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uncloudedhow does fb_imageblit work?  I was expecting this to give me a white pixel in the top-left hand corner of the screen but it doesn't work for me.  what am I doing wrong?07:06
unclouded  u8  pixel[] = { 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff};07:06
unclouded  struct fb_image  im = { dx:0, dy:0, width:1, height:1, depth:32, data:pixel};07:06
unclouded  info->fbops->fb_imageblit( info, &im);07:06
mthunclouded: you're calling this from kernel or user space?07:25
uncloudedfrom the kernel, from fbcon07:25
uncloudedit seems to be in the correct video mode because if I write that same "pixel[]" data to /dev/fb0 from userspace then I get the white pixel07:29
mthdoes depth mean bits per pixel? (32) or significant bits per pixel? (24) or bits per color component? (8)07:32
uncloudedI was hoping you could tell me.  It seems to be set to 1 throughout fbcon for writing black & white glyphs to the screen.  When set to 1, the bg_color and fg_color parts of fb_image are used07:36
mthI've programmed a frame buffer driver, but that contains only the communication with the hardware, it does not touch the generic graphics routines in the kernel07:51
uncloudedI suppose it's inadvisable to access to frame buffer directly?07:54
rafakristianpaul: hey! cool news!09:44
rafaplease, write to mailing list about so other can know your great work and which was the problem09:44
rafakristianpaul: gps should be really cool with nn ;)09:45
kristianpaulrafa: yes, in the wiki is explained11:01
kristianpaulwolfspraul: 10 seconds to get gps position11:35
kristianpaulbut nanonamap not yet give some errors http://pastie.org/103976911:35
kristianpaulgpsd works fine on openwrt but nah tamngogps, so using JLime for now11:37
Ornotermesanyone familiar with framebuffer progamming that could help me finding the bug that screws up text colors on ben?11:38
Antagakristianpaul-> with a sdio card ?11:46
kristianpaulAntaga: no, not tried yet sdio11:47
kristianpauli mean i ran jlime from sd flash memory11:47
kristianpaulnot more uses for sd11:47
kristianpaulAntaga: you hva one?11:48
kristianpauli think i'll use it to conect a FPGA to nanonote11:49
kristianpaulnot sure if SAKC uses for same..11:49
Ornotermeshow do i send a bug fix the proper way?12:06
Ornotermesshould i just paste the .patch in the mail?12:08
larscunless your mailclient messes up whitespace12:12
Ornotermesdon't think so, i use gmail12:12
kristianpaulxiangfu: hi12:44
kristianpaulcan you send me the nanomap bin you compiled?12:44
kristianpaulis last version  isnt=12:44
xiangfukristianpaul: yes.12:45
kristianpaulxiangfu: yes plase i want to test the gpsclient capabillites12:45
kristianpaulno hay fecha aun12:47
xiangfukristianpaul: check your email :)12:54
Ornotermesnow things start looking like i want them to :) http://gallery.slashhome.se/main.php?g2_itemId=270112:58
kristianpaulrafa: xoscope from jlime giveme segfault :(13:54
kristianpaulhmm orrery run now how use?? :p14:06
kristianpaulrafa: http://pastie.org/103989014:27
Xakhanyone here able to help with powder?14:53
Xakhit's a roguelike on the nn14:54
Xakhfor some reason it lost all my saved data and it's acting all messed up14:55
Xakhi usually get help on it here14:55
Xakhdang it, i know at least one or two of you play powder, i need some help15:09
Ornotermesany ideas why gmu won't find my music?18:48
wejpwhat kind of music files?18:50
Ornotermesmp3 and flac18:50
wejpthose are not supported on the nanonote18:50
wejpflac could easily be supported, but the flac version that comes with openwrt is horribly outdated18:51
wejpuntil it is updated to a recent version, gmu does not play flac on the nanonote18:51
wejpas for mp3, this is (still) a patented codec, so there is no way of supporting it on the nanonote out of the box18:52
Ornotermesso what is supported on nanonote then?18:52
wejpit is rather simple to add mp3 support to gmu though18:52
wejpogg vorbis works fine on the nanonote18:52
wejpas for flac i really hope the flac version in openwrt gets updated soon. i have no idea why they are still using such an old version18:53
Ornotermesanyway, i could live with not completely open codecs for multimedia18:54
wejpyeah, but if the device would come with mp3 support, license fees would have to be paid18:56
wejpso this is kind of a no-go18:56
Ornotermesif it come with it yes18:56
wejpof course you can add mp3 support yourself18:56
Ornotermesbut i would be fine with downloading and installing a package manual18:57
wejpyou could for example take the dingoo release of gmu and copy the mp3 decoder over to your nanonote18:57
wejpi'm just saying ^^18:57
wejpor build it yourself, whatever you prefer18:57
Ornotermeshmmm :)18:58
Ornotermesjust too bad i didn't know about the limited filesupport on nn19:00
Ornotermeswejp: i managed to fix the console text colors by the way :)19:02
wejpnice :)19:02
urandom_the ben is a very nice and loud (non)mp3 player ;)19:20
mththe git commits notification on IRC seems to be non-working20:14
mthfailed to open stream: Connection refused in /srv/irc/send_irc_lines.php on line 320:15
xiangfumth: I just restart the irc notification.21:56
uncloudeddoes sys_imageblit in the kernel support 24-bit images or only black&white and 256-color images?23:38
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