakyep :)15:02
jirkabso really, no gpgme here15:05
jirkabI thought it is :-(15:05
qi-commitskyak: centerim: some configure overrides to make it build in openwrt toolchain http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/d25f45715:13
kyakso it's there15:13
kyakjirkab: thanks a lot for your help!15:13
jirkabwill you add your updated Makefile to GIT?15:15
jirkabok, I'm blind15:16
jirkabyou just did it15:16
jirkabthanks much, too15:16
kyaki'm a little worried about the checksum though15:19
kyakyou had something different, and commented15:19
kyakthey don't have MD5SUM on their download site, so who knows what's there?15:20
jirkabI don't rememeber15:20
kyakah the chechsum is ok :)15:21
kyakgoogled it in many other repos15:21
kyakno for the Friday beer.. see you all later!15:21
qi-commitsJiri Brozovsky: Physfs library - initial port. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/a20cbc716:19
tom7hi i m thinking of building pc, i want to check if all components are compatible, can someone help?17:20
superLindais anyone here20:05
superLindaI have flashed my Nanonote, but I am not able to use the the keyboard on the gui20:07
superLindaI mean I can not navigate to specific apps on the Latest image20:08
mthis the gui gmenu2x? with a tab bar on the top of the screen, icons in the middle and a status bar on the bottom?20:09
mthI don't have a NanoNote myself, so I don't know exactly what the default config is20:09
superLindathere is also the letters R on the right side, and L on the left side of the screen20:11
mththey refer to the shoulder buttons of the gp2x, where gmenu2x originates from20:11
mththey change tab20:11
mthbut I don't know which NanoNote keys are the equivalents20:11
mthzear should know, but he's not here right now20:12
superLindabut I want to be able to install and use the web browser on it20:12
superLindawhen is he usually here20:13
ezdagorAFAIK, "q" = left, "p" = right20:13
ezdagor"x" = execute20:14
superLindayeah, thats how it works on my nanonote20:14
superLindaI never knew x was for execute20:14
superLindawhat is Nod20:15
ezdagorNodding head.20:15
superLindacool cool,  thanks ezdagor, atleast i learned something today20:17
superLindaI wish to learn more20:17
superLindahow did you know the keys and what they do?20:17
superLindadid you find out by trial and error?20:17
mththere is a doc page, but it's not very easy to find: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Gmenu2x20:24
superLindathanks, I will go there now20:24
superLindaHey real quick question :)20:26
superLindaI see a lot of people on this chat, but not a lot of action.  How active is this community?20:27
mththe chat activity is a bit random20:29
mthwe have people from many time zones here, but they're not always active at the same time20:29
superLindaI see20:30
mtha relatively high number of users are also developers, so there are a lot of things being worked on20:30
superLindaThats I want to become20:31
superLindaa developer20:31
superLindaso how come you do not have a nanonote?20:31
mthI'm actually a developer for the Dingoo, but since that has the same Ingenic SoC chip as its heart as the NanoNote I hang around here as well20:32
superLindais the Dingoo and project that Qi is working on?20:33
mththe Dingoo is a Chinese portable media player / game console20:33
mthit's a completely unrelated company, but the hardware is similar20:33
mthI used the drivers that larsc wrote for the NanoNote and used them to make a more modern kernel for the Dingoo20:34
mththe Dingoo doesn't come with Linux, but thanks to the USB boot mode and the efforts of a guy nicknamed booboo it does run Linux now (Dingoo Linux aka Dingux)20:34
superLindawere could I see this device20:36
mthDingoo users hang out on the dingoonity.org forums and #dingoonity on this IRC server20:38
qwebirc58877I will check that out as well20:40
--- Sat Jul 31 201000:00

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