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wolfspraulkristianpaul: sorry, server crashed for some reason00:18
wolfsprauldon't like this, happens maybe once a week00:18
wolfspraulneed to spend some more time on it, but leaving for the airport to Colombia now :-)00:19
kristianpaulahh happnes to me00:19
kristianpaulwolfspraul: oh soon00:19
wolfspraulshould be back up now00:19
wolfspraulflight leaves in 3 hours00:19
kristianpauli'll travel 2800:19
kristianpaulso see u next week and next days in same tzone :)00:20
kristianpaulwel i'll let this thing updating alone00:21
kristianpaulbest wishes witht the fly wolfspraul00:21
HavokMaloHey all - are the nano note board layout files around anywhere?01:32
rejonyes, on the wiki01:40
rejonanyone know the location?01:40
proppyzear: how do I know when the battery is charged ?06:02
zearthe red led is off06:02
proppyok so I should wait for the red light to be off, then I try to power it up06:03
proppyand if it don't I should try to reflash it06:03
zearno, it won't06:03
proppyright ?06:03
proppyoh ok06:03
proppyso I should reflash it06:03
zearno because if the usb is plugged in, it has enough power to boot up06:03
zearif it doesn't, something's wrong with the bootloader06:03
zearso you should reflash it06:03
zearhere's the howto: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/How_to_reflash06:04
proppyzear: thanks for the link, I remember I compiled openwrt-ben from source to reflash it06:04
proppybut it did boot06:04
zeartry the "2. Updating Ben with usbboot" method06:04
zearreflash_ben.sh usually faulty flashes the bootloader and people are left with the same problem you have now06:05
zearalso some people reported their nn stopped booting after a while06:05
zearfor some reason06:05
zeari can't reproduce it with my unit, so i don't know what's the problem06:06
zearbut flashing the bootloader again always worked for him06:06
proppyzear: thanks for the tip06:09
zearproppy, no prob, hope it solves your problem ;)06:10
qi-commitsShuning Bian: [links] compiles and runs in text and graphics mode. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/02f7d8f06:16
proppypyneo.org down :(06:39
bartbesno it isn't?06:40
proppyThe server at pyneo.org is taking too long to respond.06:41
proppy2 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 999ms06:41
bartbesI'm browsing it06:41
proppymaybe it is an issue betweem my provider and pyneo server06:41
proppybartbes: nice site :006:42
xdpiratethat windows-warning for pyneo really bugs me06:42
zearxdpirate, what warning? I don't see anything ;)06:43
xdpiratecos you're not on windows yeah :p06:43
zearso shouldn't you be06:43
xdpiratei enjoy games06:44
bartbeslike sane people do06:44
zearxdpirate, now how come dingux run games? :D06:44
zearproppy, is pyneo any good?06:44
zeari currently use shr06:44
bartbeszear: please don't tell me you're serious about linux games...06:44
zearbartbes, i'm totally serious06:45
bartbesof course there are good ones06:45
xdpiratei play WoW and Dragon Age, nuff said06:45
bartbesbut the number of good ones is nowhere near the windows numbers06:45
zearc'mon, duke3d, shadow warrior, hexen, heretic, doom, quake, rott06:45
zearthese are the best games ever06:45
bartbesheh true06:45
bartbesbut I can't wait for steam for linux06:45
bartbeswe'll get portal 2, i guess06:45
proppyzear: still can't access it06:45
zearand duke3d with polymer renderer is better than crysis06:45
bartbeszear: screenshot?06:46
zearbartbes, one min06:46
bartbes(I played crysis, so I would know)06:46
proppyhttp://www.wolfire.com/humble opensourced some of their game06:46
proppyand they work on linux06:46
bartbesI have the bundle06:47
bartbeszear: lies06:47
bartbesit's undeniably good06:48
bartbesbut not crysis06:48
zearobviously not, i'm exaggerating ;P06:48
zearbut it's damn good06:48
bartbesit is06:48
zearand well, gameplay is better than crysis :D06:49
bartbesI thought crysis was a great game06:49
zearyeah, but hella buggy06:49
bartbesnot here06:49
zeari have a pretty strong pc06:50
zearand (especially the addon) was really, really buggy06:50
zearyou could die by stepping on a barrel06:50
bartbesnever had that..06:50
bartbesthough.. what was it called again, was less good story-wise06:51
bartbesit was more like.. a few extra levels06:51
bartbeswarhead, that was it06:51
zearyeah, that's it, it was damn buggy06:52
mthlarsc: I think reading of clocks should be protected by locking if we want to support PLL freq changes08:29
mthsince the new dividers will be written before they become effective08:29
mtheven if we would store the rounded frequencies in variables in addition to registers, there is no way to atomically update all clocks together with the PLL register08:30
mthalso, the entire PLL freq change sequence would have to occur in a single big lock, not in a series of small locks on individual clock writes08:31
mthlarsc: "gpio" in debugfs shows invalid info for pins in function mode, for example backlight is shown as input13:26
larsccan't do anything about it13:38
larscgpiolib does not know about specialfunction pins13:39
larscand input is the default13:39
mththe drivers could set the direction together with the function, but I guess that's a bit overkill just to get the debug info correct13:40
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: jz4740: clock: In clk_set_parent(), preserve clock enabled/disabled state. http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/5950c7615:10
mthdebug/mips/unaligned_instructions (debugfs) is increased by 34 per second, does anyone know if this is expected or strange?20:33
mthlarsc: a possible way to deal with PLL freq changes vs divider changes is to tie the PLL freq to the upper limit of the CPU speed rather than the target CPU speed20:47
mthfor example, if you set the scaling_max_freq to 400 MHz, the PLL will be set for 400 MHz, even if the target freq is only 100 MHz at the moment20:49
mththat way, automatic CPU freq switching will avoid the relatively costly PLL reprogramming and will use the lower overhead divider changes only20:49
mththe down side of that is that in the upper part of the spectrum, there are not a lot of dividers to choose from20:50
mthmeaning that with the maximum at 400 MHz, there is nothing between 200 and 400 possible20:50
mthbut automatic CPU freq switching is for saving power in situations where there is a low CPU load20:51
mthwhile overclocking is done from gmenu2x by users who know that a certain program will only run well at a higher maximum speed20:52
kristianpaulkernel panic - not syncing: No init found..21:24
kristianpauli was booting debian..21:24
mthlarsc: this is a small bug fix: http://github.com/mthuurne/opendingux-kernel/commit/bf7a28bf0d34c3796df7d0547947ba43705560a521:27
rafakristianpaul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDoGNwM_zgg ;)22:07
kristianpaulsound is creepy ot my flash is?22:12
Action: kristianpaul restart iceweasel22:13
kristianpaulcheers rafa !22:14
kristianpauli was testing debian but i'm get jlime now !22:15
kristianpaulis really smothh22:15
rafakristianpaul: I will try to upload the rootfs today22:16
kristianpaulrafa: please22:16
rafaworking on that22:16
kristianpauli'll get it as got there22:16
kristianpauli want show it in cparty22:16
kristianpaulthats lwm o icewm?22:30
kristianpaulnv lwm is out22:31
rafakristianpaul: matchbox is that23:03
kristianpauloh same as maemo23:22
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