#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2010-06-28

bartbeswolfspraul: how's the repair going?08:48
rafawolfspraul: hey, where is xiangfu..??!.. I want to tell him thanks!.. his help helped me a lot ! and I can poweroff jlime.. great!09:04
kristianpaulrafa: usign last uboot too?09:04
rafakristianpaul: no idea.. I was just checking kernel and userland09:04
kristianpaulrafa: ok09:05
kristianpaulwill be nice  if this is posible, cause i cant boot qirootfs :/09:05
kyakrafa: what was the solution?09:06
rafakyak: so far, no to use busybox/poweroff/reboot. But using halt -f -p from sysvinit works.. and xiangfu helped me to config the kernel.09:07
kyakthat's cool :)09:08
kristianpaulforce halt dont calling shutdown?09:08
kyakit was always a bit of a question to me how to turn off Ben from Jlime09:08
kristianpaulwhat happen with running proceess09:08
rafakristianpaul: well, I am almost sure that halt -p would do the thing as well,09:08
rafakristianpaul: which is the latest qi official boot loader?09:44
wolfspraulbartbes: repair? which repair?09:50
bartbesof one of the broken nanonotes09:51
wolfspraulbartbes: don't know it will be slow09:54
SiENcEhey. i released a virtual mouse for dingux. does anyon tryed keymouse for nanonote?10:49
calamarzSiENcE: I did11:26
calamarzSiENcE: url for yours?11:26
SiENcE@calamarz: ?11:49
SiENcEand thats my download page11:52
SiENcEyou can get the keymouse code from here http://keymouse.berlios.de/11:52
calamarzSiENcE: oh, ok, so it's basically keymouse compiled for dingux?11:54
SiENcEbut with correct keymouse config11:59
SiENcEand you have to enable two kernel options11:59
SiENcEyou only need to recompile the nanonote kernel with CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT and CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV support.11:59
SiENcEand i wrote a script to map /dev/mice to /dev/input/mice11:59
SiENcEafter that keymouse works great12:00
rafawolfspraul: hey, I have sent an email a couple of hours ago.. but it seems that it did not arrive12:00
rafawolfspraul: perhaps the spam filter again?12:00
calamarzSiENcE: yeah, uinput system is awesome :)12:01
wolfspraulrafa: hmm, bad12:12
wolfspraulI check12:12
SiENcEcalamarz, it would be cool if you tell me if it works12:14
wolfspraulrafa: spamassassing is so resource hungry, I need to spend some serious time on the servers again soon12:19
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