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NecrosporusI'd like a open hardware device like nanonote, but with bluetooth01:08
NecrosporusCurrently, I think, NanoNote is not what I'd really very useful for me01:09
NecrosporusBut with bluetooth, it would be more useful01:09
NecrosporusSmall devices should support wireless connectivity to be really portable01:10
kyakafter using the Ben for a while, i realized that LCD is the weak point, not a lack of wireless01:12
kyakeven if i had the WiFi working, i couldn't spend more then half an hour staring at this LCD01:13
kyakfor this reason i mainly use it via ssh, therefore it has Internet connection01:14
kristianpaulyou can play music on it :)02:26
kristianpauli think Ya will support usb host allowibg usb devices like bluetooth and others to be wired02:28
kyaki could, if i were a music fan, which i'm not ):02:28
freespacei think kristianpaul meant ben playing music02:28
freespacenot you playing music on the ben :)02:28
freespacei realised i didn't exactly clarify the isue there :P02:28
kyaki understood02:28
kyakhe meant "listen" :)02:28
freespacemy ben is sitting neglected, poor thing02:29
kyaki haven't found a proper use for it?02:29
freespacetoo busy with Real Work02:30
kyakwell, same here02:30
freespaceto the point when i am not doing Real Work, the last thing i want ot do is more coding/hacking/dealing with computers02:30
freespacei am currently sick of computing devices02:30
kristianpaulyou need vacations :)02:31
freespaceyessir, that i do02:31
kristianpaulwell i'm off bed02:31
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: Merge branch 'master' of projects.qi-hardware.com:openwrt-packages http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/50c19aa03:08
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [mathomatic] update to version 15.1.4 by Jirka http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/5f68ebc03:08
Necrosporuskyak> for this reason i mainly use it via ssh, therefore it has Internet connection  no profit... I have a PDA which can run Debian already03:24
kyakBen has the spirit, which your PDA doesn't have :)03:25
rafazear: is the filip company phone a fixed phone? no mobile11:49
zeari think so, because there's the dial code in the front11:50
rafazear: I have really cheap prices to call fixed phones11:50
zearrafa, even overseas? :)11:50
rafaIf I call from my home I must pay just US $ 0.06 per minute11:50
zearthat's really cheap11:51
rafakristoffer: zear: Do you have skype?.. Perhaps I can call him and you can hear and also to talk :D11:51
zearrafa, yes, i have skype :D11:52
rafathat would be funny :D11:52
zearrafa, one moment, i checked the first three digits of his phone number and it might be a mobile phone11:52
kristofferrafa, no skype Im afraid11:52
rafazear: argh.. there it is expensier..11:52
zearrafa, woops, i just checked on a page where it tells you if it's a mobile number, and yes, it is a mobile number11:53
rafakristoffer: another kind of linux voice thing?11:53
zearbut in that case we can send him a sms :)11:53
rafa:(.. well. no too expensive11:53
rafabut telephone company said me that it would cost.. let me check..11:53
rafaargh!.. I closed the windows..11:53
zearsorry for the missinformation, but i have never seen anyone giving a dial area code in front of a mobile number11:54
rafaaround 0.5 perhaps11:54
rafaaround US $ 0.5 perhaps11:54
roh dial area code??14:19
rohyou mean +001 or whatever the us has?14:19
zearroh, i mean something like that, just for different voivodeships14:37
zearof the same country14:37
rohzear i always use numbers in complete, means with international prefix and dialcode14:53
rohelse i couldnt reach them without manual interaction when i am in a different country14:54
sid__http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Gentoo-cross-compilation any tips?15:09
sid__i rebuild it while editing; so it is not complete15:10
sid__1-2 month ago i put it into storage caused of frustation because everything went wrong15:11
sid__now i have 1/3 problems because of new versions and knowledge15:12
sid__hi i changed http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/index.php?title=Ben_NanoNote_use_cases; hope it is the last version.... maybe should be checked16:36
sid__--> with wrong content16:37
rafasid__: Ben_NanoNote_use_cases has gentoo info?16:53
rafaI do not understand16:53
sid__build 2 times sucessfully gentoo (without python, bug is known and upstream, and gcc); is possible17:04
sid__chroot is possible17:04
sid__1st. step17:04
sid__i use wiki for drawing board so that other become interesting for finding solutions17:06
sid__sry for bad english17:07
rafasid__: yes, that is cool (documentation).. but should not it be somethinkg like gentoo_for_nn?.. or something like that?17:38
sid__yea; i dont know much about wiki; how to rename?17:46
sid__or link17:46
sid__are you familar with wiki?17:47
sid__i disfigured http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ben_NanoNote_use_cases but i dont know how to get the history version of xsb17:48
sid__also howto should work to get a gentoo for chrooting into sdcart17:49
rafasid__:  I do not know how to rename, perhaps to create a new wiki, put there the proper stuff, modify/delete the previous wiki page. But I do not know well18:08
sid__second; did not shower but edit page with funny and nerves killing behaviour18:12
sid__--> give me a second18:12
sid__or minute18:13
sid__playback of hisory was not possible from function; edit, old one18:31
sid__deleting possible - hmmm yes but how - maybe we should ask german wikipedia18:36
ManoftheSeaanyone around, could answer a question?22:44
ManoftheSeaSo, I've got my note connected via usb to my home network NAT computer22:44
ManoftheSeaMy eth network can NAT.  The nanonote can ping the gateway, but not beyond.22:45
ManoftheSeaWhat's my next step to check?22:45
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