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rafakristianpaul: I am very curious why you get always a lot of weird errors :D00:00
rafafor me it works great after a fresh install, opkg update, opkg install gpsd tangogps00:00
dmarschalany updates with native gcc on NN?05:06
rafadmarschal: what do you mean?05:06
dmarschalI need gcc on my NN and not cross compile everything.05:07
rafadmarschal: you can use jlime05:07
rafait should have gcc and all the gnu compiler stuff05:07
dmarschaloh that's cool!05:07
dmarschalgiving it a try...05:08
rafayou need a SD05:09
rafadmarschal: you need to install a couple of packages for a complete gcc environment.. If you need help to know which packages just ping us05:13
dmarschalyes, I have a gig sd and downloading the jlime images now05:13
rafadmarschal: do you have latest qi bootloader?05:14
dmarschalyes, i do. I'm with the latest 06-17 openwrt os.05:14
dmarschaldownloading almost done. I'm going to partition the sd card05:15
rafaokey, then you just need to do (on microSD) an ext2 partition and a little swap partition05:15
rafaand untar all the stuff as root05:15
dmarschaldl done.05:15
rafaand don't forget the umount :) and for swap partition the mkswap05:16
dmarschaland to put uImage on a FAT part05:16
rafano no05:16
rafaif you have the latest bootloader from qi05:17
rafayou just need an ext2 partition and swap05:17
rafayou do not need fat05:17
dmarschalok. thanks05:17
rafait is just needed if you use previous bootloaders or bootloader fromjlime05:17
dmarschalok I see05:17
dmarschalgparted is working...05:18
dmarschali left 134mb swap on the card05:18
rafaremember to do the filesystem, tar -x ... umount.. all as root05:20
dmarschalok. I think tiat will be the easiest task for today (-:05:20
dmarschalsoo I will ask how to share wifi internet connection over usb05:21
rafawhere do you have wifi?05:22
dmarschalon aigo mid / moblin and i have a fujitsu u810 with ubuntu05:22
rafaif you mean to share wifi interner over usb for nn then on muffinman manual you can find the commands05:25
rafajust that for iptables it says "eth0", you will need to use your wifi interface05:26
dmarschalokay. thanks! seems you will bring life to my nn (((-:05:28
dmarschalwow. jlime booted! very good work!!!05:57
dmarschalnoe the inet stuff06:00
dmarschalping works...06:00
dmarschali have problems with jlime terminal. i can't type numbers. seems the blue fn key doesn't work06:04
SiENcEcan we sometime in future expect a new nanonote with usb-host or wifi build in?06:08
dmarschalnumbers work. i figured out. also i found the solution in the help file06:20
dmarschalinternet routing works with eth0 interface only? i mean no chance to share wifi conn?06:22
bartbeshe left06:34
sid__how do i have to build a kernel? i only get "wrong image format for bootm command"06:45
sid__my steps are at http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Gentoo-cross-compilation06:45
larscyou need a uImage06:50
kristianpaulrafa: i did same06:52
kristianpaulhmm :/06:52
kristianpauljust my Jlime-muffinman-image-2010.1-ben-nanonote.rootfs_READY.tar.gz is some weeks old06:52
kristianpaulJun 2606:53
kristianpaulubt fi you fot it running it make me rething what i did wrong :S06:53
sid__rafa: thanks; think i found it. will check it later - work07:12
sid__hmm i mean larsc ^^07:13
Ornotermesnow i have a ben :D07:20
dmarschalwifi routing still not works. i followed the 'networking' and 'internet' steps on jlime.com07:57
dmarschali used '-o wlan0' with iptables07:58
dmarschalfinally i got it working. only if i share a wired (eth0) connection .08:10
rafadmarschal: me here08:27
dmarschalhello rafa. i got it working. it is slow.08:28
dmarschalnow i'm trying 'opkg update'08:28
dmarschali got errors: couldn't resolve host name. i can ping jlime.com08:29
rafaso now it is working right?08:29
dmarschalping works. opkg update doesn't work08:30
