#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2010-07-28

bartbeswhatever I do05:38
bartbesI can't get the toolchain to find my package05:38
bartbesobviously someone is not telling me something..05:38
bartbestuxbrain: didn't you write that article about it?05:39
tuxbrain yes and.. it work for me...05:39
bartbescould it be an error in my makefile?05:39
jirkabit could05:40
jirkabhow looks your PKG_SOURCE line?05:40
kyakbartbes: do make package/symlinks05:41
bartbesI did05:41
bartbesI think..05:41
Action: bartbes runs it anyway05:41
jirkaband PKG_SOURCE-URL?05:42
bartbesbut wait..05:42
bartbesI didn't mess that up05:42
tuxbrainhave you ./scripts/feeds update05:42
tuxbrain./scripts/feeds install -p mutroxports05:42
bartbesI did05:42
bartbesand I called it love instead of mutroxports, but yeah05:42
bartbesI know it finds the feed05:43
bartbesI can see the symlink in feeds/love/05:43
bartbes(symlink to the makefile)05:43
bartbeswait a sec..05:44
bartbesI think it works now05:44
bartbesI guess I simply needed to run make package/synlinks again05:44
tuxbrainhehehe that is what gonna to suggest now05:45
bartbesbut I ran it before05:45
kyakbefore what?05:45
bartbesbut I did that when the makefile was incorrect05:45
bartbesso I guess that was the problem05:45
bartbesthanks for your help guys05:46
bartbesbtw, I have to say the toolchain is amazingly slow05:47
bartbesand ofc now I can't find the package05:47
bartbesbecause there is no bin folder05:47
bartbesmy mistake05:47
bartbeswasn't there yet05:48
bartbesbut that is definately my fault05:48
bartbesso don't worry05:48
kyakit's slow for the first time05:55
bartbesfor the first time?05:55
bartbesI've done a few compiles already05:55
bartbesbut yeah05:55
kyakof course it has to download tons of source and then fresh compile it05:55
bartbesnever a complete one (what killed me)05:55
kyakthen it will be faster05:56
bartbesanyway, I'll report back in 3 days05:56
bartbeshopefully it will have finished then05:56
kyakdepends on the crapiness of your vsp05:56
bartbesrunning this on my own comp05:57
bartbeswhy would I build this on a vps?05:57
ao2hi, wolfspraul I asked for you yesterday, it was about the SDW-823 MicroSD wlan card: I am testing it on a pxa27x system, and porting the ks7010 driver to 2.6.35-rc kernel. Are there patches for that already that you know of?06:12
wolfspraulao2: hmm06:13
wolfspraulwhen you say 'porting the ks7010 driver' - where are those sources from?06:13
wolfspraulI only know the stuff that is in our openwrt tree06:14
ao2wolfspraul, I took the source from openwrt-xburst, added some kconfig stuff to build it in kernel without openwrt and going on from that06:15
wolfspraulgood, nothing I can add to that06:18
ao2wolfspraul, ok, so I'll tell you about the patches for 2.6.35-rc once I am done06:21
bartbesoh god06:24
bartbesI stopped compiling the toolkit06:24
bartbesto move it over to another harddisk06:24
bartbesand the moving takes just as long as the compiling..06:24
qi-commitsAndres Calderon: only one wire connected http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/1580e6607:55
qi-commitsJiri Brozovsky: Initial port of Snownews RSS reader to OpenWRT. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/145395c08:36
wolfsprauljirkab: snownews is cool! I am using it on my notebook, maybe I can update all my feeds on the nano and then read on the go...09:13
jirkabI'm using it, too. But there were some problems with its Makefile so I have ported in only now.09:15
bartbesoh shit09:17
bartbesit built09:17
zearbartbes, gmenu2x? :)09:18
bartbesthe toolchain09:18
bartbesnow let's see if I can get physfs to build09:18
bartbesso, snownews is an rss reader09:19
bartbesthat allows for offline reading?09:20
jirkabbartbess: offline? probably not09:20
bartbesI mean09:20
jirkabbut you may set "browser" to "wget %s"09:20
bartbesthe things in the feed?09:21
