#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2010-07-24

wpwraklekernel: so i'm not the only one who doesn't quite understand all the buzz about the arduino ;-)03:35
lekernelthere's a word for it: hipsterism03:49
wpwraklekernel: heh ;-)03:52
freespacethis brings to mind the word elitism03:52
bartbesI'd say it's more like ease of use03:57
bartbesit's an easy way to get into 'hardware'03:58
bartbesbetter word would be electronics03:58
bartbesit allows you to build pretty complicated stuff really fast03:58
bartbesyou could say it's mostly a prototyping platform03:58
freespacegot it in one bartbes03:59
uncloudedcan Arduino boards be used as a normal AVR development board?04:14
bartbesas in?04:14
uncloudedlike having spike suppression on RESET and a 10-pin header but being able to blow away the Arduino bootloader and use it like a normal AVR04:18
freespaceyou you can easily blow away the bootloader04:18
freespacewhat is spike suppression on reset?04:19
bartbesofc you can overwrite the bootloader04:19
uncloudedstops noise resetting the AVR when you didn't expect it04:19
bartbesprovided you have a programmer04:19
freespacehow is it done 'normally'04:19
uncloudeda stronger pull-up and a capacitor04:20
bartbeswell, I guess it has that04:20
bartbesbecause I have never seen it reset at random04:20
freespaceme neither04:21
freespacethe schematics are available online, this should be a simple thing to check04:22
uncloudedI haven't seen one reset without the suppression parts either but Atmel still recommends those external parts for production systems04:25
uncloudedpage 15 here: http://atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/doc1619.pdf04:27
freespacethere is at the very least a pullup :http://arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/arduino-duemilanove-schematic.pdf04:29
orly_owlwhen is the next nanonote out04:29
uncloudedanyway I just wondered about the Arduino boards.  I don't have any EE qualifications so I'm talking out of my hat a bit04:30
uncloudedfreespace: thanks for the schematic.  looks like C13 does spike suppression04:31
lekernelunclouded, arduino boards are normal avr boards - nothing else...05:29
wolfspraullekernel: thanks for the excellent GPS links, I never saw this project before!05:31
qi-commitsMirko Vogt: move metadata such as config and unpackaged files into git - directory data/ http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/e6555e715:58
kristianpaulmirko: awake?22:16
kristianpaulmirko: are you aware of new X features in backfire openwrt?22:17
kristianpauland the posibillity of give the option to run X on the xbusrt openwrt in case X could works nice?22:17
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