#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2010-07-13

xiangfuezdagor: you are try to run "make kernel_menuconfig" under "/home/nanodev/dev/openwrt-xburst-xburst/" right?00:03
ezdagorAs the "nanodev" user.00:04
xiangfuezdagor: are you follow those steps: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image00:04
xiangfuezdagor: :)00:06
tuxbrainkristianpaul: gps plugged and running in debian :) receiving NMEA statements using cat /dev/ttyS0 , I'm indoors now so no fix yet charging the battery of the bnn to try it outdoors , fyi I have attached both rx and tx without problem, but not tried yet to send any message to gps, also mine is working at 9600bps06:18
kristianpaultuxbrain: oh great09:47
kristianpaultuxbrain: but do you plus gps with some voltage level shifter?09:47
tuxbrainkristianpaul: nop the module is 3.3V :)09:48
kristianpaultuxbrain: :)09:50
kristianpaulhow do you arragne it with the closed case?09:50
kristianpaultuxbrain: in jlime is matter of instaling gpsd and tangogps to get your localtion09:50
kristianpaulfrist time it requires internet to get the maps, or you can download on coputer and pass it to the nano09:51
kristianpaultuxbrain: i neede try debian in depth, hav you got running fb apps on it btw?09:51
kristianpaulyou can install gpsd and run cgps from console09:52
kristianpaulis not the fancy gps map but tis your location09:52
kristianpaulor use  gpxlogger to get traces as you move09:53
Action: kristianpaul planning do that in his town09:53
tuxbraincool that was my next research :) console gps apps,09:53
Action: tuxbrain too09:53
kristianpauli'l  write on the wiki so others can read that :)09:54
tuxbrainbarbera del valles is not yet on openstreetmaps, I have to find a way to attach the nano to the bike09:54
tuxbrainwith style of course09:54
kristianpaulhehe well me too, actually i think i'll 3D print some stuff for it09:54
kristianpaulbut not starting design it yet, also my gps is tooo big for biking :/, at least in safe way ;)09:55
kristianpaulmay be wolfspraul can find in china cheaper/smaller gps modules :)09:56
tuxbrainregarding how to attach the gps module I finally opted to be pragmatict and I attached it in the already done serial connector and with velcro at the rear of the screen cover. yeah not the most elegant solution but the quickest and I can reuse the module for arduino09:58
tuxbrainalso soldererd a led to know when I got a fix09:59
Action: kristianpaul have velcro somwhere09:59
kristianpauli was thinking a make a beep10:00
tuxbrainoh, sorry my module has a pin to led that blink on fix10:00
kristianpaulahh :)10:00
kristianpaultuxbrain: let me know how the antena behaves outdoor10:02
wolfspraultuxbrain: can you upload a picture to the wiki?10:02
tuxbrainok I will, the pitty is that due there is no real backup battery , every time it disconnect or BNN is shutdown is a cool start, so all amanac and such info has to be done again each time it turns on, I think there are methods to solve this by software, I have to take a look10:04
kristianpaultuxbrain: same her ebut look, with NMEA it cool start is just 5 seconds ! :D10:05
kristianpaulso worrie about it10:05
tuxbrainwolfspraul:  sure I will, this night is publish night :)10:05
kristianpaulalso is gpsd is at boot time the wait time is less10:06
kristianpaulmy worrie is the antenna10:06
kristianpaulwolfspraul: you like text based apps on nanonote openwrt firwamre?10:10
kristianpaulo wthat you think about it?10:10
wolfspraulwhat do you mean?10:10
wolfspraulI like both10:10
wolfspraulI think there are very strong text-based apps, and ncurses-based they are relatively easy to port10:11
wolfspraulthey are fast etc.10:11
wolfspraulso I think yes we should first strongly collect to this rich old base of apps10:11
kristianpaulyes that i meant :)10:11
kristianpaulfast indeed :)10:11
wolfspraulyes and there are 1000 details we can get right10:12
wolfspraulwhich is good10:12
wolfspraultuxbrain: how are NanoNote sales now?10:12
tuxbrainkristianpaul:  where I live sems to have bad feng shui for RF signals due both gsm and gps signals cost sweet and guts to be catched , I have to move about a half kilometer to have a fix from scratch , devices with Agps are easy going but not instantanious at all as they work after leaving the "silence RF" area, so I will test how much it takes in that zone and also in more friendly one.10:12
kristianpauli said that cause so far cgps is the most decent app to run in openwrt, until nananomap with gps client support got compiled with no errors (glup!)10:13
wolfspraulyes let's get console gps apps into openwrt10:13
