#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2010-06-30

mthlarsc: the frequencies of CCLK, HCLK, MCLK and PCLK are dependent14:40
mthshould clock.c contain that knowledge?14:41
mthor should clock.c stay close to the hardware and should the caller deal with the interdependencies?14:41
mthI'm leaning towards the latter, because otherwise the scope of clock.c will become bigger and bigger14:42
larscme too14:43
mthin that case, maybe moving jz_clk_main_divs to clock.h is better than making a function that enumerates possible frequencies14:44
mthsince the dividers that can be used for one clock depend on the divider selected for another clock14:44
mthhmm, things are a lot simpler when just duplicating that info14:50
sid_onis it purpose that icon-naming-utils and mutt is in default config for solving compile failtures? they are in default15:43
lekernelhow do you configure the a wiki license in mediawiki?16:30
bartbesedit the php scripts :P16:31
lekernelwhich one?16:31
bartbesI was joking16:31
lekernelgrep rules16:32
bartbesI have only *used* mediawiki16:32
bartbesso I was right after all?16:32
lekernelha, yes16:33
lekernelbut a lot of stuff in MW is done by editing various php files16:33
lekernelnot very user friendly16:33
bartbesvery user-friendly16:34
bartbesjust not hoster-friendly :P16:34
lekernelI damn hate sysadmin and webadmin in particular16:34
lekernelI prefer pushbutton stuff like wordpress16:34
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