#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2010-07-05

rohwolfspraul ping01:22
wolfspraulroh: pong, but just about to go to sleep :-01:25
wolfspraulwhat's up?01:25
rohwolfspraul not much. just wanted to 'report' that the package arrived01:27
wolfspraulah great01:27
rohthe one with the rfm22 modules01:27
wolfspraulwhich one? I already lost track so many things going on01:27
wolfspraulah OK :-)01:27
rohand the funky antenna-wires ;)01:27
wolfspraulI am with Werner in Buenos Aires and we talk about RF in the Ya NanoNote a lot01:27
rohdidnt archieve testing it yet, but we got a rfm12project running, so i guess i will just try swapping 2 of these with the 22 and see what happens01:28
rohnice. (BA)01:28
wolfspraulyes, great01:28
wolfspraulthe more we learn about those modules the better01:28
rohthe datasheet to the rf22/23 reads very nice01:29
wolfspraulthe modules you have are the DIP package, easy for hand-soldering and experiments01:29
wolfspraulalso you have the high-power version (20 dbM)01:29
rohthe question is if its more near reality than the rfm12 one (which seems to ... be creative about 'specs' sometimes01:29
rohyea... rfm22 seems to eat multiple times the power of a 12b01:30
wolfspraulsupposedly, yes01:30
rohbut the 23 should be near the 12 and still have more power01:30
wolfspraulsoftware controllable in 3dBm increments I think01:30
rohif the table is correct01:30
wolfspraulit's a newer/more advanced RF IC01:30
wolfspraulIntegration developed the RF IC in the 12/12b modules, and the modules came to market in 200601:31
wolfspraulthen Integration was bought by Silicon Labs, who developed the 22/23 RF IC, I would think continuing work that was already going on at Integraton (that's a guess)01:31
roh2006? that cand be right01:31
wolfspraulthe 22/23 modules came to market only this year, 4 years after the 12/12b RF IC01:32
rohhttp://www.elektronik-projekt.de/thread.php?threadid=4409 says 2004 they were avail in germany01:32
wolfspraulso one would think that in 4 years these guys are working on something...01:32
wolfspraulthe dates 2006 and 2010 is for the hoperf modules01:32
wolfspraulmaybe 2006 is wrong then and it was 2004 :-)01:32
wolfspraulbut my point is - the RF IC in 12/12b is an old/established thing, on the market for X years01:33
rohi know of no rfm12 which weren't hoperf  ;) but who knows... doesnt really matter what the marketing dept wants to make us think for whatever reasons01:33
wolfspraulwherease the 22/23 RF IC is new, at least at hoperf only came to market this year01:33
wolfspraulrfm12 is a hoperf module name01:33
wolfspraulbut I think the underlying Integration (now Silicon Labs) RF IC can be found in other places too01:33
wolfspraulso hopefully 22/23 is as good as they say it is, we find out01:34
wolfspraulthanks a lot for letting me know about the package01:34
wolfspraulit's already so many flights and continent changes behind that I forgot...  :-)01:35
wolfspraulk going to sleep now01:35
wolfspraulwerner will kick me out early tomorrow I'm sure01:35
wolfspraulhe needs to borrow my Windows box (!)01:36
wolfspraulI admit I have a Windows Parallels machine...01:36
wolfspraulhe needs it to reflash the firmware of some of his scopes, so let's see whether we can get this done tomorrow...01:36
wolfspraulroh: 'night, keep in touch01:38
kyakhm, i'm wondering, why are md5 sums of uImage/rootfs different after each make?03:22
kyakis it generating something unique every time?03:23
kyakas far as i udnerstand it, the md5 sum should be same between two consecutive runs of make03:24
larscwell, since it contains a file system i would guess that this is a result of different mtimes04:12
kyaki think it explains it04:13
kyakon the second thought, why would mtime change, if not files were modified?04:17
kyak*no files04:17
kyakunless they are "touched" during extraction..04:18
larscthere is probably at least one package which will touch its files although not striclty necessary04:36
larscoh and uImage saves the time on which it was created04:37
kyakhm, right04:40
kyakok, i want to change some uClibc options, so i go to build_dir/toolchain-mipsel_gcc-4.3.3+cs_uClibc- and "make menuconfig" there04:41
kyakis it correct, or should i change config options in feeds/packages/libs/uclibc++/files/config.default?04:42
kyakactually what i'm trying to do is enable locale support in busybox and uclibc...04:43