bartbesbecause how else can you read on the go?09:21
wolfsprauljirkab: but you can download the feeds, then read later09:21
wolfspraulshould be no problem09:21
jirkabmust try it more (I never used Snownews offline)09:22
bartbesbecause if that's possible09:22
bartbesthen that's the ideal solution for my next holiday09:22
bartbesjust update in once in a while09:22
bartbesand read whenever09:22
bartbesI still have about 900 articles to go to compensate for my 2 week holiday09:25
bartbesand keep in mind I had loads and loads and loads and loads more when I first came back09:25
jirkabfeeds data are saved automaticaly (you always have them available offline) but articles have to be open in the web browser09:26
jirkabthere is how it looks on the Ben: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Jirka-snownews-ben.jpg09:29
bartbeshmm it seems to be building (physfs)09:29
bartbespretty good09:29
wolfsprauljirkab: ah yes sure, I always just read the feed09:30
wolfspraulI don't use feeds that only give me the headline09:31
bartbesI must be doing something wrong..09:31
jirkabbartbes: what you are compiling? still SDK?09:31
bartbesbut I can't get it to compile09:32
bartbesI get no errors09:32
bartbesbut I see no package either09:32
jirkabyou use make V=99 ?09:32
wolfsprauljirkab: you are porting so many apps - do you think it would help people if we would offer the prebuilt sdk for download somewhere?09:32
bartbesI even tried the menuconfig09:32
bartbesmake[3] -C /home/bart/nanonote/love/physfs compile09:32
bartbesthat seems nice09:32
bartbesno errors09:32
bartbesyet no install line09:33
jirkabbartbes: please send me your Makefile to jirka (at) penguin (dot) cz09:33
bartbeslet's hope I get the hang of it soon09:34
jirkabwolfspraul: yes, surely. But we probably need more detailed beginners guide09:34
jirkabwolfspraul: with description of typical problems and most common errors09:35
wolfspraulonce we have more scripting languages on the ben I want to make it possible to write a script in the wiki, then have it picked up for packaging directly out of the wiki09:35
wolfspraul(that's unrelated, just an old idea/dream of mine...)09:35
bartbesnice idea09:36
bartbesjirkab: sent09:36
jirkabwolfspraul: nice idea09:37
wolfspraulthanks - need to give me a kick to really make it working..09:38
bartbesjirkab: so, have you seen an obvious mistake yet? :P09:41
jirkabbartbes: it's probably unrelated to the problem, but nobody knows:  CATEGORY:=Utilities09:42
bartbesoh I just put it there to make it stand out in the menu09:42
bartbesforgot to revert when I did get it to show up09:42
jirkabbartbes: I still con't find any other problem (hope "cmake ." is OK)09:43
bartbesyeah, that works09:43
jirkabbartbes maybe "cmake $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)" might help?09:44
bartbesgood idea09:44
bartbesbut I just started another recompile09:44
Action: bartbes waits09:44
jirkabbartbes: I see no "src" subdirectory in the physfs-2.0.009:45
jirkab ?09:45
bartbesis that a problem?09:46
jirkabbartbes: yes, here: $(INSTALL_DIR) $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/src/physfs $(1)/usr/sbin/09:47
bartbesthat's what you get when you copy-paste after all else fails09:47
jirkabshould be $(INSTALL_BIN) $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/physfs $(1)/usr/sbin/09:47
bartbesI fail even more09:48
bartbesthat line needs to be totally rewritten09:48
jirkabINSTALL_BIN instead of INSTALL_DIR, too (on the second line only - first is ok)09:48
bartbesit's a library..09:48
Action: bartbes facepalms09:49
jirkabbartbes: so target shoul be in /usr/lib ?09:49
bartbesand I'm now checking the output filename09:49
jirkabbartbes: you also may see the stagging_dir/target-***/physfs-2.0 for results of compilation...09:50
bartbesso I guess I need to replace /physfs to libphysfs.so.2.0.009:50
bartbes*with /09:50
