#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-07-16

xdpirateHey, I get a problem when trying to boot debian from sd card:03:43
xdpiratereading uImage03:43
xdpirateUnable to read uImage from mmc0:103:43
xdpirateWrong Image Format for bootm command03:43
xdpirateERROR: can't get kernel image!03:43
xdpiratethen the ben locks up and needs a hard reboot03:44
xdpiratethe uImage is located in /boot, and the card is formated as one ext2 partition03:44
xdpirateanyone have any ideas?03:44
xdpiratei followed xiangfus guide here http://www.openmobilefree.net/?p=53503:46
xiangfuxdpirate: try this uboot: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.2010.07.07.bin04:02
xiangfuwhat is your sd card size.04:02
xdpiratexiangfu, it's 1 gb04:06
xdpiratecan i still boot into openwrt with that bootloader?04:07
xiangfuxdpirate: yes.04:07
xdpirateok thanks04:07
xdpiratei'll try it in a bit, need to reboot into linux to flash the bootloader04:07
xiangfuxdpirate: this will goto next release. when next release come up. I will remove that file.04:07
xdpirateok, already downloaded it so i'll try it in a bit, then report back :)04:08
xdpirateok brb04:09
xdpiratexiangfu, that bootloader worked, thanks, now the kernel boots04:20
xdpiratehowever, i now get a kernel panic04:20
xdpirate"Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel."04:20
xdpirate(then it locks up and needs a hard reset)04:21
xiangfuxdpirate: hmm.. check if there "/etc/preinit" in your sd card?04:22
xdpiratenope, no such file04:23
xdpirateshouldn't that be included in the debian lzma you linked in your blog post?04:23
xiangfuxdpirate: yes.04:25
xdpiratehm wierd04:25
xdpirateit exists in my pc extract folder, somehow it must have not been copied to the sd card04:27
xiangfuxdpirate: what is your .tar.lzma size?04:27
xiangfuxdpirate: yes.04:27
xdpirate33850806 bytes04:27
xdpiratehowever it's an empty file on my pc04:27
xdpiratehm it's an empty file inside the tar aswell04:28
xiangfuxdpirate: it's a link file04:28
xdpiratei'll try just copying it over and see what happens04:28
xiangfuxdpirate: preinit -> /sbin/init04:29
xiangfuxdpirate: you must extract in file system which allows symbolic links, so not fat.04:30
xdpirateyeah, i just figured out that xD04:30
xiangfuxdpirate: :)04:31
xdpiratei'll log into linux again and extract directly onto sd card04:31
xdpiratei had extracted the files with 7z in windows to an ntfs drive, then copying them over to the ext2 sd card04:31
xdpiratethanks for your help, i'll go linux and try again :)04:32
kyakbtw, yesterday i was installing jlime from openwrt again (as i don't have SD card reader), and the download/extraction processes kept getting killed due to insufficient memory04:33
kyakit brough my attention to the fact that fbterm is consuming 15 % of memory04:33
kyakvery fat...04:34
kyakso i had to kill, then i extracted jlime to SD card with no problems04:34
kyak..which reminds me that i wanted to try nterm04:35
xdpiratexiangfu, finally got it working :) had to change ext2 inode size06:26
xdpiratethanks for the help06:27
xdpiratehowever, now i'm having trouble connecting it to the pc06:27
xdpiratedid this:06:27
xdpirateifconfig usb0 up06:27
xdpirateroute add usb006:27
xdpirateecho 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward06:27
xdpirateiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE06:27
xdpiratebut when trying to telnet or ssh in I get "Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host"06:28
kyakreally this is not according to Ethernet_over_USB docu06:28
xdpirate(in debian)06:29
kyakyou forgot to set interface to masquarade in itpables06:29
xdpiratekyak, followed the ethernet guide here: http://pyneo.org/howto/debian/nano.html06:29
kyakhm, ok06:30
xdpirate> iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE06:30
xdpiratedid that06:30
kyakpyneo is making warnings to me06:30
xdpiratestill get no route to host06:30
kyakusing Firefox on Windows, not supported :) crazy fanatics06:31
kyakshow the ifconfig usb0 from Ben06:31
uncloudedxdpirate: it's not that is the same subnet as your WLAN is it?06:33
xdpirateunclouded, actually yes it is06:36
xdpirateit worked in openwrt even tho it was the same subnet06:36
xdpiratekyak, you can just click past the warning and enter the link again06:37
uncloudedxdpirate: you could try using or  No point in making life hard unless you're trying to bridge the nano on to your WLAN06:37
kyakxdpirate: sure i can :)06:37
xdpirateunclouded, i am, i need to apt-get update :P06:37
xdpirateand install gcc >:306:37
uncloudedxdpirate: you don't need to bridge for that.  the MASQUERADE means your workstation will send the apt-get traffic on behalf of your NanoNote06:40
xdpirateso what should I do then? i've rebooted both the NN and the host pc now06:41
uncloudedon the NN: ifconfig usb0 up; route add default gw
uncloudedon your host PC: sudo ifconfig usb0 up ; sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE06:44
