#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2010-07-19

sid_ondid anyone get time to check gentoo cross compiling?05:41
zearsid_on, i used gentoo cross compilation for jornada 72005:48
zearwhile it is quite handy, i'd rather go with a normal, independent toolchain, that is tuned to work with the exact hardware you want to compile for05:49
sid-userzear: yeaa; main OS is wrt; its like debian just a alternative system05:54
sid-userzear: i think at the moment i'am alone which is a bit frustating05:55
sid_onzear: maybe you want to try it; 'overlay' is a bit outdated because i recompile everything from scratch but it should work05:59
zearnah, i have a bad experience with crosscompiling with gentoo06:00
sid_onits a mess but most problems are layer 8;06:04
sid_onmost problems are already solved06:05
sid_on--> at the moment it does not boot anymore; something is wrong with /dev - for comment06:05
nebajothy halo thar.08:43
rafanebajoth: buenos dias09:48
wolfspraulgbraad: you there?10:21
jxselfMy Ben arrived today! Woo Hoo!15:31
jxselfIndeed. Too bad it's at home & I'm at work.15:39
ezdagorWell, I got the ks7010 driver working.. couldn't figure out how to stop it from writing to the console every second. I came up with a fix, though. So, if anyone wants to save a lot of time. Just edit "/etc/sysctl.conf" and add the line: "kernel.printk = 3 4 1 3"16:15
wpwrakjxself: take a week off ? :)16:15
ezdagorIt will supress "lowlevel messages" to the console.16:16
jxselfPerhaps. :)16:16
ezdagorAnyone know what the "GPIO Matrix" is?16:25
ezdagorI'm trying to get the mouse working, and I came across that in the kernel .config file.16:25
mthezdagor: might be the matrix keyboard connected to GPIO pins16:26
ezdagorAh. I see.16:27
ezdagorI also noticed a GSM modem..16:38
ManoftheSeaProbably just packages that support hardware on other devices.17:38
ezdagorI'm trying to get a mouse (PS2) working with the NN. I've compiled various PS2 drivers into the kernel, and there appears to be a /dev/psaux, but it doesn't seem usable.20:51
ezdagorAt least with gpm.20:51
rafaezdagor: but how did you plug the mouse to ben?22:32
rafaor how do you plug..22:32
wpwrakkewl. atmel simulated the balun in one of their designs with qucs :)22:39
Action: wpwrak deplores the absence of test pads for usb host in the ben22:52
wpwrakhmm, i just opened the display (finally). but i still don't see how to release the hinge :-( i'll need this for the scans in a few days.23:51
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