#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2010-07-15

kyakxiangfu: hi00:51
kyakdo you have problems building glib2 after feeds update? cause I do :)00:51
xiangfukyak: Hi02:24
kyakhi again02:25
xiangfukyak: I don't have compile error after feeds update.02:33
xiangfukyak: seems the glib2 not select by default.02:35
kyakhm, i wonder how it became selected for me.. will try to disable02:36
kyakxiangfu: glib2 is "hard selected" in make menuconfig02:37
kyak--- glib2..02:38
kyaklike this02:38
xiangfukyak: which sub-menu?02:38
xiangfukyak: not here.02:39
xiangfukyak: <Libraries> --> <glibc> not selected.02:39
kyakLibraries -> glib202:39
kyakglib2, not glibc02:40
xiangfukyak: yes. glib2 , not select here.02:40
kyakthere must be some dependancy that made it active02:41
xiangfukyak: yes.02:41
kyaki think i'll just grab the latest .config and replace mine02:42
kyakit must be skrewed02:42
kyakit's still active02:44
kyakis there some other config?02:44
xiangfukyak: oh. I can my .config. what is the glib2 error?02:46
xiangfuI change my .config fle.02:47
xiangfudis-select the glib2.02:47
kyakcan i have it please?02:47
xiangfukyak: ok wait.02:48
kyaki'll show you the error in a few..02:48
xiangfukyak: http://www.openmobilefree.net/other/downloads/tmp/02:49
xiangfukyak: http://www.openmobilefree.net/other/downloads/tmp/glib2_2.22.2-1_xburst.ipk02:50
kyakth error02:50
kyakxiangfu: i don't actually need the ipk :)02:51
kyakbetter to get this fixed or not to build glib2 at all02:51
kyakxiangfu: i meant, can i have your .config?02:52
xiangfukyak: oh. you mean the .config file. sorry.02:52
kyakalso, you can build glib2, so the problem might be something else02:53
kyakat first i understood it so, that it got selected for me by accident02:54
xiangfukyak: http://www.openmobilefree.net/other/downloads/tmp/config02:54
xiangfukyak: maybe you check if there gettext library in your host system.02:55
kyakxiangfu: there is.. also, it built just fine until yerterday's evening02:56
kyakwhen i updated feeds02:56
kyakhm, make menuconfig is taking a while with your .config02:57
kyakit just keep outputting three lines03:00
kyak++ mkdir -p stamp lib usr/include usr/lib03:00
kyakmkdir &03:00
kyakcd ..03:00
xiangfukyak: hmm. strange.03:01
xiangfukyak: we just delete the .config file. and create a new one. by "make menuconfig"03:01
kyakgood idea03:01
xiangfukyak: the glib2 finished compile here. without error.03:02
kyakmake menuconfig started ok without .config03:02
xiangfukyak: select  [Target System]  --> [Ingenic XBurst].03:04
xiangfukyak: [Subtarget] --> [QI Ben Nanonote (qi_lb60)]03:05
kyakanytthing else?03:06
xiangfukyak: no .03:07
kyakmaking now..03:08
kyakxiangfu: it went fine, cause no pacakges were selected03:25
kyakrootfs is 916 Kb :)03:25
kyaknot i try to enable glib203:28
kyakand build fails03:30
kyakafter i enabled glib203:31
kyakthe same error03:31
xiangfukyak: hmm.. try to select "libintl" in03:45
kyakxiangfu: it's selected by default03:48
kyak"Hard" selected03:49
xiangfukyak: hmm. if there "gettext-0.17" under "build_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc-"03:52
kyakxiangfu: there is03:53
xiangfukyak: if there is. let's try delete "gettext-0.17" and "glib-2.22.2" and try "make" again.03:53
kyakmaking now03:54
kyakxiangfu: hey, it went fine! :)04:02
kyakxiangfu: thanks :) i need to "make clean" sometimes04:03
xiangfukyak: great.04:09
xiangfuiPerl: hihi :)05:33
iPerlxiangfu: hi:)05:34
wpwraklekernel: good point ;-)05:48
kyakmathomatic is not compiled, complains for readline unavailable05:56
kyakdisabled it.05:56
kyakhm, no wonder, libreadline gets built after mathomatic05:57
kyakit is so useful to make a clean build sometimes05:59
qwebirc60110hi Iam newbie to nanonote06:17
qwebirc60110can anybody help me06:17
xiangfuqwebirc60110: Hi06:18
qwebirc60110can you help me xiangfu06:19
xiangfuqwebirc60110: hope I can . :). what is the problem?06:19
qwebirc60110how can i develop any application for it ?06:21
qwebirc60110and run ove rit06:21
zearqwebirc60110, you can write it on your desktop pc and then cross-compile it with a right toolchain to the nanonote06:23
zearuse the same tools you use for developing apps for linux06:24
qwebirc60110from where I can download the toolchain ?06:24
zearyou have to compile it yourself06:24
xiangfuqwebirc60110:  here is some document: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image#Building_OpenWrt-image_from_source06:24
qwebirc60110can we develop any graphical appication for it ?06:32
zearqwebirc60110, yes, if you use the right libs06:55
zearmainly sdl06:55
qwebirc60110how ? plz tell me the procedure06:56
zearthough there is also gtk and qt, but there are still problems with that libs06:56
zearwell.. you have to learn sdl06:56
qwebirc60110that is not the issue06:56
zearthe sdl app has to be 320x240 and 32bpp06:56