uncloudedand the /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward thing, which must be done as root not just sudo because the shell redirect is owned by your user06:45
uncloudedxdpirate: is your host PC running Debian too?06:45
xdpirateunclouded, not vanilla debian but ubuntu06:46
uncloudedxdpirate: sorry I made a boo boo.  " up" on the host, not " up" like I wrote06:47
xdpiratenow I get a "SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable" error on the ben when trying to run "ifconfig usb0 up; route add default gw"06:49
uncloudedxdpirate: I'm guessing it means that you can't add a default route via because the kernel doesn't have a route to, which is strange because it should be directly reachable on the via the usb0 device.06:54
xdpirateafter rebooting ben, it now completed without fail06:55
xdpiratebut i still can't reach the internet06:55
uncloudedxdpirate: ok, can it do "ping" though?06:55
xdpirateaptitude is stuck on "0% [Connecting to ftp.debian.org]"06:55
xdpirateyup, pinging the host is working alright06:56
uncloudedI guess resolv.conf then06:56
uncloudededit /etc/resolv.conf on the NN and put in a line that says "nameserver", where in that example is the DNS server on your WLAN06:57
xdpirateok thanks, i'll try06:57
kyakecho "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf06:57
uncloudedxdpirate: or do what kyak said, which is easier06:58
xdpirateWoohoo, it's working!06:59
xdpirateThanks kyak and unclouded :)06:59
xdpirateHugely appreciated06:59
xdpirateOnward to install gcc :D07:00
uncloudedxdpirate: that stuff can all be automated if you like.  when I plug in my NN it's auto connected to the Internet.  it's not hard to set up if you're interested07:00
xdpiratethat'd be swell, i'dn't have to go through this procedure every damn time :P07:00
xdpirateoh btw, when running debian from the SD-card, it doesn't have access to the NAND right?07:01
xdpiratewouldn't want it messing up my owrt setup07:01
uncloudednot unless you run ubiattach from within Debian07:02
xdpiratealrighty thanks07:02
kyakxdpirate: by your feeling, debian is running smoothly or..?07:03
xdpiratewell i haven't tried any framebuffer applications yet, but the console seems alright :P07:04
xdpiratei'll mainly use debian for gcc, to be honest, being able to compile on the go is awesome07:04
kyakit's awesome and useless actually :)07:04
kyakthere are powerful scripting languages that are more suitable for programiing on th go07:05
xdpiraterofl :P07:05
xdpiratescripting :/07:05
xdpirateC > *07:05
uncloudedI'm looking forward to the day when I can boot either OpenWRT or Debian from the same SD card07:06
kyakwhen yo ureally need it "on the go", i bet you need it fast07:06
kyakunclouded: just hack the uboot :)07:07
xdpirateso unclouded, how do i automate connecting the nn to the internet with debian? :P07:07
uncloudedkyak: one day, maybe when I get balls of steel :)07:07
uncloudedxdpirate: thought I'd write it up on the wiki and then point you to that once I'm done07:08
xdpirateAh, awesome, thanks :)07:08
xdpirateSomething weird just happened, keyboard keys aren't working as they should, it seems the keyboard layout or locale was changed somehow07:23
wpwrakhmm, has anyone managed to separate the lcm's shell from the bottom shell ?07:27
uncloudedxdpirate: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB#Making_it_persistent07:28
uncloudedxdpirate: hopefully there aren't many mistakes in that07:29
xdpirateunclouded, thanks :)07:29
wpwrakkristoffer: (copy/mirror my site) hmm, you mean idbg ?07:32
uncloudedxdpirate: you're welcome.  bed time for me now07:36
kristofferwpwrak, yeah07:42
kristofferwpwrak, just backup information with schematics and stuff in a wikistyle.07:42
wpwrakkristoffer: hmm, the thing is that this project is still evolving. so you'd either have to track my changes or the two locations will diverge. not sure this is a good idea.07:44
wpwraki might relocate the project to projects.qi-hardware.com, though, because my git server setup is a little weird. even crashes debian's version of git, it seems :)07:45
kristofferwpwrak, I was thinking that I create an "backup" place with link to your page and try and update whenever something changes.07:50
wpwrakkristoffer: a mirror. hmm, dunno. my site should be reasonably stable, and i suppose project.qi-hw is as well. if anything goes bad, i have a local copy anyway.07:53
kristofferwpwrak, alrighty then, just checking07:54
wpwrakkristoffer: yeha, i think it would more likely create confusion and unnecessary work than have a practical use. but thanks anyway !07:58
rafawpwrak: perhaps we could add a little general comment about your idbg work on jlime, with the proper links to the idbg web page. So if somebody is interested he/she can follow the link. It would help other jlimers to know about the useful idbg thing for nn08:01
