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arunkumar413hi,everyone i'm very interested in nano note. i want to know some infomation about  nano note03:28
tuxbrainarunkumar413: what information you need04:06
arunkumar413i want to know about the development tools that are available04:51
arunkumar413tuxbrain:  i want to know about the development tools that are available05:14
dptechhello I can't download http://mister-muffin.de/nanonote/debian-sid.ubi, website is out! Where can I found other ?10:15
dptechhello I can't download http://mister-muffin.de/nanonote/debian-sid.ubi, website is out! Where can I found other ?10:19
rafawolfspraul: morning.. do you know if there is some wikipedia reader effort for nn?11:28
wolfspraulrafa: we had several discussions in irc and the mailing list11:29
wolfspraulI think most people want to start with small apps that extract text-only from compressed files11:29
wolfspraulI'm in 3 other chats right now, maybe later...11:29
rafano problem, I can check mailing lists archives11:29
rafaI was thinking the same: text only wikipedia reader11:30
rafaand my head is starting to want to do something right now :)11:30
kristianpaulrafa: are you ware of wikipedia dump reader?11:40
rafakristianpaul: yes, but that is something with hl right?11:48
rafakristianpaul: it says text only but the format is still html I guess. I want to try plain text so the whole wikipedia backup is a lot smaller11:49
rafakristianpaul: my current problem to try is that all my disks are very busy.. so I do not have 300GB+ free to download the current dumps and to convert them in just plain text11:50
kristianpaulrafa: not html11:51
kristianpaulxml actually11:51
rafakristianpaul: Do you understand my idea? I want to have a text plain wikipedia dump11:51
kristianpaulis indezxed11:51
kristianpaulxml is plain no?11:51
kristianpaulyes i understand11:51
rafayes, is plain.. but no for mi idea. Example11:51
kristianpaulwell you could translate to soemthing else11:52
wolfspraulthe key is to use/reuse the .tar.bz2 files that are already being published by the WMF11:54
wolfsprauldon't just think about the algorithms, also think about the pile of data11:54
wolfspraulI think that's the #1 problem that the openzim people got wrong11:54
kristianpauli think wikipedia dump reader strategy is good because indexing11:54
wolfspraulthis is a massive amount of data, and growing, and the dumps are being produced, servers running all the time11:54
wolfspraulwe need to reuse that11:54
kristianpaulthats saves time and allows go to the right of data11:55
wolfspraulmost important for me is to reuse the .tar.bz2 files that are constantly being produced and offered on WMF servers already11:55
kristianpauljust move wikipedia dump reader to c or something light is clue11:55
wolfspraulthat's the only strategy that will get us to usable results fast11:55
rafawolfspraul: okey, but what about the sizes.. I think that current dumps in xml/html formats are still huge.. and I would like to see if plain text only would not be something nicer.11:55
kristianpaulthe required i think is move the qt gui to soemthin g lighter11:55
kristianpaulcuase in depth it is C code/libs and gnu utils like grep11:56
rafaif we could use current dumps from WMF and convert them to plain text compressed dumps we could have smallers dumps perhaps. Of course, we need to keep some nice indexes to work fast11:56
wolfspraulI need to check what they are offering now exactly11:57
wolfspraulI am just saying let's very carefully look at what files they offer for download11:57
wolfspraulthere is _HUGE_ work (server load) necessary to create these files, and update them11:57
wolfspraulyou don't want to have a server farm running somewhere only so that you can have a little more optimized format11:57
wolfspraulbecause in reality it will never happen :-)11:58
kristianpaulwikipedia dumo reader do some indexing but it dint take so long and don t require huge process11:58
rafaI think that marks use lot of space.. if articles have : <mark> text1 </mark> ... it would be nicer to have just : text111:58
rafawithout marks11:58
kristianpaulwe canb save space but look for the articles still beeing a problem11:59
rafawolfspraul: also, we would not be re building the whole dumps often, I think that once a year is okey.. nobody would like to install new dumps versions every week on SD11:59
kristianpauland fast acess time is important i think11:59
rafakristianpaul: sure.. I would like to save space being enough fast like now or better11:59
kristianpauli dont ave time now to migrate dumo reader to C/C++12:00
kristianpaulbut is a taks that worth i tjink12:00
wolfspraulrafa: I think people want updates12:00
wolfsprauland more importantly, there are many wikis, not just English Wikipedia12:00
Action: kristianpaul fetching france wikipedia dump now12:01
wolfspraulso every step you think you 'quickly' run over whatever file the WMF has for download will easily turn into a _MASSIVE_ amount of work12:01
wolfspraulI have done this stuff as part of my work for Wikireader.12:01
kristianpaulanybody can try wikipedia dump reader on his nano, i cant tigh now cause my uboot is not the last one12:01