bartbeswell, let's try again09:51
bartbesbtw do I need to update feeds?09:51
bartbesand make symlinks?09:51
jirkabprobably yes - if you plan to use your library09:51
bartbesI mean, again09:52
bartbesnow I've updated the makefile09:52
bartbesit's still saying "Nothing to be done for `compile'."10:01
jirkabinteresting :-/10:02
bartbesI don't think it's interesting :P10:02
bartbesI'm guessing it's supposed to be downloading the tgz10:04
bartbesand decompressing it somewhere10:04
jirkabyou already have downloaded ant unpacked thing in build_dir...10:05
bartbeswait what?10:05
jirkabtry to find if ;-) (I don't have machine with sdk here)10:06
jirkab"cmake ." only prepares makefile10:07
bartbesthat was the first thing I did10:07
bartbesand then I though10:07
bartbes"but hey, there's already a makefile then"10:07
bartbes"and it knows where to download"10:07
bartbes"meh, it downloads by itself"10:07
jirkabit konows where to download and, surely10:08
jirkabbut I'm not sure it it does anything after the "cmake command"10:08
bartbescmake is the configure command10:08
bartbesand it creates a makefile10:09
bartbesisn't compile supposed to run the makefile?10:09
jirkabit runs your specified command (cmake .)10:09
bartbesdidn't I put it.. at.. configure?10:10
jirkabthere are additional macros to do the real work10:10
jirkabttry to add an additional line (just under the "Cmake): $(call Build/Compile/Default)10:12
bartbesI will10:13
bartbesbut do I need to update and install feeds every time I update the makefile?10:13
bartbesmake symlinks?10:13
bartbesthank god10:13
bartbesnow make package/physfs/configure?10:14
bartbesoh wait10:14
bartbesso where did I need to put the source?10:14
jirkabwhat source?10:14
bartbesof physfs10:15
jirkabit isn't downloaded automaticaly?10:15
bartbesthat is what I asked10:15
bartbesI'll trye10:15
jirkabit have to be10:16
bartbesmake[2]: Nothing to be done for `compile'.10:18
bartbesthat would suggest10:18
bartbesthere is either a total nothingness10:19
bartbesor it is done10:19
jirkabtry to search your OpenWRT tree for physfs-2.0.0 directory10:19
bartbeswas doing that manually10:20
bartbesbut when you said that I was thinking10:20
bartbes"ooh, find!"10:20
bartbesbart@bartbes:~/nanonote/openwrt-xburst$ find -name "physfs-2.0.0"10:20
bartbesso, nothing10:20
bartbesthe tgz isn't even in dl10:20
jirkabfind . -name "physfs-2.0.0" -print10:20
jirkabdirectory, not the *tar.gz file10:20
bartbesI'm pretty sure10:21
bartbesyour version does the same as mine10:21
bartbeswith the same result10:21
bartbesso it doesn't download10:21
bartbesthat's for sre10:21
jirkabtry to remove MD5SUM line from the Makefile10:22
jirkabOK, thats strange . I will power up my building machine and will try it.10:23
bartbesI manually downloaded the source10:24
bartbesso let's see..10:24
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: Improved conversion from color enum to string and vice versa. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/b54a59510:27
jirkabbartbes: that's really "funny": I just damaged my SDK by copying of your Makefile to improper place.. :-(10:35
jirkabbartbes: it looks like it is recoverable - it wil only need some more time :-(10:38
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Remove RC Power On Reset Circuit (C8, C9, R8, R9) http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/ea03c8610:39
bartbesoh from what I've seen10:39
bartbesyou need lots of time anyway to work with it10:39
bartbesremoving the md5 fails10:39
bartbestargeted spam10:46
bartbeslike seriously targeted spam10:46
bartbeswtf is bettercodes.org?10:47
jirkabno idea10:47
jirkabnow trying to build physfs10:48
jirkabbartbes: the strange thing is taht I can't see any differences between my (working) Makefiles and your Makefile (except the cmake thing)...10:55
bartbesmaybe I should try a different lib first11:00
