#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2010-06-20

kyaktuxbrain: yeah, i got the fbterm but it's not interesting for me any more now that i found jfbterm :)09:51
kyakjfbterm can compile and start, but then there are some problems.. so i;m trying to dig more09:52
freespaceyou got it running kyak ?09:53
kyakit - what?09:53
freespacei assume so; what distro?09:54
kyaki got it started, not running actually09:54
kyakit's openwrt09:54
freespaceok, cool09:54
kyakit complains about ttys09:54
kyakand there are some really weird problems with arguments to ioctl09:55
kyakthat's why it allocates a free tty somewhere at the end of INT :)09:55
freespaceok :)09:56
qi-commitsUlrich Hecht: don't waste CPU redrawing the screen when there's no input http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/ac2fa7312:39
Textmodemorning all13:33
zearhey there13:35
Action: Textmode huggles zear13:36
Textmodewhats up?13:36
zearfiddling with my new second-hand ds ;)13:36
zearand it's an australian ds, too ;)13:37
zeara friend of mine, who lives in australia, was on a trip to germany and while being there sent me his broken ds (just a broken hinge, hardware works fine)13:37
Textmodegotten it to do anything fun yet?13:38
zearrun linux :)13:38
zearthough i think it has problems with symlinks (runs on fat16), because it returns an error when i try to ls /usr/bin13:39
zearand generally lacks most of the commands that usually are located in that dir13:39
Textmode...and I seem to be neatly avoid the hours that theres anyone awake in the channels I use :/13:40
zearchange your timezone ;P13:43
Textmodezear: I tried petitioning the government, but my requests fell on deaf ears.13:44
zearTextmode, then get more people from australia into nanonote scene ;P13:46
zearsome people from the ds scene were amazed by the nanonote when i showed it to them yesterday13:48
Action: calamarz mumblemumbles about groff+most as a _minimal_ ebook reader on nn15:21
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740-mmc: Limit max_seg_size to PAGE_SIZE http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/bf60cc018:18
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: i2s whitespace http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/ff5123f18:18
newbie007hi, I'm following the directions found here (http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB) to get a nanonote connected to the net18:41
zearnewbie007, where did you get stucked?18:42
newbie007the directions worked up to a point, I can ssh to the device, nut I can't ping google (from the device I'm ssh'ed in to it)18:42
zearnewbie007, check the /etc/resolv.conf18:42
zearmaybe it points to the wrong dns servers18:43
zearcan you ping ip addresses?18:43
newbie007from the host I can ping the device18:43
newbie007I'll try from the device to the host..18:43
zearhere's the ip of google:
newbie007hmm... trying to find out how to type a number18:44
newbie007got it18:44
newbie007no I cannot ping that address18:45
zearok, did you set up the nat?18:45
zearyou need ip forwarding to have net on the nanonote18:45
newbie007I think you're right,, I might be having a selinx problem..18:46
zeari have no experience with iptables, and especially no knowledge about se18:48
zearthough the nat config commands from the wiki page worked for me just fine18:48
newbie007me too :)18:48
zearjust check out your eth device (ifconfig -a)18:48
newbie007selinux has a list of things it blocked, the list was empty18:48
zearmayve it's not eth018:48
newbie007it's eth018:49
newbie007what I want out of the nanonote is to make other's wish they had one18:51
zearthen it should work, but se might have some protection against changing iptables rules so easily18:51
newbie007so I made this animation, I was going to try to make a program to display it on the nanonote http://imagebin.ca/view/B5v8zMkB.html18:51
zearthat looks cool, is it free as in freedom?18:52
newbie007I think it's my host OS,, I'll have to digg into it18:52
zearso we could use it in main nanonote distro?18:52
newbie007I found the image on images.google.com you can have it. If you want the origianl gimp created .xcf file you can have it18:52
newbie007I was going to take the mp3 player program called gmu, and try to transform it into a image display program18:53
