#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2010-07-21

rafawpwrak: 256 kbps would be luxury from my point of view ;)00:20
gbraadxiangfu: have been too busy with other things. sorry for not informing you about this.08:22
gbraadxiangfu: will get in touch with Wolfgang when he is back in Beijing again to see how to go on from here08:22
gbraadxiangfu: no so worries.08:22
lekernelseriously we shouldn't call anything "Chie"09:32
lekernelall the french people will laugh at that =]09:32
larscas in "qi hardware"?09:33
kyakwhat is going to be called "Chie"?09:33
lekernelthe network camera09:33
lekernel"chie" means "shit" in french09:34
kyakyes, i translated already :)09:34
wpwraklekernel: you can drive an MR2 with it .. :)09:34
sdschulzeHm, I still don't get it.  How do I switch to a 4x6 console font?15:09
sdschulzeI compiled it into my kernel, but it doesn't get loaded.15:09
sdschulzeah, gotcha15:16
sdschulzeconsolechars -R15:16
sdschulzeHm, I cannot enter the capital R...15:22
sdschulzedumpkeys doesn't list it, either.15:23
sdschulzeOK, Debian just fscked it up.15:47
sdschulzeNow I appreciate VGA. :(15:48
lekernelCERN supports creative commons: http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/2273617:19
Ornotermessdschulze: dont 4x6 font look more like random dots than letters? :P18:11
uncloudedOrnotermes: 4x6 fonts look pretty awful in black&white, especially on the NanoNote's LCD with its pixels in a delta arrangement but there are things you can do with SubLCD techniques to make fonts more readable on the NanoNote's display: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ben_NanoNote_fonts18:38
Ornotermesi think i prefer 6x11, but 5x8 could be useful if one really need that18:43
Ornotermesfor a serial terminal or something like that18:44
uncloudedOrnotermes: there's a 6x10 font on that page that looks heaps better than a black&white 6x11 font18:45
uncloudedOrnotermes: the screenshots don't really do it justice but even my poor photos show the 32-bit color fonts looking better18:50
Ornotermesunclouded: but 32bit color fonts doesn't support colored text right?18:57
uncloudedOrnotermes: that's right.  it's like having a grayscale terminal18:58
Ornotermesis it possible to use different fonts in different ttys?19:04
uncloudedOrnotermes: yes, definitely20:05
Ornotermesthen i might take a look at it some day20:33
wpwraklekernel: you can drive an MR2 with it .. :)22:03
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