tuxbrainwolfspraul: from slowly to frozen, but it was my fault, I has been silence for a while (my bad) but is time to be vervose again10:14
kristianpaultuxbrain: good point please keep it inming for the wiki too :)10:14
kristianpaultuxbrain: you also can sell gps ;)10:14
kristianpaulwow lots of stuff to add10:15
wolfspraultuxbrain: no problem, summer time10:16
wolfspraulI think we signed a real strong supporter for copyleft hardware in the US now - freedomincluded.com10:17
wolfspraultuxbrain (or anybody else) - is it true that we have 'miniperl' in openwrt?10:17
wolfspraulwhy not the full perl?10:17
wolfspraulwhat are the pros/cons of miniperl?10:17
tuxbrainkristianpaul: I have a dual  feeling about it, having gps in the BNN is really exciting and marketing defensible but there are two big cons first, the module is not cheap is about 35-40 EUR bought in the quantities I can do so, if have to charge some marging to that it will rise a 10% at least plus shipping costs to the costumer, too expensive I think, and point two  to install it requires to solder directly on nano so this piss off on any kind of wa10:33
tuxbrainrranty if things go wrong and this is a sure source of troubles in the distribution side of things, if ya has a  accecible external serial connector, selling the module along with the connector for example is another history but right now, with BNN  the gps thing is only a inspiration source ,marketing reclaim, and a help for future Sharism products to have a way to worin on the sofware part for future products than a idea of product or direct busine10:33
tuxbrainand I have to review what I wrote before presing enter not after.10:34
nebajoththe BNN is endemically too hard to plug things into10:34
nebajothsolder this, hack that10:35
nebajothif all the Ya did was add some way to plug stuff in, I'd buy 210:35
wolfspraulnebajoth: we need to integrate those things in mass production10:35
wolfspraullet's add USB host or so first10:35
nebajoththat would do it10:35
wolfspraulI'm all for improving things10:35
wolfspraulsmarter test points, test point in easier to access locations10:36
wolfspraulsmarter way to expose uart/spi/what not (idbg), etc. etc.10:36
wolfspraulwe just need to be careful to not forget manufacturability & cost of production10:36
wolfspraulit has to stay cheap, and in fact get cheaper10:36
tuxbrainwolfspraul: please please please, tellme that the uart will not need to solder, please please please10:36
wolfspraulmodularity in HW never wins in the long run, no matter how much people want it10:36
nebajothbut the truly distinguishing characteristic of open source SOFTWARE is that you can get into its guts easier than proprietary software10:37
nebajoththe analogous characteristic in hardware will be exposed test points and expandabilityy10:37
wolfspraulno worries guys, we will get those slightly conflicting goals at peace with each other :-)10:37
nebajothits fine for now10:37
wolfspraulI may just take the 'manufacturing cost' stand once in a while...10:37
nebajothI use my BNN every single day10:37
wolfspraulevery connector costs, in many ways10:37
nebajothI've just reimagined its purpose as an islanded unit10:38
nebajothwith occasional stops at the oasis10:38
nebajothwhen I plug it into something bigger10:38
nebajothyou haz proper german keymap, wolfspraul?10:38
nebajothI've been messing around with keymaps/locales on debian10:39
wolfspraulyou mean on my bnn, or notebook?10:43
wolfspraulI use american keymap anyway10:43
nebajothI meant bnn10:44
wolfspraulI just use the default.10:44
nebajothno diacritics on your vowels?!10:44
nebajothdo you never type german?10:44
urandom_nah writing oe instead of รถ for example is fine in most cases, i know a lot of people doing it10:47
wolfspraulyes, including me :-)10:48
wolfspraulplus I hardly communicate in German10:48
wolfspraul99% of my mails and other electronic communication are in English10:48
wolfspraul(such as this chat :-))10:48
wolfspraulthe few letters a year I write in German, either I wrote oe/ue, or I copy & paste umlauts one by one from German websites, he he10:49
wolfspraultuxbrain: for GPS, in the long run my plan is to produce and ship a 'free stack'10:49
wolfspraulthe modules you and cristian paul and others are hacking right now are the first step in that direction, and very very helpful10:50
wolfspraulwe can start to bring software over etc.10:50
tuxbrainwolfspraul: about microperl (the default in openwrt , as I see in the menuconfig)  is a very simple version of perl aiming to execute simple perl scripts aiming to maximum portability and quick compilation  in machine with low resources. it lack of features like DynaLoader XS that make it incompatible with modules like IO::File, your DBM database library (DB_File, SDBM_File or equivalent) or any of the modules on CPAN with XS components.10:50