newbie007I turned the still image into an animated one18:53
newbie007thought it would be a cool boot up logo, but not sure if that is possible18:54
zearhmm.. why would you turn gmu into an image display program?18:54
zearyou could just write a simple sdl program for displaying this animation instead18:54
newbie007I'm completely new to graphical c programs18:55
newbie007not c but...18:55
zearwell, you'd still have to completely rewrite the gmu, right? :)18:55
newbie007if you know a better program to use as an example I'm all ears (eyes?)18:56
newbie007I would probablly end up deleteing 99% of gmu, kind of ridiclous I agree18:56
zearwell, any sdl tutorial sample program you can find on the net ;)18:56
urandom_we have imgv as a imave viewer18:56
zearurandom_, how does the imgv work?18:56
zeari haven't tried it yet18:57
zearbut maybe i could port it to the dingux18:57
newbie007I was looking to put dingux on it but couldn't find step by step directions or really a official location18:57
zearfor what, the dingoo?18:57
urandom_works ok, could display some pictures, rotate them, zoom them18:57
zearah, yeah18:58
newbie007for nanonote18:58
zearthere's no need to put dingux on the nanonote18:58
zearit wouldn't work18:58
zearbecause of the lcd drivers18:58
zearbut dingux apps are binary compatible with the nanonote18:58
newbie007oh, I thought it did18:58
newbie007too bad18:58
zearso you can simply just run them on your nano18:58
zearthere's completely no point running dingux on the nano18:58
zearbecause it's just a normal linux kernel, the same you have already running on the nn18:58
mthyou could take the opendingux kernel from git and choose the LCD instead of SLCD driver18:58
urandom_from what i hear dingux isnt that good18:59
zearbut there's no point, dingux is just a kernel, and for a different device18:59
mthbut probably it's easier to just install the Dingux libs and add them to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH18:59
zearand you can already run the whole dingux userland on the current nanonote distro just fine18:59
newbie007I just want something that looks cool18:59
zearnewbie007, kernel itself can't, and won't look cool19:00
zearwhat you think about it a gui19:00
newbie007is there any sort of gnome like thing ?19:00
zearand you already have the same gmenu2x running on the nano19:00
newbie007I guess that is what I want19:00
newbie007if I can get it on the net I'll try that first19:00
zearnewbie007, there's X11 port with icewm and matchbox for the nanonote with jlime distro19:00
zearnewbie007, have you ever updated the firmware for your nn?19:01
zearthe newest one comes with gmenu2x preinstalled19:01
newbie007could I ask someone to look at my host OS's iptables and tell me if that is my issue (cannot connect nanonote to internet though usb)19:01
zearnot me, i know nothing about iptables19:01
newbie007zear, no just got it19:01
zearnewbie007, then upgrade it ;)19:01
newbie007maybe I have it...19:01
newbie007would I type gmenu2x ?19:02
zeartry it19:02
zearbut you probably have a very ancient firmware19:02
newbie007no, doesn't work19:02
urandom_newbie007 http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/How_to_reflash ;)19:02
zearthe pre-gmenu2x one19:02
newbie007how can I tell what verion I have?19:02
zearnewbie007, uname -a19:03
zearshould show the kernel compilation time19:03
urandom_the ben is shipped with a very old firmware19:04
newbie007I have #1 PREEMPT Wed Jan...19:04
newbie007... (Jan 13 2010)19:05
urandom_well time to reflash!19:05
newbie007my problem with reflashing it is that my host OS is Fedora 1319:05
newbie007dpkg get I think is a debian command19:05
urandom_i used fedora for reflashing too19:06
newbie007sweet!! help!!19:06
urandom_there is a binary package  also19:06
zearnewbie007, you can just download a .tar.gz of the reflasher19:06
zearso distro independent19:06
zearyeah, what urandom_ said19:07
urandom_but i think it is older, you can also just unzip the deb19:07
newbie007dpkg is like rpm,, oh.. cool ok19:07
newbie007how do I unzip a deb?19:07
newbie007is it a tar gzip ?19:07
urandom_yeah i think it is, try19:08
zeari don't remember, but you can try renaming it to gzip19:08
newbie007I see a bzip that has the same date19:08