wolfspraulso I would really go to great lengths now to avoid doing any additional processing on top of the files being generated already on the hundreds of WMF servers12:01
kristianpauland jlime dind have pyQT support isnt?12:02
wolfspraulinstead I would focus my work on building indices or whatever is necessary to _complement_ the WMF files, then write a little reader12:02
kristianpaulindex work but not as we wish12:02
wolfspraulcollectively, the wmf has at least a few hundred GB of text data for download now :-)12:03
wolfspraulwithout pictures of course (wikimedia commons)12:03
wolfsprauland it's growing fast12:03
kristianpaultoo much12:03
kristianpaulis HUGE12:03
wolfspraulyes, so if we want something functioning for the NN soon, we need to build something that reuses those files12:03
wolfsprauleverything else will end like openzim :-)12:04
rafawolfspraul: okey, current dumps and better indexes sounds great. I just would do the plain text dump to know how much it would save .. Just to know that detail.12:04
wolfspraul(don't envy those guys, I know they are still trying and working...)12:04
rafakristianpaul: pyqt, no idea, if it is not the repo I can check current OE sources12:04
wolfspraulrafa: go and do that :-) I have shuffled gigabytes of WMF data for months...12:04
wolfspraulinto sql, out of sql, into filesystems that crashed under the load, etc... :-)12:05
rafawolfspraul: For those tests I need a lot of space on disks.. that I would need to join right now :(12:05
kristianpaulopenzim tends to be unmaintainable12:05
wolfspraulkristianpaul: agree12:05
wolfspraulrafa: your space problems already start now?12:06
rafawolfspraul: hahaha.. so fun stuff eh?.. it brearks everything :) filesystems.. indexes.. sql tables12:06
wolfspraulI had a small cluster of 5 quad-core machines cranking on this stuff, with 4 GB RAM each etc.12:06
rafawolfspraul: yes, the space problem started when I was thinking to do something with the wikipedia reader for jlime12:06
wolfspraulaha :-)12:06
wolfspraulso that's why I am making my point here - just from my perspective - reusing the WMF files is the way to go12:07
wolfspraullet's build on top of the work they have already done12:07
kristianpaulrafa: you know python?12:07
wolfspraul(and continue to do, I believe they firmly stand behind those dump files and have full-time people on it)12:07
rafawolfspraul: but really, I am thinking which application would be a really good killer for the nn device.. so far people is asking which is the best application for nn, in order to want to buy one12:08
rafaand I would like to have many different kind of applications ready12:08
wolfspraulwmf data would be awesome12:08
rafato try understand the best final market12:08
rafafor nn12:08
wolfspraulalso openstreetmap data, similar idea but very different data format and technical challenge12:08
wolfspraulI would love to have a little map in my pocket12:08
wolfsprauldoesn't matter that it doesn't have GPS12:08
rafakristianpaul: just enough to fix some python code :)12:09
wolfspraulif it has a good index I can just enter street name and woops, I have a (color) map of my surroundings12:09
rafawolfspraul: that idea sounds really cool as well12:09
rafawolfspraul: I am adding it to the jlime TODO list :)12:09
wolfspraulyes, nanomap is a start, and kristianpaul is hacking on GPS modules12:09
wolfspraulrafa: check out nanomap12:09
rafalet me check..12:10
david_hello how can i contact mister-muffin ?12:30
david_i can't download http://mister-muffin.de/nanonote/debian-sid.ubi because the site is out! where can i found other website ?12:30
kristianpaulhmm no idea12:31
david_it's very hard to install debian-lenny in my nano12:33
Guest90854hello After flashing with debian, I've "g: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)...13:27
urandom_Guest90854 seems like there is something wrong with your rootfs, uhm do not know much about debian, what about reflashing your rootfs once again?13:29
Guest90854I'm following this website: http://pyneo.org/howto/debian/nano.html13:31
urandom_Guest90854 some people seem to have mor success following this http://www.tuxbrain.com/en/content/%E6%9C%AC-ben-nanonote-editingcompilingflashing-arduino-sketch13:33
Guest90854i can't download http://mister-muffin.de/nanonote/debian-sid.ubi because the site is out! where can i found other website ?13:35
Guest90854Only ftp site si ok but I haven't login/pass13:36
urandom_what about http://jlime.com/downloads/releases/other/nanodebian/debian-lenny.ubi ?13:37
urandom_also they have a smaller one http://jlime.com/downloads/releases/other/nanodebian/debian-lenny-mini.ubi13:38
Guest90854urandom: Could you send me a way to have debian-sid.ubi ?13:38
urandom_a way? you need a rootfs and here is one http://jlime.com/downloads/releases/other/nanodebian/debian-lenny.ubi , so whats is the problem?13:40
urandom_just change the name13:42
Guest90854urandom: thanks i'll see13:57
emdeteGuest90854: the site is up again.15:03
xakhso, I keep hearing about 3D scans on the mailing list.15:38
calamarzsome hint about how can I change the boot args in uboot?16:28
calamarzbtw, found this interesting for the discussion of a plaintext wiki reader:16:39
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