wolfspraultuxbrain: if we switch to full perl, what's the downside?10:51
wolfspraullonger boot time? takes more space in NAND? slower perl execution?10:51
wolfspraultuxbrain: about GPS, I am thinking about chips like this one: http://www.datasheetdir.com/SE4120L+Rf-Front-End10:51
wolfspraulthen hook it up directly to the XBurst, and drive the entire GPS stack/protocol from there10:51
wolfspraulof course it will be a huge free software task again, because afaik such a free software stack does not exist right now, but important pieces exist, like the Japanese RTKLIB project10:52
wolfspraulbut that's the only direction I can see us going in the long run10:52
kristianpaulis posible get that one as a kit/board ?10:52
wolfsprauland hopefully those RF ICs should be cheaper too10:52
wolfspraulkristianpaul: don't know, just day dreaming now10:52
wolfspraulwe first should work with modules for a while10:53
wolfspraulthere is a lot of work, and we are only a few people. so we need to go step by step, and make the various pieces work.10:53
wolfspraulliek with the GPS modules now, we can start bringing software over.10:53
kristianpaulyes i'm on that10:54
tuxbrainwolfspraul: I read the spreadsheet, and as always I don't understand a shit but some intuitions here and there, this module is also valid for galileo signals isn't it? if so, coool, also as far as I see, we have to implement a lot of things (by soft? by hard? by both I guess) to convert what that thing trhows for it's "DATA OUT" in to something usable like a NMEA or SIRF output isn't it? , Totally agree with your aproach Wolfi as always :)11:03
wolfspraulthat's not a 'module', that's just a RF IC :-)11:04
wolfspraulmuch much lower11:04
wolfspraulcompanies like u-blox for example essentially are software companies that implement a GPS stack (the protocol) in software11:04
wolfspraulthey buy the RF IC from somewhere else, I think u-blox even resells the SE4120L somewhere11:05
tuxbrainyeah :) to my totally ingnorance you must include my lack of low level hardware vocabulary :P11:05
wolfspraulso if we hookup a front-end RF IC to our XBurst CPU (or Milkymist later, he he), then we have to implement a huge amount of additional software compared to talking to a module over UART and getting coordinates there11:05
kristianpaulwolfspraul: hey MM good idea11:06
kristianpaultehre is uart i just need  display :)11:07
kristianpaulbut later true11:07
kristianpaulstardict is gtk isnt?11:10
kristianpaulcause i found this http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Gosmore11:10
wolfspraulstardict is gtk2, so rafa doesn't like it11:11
wolfspraulhe thinks gtk1 is ideal for our low memory situation11:11
kristianpaulis true, no?11:11
kristianpaulwolfspraul: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_GPS11:11
kristianpaulwell butbody tell why tangogps run better on X than fbi really want to know11:12
kristianpaulrafa: can you check if gosmore is in jlime? (i'm not at home with my bnn :()11:14
hallo99SDIO is basicly spi, could I connect a enc28j60 ethernet chip via sdio to the nanonote?11:15
kristianpaulyes SDIO is used for ethernet too i read11:16
kristianpaulnot sure the driver for it...11:16
wolfspraulkristianpaul: can you check whether it is possible to wire up this SE4120L chip with the existing Ben NanoNote test points?11:16
tuxbrainthat gosmore stuff seems interesting11:16
wolfspraulwe have a few things exposed, like one or two free GPIOs I think, but not sure whether it's enough...11:16
kristianpaulyes we have two11:17
kristianpauland SDIO :)11:17
rafakristianpaul: no, sorry. gosmore is not in the OE repo currently used11:17
rafakristianpaul: I can do a ipk package for you perhaps11:17
kristianpaulrafa: ohh will be cool :)11:18
kristianpauli'll try packge for openert this weekend11:18
kristianpauldue nanomap not friednly for non wt devels ;)11:18
hallo99there is an spi over gpio driver and a driver for the enc28j60 in linux, but spi needs 3 pins11:18
tuxbrainkristianpaul: advice if you succesfully achieve to buid this :)11:20
kristianpaultuxbrain: gosmor?11:20
tuxbrainyes, it seem it provides at least basically osm maping stuff facilities :)11:20
kristianpaulyup :)11:21
kristianpaultuxbrain: is in debian btw ;)11:21
tuxbrainhehehehe debian + X any one has tried?11:21
tuxbrainor debian + gtk+ fb?11:22
kristianpaulnad i give up just after see how long will take11:22
kristianpauland siwched to jlime :p11:22
tuxbrainhehehe, downloading latest jlime right now :)11:23
