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eharringtontesting 123, not seeing any talk, is this working?10:25
zearit is :)10:25
eharringtonthank-you, thought I was confused with x-chat10:26
nebajothno, you were confused by LURKING10:30
nebajothSHHH EVERYONE10:30
zeardamn it, stupid freerunner not receiving text messages10:30
zearjust when i expect a very important sms10:30
eharrington;-) so if logged on, but not saying anything is lurking? looks like 51 users and no talk, hmmm...10:36
eharringtonok, 49...10:38
nebajothone is a bot10:39
nebajothare you including ChanServ?10:39
nebajothwe can get this down to 010:39
nebajothlets dooo it10:39
eharringtonanyone get a sd larger than 2gb booting yet, I have 2 8gb's I want to load up some images10:39
eharringtonput debian on a 2 gb, but it's boring, looking at jlime next10:41
nebajothhow is it boring?10:51
nebajothyou can do anything with it10:51
zearyeah, you can't, really ;)10:52
eharringtonI know, sorry, I run ubuntu 10.04 normally10:52
nebajotheverything I've wanted to do10:52
nebajothI've done10:52
nebajothI absolutely love debian on this thing10:52
eharringtonjust intrigued by the excellent jlime demo video10:52
zearyeah, it's a nice slogan, but obviously nanonote needs some dedicated graphical programs because currently it sucks :D10:52
nebajoththat's not jlime, that's gmu10:53
zearsoftware wise10:53
nebajothwhat's a nice slogan?10:53
zearthe "you can do anything with it"10:53
zearyeah, if i have 3 years to write a program from scratch ;)10:53
nebajothhow on earth10:53
nebajothis that different between jlime and debian?10:53
nebajoththat's a hardware limitation boyo10:53
zearprobably not10:54
zearno, it's not hardware limitation10:54
zearit's the lack of programmers ;)10:54
nebajothscreen size10:54
nebajothtotal hardware limitation in terms of running graphical apps that have already been written10:54
zearit's the lack of software for 320x24010:54
nebajothits the 320x240 non-standard hardware10:54
zearX11 doesn't work well with 320x240, and there aren't many non-game sdl applications10:55
zeari tested gpe today10:55
zearhoped that if it was designed to run in 240x320, it's gonna be good on 320x24010:55
zearbut it's not10:55
zearit's terrible10:55
nebajoththat's too bad10:56
nebajothI have no personal interest in X anyway10:56
nebajothbut it would embiggen the audience10:56
zearthe guys were like "hey, let's make some big ass buttons and bars, because we have a plenty of room for other stuff in the bottom of the screen"10:56
zearwell, we have not because we're not horizontal10:56
zearnebajoth, what do you think is the future then? besides cli10:57
nebajothwhy besides cli?10:57
zearbecause try to type something on nn's keyboard10:58
zearmost of the stuff is either under red arrow or fn10:58
nebajoththe keyboard is more highly developed than the handheld-buttons-a-la-gameboy stuff10:58
nebajothif you want that, get a pandora :D10:58
zearyeah, it's still not comforable to type on10:58
nebajothit isn't, I agree10:58
zearand well.. in cli you have to type - and _ and |10:59
zearand /10:59
zearwell, /'s not a problem :P10:59
nebajothneither is | really10:59
nebajoththe only one I had problems with was -10:59
nebajothand I mapped that to capslock10:59
zearbut _ and - are annoying10:59
zearwell, i'm thinking about casual users10:59
nebajothI can't imagine the unit will ever attract casual users10:59
nebajothnot without wifi10:59
zearnn needs some good gui apps badly11:00
nebajothI don't see what purpose that would serve11:00
zear1) calendar/pim 2) dictionary11:00
zearno, that's cli11:00
zearstardict is ok, but someone needs to remove the mouse cursor and optimize the keyboard navigation11:00
nebajothwho even uses dictionaries on handhelds?11:01
nebajothis that a real use case?11:01
zearhow about me?11:01
nebajothwhat for?11:01
zearhow about looking for words i don't remember?11:01
zeari'm not english native how you probably noticed11:01
nebajothI hadn't11:01
nebajothok, cross-language11:02
nebajothok my view is that CLI isn't going away11:02
nebajothbut we CAN make it more attractive11:02
nebajothput it in a framebuffer11:02
nebajothmaybe QT11:02
nebajothfor displaying images, movies, etc11:02
nebajothbut the CLI is the most pervasive input mechanism known to humanity11:02
nebajothit doesn't just underpin our operating systems11:02
nebajoththe url bar is a command line11:02
zearyes it is, but only if you have a full keyboard11:03
nebajothand google search is a command line11:03
zearit's really a pain in the ass to type anything with this keyboard11:03