bartbessee if I can get anything to compile11:00
bartbesand if I do then revisit physfs11:00
bartbesI figured code-wise this one would be one of the easy ones11:00
bartbestbh it seems physfs is the only big one I need11:01
bartbesoh and I need to get a microsd11:02
Action: bartbes checks nearby stores11:02
bartbeswas discussing delivery in another channel:11:08
bartbes< Maurice_> order a pizza and ask them to bring a 2gb stick11:08
bartbesjirkab: do you have any other cmake packages?11:09
bartbesI found an example somewhere11:10
bartbestime to experiment11:11
jirkabbartbes: I never tried compile stuff with "cmake"11:12
bartbeswell, I found an example for openwrt11:13
bartbesso let's see11:13
bartbesmaybe that helps11:13
jirkabbartbes:  nice11:13
bartbesdoesn't seem to be working11:13
bartbesit's quite extensive11:14
bartbesI think I'll just copy-paste11:14
bartbesjirkab: in case you want to know, this is the url: https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/301011:19
jirkabbartbes: thanks11:21
bartbesso let's see if it actually works11:21
bartbesand if so11:21
bartbesthen I'm not going to stick with the copy-pasted version11:21
bartbesbut I'll write my own one based on it11:21
bartbesbtw, gmu does something really annoying11:22
bartbeswhen I'm working in the terminal with gmu on11:23
bartbesit periodically switches off the lcd11:23
bartbesthen I have to switch back11:23
bartbesand press a button11:23
wejpbartbes, if you want to use a terminal while using gmu at the same time, you should disable gmu's powersavin feature11:23
jirkaband search for something like "SecondsUntilOff"11:24
jirkabdefault value is 1511:24
wejpsetting it to zero disables it11:25
bartbesjirkab: PROGRESS11:30
bartbesan actual error now11:30
bartbesit seems that it simply doesn't download11:36
bartbesjirkab: ^11:37
jirkabbartbes: what it says?11:37
bartbeswell nothing11:37
bartbesI implemented the changes back in my makefile11:37
bartbesand it never downloads11:37
jirkabmake package/physfs-prepare V=9911:37
bartbes(the other one never did either)11:37
bartbes(it copies)11:38
bartbesmake[2]: Nothing to be done for `compile'.11:38
jirkabit dowloads the library  for me11:38
jirkabbartbes: it looks familiar :-(11:38
bartbesand  build_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc- is unchanged11:38
bartbesit doesn't download11:38
bartbesunless I need to do something to get it in the build dir myself11:38
bartbesdoes my makefile download on your comp?11:39
jirkabbartbes: I edited your makefile11:44
jirkabbut it still doesn't compile11:44
bartbesI think it just compiled here11:44
bartbesall I did was running it from a different term11:44
bartbes(nanonote --ssh--> comp)11:44
bartbeseither that11:45
bartbesor it never showed me the error..11:45
qi-commitskyak: fbsize, a small utility to show current terminal size http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/2fe6cce11:46
bartbesI think it simply failed to show me the error11:46
jirkabbartbes: OpenWRT make usually complies about errors11:49
jirkabbut this is very unusual for me11:49
bartbesI'll download the source11:50
bartbesput it on my local webserver11:50
bartbesand try again11:50
bartbesif that doesn't work11:50
bartbesthen something weird is going on11:50
bartbesbtw, back to gmu11:54
qi-commitskyak: fbsize: paths fixed http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/d9fdb1c11:54
qi-commitskyak: fbsize: paths fixed http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/844f88511:54
bartbesisn't there a temp solution11:54
bartbesbecause it is nice if you're not working on the term11:54
kyakhuh-huh.. sorry for that :) i'm learning the strange ways of git11:54
bartbesgit isn't that bad :D11:55
bartbesjirkab: do you know where it normally puts the downloads and/or tgz?11:55
kyakit is that good, actually :)11:55
kyakin dl/11:55
jirkabsurely, in dl/ directory11:56
