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qi-commitsJiri Brozovsky: Quickcalc (simple calculkator with history) - initial OpenWRT port. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/e4a39c107:55
qi-commitsJiri Brozovsky: Climm instant messenger (Jabber/Oscar) - initial OpenWRT port. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/84b1e9107:55
wpwrak"Due an S?bastien observation Chie project has been renamed to Xu?" ;-))))08:36
kyakXyu is a bad russian word :)09:02
zearkyak, you mean xyn?09:06
kyakno, i mean EC909:07
zearyeah, exactly09:07
kyakyep :)09:07
zearsame as in polish, just we write it "chuj" :)09:08
kyakbut "u" is more similar to "8" than "n" :)09:08
zeari'd say D is09:08
wpwrakkyak: and what does it mean ?09:08
kyakwpwrak: google translate it :) i'm shy!09:08
zearwpwrak, dick, cock, something like that09:08
zearthough it has a lot of uses :)09:09
kyakindeed it has!09:09
zeardepends on the context really :)09:09
wpwrakgood that Xue and Xyu are sufficiently different :) of course, considering that "Dick" is even a relatively common first name in english-speaking countries, it can't be all that bad .. ;-)09:09
zearfor example, in polish "Jeste[ chujem" means "You're an asshole", while "Chuj z tym" means "screw it" :)09:10
kyakif you call your son a "%C9" he will curse you forever :)09:10
zearhaha, true :D09:10
wpwrakso it seems to be a rather versatile word, kinda like "shit" in english :)09:11
zearthough it's much more vulgar than "shit"09:12
Action: wpwrak is happy to have learned something useful today :)09:12
zearshit is more like damn, EC9 is more like motherfucker :)09:12
zearkyak, what's the deal with "EC9TA"? Seen it a lot of times, though i don't know what's the difference between that and EC909:13
kyakactually, car manufacturers has faced this problem long ago :) they come up with a wonderful name, and it means some bad/stupid/whatever in some country.. so the just sell it under other name in that country :)09:14
kyakEC8B0 is more like "crap"09:15
wpwrakzear: well, all you ivans are supposed to be vulgar ;-)09:15
zearwpwrak, :D09:15
zearkyak, i don't know if that's an urban legend, but i heard "Gerber" which is a known european baby food manufacturer company means "puke" in some language09:15
wpwrak(hmm, this would sound more credible if i was from the us. then i could just pretend i thought everything east from boston was russia :)09:15
zearand they had to change a name of their company in that country09:16
kyakrecently i've seen some advert at failblog.. there was a pharmcay company, named "fawkju", i don't remember exactly :)09:16
wpwrakkyak: (cars) like the famous Toyota MR2 (similar to French "merde" or "shit") or the Mitsubishi Pajero (Spanish slang for "wanker")09:18
kyakwpwrak: yeah, right :)09:18
wpwrakkyak: there was also supposedly an asian travel agency called "kinky tours". it must have been fun to work there, responding to the wishes of prospective clients09:19
zearor like Nissan Qashqai, which sounds similar to polish "kaszka", which means gruel09:19
kyakwpwrak: and i just learned the new word, kinky :)09:20
kyak"gruel" is new to me, too09:20
zearkyak, and i just learned that kinky has other meanings than just "perverted" ;)09:20
zearkyak, oh i mean 0H:0, i just checked the dictionary how this could be translated to english09:20
kyakah yes, it sound similar.. but it never came to me :)09:21
kyakthen let it be 0:0H:009:21
kyakyou should know what it means :)09:22
zearnot really :)09:22
zearok, i checked on google images :D09:22
kyak"piece of shit"09:22
kyakwell, they sell Nissan Qashqai here under this name, which it proves09:23
kyakwow.. i shouldn't have searched in google images the "0:0H:0"09:28
kyaknow i'll never be the same again!09:28
zearor you should enable the image filter ;)09:28
kyaki'm a man! i must see the truth! :)09:29
zearyou better get used to it, internet is full of filth ;)09:29
zearyou just barely scratched the surface ;)09:30
kyakand it already smells :)09:30
zearwell anyway, have to go, cya09:33
qi-commitsJiri Brozovsky: Initial OpenWRT port of "odt2txt" conversion utility (for Open http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/dcc11f709:37
kristianpaulhe reference design implements a remarkably low cost GPS system consisting of the Au1250 processor plus the SE4120L GPS09:43
wpwrakit's ont he car :-))09:55
wpwrakoops, wrong channel (celebrating an upcoming fedex delivery)09:56
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