kristianpaulwolfspraul: andres mm + camera coming stuff + gps will be usefull now i think :)11:26
kristianpaulwolfspraul: i think if we got a one more gpio pin is posible to get bnn listen to SE4120L11:28
tuxbrainput a good case, small lcd,  and and battery and you will will have the most multimedia geek multipourpuse thing made ever11:29
kristianpaulthats why i quit my other closed uc and moved to MM :)11:30
kristianpauland bnn of course11:31
wolfspraulkristianpaul: one more GPIO, hmm11:31
tuxbrainwell aslo some buttons to move trough menus, while not full moninor keyboard plugged in11:31
wolfsprauloh well11:31
rafakristianpaul: gosmore built.. now I will do the opkg package ;)11:33
kristianpaulrafa: ohh !11:33
kristianpaulkudos !11:33
kristianpauli cant wait to get at home :)11:33
kristianpaulwolfspraul: i think there are more gpios just not so easy to solder, larsc pointed two near TP4/TP5, i hope there more11:36
rafakristianpaul: there is a little problem :)11:45
kristianpaulrafa: yes??11:46
rafakristianpaul: gosmore needs the planet file.. and it uses 10GB! :(11:46
kristianpaulwhy? for what?11:47
rafakristianpaul: yes, check the files planet-...osm.bz211:47
rafakristianpaul: perhaps for maps?11:47
rafathe README file in gosmore, and the binary (when you run it) says:11:47
rafaUsage information11:48
rafaFetch planet file from OpenStreetmap and feed it to gosmore11:48
rafabzcat planet-...osm.bz2 | gosmore rebuild11:48
rafaCannot read gosmore.pak11:48
rafaYou can (re)build it from11:48
rafathe planet file e.g. bzip2 -d planet-...osm.bz2 | ./gosmore rebuild11:48
rafakristianpaul: anyway, I will do the opkg package.. if somebody has that free space then he/she can try11:49
Action: kristianpaul fechting now... 10GB... :/11:49
kristianpaulargg i'm running out space :(11:50
kristianpaul    * ou can create a smaller pak file by specifying a cropping bounding box during a second pass. Even if the bounding box is the whole planet, the resultant file will have a better structure, e.g.11:56
kristianpaul mv gosmore.pak master.pak11:56
kristianpaul bzcat planet...osm.bz2 | ./gosmore rebuild -83 -179 83 17911:56
kristianpaulrafa: http://dev.openstreetmap.de/gosmore/0000043604440585.zip prebuildd something11:58
kyakmake[5]: *** No rule to make target `/home/xiangfu/workspace/PanGu/u-boot-2010.03/include/common.h', needed by `nanonote.o'.  Stop.13:04
kyaki guess it's due to absolute paths is package/uboot-xburst/files/board/xburst/nanonote/.depend13:18
kyakwaiting for xiangfu :)13:18
qwebirc12546pkg_get_installed_files: Failed to open //usr/lib/opkg/info/DirectFB.list: No such file or directory.13:34
qwebirc12546Got that error ... hmmm ... already renamed that one ... but now ...13:34
qwebirc12546e.g. opkg install emacs ...13:34
qwebirc12546isn't emacs in the package list?13:34
qwebirc12546How can i install gnuchess on ben?13:35
qwebirc12546Should i change to debian?13:35
kyak'okpg update' first13:38
tuxbrainwolfspraul: ping14:56
wolfspraultuxbrain: yes14:56
tuxbrainwhat software are you using to irc logging?14:56
tuxbrainthere is a wiki page?14:57
wolfspraulforgot, but it's all documented14:57
tuxbrainthanks :)14:57
wolfsprauleggdrop, and irclog2html to generate the HTML files14:58
wolfspraulfor the commitlog I use irc_cat but it's not very robust, I will try to do this with eggdrop as well one day...14:58
tuxbrainwith eggdrop and irclog2htl is enough :) thanks(again)15:00
kyakwolfspraul: hey!15:01
kyakwolfspraul: i think you can help :) i set up public keys in my account on projects.qi-hardware.com, but i can't seem to able to commit15:01
wolfspraulyou may have to wait a few minutes15:02
wolfspraulthere are some cron jobs running, I don't know/forgot the details15:02
Ornotermesis there any way to get a finer control of volume on ben?15:02
wolfspraulkyak: when did you upload the key?15:02
kyakthe connection is reset and it says "Need SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND in environment.". When I run with ssh -vvv i see that key negotiation is finished15:03
kyakwolfspraul: i think, around 15 minuts ago15:03
wolfspraul15min should be enough15:04
wolfspraulby far15:04
kyakyep, i think the key is not an issue here15:04
qwebirc12546Hi! Back again! ;-)15:06
qwebirc12546opkg update aready done ...15:06
qwebirc12546what i need is a gcc for nanonote on nanonote ... i would like to compile my c sources ON nanonote ...15:07
wolfspraulkyak: hmm15:07
wolfspraulwhich command do you run on your end?15:07
qwebirc12546I really fear, that i destroy something ....15:08
qwebirc12546e.g. keyboard ...15:08
qwebirc12546I would like to stay with the original distribution ...15:08