newbie007in that there is a /usr directory19:08
newbie007so are you saying I can just copy these files over ?19:09
zearnewbie007, that should be it, simply copy it ti /usr on your root filesystem19:09
zearyep, exactly19:09
zearthat's what i did19:09
newbie007huh,, ok I'll give it a try thanks!19:09
urandom_you will also need "confuse", you can install it with you package manager, should be in repo19:11
newbie007ok I got it, thanks19:13
newbie007I see options to reboot u-boot, the kernel partition, or the rootfs,, what should I be doing?19:21
newbie007perhaps it's all been updated since Jan 1319:22
urandom_newbie007 you could do it manually like in this order http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/How_to_reflash#Example or just use the reflash-ben.sh which might or might not work19:23
zearurandom_, just one thing - if after running the flashing script the nanonote doesn't want to boot, don't panic19:28
zearfor me the script never flashes the bootloader right19:28
zearand i have to flash it manually19:28
zearanyway, have to go, cya19:29
xakhhey guys, is there a new reflash out for the nanonote?20:34
wolfspraulxakh: what is a new reflash?20:35
wolfspraulyou mean a new OpenWrt image?20:36
xakhthat's the one.20:36
xakha new image.20:36
wolfspraulyes, 2010-06-1520:36
xakhsorry, bad with language today20:36
xakhwhat's it include?20:36
urandom_xakh http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Official_Software_Image#Image_2010-06-1520:36
wolfspraulI reflashed 219 Nanos in our warehouse in Hong Kong with 2010-06-15, it better be good! :-)20:37
xakhand how's Jlime coming along? is it working?20:37
wolfspraulxakh: yes I think so, they posted something about a beta release20:37
wolfspraulhaven't tried it yet though20:38
urandom_wolfspraul you better disable gmenu2x autostart on them :P20:38
xakhI love my gmenu....20:38
wolfspraulurandom_: u mean the flickering?20:39
wolfspraulyeah, it's horrible. It was a tough decision but I decided to still reflash them because it is our official image, and leaving the 2010-01-13 on them wouldn't have been much better either.20:39
wolfspraulI noticed when I go into dgClock and back the flickering goes away entirely on my own Nano. strange.20:40
wolfspraulurandom_: why disable gmenu2x?20:40
xakhwhat's going on with flickering?20:41
urandom_cause of flickering, it can only acces /card/ and most people disable it anyway20:41
urandom_i mean it is not bad but in really needs much improvements to be usefull20:42
wolfspraulurandom_: I agree about the need of improvements, but booting into a GUY first is not bad I think.20:42
wolfspraulbut yeah, lots of work...20:43
xakhhey, guys, while you're here20:43
xakhI'm no good with porting and cross compilation20:43
xakhbut I found something that might be useful.20:43
xakhthis browser20:43
urandom_wolfspraul into a GUY? :P20:43
xakhthis browser is completely self contained, and even has a FB version available20:44
xakhwith some work, it could easily become the browser of choice for the Ya.20:45
wolfspraulxakh: can you add it to the wishlist?20:47
wolfspraul(wiki pages need to be merged, but once it's in there it won't be forgotten)20:47
xakhgot it in there!20:49
urandom_wolfspraul i dont think running dgClock changes something about the flickering in gmenu2x for me, at least not visible20:49
xakhalso, could we change the graphical interface to this one?20:51
urandom_but i have a nice flickering on the top left corner after running startdict :P20:51
xakhoh, and there's this one20:51
urandom_xakh i think i tryed to run it once but no luck ( the first one)20:52
xakhcrap, be back later, see you guys in a bit!20:53
wolfspraulurandom_: hmm [dgclock] thanks20:56
wolfspraullots of work ahead, please remember we are a few volunteers and part-timers and people that work for free or donate their own money for this project :-)20:56
wolfspraulso to me the progress I see is exciting20:56
wolfspraulurandom_: can you write up some bugs in the issue tracker?20:57
wolfspraulIn general I think there are 2 ways we can go about this:20:57
wolfspraulone - we think that some of those GUI apps that are now in the OpenWrt image will be replaced with something else, then nobody will work on fixing them because we think they will be replaced.20:57