zearthat's pretty much all about sdl06:56
qwebirc60110i only need to knwo the procedure06:56
qwebirc60110and what about toolchain06:56
zearthere's no difference between the nanonote and a desktop linux pc06:57
zearyou write your sdl in the same manner06:57
zear*your adl app\06:57
zearas for the toolchain, xiangfu linked you the howto already06:57
zearit is a little complicated, i never mastered openwrt's toolchain06:58
zearthough i'm sure the guys here will help you with it if you get stucked at some point06:58
uncloudedthere's a page on the wiki with a Hello-SDL example that shows how the OpenWRT toolchain can be used to compile your own SDL apps: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Compiling_for_the_NanoNote07:06
mthlarsc: jz_nand_ioremap_banks will remap the first num_banks banks, while those might not be the ones selected in the pdata08:03
mthfor example, in the pdata I have ".banks = { 3 }", then bank 3 should be remapped, while bank 1 will be08:05
mththe resource name is correct, but bank_mem and bank_base are not08:05
larscai see08:06
lekernelhttp://www.adciv.org/ ("advanced civilization")09:48
lekernelie economy of abundance through automation09:48
lekerneltoday it's just a bunch of talking ofc09:48
urandom_lekernel interesting that http://www.adciv.org/ but they mistake is that they forget about history, they try to reinvent something which have already have been an idea for ages: communism09:55
lekernelyeah, but communism in its actual implementations was marked by technologic retards and lack of innovation09:57
urandom_lekernel yeah but technologie wasnt really ready for communism at that time, also communism hasnt be implemented but socialism and socialism10:03
lekernelis it ready today?10:03
lekernela lot of the stuff that the website presents isn't really working yet10:03
urandom_partly yes10:03
urandom_the problem is that capitalism blocks automatition in some cases cause human labor is very cheap in it10:04
urandom_so we need socialism first10:05
urandom_lekernel ever heared of cybersyn?10:05
urandom_very interesting stuff10:06
zearurandom_, sounds like a hoax10:14
urandom_a hoax?10:14
zearonly one reference link and the picture is obviously a part of a sci-fi movie scenography10:14
urandom_no its not a hoax10:15
zearwell, the picture is not real, at least10:16
urandom_its real i think10:17
zearjust look at that chairs10:17
urandom_look here http://www.cybersyn.cl/ingles/cybersyn/index.html10:17
zearpiece of plastic with fake geometric buttons10:17
zearand no wires10:17
zearalso, the screens in the background look very fake10:17
urandom_it says the room was futuristic, well doesnt mather, but cybersyn was real for sure, have read much about it10:19
zearno, the picture looks like from startrek10:19
zearaccording to the wiki the project was running in 1970-7310:19
zeari don't think computers in that time were so advanced10:20
zearit rather looks like a part of a sci-fi movie scenography10:20
urandom_zear there is lot of stuff about it to read vom different authors, it is real for sure10:21
zeari refuse to believe this photo depics a real control room of this computer10:22
urandom_it is very impressive what they could do in 1970 so imagine what we could do now10:22
zearWhere are punched cards? Where is a lot of control leds?10:22
zearyeah, hard to believe Chile could achieve such an advanced project in the 70s10:23
zeari claim it fake :P10:23
urandom_zear read http://www.williambowles.info/sa/FanfareforEffectiveFreedom.pdf10:23
zearok, that's a lot of text. And with references10:24
zearbut i still think the picture is not real10:24
zearor it's at least a concept of a control room10:25
zearbut it doesn't look functional at all10:25
zearespecially with that silly geometric buttons10:25
urandom_oh yeah it might just be concept, dont know, does it mather? cybersyn is real and cybersyn was fucking interesting and we should learn from it10:26
zearyes it does, the photo depicts something that can not be real10:26
zear*might not10:26
urandom_ask here http://www.cybersyn.cl/ingles/contact.html for example if it is real if that is really brothering you so much10:28
zearnot bothering me that much to ask them ;)10:28
zearjust saying that to me the picture looks fake10:28
zearthis is how control rooms looked like: http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/history/jsc40/gallery/lores/S65-42424.jpg10:29
zearnow compare that to that silly chair-computers10:29
urandom_yeah in the U,S and A but Chile might have done different, they wanted to try new concepts10:30
urandom_i cant imagine it looked like this or at least very futuristic10:31
zearbut that chars don't make a sense10:32
urandom_well they look kind of cool, also from what i read about how the control room was desgined it might have looked like this10:33