ezdagorOk. I successfully compiled the kernel on the NanoNote. Now, I need to turn the vmlinux.bin into a uImage.bin. Anyone know how?15:08
kyakwolfspraul: hard to tell.. i;m using gitk for now15:09
qwebirc12546What disadvatages do i have, when i change to debian?15:09
qwebirc12546gcc on Nanonote on OpenWRT - How?15:09
wolfspraulkyak: maybe you try command line access first?15:10
qwebirc12546Hmm? sshd on nanonote works!15:11
kyakwolfspraul: nah.. i'm not so good at git :) it's a real trouble to prepare just two files for commiting15:11
qwebirc12546I am really missing manymany old GNU packages on Nanonote ...15:13
wolfspraulthat 'need SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND' is coming from gitk?15:13
wolfspraulqwebirc12546: like what? let's add them! :-)15:13
ezdagorhttp://packages.debian.net has a vast selection of prgorams for the MIPS architecture.. that's where I got mine.15:14
ezdagorhttp://dir.filewatcher.com/d/Debian/mipsel.0.0.htm is another15:14
kyakwolfspraul: gitk is just saying "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"15:15
kyakwolfspraul: the "need SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND" comes from ssh -v15:15
wolfspraulI don't think you can log in with ssh and get a shell15:17
wolfspraulso let's ignore that error15:17
kyakhm ok15:17
wolfspraulwhich URL/path did you give gitk?15:17
wolfspraulfor the repository15:17
kyakPushing to git://projects.qi-hardware.com/openwrt-xburst.git15:18
kyakdestination repository origin, source brances xburst15:19
wolfspraulI don't know gitk, but I doubt this uses ssh15:19
wolfspraultry git@projects.qi-hardware.com:openwrt-xburst.git15:20
kyakyou are right, perhaps it's not using ssh15:21
kyakit uses port 941815:22
wolfspraulgit protocol I think15:22
wolfspraultry the URL I gave you15:22
qwebirc12546 /usr/sbin/dropbear -p 22 -P /var/run/dropbear.1.pid15:22
kyakone sec15:22
qwebirc12546OpenWrt consists mainly of busybox and dropbear ;-)15:23
kyakwolfspraul: it seems that this url is chosen automatically by gitk based on the repo itself15:25
rafaqwebirc12546: which GNU commands are you missing?  why do not you install them?15:26
rafakyak: do you have permissions to push?15:27
kyakrafa: i think so15:27
kyakok, i'll try from command line now15:28
kyaki hope i don't skrew up everything15:28
rafaI think so? .. somebody should give you permissions I guess, did you ask somebody to do that before?15:28
qwebirc12546I am missing success with opkg install gcc ;-(15:28
kyakrafa: yes i have asked, and i have it15:29
rafaqwebirc12546: which distribution? are you sure that the name of package is gcc?15:29
qwebirc12546the original distribution15:29
rafakyak: okey, then they gave you some username and password.. did you do some push before?15:29
qwebirc12546Dunnow - How do i find out the correct name?15:29
rafaqwebirc12546: no idea, in jlime we use "opkg list | grep EXPRESSION"15:30
kyakrafa: i didn't push before15:31
urandom_i dont think there is a gcc package for openwrt yet15:31
urandom_qwebirc12546 you can install jlime or debian on sd card15:31
qwebirc12546opkg list| grep gcc libgcc - 4.3.3+cs-50 - GCC support library root@BenNanoNote:/usr/lib/opkg/info#15:32
qwebirc12546No gcc, just libgcc ... ;-(15:32
qwebirc12546I hate it ...15:32
rafakyak: if you do not have info for authentication then you can do patches and to send them to xiangfu or qi devel mailing list15:32
rafaqwebirc12546: you can try jlime ;)15:32
urandom_qwebirc12546 most people think that the ben is too slow for compiling stuff on it and prefer cross compiling cause it is much faster15:33
kyakrafa: i have it, i've already added a public key to the server15:33
rafaqwebirc12546: it has all the development packages :) .. and you would use it from SD so you would not touch your openwrt installation ;)15:33
tuxbrainrafa: you don't loose an occasion to gain an adept :P15:33
qwebirc12546adept ... hmmm ....15:33
qwebirc12546I expected Ben nanonote to be idiotproof ;-(15:34
rafatuxbrain: of course :) .. I could explain him how to add gcc to openwrt, but I do not know. So I prefer to convice them to try jlime. You just can use it from sd :)15:34
tuxbrainnote to openwrt nanonote mantainers, having a insisde building toolchain should be awesome (as packages not included in default distro)15:34
tuxbrainqwebirc12546:  mmm then you don't have read enough :P15:34
urandom_they can include it, we have a 2gb NAND15:35
qwebirc12546opkg install gcc should really work ... -(15:35
tuxbrainqwebirc12546:  jokes apart, the goal is to arrive to that idiot proff level :)15:36
urandom_also there are many reasons to take a look at jlime, not just cause of gcc15:36
tuxbrainwe are on the way15:36