rafamaybe the service is down?... let me check08:30
dmarschalok thanks08:31
Ornotermesis there any more distros for ben than openwrt, jlime and debian?08:31
rafadmarschal: it is working..08:31
dmarschali try to wget something...08:31
rafadmarschal: aho..08:32
rafadmarschal: you are right!08:32
rafadmarschal: sorry.. Let me talk with the guy who should know what to fix08:32
rafadmarschal: servers is not working it seems.08:32
dmarschaloh i almost typed the full path to the gcc package (-:08:33
rafadmarschal: I can wget  http://jlime.com/downloads/repository/muffinman/ipk/mipsel//Packages08:33
rafafrom nn08:33
rafabut no with opkg update08:34
rafadmarschal: you need to install several package08:34
rafaso better we fix first the problem with opkg :)08:34
dmarschalwith opkg?08:34
dmarschali mean i have to install paskages with opks08:35
rafadmarschal: yes, the complete compiler environment needs .. headers.. make, gcc, symlinks binutils08:35
rafadmarschal: it is working now08:35
rafadmarschal: Can you try again?08:35
rafaopkg update08:35
dmarschalit writes: dowloading http.....08:36
rafawait for a while08:36
rafathe packages file index is a little big08:37
dmarschalok waiting. i'm compiling mplayer on my zipit so i must be patient. (-:08:37
dmarschalerror: couldn't resolve host name08:38
rafadmarschal: it is some server error..08:38
rafaplease re try08:38
rafadmarschal: can you try ?08:39
rafa wget  http://jlime.com/downloads/repository/muffinman/ipk/mipsel//Packages08:39
rafafrom nn?08:39
dmarschalok i try08:39
dmarschalresolving jlime.com08:40
dmarschalfailed: temporary failure in name resolution08:41
rafaping works?08:42
dmarschalit must be some failure with the cabling or the way i set up network08:42
dmarschali can wget the file from the host (wlan sharing) machine08:42
rafadmarschal: sorry man.. the server should work ok08:43
dmarschal919k/s 2.9mb file08:43
rafais not the usb cable with problems?08:43
rafaor is it on some internal usb hub?08:43
dmarschalyes, the server is ok! the fault is on my side. i tried four cables08:43
rafaping works always?08:44
rafafrom nn to google.com or jlime.com?08:44
dmarschalyes, both works08:47
rafadmarschal: then something no very stable perhaps.. like you says.. cable.. or something like that ..08:49
rafatry again please wget from nn08:49
rafawget http://jlime.com/downloads/repository/muffinman/ipk/mipsel//Packages08:49
dmarschalok wget works08:49
dmarschal280kb/sec average08:50
dmarschalnow it stopped )-:08:50
dmarschali think the weakest spot is my fujitsu u1010 that shares eth008:50
rafabecause it looks like your config is okey..08:51
rafabut something is not stable08:51
rafadmarschal: anyway.. when you get a stable internet.. the packages that you would like to install are :08:57
rafaopkg install binutils binutils-symlinks gcc gcc-symlinks make g++ g++-symlinks libgcc1 li08:57
rafabstdc++6 libstdc++-dev cpp linux-libc-headers-de08:57
dmarschalok. i found the problem.08:57
rafaWith those you can start build any package08:57
dmarschalthank you for your help!08:57
rafadmarschal: I installed all of them in the same opkg install command08:58
dmarschali have to "ifconfig usb0" every 3 minute or else the machine drops connection08:58
dmarschal3 secons08:58
dmarschal3 second08:58
rafano worries if the installation says "can not get reccommendation package" or something like that08:58
rafadmarschal: well, if you get a stable internet then try again opkg update first09:00
dmarschali ran into another problem.09:00
dmarschalwhen i type any character that needs 'red up key' combination, it messes up the command line09:01
rafadmarschal: are you doing all that stuff from terminal?09:03
rafapress red key again09:03
dmarschalyes i'm running everything from terminal and from nn09:03
rafadmarschal: why no you do a ssh from laptop or pc to nn09:04
rafaand work from there09:04
rafathe keyboard laptop should be comfortable09:04