wpwrakrafa: yup, that would be perfect. i still have to make a "photo story" for the ben, and also adapt the firmware upload process (which currently relies on having an freerunner with debug board. kinda exotic requirements for much of the nanonote community :)08:04
rafajajaja.. no very exotic.. remember the current dependences for deb software packages.. if you need to install vim.. you need... and then a long weird list of packages appear08:06
wpwrakrafa: openoffice-opengl-kanji ? :)08:08
rafawpwrak: haha :D08:28
rafayeah, something like that08:28
kristofferopenoffice got opengl accelerated?13:10
kristofferthat sounds really pointless and increadibly kewl13:11
Ornotermeskristoffer: it can be kind of good for presentations and graphs13:17
larscif your presenatation needs OGL acceleration it's probably a bit to fancy13:18
Ornotermesif one has a open gl accelerated computar, why not make use of it? :P13:20
rafakristoffer: vim and mutt opengl accelerated..13:58
rafakristoffer: just kidding :)14:14
rafakristianpaul: just kidding :P14:15
larscfor syntax highlighting ;)14:16
kristianpaulah ok14:19
ezdagorWell, I got the kernel compiled on my desktop. Just wanted to thank you people. Now, i'm trying to build some "packages" in the "openwrt-xburst-xburst" tree. How do I do that? When I do a "make" it tries to recompile _everything_. How do I avoid that?16:46
ezdagornanodev@wolf:~/dev/openwrt-xburst-xburst> make  make[1] world  make[2] target/compile  make[3] -C target/linux compile  make[2] package/cleanup  make[2] package/compile  make[3] -C package/gmu compile make -r world: build failed. Please re-run make with V=99 to see what's going on make: *** [world] Error 116:51
Ornotermesezdagor: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Porting_programs16:51
Ornotermesbasicly select packages as module from "make menuconfig", then run "make package/packagename/compile"(sets up the build dir) and "make package/packagename/install"(compiles and create ipg file)16:54
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: MTD: NAND: jz4740: Fix potential that can happen when the hardware is broken http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/f42d98718:46
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: board_qilb60: Update include file paths http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/5dec57118:46
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: MTD: NAND: jz4740: Move include file from include/linux/mtd/ to arch/mips/include/asm/mach-jz4740/ http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/522642a18:46
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: fbdev: jz4740: Move include file from include/linux to arch/mips/include/asm/mach-jz4740 http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/9b0a62a18:46
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: fbdev: jz4740: Add special tft type lcds support. http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/2d6b4fe18:46
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: JZ4740: gpio: Fix LCD pins wrongly labeld as MEM pins http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/d49c41b18:46
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: MMC: jz4740: Avoid reloading the fifo address before each read/write http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/629b23018:46
ezdagorIs it possible to listen to MP3s on the NanoNote?19:41
ezdagorI've seen screenshots of a program called "Gmu" playing Mp3s.. but when I try to use mpg123, the sound is all choppy, even when downsampled.19:42
nebajothezdagor: hello19:45
ezdagorHi, nebajoth.19:45
nebajothit is feasible to decode MP3s at a usable rate19:45
nebajoththe use of MP3s is discouraged by the developers of the NanoNote19:45
nebajothso there isn't much emphasis on making it work out of the box19:45
nebajothin fact, the opposite is true19:45
nebajoththere are non-official firmware/operating systems for the NanoNote19:46
nebajoththat do play mp3 out of the box19:46
nebajothjlime is particularly popular19:46
ezdagorLike OpenWRT?19:46
nebajothopenwrt, at least the official qi distribution of it, does not play mp3s out of the box19:46
nebajoththey've specifically removed it19:46
nebajothin fact19:46
ezdagorYeah. I've noticed that.19:46
nebajothI myself use Debian.19:46
ezdagorMe too.19:47
nebajothon my NN19:47
nebajothI use a console player called cmus19:47
nebajothit works great for MP3s19:47
nebajothand FLACs19:47
nebajothits in repos19:47
nebajothvi-like keybindings19:47
ezdagorOk. Cool.19:47
nebajothanother popular option19:48
nebajothis moc19:48
nebajothI believe its package name in debians is mocp19:48
ezdagorThank you. I appreciate it.19:48
nebajothNo problem19:49
rafanebajoth: cmus looks nice19:51
nebajothI use it every day19:53
nebajothI do internet install service calls19:53
nebajothand the work car has an AUX in19:53
nebajothI drive around all day listening to my NN19:53
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