larscbetter edit config.default. otherwise it will be lost on a make clean04:44
kyaki thought so too04:44
kyakbut i did make clean and it's not lost04:44
kyakthat's also why i started looking into md5's, because i'm not sure that this change is even in the image..04:47
kyaki maybe need to have a look at verbose log of make to have a better understanding of what's going on.. but damn, this is a 40 Mb text file04:49
kyakand all openwrt's documentation is SO outdated04:49
larscbtw. for uclibc and not uclibc++ you need to edit toolchain/uClibc/config-${your-version}/mips05:10
larscor /common05:11
kyaklarsc: thanks for the hint!05:39
rafakristianpaul: I have not understood you on mailing list..17:59
rafaWhat did you mean with "matchbox..." and "matchbox works on X" ?17:59
rafakristianpaul: David (tuxbrain) was trying to say that X should work, and your answers sounded me like you think that it is not a good idea18:00
rafakristianpaul: so I did not understand your mail :(18:00
rafayour answer*18:00
kristianpauli thikn X is good idea18:01
kristianpaulbecause matchbox and all other software that run on X}18:01
kristianpauli'm wrong, matchbox run on top of X inst?18:01
rafayes, matchbox needs X18:02
kristianpaulmy intention was to point that support X could bring new apps18:02
rafakristianpaul: But I read Sebastien answers and I understood like he was supporting your idea that X is not a good idea..18:03
kristianpaulwhat do you understand?18:03
rafaBut I understood all wrong :D18:03
kristianpaulmay be i need clear my point18:03
rafadid you read the sebastien answer?18:03
kristianpaulhe hates X slowness18:03
kristianpaulas X itseld18:03
rafahe sounded me like he was supporting your idea that X is not nice18:03
kristianpaulresuming ;)18:03
kristianpauli said that?18:04
kristianpaulwait i'll re read18:04
rafaNO you did not do18:04
rafabut the answer of him sounded me like that18:04
rafaHe started with a " Yeah, and.. " like giving more details to support your idea.18:04
rafaBut it is just me18:04
rafaYou can read my answer :)18:04
kristianpaulhmm yes i missed some arguments18:05
kristianpaulhm yes he said18:05
kristianpaul X at least has ben desmostrated18:05
kristianpaul> to work quite well in 32mb (see Jlime)18:05
kristianpaulthen i pointed matchbox18:06
kristianpaulbut lack in arguments18:06
rafakristianpaul: and we use X on Hp jornadas .. 16MB of ram ;)18:06
kristianpaulmy fault18:06
rafaand slower cpu18:06
kristianpaulyeah i remenber that from you too18:06
kristianpauli also plya a bit with jlime and was not slowness18:06
kristianpaulwait i need reply again18:06
rafakristianpaul: no problem.. Your answer is okey. Just that it was too short so I did not understand if you was liking X or not :)18:07
rafaI replied, you can read ;)18:07
kristianpauldone reading, good and wide argue18:07
kristianpaulit deserves a +118:07
rafacool that you like X :)18:10
kristianpauldone reply18:11
kristianpaulyeah i do18:11
kristianpaulfb is nice but18:11
kristianpaullike backup18:11
kristianpaulin cae X ail18:11
kristianpaulX can run lots of apps18:12
kristianpaulthat we can reuse18:12
kristianpaulof course not all of then, but sure a few that worth18:12
rafayes, I remember the days on vargtass development. Our main Vargtass developer has tested a lot of X applications and we all learnt a lot about that.18:12
kristianpauli just i'm a pain right now18:13
rafaWe know that X is really nice and it does not use many resources,18:13
kristianpauluboot compatibillity with jlime and openwrt18:13
rafaalmost 0 cpu and few ram. linux kernel + X + window manager  just 10MB of ram18:13
rafaor less.18:13
kristianpauli cant ran openwrt right now just jlime :(18:13
kristianpauli need openwrt for test gpsd and tangopsd wich is in the repo and works18:13
kristianpaulor at least install18:14
kristianpaul10mb is few18:14
rafawhy is not openwrt running ? :(18:14
kristianpauli dotn know18:14
kristianpauli just stoped after installed your uboot18:14
kristianpaulbtw, are you running jlime in last uboot from qi?18:14
rafakristianpaul: gpsd is on jlime repo.18:15
rafaI can upload18:15
rafathe library you need for tangogps18:15
kristianpauli want compile Jlime my self too, as openwrt18:15
kristianpaulwill be nice you upload nanomap and others apps intendted for nanonoe18:16
kristianpaulbut what about my first question?18:16
rafauboot: yes18:16
rafait runs okey with latest qi uboot18:16
rafaso you can do just an ext2 partition and the swap18:16