qwebirc12546Luckily i have installed Ubuntu ... so toolchain should work ... but - a MIPS processor with 32 MByte RAM should really be enough to be selfhosting ...15:37
ezdagorAnyone know how to make a uImage.bin out of a vmlinux.bin?15:37
rafatuxbrain: Moreover it is hard to get some testers for jlime... so if we do not get some adepts soon I think that the job to improve it will not be so useful.. I think that jlime should not be linked/named on qi websites/servers, so I am trying to get some users before to be quiet about our work.15:37
rafatuxbrain: just two users gave feedback IIRC15:38
urandom_qwebirc12546 openwrt is a distribution for routers mainly, they have much worse hardware15:38
rafaezdagor: sure.. let me find the link of my notes15:38
ezdagorThank you.15:39
rafaezdagor: http://jlime.com/downloads/releases/muffinman/documentation/kernel-nn.txt15:39
tuxbrainrafa: mmm not like that situation....15:39
wolfspraulrafa: you don't need to be quiet15:40
rafaezdagor: read from "make ARCH=mips CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-linux- vmlinux.bin15:40
wolfspraulI will take care of the patent problem on our end, and do what is legally required15:40
wolfspraulbut you definitely don't need to be quiet :-)15:40
ezdagorrafa: Well, actually I compiled the kernel on the NanoNote.. I tried the "gzip -9 vmlinux.bin" and then the mkimage command... when I try to boot the NN it just goes into a continious loop of trying to boot the kernel.15:41
rafawolfspraul: I was talking a bit with other jlime devs.. they did not give me yet some opinion about software which can do "things" with patented stuff.. so if we do not get an agreement then I think that it is better for nn  if we do not talk about our stuff on qi services with public logs links.. etc15:42
ezdagorDo I need to issue this first: echo 0x$(mipsel-linux-nm vmlinux 2>/dev/null | grep " kernel_entry" | cut -f1 -d ' ') ???15:42
rafaezdagor: did you do all the proper steps?15:42
rafaI mean, did you get the value for -e  in mkimage15:43
ezdagor...Make ARCH=mips menuconfig... make ARCH=mips; make ARCH=mips modules... etc, etc.15:43
urandom_rafa i think you can talk about it here, just dont say "play mp3 with this" or something like that15:43
ezdagorrafa: I don't know what you mean. Which "-e" ??15:43
rafaurandom_: so you want to hide that it does? :)15:44
rafaezdagor: did you read the link I gave you?15:44
ezdagorYes, I did pass that parameter.15:44
rafathe paramete that you got? or some random?15:45
urandom_rafa no need to hide, it is not even illegal and there are patend free countrys15:45
ezdagorThe only thing that did not pass was the 'MIPS' value.. I had to substitute it with just MIPS without the quotes.15:45
ezdagorrafa: Yes, the parameter on that URL.15:45
rafano no..15:45
rafayou need to get it15:45
rafaecho 0x$(mipsel-linux-nm vmlinux 2>/dev/null | grep " kernel_entry" | cut -f1 -d ' ')15:45
rafadid you do that?15:46
ezdagorOh. Ok.15:46
ezdagorNo, I didn't.15:46
rafathat command give you the parameter to use with -e15:46
ezdagorI'll try now. Thanks. :)15:46
ezdagorI see.15:46
rafano problem ;)15:47
urandom_" Required software: Ubuntu" for openwrt toolchain, wtf? someone really needs to clean http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/index.php?title=Building_Software_Image15:52
urandom_and no i cant do this, i can only type with one hand currently and never was able to get it working for me15:53
wolfspraulrafa: urandom_ you guys can talk whatever you want15:57
wolfspraulwe will not let someone limit even our right to speak freely15:57
wolfspraulthe requirement is on me, in a reasonable way, to remove patent violations from the servers so that I don't infringe on those patents when shipping hardware in certain countries (or rather the distributors don't)15:58
wolfspraulso you guys can talk freely, I will go through and remove MP3/MPEG4/H.264 links once in a while... no sweat...15:58
wolfspraultuxbrain: I just sent a mail with my latest findings with regards to free GPS to the list15:59
wolfspraulquite interesting stuff I think15:59
urandom_GPS on the ben would be so awesome16:02
tuxbrainwolfspraul: wow man, seems thing to come together quicker than expected :) :) :)16:03
ezdagorrafa: wolf:~/nano/3flash # echo 0x$(mipsel-linux-nm vmlinux 2>/dev/null | grep " kernel_entry" | cut -f1 -d ' ') 0x16:04
ezdagorIt returns "0x"16:04
wolfspraultuxbrain: well right now on the construction sites come together16:04
wolfspraulwe have to be careful, but I think everybody knows progress is slow, and the Ben is quite stable right now etc. so we see...16:05