nebajoththat's because the unit is tiny11:03
zearwhich isn't just standard ascii characters11:03
zearyes, but that means cli isn't very handy11:03
nebajothgui is more limiting11:03
zearmc is fine11:03
nebajothI'm fine with curses11:04
nebajothI see no need for the overhead of X11:04
zearnot x, but sdl/qt whatever can run on the framebuffer11:04
nebajotha highly stylized command line11:04
nebajothI'm not interested in the qt widgets though11:04
zearso 1) calendar/pim 2) dictionary and i'm happy11:04
zearand 3) music player, but we have that already and it's amazing11:04
nebajothI use cmus :D11:04
zearnever heard of cmus11:05
nebajothvim style keybindings11:05
zeari could accept a pim in curses, though the console font is too big11:05
zearand most of curses stuff won't fit11:05
nebajothonce we get the unfuzzied text11:05
nebajothwe may even get 80-char width terminal fonts readable11:06
zearthat would be sweet11:06
nebajothI was thinking about wrapping all the typical command line stuff11:06
nebajothlike ls11:06
nebajothwith a txr config11:06
nebajothand outputting colorized 40-character wide info11:06
nebajothperfectly optimized for the NN screen11:06
zearthat could be cool as well11:06
zeargmenu2x is great for a gui, but it needs qwerty controls11:07
zearwe have a sort of working calendar with dgclock11:07
zearthough you can't assign any notes to it11:07
zearbut i guess that's a good base for something bigger11:08
nebajoththe best part about using txr11:08
nebajothis that you can leave the normal ls output, for example11:08
nebajothfor ssh connections from terminals with wider screens11:08
zeartoo bad i can't really help besides porting already existing apps, so all that's left for me is complaining11:08
nebajothtxr configs aren't too hard to write11:09
zearhey, i at least ported gmenu2x ;)11:09
nebajothyeah, that's pretty cool :D11:09
zearbut fixing the control method is beyond my knowledge11:09
zeartxr looks cool11:10
rafa"Cgmenu2x flicker" is a game for nn?11:11
nebajothits convenient11:11
nebajothand powerful11:11
zearrafa, i set the default clock for gmenu2x to 336MHz and the flickering was reduced to the same rate matchbox flickers in jlime ;)11:11
nebajoththe best part of using the CLI on the NN11:12
nebajothis how 1337 I look11:13
rafaCgmenu2x.. I want  to see the appointments calendar on gmemu2x, battery status, more info, applets11:13
zearnebajoth, ;)11:13
zearrafa, do it :D11:13
rafaand some way to put forecast when it has internet connection, and auto power off forecast when there is not11:13
rafazear: yeah, sure, it is free software11:13
zearrafa, at least you can customize it through the menu, unlike matchbox11:14
zearyou can add new menu entries to it, etc11:14
rafaah, and qwerty keyboard, and some way to set things: networkin, brightnes, etc11:14
rafazear: matchbos is a window manager.. you mean the look and feel?.. easy, give some days more11:14
zearbrightness is configurable through the menu11:14
zearrafa, yeah, matchbox is fine11:14
rafaand I will have something more useful than static Cgmenu features11:14
nebajothyes, I'd like recognition of internet11:14
zearbut we really need some sort of a calendar/pim app11:15
zearthat's the thing i lack the most11:15
nebajoththen I could have my NN automatically log in with a python bot to an irc channel11:15
nebajothfollow me around online like a puppy11:15
zearrafa, tried dillo and netsurf11:15
zearboth of them are hard to control without a mouse11:15
zearyou can't click links on the websites, etc11:15
zearso we need mouse emulation in x1111:16
rafano mouse.. keyboard friendly apps11:16
zearor that, yea11:16
rafabut anyway, nn looks nice as player.. for tiny apps and some games, perhaps many.. but no more.. it will not have wireless connectivity.. so you will not bring it whre you can use internet11:17
zeari know11:18
zearbut can be handy as a html reader11:18
rafadillo fullscreen (without widgets) should have keyboard control11:19
rafaif no, some comman line or config option11:20
rafazear: have you tried clcal with some applets or gui clients?.. perhaps it would be useful, and torsmo could show the "today appointments"11:25
zearrafa, gpe-calculator is quite usable11:25
rafais not the whole gpe heavy is you do not use it alone?11:26
rafaif you*11:26
rafazear: I will install gpe-calculator then.. I have not tried any calculator yet11:26
rafazear: check this calendar in 320x240: http://fz.hobby-site.org/hp660lx/cal.jpg11:42
rafanice right?11:42
rafatoo comfortable :P11:43
zearrafa, :(11:45
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