#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-07-09

kristianpaulxiangfu: same00:00
kristianpauli'm wired to battery-uart-pins and same00:00
kristianpaulas soon i wired TX from gps it stops receiving00:00
kristianpauland yes i booted using +S00:01
kristianpauland your uboot00:01
kristianpaulbut datasheet dont look like uart were not capable of it00:03
kristianpaulmaybe missing initializartion?00:03
kristianpaulxiangfu: can you point where in uboot uart is initializated?00:03
kristianpaul  UART function up to 921.6Kbps baudrate00:04
kristianpauli just asking for 57.6 Kbps00:04
kristianpaulor maybe is gpsd fault..00:05
xiangfukristianpaul: board/nanonote/nanonote.c line:5300:05
xiangfuinclude/asm-mips/jz4740.h line 2770.00:07
kristianpaulbut the issue i have is not TP4/TP5 only00:07
kristianpauli tested the with the pins for uart under battery and same result00:08
kristianpauli better go bed00:15
xiangfugood night.00:23
orly_owlwhere is the hardware revisions page on the wiki04:20
orly_owlwiki editing fails04:28
xiangfuorly_owl: hi05:39
xiangfuorly_owl: you can find hardware info at : http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/AVT2_RC2_Reference_Board06:09
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: "[uboot-xburst]-add-n516-sakc-support http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/5c418bd06:11
orly_owlxiangfu: where are the proposed revisions?06:17
neil_is there a Qi Hardware file area where I can put files that might be of interest to NanoNote users?07:10
Ornotermesanyone more noticed strange text colors in fbconsole on ben with openwrt?07:55
tuxbrain_awayneil_ : use the wiki to upload files08:15
kristianpaulwolfspraul: is bad link a video to vimeo, or is okay upload a video to qi wiki ? wich format and allowed size?10:34
wolfspraulkristianpaul: why would it be bad?10:35
wolfspraulthe Qi wiki allows Ogg Theora uploads, couple hundred MB I think - size shouldn't be a problem10:35
kristianpaulbad because ask for flashplayer :/10:37
kristianpaulbad video from vimeo can be fetched using clive10:38
kristianpaulokay http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/GPS progress updated10:53
kristianpaulde algo me sirvio la conferecia de shapado :)10:59
AndroUser2nick xakh17:36
xakhtheeere we go.17:37
xakhhi guys!17:37
xakhso, anyone read my post on the mailing list?17:37
xakhzear: ping17:39
zeari'm here17:39
zearno, let me check the list17:39
xakhyay. also. i made it to level 6 on powder17:39
xakhthe labyrinth is haard.17:40
zearlabyrinth is where i usually die17:40
xakhi keep saving17:40
zearbeware of cocatrices17:40
xakhgimme just a sec, gotta search somethin17:40
zearscumsaving? ;)17:40
xakhi found 3 polymorph wands17:42
xakhunfortunately they kept turning me into snakes and rats17:42
zearyou can try them on items too17:42
zearlike, change your useless wedding ring into a magical ring :D17:42
zearjust drop it on the ground and zap the polymorph want onto it17:43
xakhi turned into an iron golem for a while17:43
zearyeah, golems are strong17:43
zearnow if you only had a ring of unchanging17:43
zearor an amulet, forgot which one had this17:43
xakhand figured out how to make lightning rapiers17:43
zearyeah, dip a long sword into a potion of greek fire :D17:44
zearoh wait, no17:44
zearthat's a flaming sword17:44
zearspoiled that one :/17:44
zearand well, i found a lightning rapier once or twice, but i have no idea how to craft them17:44
zearso tshh ;)17:45
xakhyou fire lightning or any electric spell at a rapier17:45
zeari see17:45
xakhhm. wonder what other weird weapons there are.17:48
xakhi know there isn't much you can do with acid17:49
zeari only know of these two17:49
xakhhm. i have a feeling that ice has a weapon17:50
xakhi don't think death magic has a weapon17:50
xakhearth might, it'd prolly be a warhammer17:51
xakhi know you can poison anything17:52
xakhincluding poison potions17:52
xakhand smoke potions, which create super noxious gas17:52
zearah, right17:54
zeari suspected poisoning smoke potions would cause a toxic cloud17:55
zearbut never tried it17:55
ezdagorAnyone know where the development (openWRT) kernels are, that have NanoNote support in them?18:29
mththe qi-kernel archive is probably most up-to-date18:31
mthmaybe too far ahead of the rest, I'm not sure18:32
ezdagorYeah, i've tried all of those branches, with the exception of "master", have NanoNote support in them.18:34
ezdagorEr. I mean "master" is the only one with NN support in them.18:34
mthwhat is NN support then?18:36
mththe qi-lb60 config exists in all, afaik18:36
ezdagorWell, I've tried a "make menuconfig" in the processor section, there is no "MIPS"18:36
mthah, you have to pass "ARCH=mips"18:37
ezdagorAh. Ok. Thanks.18:37
mthprobably best way to start is "make ARCH=mips qi_lb60_defconfig"18:38
ezdagorOK. Thanks.18:38
mthand then use "make ARCH=mips menuconfig" to customize the kernel config18:38
ezdagorZip archive has errors. :/18:47
ezdagorTrying git now.18:47
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