urandom_zear http://newsinfo.iu.edu/web/page/normal/11088.html10:35
urandom_read "While the Cybersyn control room looked futuristic and modern,....."10:36
urandom_"For example, the flat panel projection screens used a series of slide projectors located behind the wall that were attached to the armrests of the chairs. When you pushed a button on the armrest, it would change the slide on the screen."10:36
zearurandom_, ok, maybe you're right and it is real10:37
zearbut that picture will always look fake to me ;)10:37
urandom_i dont care if it looks fake for you, i wanted to talk about cybersyn not if pictures are fake but yeah10:39
zearheh, don't mind me ;)10:46
wpwrak(1973) punch cards ... hmm ... considering that Multics started already in 1964, the PDP-11 was introduced in 1970 and also Unix saw the light of day that year, i wouldn't be so dimissive about 1973 technology :)11:41
rafawpwrak: http://www.commodore.ca/gallery/misc/commodore_calcualtor_playboy_december_1973.jpg11:46
rafacheapear than nn11:47
rafadecember 197311:47
wpwrakrafa: even has rechargable batteries ! :)11:48
rafayeah, and you can return it within two weeks for a FULL refund11:50
wpwrakand just three years later, this classic (i had one): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TI-3011:53
nebajothI haz abacus.11:54
rafawpwrak: cool stuff :)11:54
rafanebajoth: you are too old11:54
nebajothand it communicates with another abacus in my other home with two cans and a string11:54
nebajothdown which I shout modem sounds11:54
nebajothwhich is how real men do it.11:55
wpwraknebajoth: when i was young, the way to school was three hours through 2m of snow. uphill. both ways :)11:56
rafawpwrak: and now people complain about the half an hour bus trip from home to school11:59
Ornotermesis there anyone working on a port of snes9x for openwrt?12:16
rafaOrnotermes: do you need the sources?12:39
Ornotermesno, i just wondered if someone was working on it, i use dingox binary but i dont like the keybinidings very much, and a native version cold maybe get a little better performance12:41
rafaOrnotermes: I asked you because we built a package for us. No the dingux version. So if you want those sources please tell us. For keys you will need to modify a few source code lines. No external config, sorry.12:43
Ornotermeswell, why not, i can give it a try :)12:44
rafathe sources under sources/ :) .. the binary uses the fileselector12:47
Ornotermeshope i manage to build it :P12:49
rafaperhaps you can try the ipk package first.. no idea if that will be compatible12:49
Ornotermesi try that first then :)12:52
Ornotermesdidn't work12:54
Ornotermes(same errors on snes9x)12:58
rafaOrnotermes: but you tried to install gtkedit, no snes12:59
rafaah.. you mean that packages are not compatible..13:00
rafayou will need to built your own snes9x then :)13:00
Xakhhey, you think it's possible to run quake mods on the nn version of quake?15:42
Xakhi have this sweet one from my android device, i kinda wanna run it on nn, though, it gets better framerates15:43
urandom_yeah seem like i finally got a working openwrt toolchain :)17:52
rejonopen source hardware is not copyleft hardware. :)18:21
calamarztrying matchbox on debian... someone has a xorg.conf handy?18:23
wpwrakrejon: you mean due to the lack of a replicator ?18:24
mthlarsc: actually jz_nand_ioremap_banks seems to be correct, but jz_nand_select_chip had me confused by using the variable "chipnr" for two different things20:19
mthmaybe that's even the bug: since nand->bank_base is already in chip order rather than bank order, there is no need for jz_nand_select_chip to apply the indirection again20:21
mthJZ_NAND_CTRL_ASSERT_CHIP requires a 0-based bank nr instead of a chip nr though20:23
larsci do have a fix. i'll commit it tomorrow20:28
mthok, then I'll stop trying to fix it20:28
wolfspraullarsc: hey there20:32
wolfspraulMirko Vogt told me you guys found out that the Sungale ID800WT picture frame has no drive IC at all?20:33
wolfspraulhow can this work... What does the drive IC actually do?20:33
wolfspraulI am trying to visit Ilitek soon to learn more about drive ICs, but this news puzzled me a bit :-)20:33
larscthere is a controller, but its config is static.20:34
wolfsprauldo you know who makes this controller?20:35
larscinnolux i would guess20:36
larscon the other hand the one on the gpm module was made by ilitek. so i have no idea20:38
ezdagorAnyone know what lowlevel LCD driver the NanoNote uses?22:19
kristianpaulwait a min22:35
ezdagorThe generic driver doesn't work. Graphical programs don't display the colors properly.22:43
kristianpaulezdagor: i think is here http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/22:48
kristianpauljust digging22:48
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