rafadmarschal: anyway,09:04
rafacheck the muffinman wiki .. it says something about red key. Well, let me paste :09:04
rafaNote: on terminal after you press "red arrow" it keeps a "mode" which is not useful for letters. If you press it (for example to write a number) press it again to quit that odd mode. We will try to fix it soon.09:04
dmarschalyes i checkd the manual and when i type "echo eeeaaa" then it works fine.09:06
dmarschalwhen i type "echo eee-ssss" then it does nothing09:06
rafadmarschal: if you press red arrow again... no it comes let you again to type letters?09:06
dmarschalcan you try it?09:06
rafadmarschal: I mean.. you press read arrow + "-" right?09:07
dmarschali cna type letters without problem but when i press enter to execute the command line it does nothing. if all i typed earlier was an empty line09:07
dmarschalso that;s why i'm worried about installing binutils-symlinks09:08
dmarschalbecause the typed "-" character will zero the command line09:09
rafadmarschal: weird09:09
rafabut you can do it :09:09
rafaecho 'eee-ssss"09:09
rafaecho 'eee-ssss'09:09
dmarschaldid it work?09:09
dmarschaloh )-:09:09
rafadmarschal: but with '09:10
rafawithout ' marks it did not work for me.. was empty09:10
rafabut that is something of echo in sh perhaps09:10
rafawith the ' mark it shows me well09:10
rafathe eee-ssss09:10
dmarschalyes it works with '09:11
dmarschalrafa: thank you for your help!09:15
dmarschali have to check cables and my ubuntu machine first.09:15
rafayou are welcome ;)09:15
rafadmarschal: please, let me know when you fix the opkg update problem09:30
rafaand install the ...   binutils binutils-symlinks gcc gcc-symlinks make g++ g++-symlinks libgcc1 libstdc++6 libstdc++-dev cpp linux-libc-headers-dev09:31
dmarschalok, I will! I'm still working on the connection.09:34
kristianpaulrafa: when wasthe las time you updated jlime userland?09:53
kristianpauland did you read my pastebin about installing qt409:53
rafakristianpaul: last time is the time in wiki.. let me check (download section)09:54
kristianpauli think something nis not right here i got the messages from opkg in wich the packages is not int he repo, but is there..09:54
rafawhich package?09:54
kristianpaulrafa: maybe i have an old one, and my lasiness avoidme check new one09:54
rafakristianpaul: from http://jlime.com/mw4/index.php/Jlime_Muffinman, latest version is 28-Jun-201009:55
kristianpaulrafa: is related to qt409:55
rafakristianpaul: ah.. okey. It is not related with the rootfs09:55
kristianpauli have 26 Jun09:55
rafait is just the repo09:55
kristianpauli',, like see pyqt409:55
rafaokey, let me see if I understand.. you see the package on repo but it is not found for opkg right?09:56
kristianpauli found using opkg list| grep foo09:56
rafathat is possible. Package indexes are consistent with the build environment.. so some packages could be there but they are not okey to install. Package indexes have only packages which are consistent with the whole repo09:57
kristianpaulah ok09:57
rafakristianpaul: That could be the reason like you see the package but opkg does not find it09:57
kristianpaulcause i just get it and installed by hand09:57
rafakristianpaul: I can try to fix that09:57
rafakristianpaul: but latest rootfs version is the one from here : http://jlime.com/mw4/index.php/Jlime_Muffinman09:58
rafaand you can check the date of latest there09:58
kristianpauli will09:58
kristianpauli really want see tangogps09:59
kristianpaulis it slow in toyur nano?09:59
rafakristianpaul: tangogps installs okey09:59
rafakristianpaul: no idea.. I just ran it twice just to test that it runs.. I see the map10:00
rafaand few big buttons10:00
rafathen I ran ALT+F4 to exit10:00
kristianpauloh  good :)10:00
kristianpaulokay fetching last userland now to avoif my weirdnesss ;)10:00
kristianpaulrafa: btw are you fpga devel related guy?10:01