wolfspraulbut yeah, putting that aside there is stuff going on in some areas, also like Milkymist, and Andres minimilky camera...16:05
rafaezdagor: do you have mipsel-linux-nm command?.. are you on the same directory that vmlinux file?16:06
rafaezdagor: why you have a 0x at the end of command?16:06
rafaezdagor:  it should be just "echo 0x$(mipsel-linux-nm vmlinux 2>/dev/null | grep " kernel_entry" | cut -f1 -d ' ')16:06
wolfsprauland I just sold a NanoNote, which always makes me happy :-)16:06
rafawith the proper commands for your environment16:06
ezdagorrafa: No, that's what it returns. That is the execution point.16:06
rafawolfspraul: great man about free as freedom (to talk :) )16:07
ezdagorrafa: No, I do not have that command... remember I compiled the kernel straight from the NanoNote.16:07
rafaezdagor: so use your proper nm command16:07
Ornotermesis there any statistics about how many nanonotes been sold all together?16:09
wolfspraulOrnotermes: about 850 now16:09
Ornotermesand you manufacture 1000 at a time?16:10
urandom_poor wolfspraul always being asked how many has been sold :P16:11
wolfspraulOrnotermes: hmm, we are free but 1000 at a time is most economic right now, yes.16:11
Ornotermesthen i would say it's a pretty good number16:12
urandom_so we have to sell 150 and then we can produce the ye?16:12
wolfspraulmaybe someone else will :-)16:12
wolfspraulit's copyleft hardware after all16:12
wolfspraulthe Ben is long not maxed out - software can improve a lot16:13
wolfspraulI mean A LOT16:13
urandom_yeah but producing more nanonotes without usb host feels wrong for me :P16:14
Ornotermesi try to do my part, but i don't have that much experience in programming :)16:14
wolfspraulurandom_: if my wishes had some sort of magic power I would also want lots of things to show up fast16:14
wolfspraulmaybe overnight even some Ben in the warehouse can transform themselves to have more RAM? or bigger screen?16:15
urandom_yeah yeah just saying16:15
wolfspraulI hear you.16:15
wolfspraulbut I'm sure you agree:16:15
wolfspraul1) since we launched, software got better every month16:15
wolfspraul2) software can still get 100 times better from an end-user perspective16:15
wolfsprauland those things carry forward to Ya, plus any hardware improvements on Ya need to be very solid as well, not a hasty job with bad hardware quality in production16:16
wolfspraulthere will be no Ya until well into last year the earliest, at least I cannot make it earlier16:16
wolfspraulthe Ben has a good way to go, and it gets better gradually so I am optimistic it will find more people that can really use and enjoy it16:17
wolfspraulwe see16:17
urandom_of course i understand you, but arent things like usb host and more ram very small changes in the production process (which would make a lot more people buy them)16:18
wolfspraulnot small changes at all16:18
urandom_oh ok, sory dont know much about it16:19
wolfspraulhardware economics are nasty, I learnt my lessons the last years16:19
Ornotermesand once a thing get changed some will expect more changes just because of that16:25
Ornotermeshow low battery voltage can ben operate on?17:01
ezdagorwolf:~/nano/3flash # echo 0x$(nm vmlinux 2>/dev/null | grep " kernel_entry" | cut -f1 -d ' ')17:11
ezdagorI don't understand why it doesn't work.17:12
Ornotermesezdagor: what are you trying to do?17:19
ezdagorOrnotermes: I compiled the kernel on my NanoNote. I'm trying to convert the vmlinux.bin (make ARCH=mips) to a uImage.bin17:20
Ornotermesyou could break it up and process it step by step17:22
ezdagorGood idea.17:24
uncloudedhas anyone seen "power_supply battery: driver failed to report `voltage_now' property"?  it's not a big problem17:27
ezdagorNow, this I really don't understand..17:48
ezdagoranodev@wolf:~/dev> echo 0x$(./mipsel-linux-nm vmlinux.bin | grep " kernel_entry" | cut -f1 -d ' ') ./mipsel-linux-nm: vmlinux.bin: File format not recognized 0x17:48
ezdagorI get the same results on the NanoNote.17:50
emebis the kernel a standard object file?17:51
emebnm doesn't recognize the vmLinuz on my x86_64 either.17:52
ezdagorWell, I compiled it directly on the NanoNote..17:53
emebyeah, but the final stages of the kernel compile strip out all the elf binary stuff don't they?17:54
ezdagorI just grepped the Makefile.. it appears so, yeah.17:57
emebwhat are you trying to pull out of the kernel image?17:58
ezdagorDamn. This is aggravating. I've been trying to get a working, good kernel for like a week now.17:58
ezdagorNothing. I'm just trying to create a uImage.bin so that I can flash it to my NanoNote.17:58
ezdagorI have the vmlinux.bin17:59
emebOK, but you're compiling it native rather than cross?17:59