bartbesoh heh11:56
bartbesI've seen that dir11:56
bartbesno physfs dir11:57
bartbesleading to the conclusion, it doesn't download it11:57
jirkabyou are right, it ignores ut11:57
jirkabno idea why11:58
bartbesI tried the menuconfig way11:58
bartbesoh, can I complain again about the speed of the toolchain?11:59
jirkabbartbes: it is unusually fast, isn't it?12:01
bartbesunusually fast12:01
bartbeswhere the usual speed is higher12:01
bartbesor maybe even unusably fast :P12:02
bartbeswell, i can tell it failed anyway12:02
bartbeseven on different servers12:02
bartbesare there any rules for the dir tree?12:03
jirkabbartbes: that's really strange: I can normally download the file with "wget" (SDK uses the same), I can not see any difference from other Makefiles and it still doesn't dowload12:03
bartbesisn't there a debug mode?12:03
jirkabI have physfs under openwrt-xburst/package/physfs12:04
jirkablike other packages12:04
jirkabmake V=9912:04
bartbesI have it in another place12:04
bartbesI meant, debug debug12:04
bartbesso you can actually see the wget and stuff12:04
jirkabV=99 shows debug messages for make12:05
jirkabwget output should be seen with V=9912:05
bartbesdon't see it12:05
jirkabnow I think that is simply even doesn't try to dowload the package12:05
bartbesmy thoughts exactly12:06
jirkabwell, "make package/physfs-prepare V=99" downloads the thing12:08
bartbes- or /?12:08
jirkab- and -12:10
jirkabsorry / and -12:10
bartbesworks too12:10
jirkabI just compiled the command line here12:10
bartbes / works too12:10
bartbesI have a build dir now12:12
bartbesonly configure fails12:13
bartbesso any reason why it doesn't detect Build/Configure?12:14
jirkabI don't know12:17
bartbesI manually ran cmake .12:17
bartbesso let's see if I can get it to compile now12:17
bartbesit's horrible12:53
bartbesI'll just write a small test app12:53
bartbesbut not today12:55
bartbestime to kill some aliens12:55
jirkabbartbes: I got it build13:05
jirkabbartbes: not packaged, yet but still trying13:05
jirkabbartbes: looks like few typos were the problem :-(13:06
rafawolfspraul: have you seen xiangfu? :) Do you know if there is a uboot binary/version which tries to boot from uSD first, and if it fails from there, then NAND?.. The current bootloader on SAKC just try to boot from NAND, and without keyboard it is hard to boot from uSD13:08
jirkabbartbes: DONE - it compiles13:13
wolfspraulrafa: he's probably sleeping, and so will I in a few minutes :-)13:16
jirkabbartbes: well, I was too optimistic :-(13:16
wolfspraulI don't know whether there is a binary of such u-boot, or how to simulate an 'm' press otherwise13:17
rafawolfspraul: yeah, I was guessing that :)13:17
wolfspraulplus on sakc I believe you need a u-boot compilation anyway, I'm not sure whether it's only because of the boot order or also other things that need to be initialized differently...13:17
rafawolfspraul: I need to modify a bit uboot for the sakc. we would like this behaviour: first, try to boot Linux from uSD, if it fails, then boot Linux from NAND13:18
wolfspraulso sorry, cannot help much. I think in u-boot there is a sakc config option somewhere, but you need to build from source13:18
wolfspraulrafa: take the sources (in the openwrt tree), then start from there13:18
rafawolfspraul: yeah, let me check13:18
rafaand I will write to ml if I do not understand or if I find problems13:18
rafasweet dreams13:18
wolfspraulyes, mailing list is good13:18
bartbesjirkab: wow13:34
bartbesI'll reboot to linux13:34
jirkabbartbes: I just have sent the corrected Makefile by e-mail.13:36
bartbeswait, did I actually send you my email 5 times or is gmail somehow messing up displaying it?13:43
jirkabbartbes: I got only one13:45
bartbesthe most interesting thing about the toolchain is that during the longest wait (the startup) there seems to be no activity at all13:47