kristianpauli think the guys from fpga libre arefrom argentina not sure about it10:02
rafakristianpaul: I am not a fpga devel or part of fpga libre.. But I am interested.. Do you know those guys?10:04
rafakristianpaul: let me check if they have a web site10:04
kristianpaulthey have in sf.net10:05
rafareading right now .. looks like a lot of stuff.. Cool!10:06
kristianpauli dont i wish10:06
kristianpauloh nanomap is already in openwrt-xburst repo inst?10:07
kristianpauland have gpsd client  good !10:07
kristianpaulwow http://www.epiq-solutions.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome10:34
kristianpaulso small so expensive ... :'(10:34
kyakcan someone remind me how to disable the openwrt boot logo?12:03
calamarzdevice drivers --> graphics support12:07
calamarz--> bootup logo12:07
kyakis it in make menuconfig?12:08
calamarzmake kernel_menuconfig12:09
calamarzwhat I dunno still is how to enable debug info output to console while booting :/12:10
kyakcalamarz: thanks, let's give it a try..12:14
rafacalamarz: do you get a black screen when you disable the openwrt boot logo?12:14
calamarzrafa: yes, until the login prompt appears.12:20
bartbeswell, most of the times it is a boot options12:21
bartbesbut I guess you should be able to specify it at compile time as well12:22
bartbesit's called quiet mode in most kernels, I can tell you that12:22
bartbesbut that's about it12:22
rafacalamarz: maybe it is the bootloader sending the whole stuff to serial12:23
rafacalamarz: do you have the latest qi bootloader?12:23
calamarzrafa: I think I don't... will try to update12:27
calamarzbartbes: how do I change boot options that uboot passes to the kernel?12:28
kyaki just disabled the boot logo and see all the messages, calamarz12:37
rafacalamarz: yeah, the bootloader is the thing that you need to update (for kernel messages on screen)12:41
calamarzthanks... i'll try when I arrive home :)12:44
nebajothy halo thar13:58
sid__which branche should i use for kernel?18:14
sid__first just for testing and booting18:14
mthsid__: jz-2.6.34 is kept up-to-date, so I'd recommend that one18:32
sid__hi, can someone check out http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Gentoo-cross-compilation kernel section20:38
sid__gentoo base system is now compiling (gcc is still but will hopefuly do it without problems) ;-)20:39
sid__good night20:40
kristianpaulroot@BenNanoNote:~# cat /dev/ttyS121:46
kristianpaulcat: read error: Input/output error21:46
kristianpaulxiangfu: hello21:50
kristianpaulwhat i need to to enable  /dev/ttyS1 with uboot?21:50
kristianpaulInput/output error bad :(21:51
xiangfukristianpaul: we can not use ttyS1 with jz472021:51
kristianpaulso TP5/4?21:51
kristianpauloh no :(21:51
xiangfukristianpaul: TP4/5 is another pin of S021:52
kristianpaulso is always dev/ttySO ?21:52
kristianpaulbut is really TP4/TP5?21:52
kristianpaulbut not when boot power button + S21:53
kristianpaulwhen the serial port under the battery works?21:53
kristianpauli'm right?21:53
xiangfuyes. the tp4/tp5 will always as /dev/ttyS0.21:54
kristianpauloh you save me lots of rading i dont know why i was confused21:55
xiangfupower button + S will only enable the serial port under the battery.21:55
kristianpaulxiangfu: :)21:55
kristianpaulthats why i dint worked.. (all those ours lost)21:56
kristianpaulxiangfu: http://paste.debian.net/79852/21:59
xiangfuwait . let me test in my nanonote.22:05
xiangfukristianpaul: I guess there is terminal connect to the /dev/ttyS0 in OpenWrt22:12
kristianpauledit /etc/initab then?22:13
xiangfukristianpaul: we need edit kernel command line22:14
xiangfukristianpaul: it's in u-boot.22:15
kristianpauli'm not there too ;)22:15
kristianpaullots of code to read22:15
xiangfuopenwrt-xburst/package/uboot-xburst/files/include/configs/qi_lb60.h: line 8 :)22:16
kristianpaulok time i need but i'll look22:18
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