kristianpauljlime had changed since last time we talked?18:16
kristianpauli'll placent erase the fat one ;)18:17
rafakristianpaul: no idea.. I sent an email I think about latest qi bootloader.18:17
kristianpaulah ok18:17
rafaWhen I said that power button works as well.18:17
rafa(to power off)18:17
kristianpaulyeah i was one week sort disconnected18:17
kristianpauli'll flash and try18:18
kristianpauli got a 1GB card :D18:18
rafakristianpaul: I will try to upload the library that you need for tangogps (because both, tangogps and gpsd should be on jlime repo)18:18
rafaah nice!18:18
rafa1GB is cool18:18
rafakristianpaul: how was the whole conference there in Colombia? Nice?18:20
rafacool.. I would like to go some day, I saw some pictures and I felt that the whole thing was nice to be ;)18:22
kristianpauli heard, not sure there is a posible cparty in argentina18:22
kristianpaulrafa: wiki still need update cause is pointing creating of FAT partition18:46
rafakristianpaul: yes, but if you read well you will realize that it says :18:46
rafa"If you use current official Qi bootloader (16-Jun-2010+) then you just need to divide the MicroSD ..."18:47
rafakristianpaul: are you reading wiki installation instructions right?18:47
rafaPerhaps we forgot to write that note in other wiki places as well..18:48
kristianpaulwell i note at all18:48
kristianpaulbut yes18:48
kristianpauli just keep in mind unzupo userland and copi umImage18:48
rafakristianpaul: yes, we will move to newest qi bootloader only and we will remove the old instructions soon I guess.18:49
rafakristianpaul:  if you have the newest qi bootloader just untar the tar.gz package on ext218:49
rafaand booot :)18:49
rafado not forget to do the swap, Linux likes it18:49
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: MIPS: jz4740: pwm: Move pwm initialization to subsys_initcall http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/304fb4018:50
rafakristianpaul: now I am trying to update the repository so you have all the packages tangogps needs :)18:50
kristianpauloh thanks18:52
kristianpaulfbreader will be cool18:53
zearyeah, fbreader was the first thing i attempted to download from opkg ;D18:58
kristianpaulhttp://www.moresales.com.my/catalog/entry/uxwlkocd.shtml heh i saw this before ;)19:00
kristianpaulhey hey19:11
kristianpaulwhat about frozzen bubble !!19:11
kristianpaulrafa: ^19:11
kristianpaulif run in gp2x why not nanonote?19:12
kristianpaulyes is mips but.19:12
kristianpauloh :D19:12
kristianpaulah it saids require 54mb of ram :(19:13
urandom_uhm gp2x is ARM not mips19:17
kristianpaul18:05 < kristianpaul> yes is mips but. < nanonote19:18
kristianpaulfrozen bubble is SDl19:18
kristianpaulwonder if debian bin will run on openwrt...19:18
urandom_it might run19:20
kristianpaulse supone si19:20
rafayeah.. frozen bubble would be nice :D19:32
kristianpauldamm irssi19:35
rafakristianpaul: no sure if it runs on 320x24019:35
kristianpaulthats a good point19:35
rafahe :) tangogps runs :)19:40
rafazear: kristianpaul : I updated the repo a bit19:40
rafalibsqlite3 is there now, and others19:40
rafaplease, opkg update19:40
rafaand install the packages which failed last time19:41
rafa(because the lack of libsqlite319:41
rafakristianpaul: tangogps adds a nice icon/launcher on desktop ;)19:41
rafaalt+F4 to quit19:42
kristianpaulokay wait i'm formatinh 1Gb nand19:42
rafaalt+F1 to go desktop19:42
rafakristianpaul: okey19:42
kristianpaulthe uImges goes to /boot/uImage inst?19:43
kristianpaulokay booting :)19:46
Action: kristianpaul opkg uopdating19:50
kristianpaulrafa: you should blog about how createa oe image for the nanonote19:51
kristianpauli want play at home as with  openwrt :)19:51
kristianpauland just bug you whne something breaks ;)19:51
kristianpaulwhere i can get the code (cvs git)?19:53
kristianpaulfor jlime19:53
rafakristianpaul: on documentation stuff I added something about how we did the oe thing19:56
rafakristianpaul: but yes, you are right19:57
rafawe need more documentation, just that sometimes I do not get the whole free time for all :(19:57
kristianpaulnp, sorry i ask too much20:00
rafakristianpaul: I replied you at jlime channel :D20:01
kristianpaulrafa: http://ur1.ca/0k0nj20:07
rafakristianpaul: you there?23:57
rafakristianpaul: tangogps works okey here23:58
rafafrom a fresh install23:58
--- Tue Jul 6 201000:00

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