bartbesehm "make[1]: *** No rule to make target `package/libphysfs/compile'.  Stop."13:49
bartbesso, did something change?13:49
jirkabbartbes: I used: "make menuconfig ; make V=99" and it have worked13:50
bartbesinteresting: WARNING: skipping libphysfs -- package not selected13:50
jirkabselect it in the menu ;-)13:51
jirkabI changed the name so it surely is not selected13:51
bartbesinteresting how I spent at least 4x the time on compiling13:51
bartbesdon't know how to finish that sentence :P13:51
bartbescategory games?13:52
bartbesit's a lib13:52
jirkabyou can change the category13:55
bartbesI know13:55
bartbesjust figured it belonged in libraries13:56
bartbescc1: error: include location "/usr/include/wx-2.8" is unsafe for cross-compilation13:56
bartbesthat's the error I got13:57
bartbesno idea what wx-2.8 is supposed to be13:57
bartbeswxwidgets maybe?13:57
bartbesbut then, why?13:57
jirkabdo you have selected sometihng related to wx? (wxwidgets probably?)13:57
bartbesthat's when compiling physfs13:57
jirkabI don't see such error14:01
jirkabbartbes: try to uncheck the libwxbase in Libraries (make menuconfig)14:02
bartbesI will14:02
bartbesit's not checked14:03
bartbesI'll look at it tomorrow14:05
bartbesI spent enough hours on it today14:05
larscyou probably got wxwidgets installed on your host system. and libphysfs picks it up14:12
larscyou should be able to tell libphysfs configure not to look for wxwidgets14:13
bartbesbut yeah14:13
bartbesjirkab: thanks for the patch14:35
bartbesit seems to work14:37
bartbesnow to transfer it to my nn14:37
bartbesnow would you look at that14:41
bartbesit even install14:41
bartbesthanks jirkab!14:42
bartbesthen I think I have all my deps ported14:42
bartbesthat helps14:42
bartbesI'll write some test app tomorrow14:42
bartbesand then I'll start porting14:42
jirkabjust check file /usr/lib/libphysfs.so.2.0.0 if it is really a MIPS library...14:42
bartbes(I once knew, but I forgot.. ofc)14:43
jirkabwrite: file /usr/lib/libphysfs.so.2.0.014:43
jirkabto command line on jour NanoNote14:43
bartbesI knew it was something obvious :P14:43
bartbes/bin/ash: file: not found14:43
jirkabbartbes: so it is not installed14:44
bartbesthat's obviously in some other package14:44
jirkabthe package is "file"14:45
bartbesmy comp however14:45
bartbesdoes have file14:45
bartbesand it tells me:14:45
bartbeslibphysfs.so.2.0.0: ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, MIPS, MIPS32 version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, with unknown capability 0xf41 = 0x756e6700, not stripped14:45
bartbeswhich seems correct14:45
jirkabthat's OK14:45
bartbesthanks again14:46
bartbesthanks to you I cross-compiled my first lib within 36 hours of arrival of nanonote14:46
jirkabbartbes: but thanks to your effort we now have sample Makefile for cmake-based things14:48
bartbeslet's hope I bring more good things :P14:48
jirkabwhat software you plan to port?14:49
bartbesin case you are wondering, yes, that is indeed a 2d game engine14:52
jirkabI see ... it would be  nice to have more 2D games on the NanoNote!14:52
bartbeswell, I got most deps covered now14:53
bartbesso of course it's not going to be as advanced as the desktop version14:53
bartbesbut I hope it will be a workable subset14:54
jirkabeven if limited it would be usefull14:55
bartbesinteresting, I'm pretty sure I set the mailing list to daily16:49
bartbesyet I got 3 today..16:50
bartbesso, can you guys recommend any games?17:15
kristianpauldoom :)18:09
qi-commitsDavid Kühling: Merge branch 'master' of projects.qi-hardware.com:openwrt-packages http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/ffaf51318:57
qi-commitsDavid Kühling: Build gforth interpreter image on installation (via 'postinst'); startup time http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/f03c9b218:57
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