ezdagorI couldn't get cross-compiling working.17:59
emebInteresting - what distro are you using for the native build?17:59
rafaezdagor: do you have a toolchain on your pc host?17:59
ezdagorDebian "Lenny"18:00
ezdagorrafa: Yes. I do.18:00
rafaezdagor: if you do the exact commands on your pc like the like I gave you above then you will build a kernel18:00
emebOK - that makes sense. I understood that Debian was working and had a compiler.18:00
rafathe like I gave you = the link I gave you*18:00
ezdagorhttp://sdschulze.dnsalias.org/~soeren/content/debian-nanonote-kernel.txt ??18:00
rafaezdagor: no, the jlime link18:01
ezdagorI've tried dozens upon dozens of time. No luck.18:01
ezdagorhttp://jlime.com/downloads/releases/muffinman/documentation/kernel-nn.txt ??18:01
rafaof course, you need to use your toolchain command name18:02
emebHmmm - what's the big deal? I used the openwrt build instructions from the qi-hardware wiki. Worked fine.18:02
ezdagorI'm stuck on the...18:02
ezdagor# Get the set entry point for mkimage command (-e) echo 0x$(mipsel-linux-nm vmlinux 2>/dev/null | grep " kernel_entry" | cut -f1 -d ' ')18:02
rafaemeb: no idea, ezdagor says that he tried a lot of times18:02
calamarzezdagor: for the debian nanonote kernel notes, check that the patch is correctly applied18:03
emebmaybe the openwrt repo is hose?18:03
rafaezdagor: if you run "mipsel-linux-nm vmlinux" only, what does it do?18:03
calamarzezdagor: are you building a kernel for debian on nn, or for openwrt?18:03
ezdagorI'ved tried the tool chain a dozen or so times, too. I couldn't get past the "make kernel_menuconfig" part.18:04
ezdagornanodev@wolf:~/dev> /usr/local/jlime/mipsel-toolchain/usr/bin/mipsel-linux-nm /usr/local/jlime/mipsel-toolchain/usr/bin/mipsel-linux-nm: 'a.out': No such file18:05
ezdagorI realize it isn't in my current PATH variable, I assure you it has the same effect as if it was.18:05
ezdagorcalamarz: For Debian18:06
ezdagorcalamarz: I'd scrap the entire installation, but I took a lot of time adding/upgrading packages on it. And it would take forever to get it back to where it was.18:07
calamarzezdagor: I was several days wondering what, and finally it was that I was assuming that the patch there had been correctly applied, and it hadn't (some broken line) :p18:08
ezdagorWell, I tried it both without the patch and with it. Same result.18:08
ezdagorIf only http://pyneo.org/downloads/nano/ had an updated image.18:09
ezdagorThat's the one i'm currently using.18:10
ezdagorNo sound, no ks7010..18:10
ezdagorWhich is what i'm trying to get.18:10
ezdagorWell, actually, I take that back, there are ks7010 kernel modules, but they crap out when modprobed.18:11
ezdagorThe "javironman" branch is the kernel that i'm trying to compile and install. Since it is the only kernel source with ks7010 and sound available for NanoNote.18:13
ezdagorEr. "javiroman" I mean.18:14
mththe jz-2.6.34 branch has sound, but I don't know what ks7010 is18:15
ezdagorA driver for KS7010-based WiFi SDIO cards.18:18
ezdagorTrying the OpenWRT build kit again..18:23
ezdagorFollowing http://sdschulze.dnsalias.org/~soeren/content/debian-nanonote-kernel.txt18:24
ezdagornanodev@wolf:~/dev/openwrt-xburst-xburst> make target/compile  make[1] target/compile  make[2] -C target/linux compile make -r target/compile: build failed. Please re-run make with V=99 to see what's going on make: *** [target/compile] Error 1 nanodev@wolf:~/dev/openwrt-xburst-xburst> make target/compile V=99 make[1]: Entering directory `/home/nanodev/dev/openwrt-xburst-xburst' make[2]: Entering directory `/home/nanodev/dev/ope18:25
ezdagorif [ -s "/home/nanodev/dev/openwrt-xburst-xburst/build_dir/linux-xburst_qi_lb60/linux-" ]; then (cd "/home/nanodev/dev/openwrt-xburst-xburst/build_dir/linux-xburst_qi_lb60/linux-"; if quilt --quiltrc=- next >/dev/null 2>&1; then quilt --quiltrc=- push -a; else quilt --quiltrc=- top >/dev/null 2>&1; fi ); fi make[3]: *** [/home/nanodev/dev/openwrt-xburst-xburst/build_dir/linux-xburst_qi_lb60/linu18:27
calamarzezdagor: here you have the deb kernel patch correctly formated, just in case: https://rhizomatik.net/nanonote/kernel/18:31
ezdagorThanks, man.18:38
ezdagorI'm issuing a "make" in the root of the OpenWRT build kit...18:39
ezdagorMaybe that was the problem.18:39
kristianpaulxiangfu: hey23:15
xiangfukristianpaul: hi23:15
kristianpaulDo i need create a bug to make cgps and other utils from gps avaliable in next firmware release?23:16
kristianpauli just matter of a configure i guess, whe copiling gpsd23:16
xiangfukristianpaul: yes. create a bug is better I think.23:17
--- Wed Jul 14 201000:00

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