wolfspraultwo - we settle on those apps and little by little fix/improve them and get those fixes applied upstream20:58
wolfspraulI played with GMU and was surprised how well it worked.20:58
Xakh-alright, i got my irc client on my phone20:58
wolfspraulstardict - fonts didn't show, and I think the navigation is not good20:58
urandom_GMU is awesome, we should definitely settle on it20:59
wolfsprauldclock, didn't work well for me at all20:59
wolfspraulurandom_: only I didn't find the TAB key for a while20:59
freespaceGMU needs slightly better doco20:59
urandom_i wasnt able to change time in dclock i think20:59
freespaceexiting by alt-enter wasn't obvious20:59
Xakh-so, does the new openwrt image have the arrows to cursor movement?21:00
wolfspraulfreespace: yeah, you mean GMU? Both Tab and Alt weren't obvious to me.21:00
wolfspraulbut anyway, it's great progress21:01
wolfspraulwe are building a whole distro here21:01
Xakhso i can navigate fb apps?21:01
wolfspraulit's unreal21:01
freespacei patched imgv, waiting for some one to apply it :P21:01
Xakhnick xakh21:01
Xakhdang it21:01
wolfspraulno Microsoft, no Shuttleworth, no Google21:01
urandom_i think wejp wants to make gmu display some help menu on first startup or something like that21:01
wolfspraulfreespace: apply?21:01
freespacethat would be all that's required21:01
freespaceand possibly standardise on Q/esc for app exit21:01
wolfspraulyou mean commit to the source repository?21:01
Xakhthis is so cool, i feel like i'm watching something awesome happen21:01
freespacewolfspraul: yeah21:02
wolfspraulI didn't see the patch. I don't think Niels would have a problem with you committing right into the project.21:02
wolfspraulLet's ask him!21:02
freespaceyeah, i would too have a problem with a random committing :)21:03
wolfsprauloh sure, we have to have that time. Let me email him, cc you21:03
wolfspraulwhat is your email address?21:03
wolfspraulk one sec21:03
Xakhthe future is mips, and i'm really happy to be a part of it.21:04
freespacealso, for those debugging directfb issues, the libdirectfb's makefile doesn't have --enable-debug, it has --enable-debug-support which by itself is useless21:04
freespacebut that's openwrt's issue :P21:05
urandom_uhm wolfspraul what bugs did you want me to add on the issue tracker?21:05
wolfspraulurandom_: usability issues in the UI, for example21:06
wolfspraulof course anything you think is buggy21:06
wolfspraulfreespace: would it help you if you had commit access to openwrt-xburst ?21:07
wolfspraulI mean the projects server is there so we can efficiently collaborate :-)21:08
Xakhhm. i feel bad because i can't think of much to contribute.21:08
wolfspraulXakh: cleanup the wiki21:09
wolfspraulwe would erect a 10m high bronze statue for you21:09
wolfspraulbut it's tedious work, be warned21:09
Xakhhaha! i'll get working on that when i get home. my brother's band is playing a gig, so i can't do much right now21:10
wolfspraul(your brother playing I meant)21:10
freespacewolfspraul: if you guys trust me :P sure21:10
wolfsprauldo you have an account on projects already?21:11
Xakhno problem. i usually do uv mapping, so tedium isn't that big a deal to me21:11
wolfspraulfreespace: what's the user name?21:12
urandom_speaking of the wiki this http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Updating_Ben_NanoNote_software#Example and this http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Updating_Ben_NanoNote_software#Solution might be merged but i am not sure how, i wanted to translate the page but discovered that it is a mess ^^21:12
newbie008hi, I just reflashed the device, using the script, and now my device won't turn on just get a black screen. No red led either21:13
newbie008any suggestions?21:13
freespaceunplug from usb, remove battery, say 2 hail mary's, put battery back in21:13
urandom_newbie008 flashing u-boot did not work, try again21:13
freespace(ok, you can replace 2 hail marys with count to 10)21:14
Xakhwell, red only comes on when you're charging21:14
wolfspraulfreespace: added you to both openwrt-xburst and openwrt-packages21:14
freespaceok cool!21:14
wolfspraulhave fun, thank you so much for any tidbit you can contribute there!21:14
freespacewill do :)21:14
newbie008ok I tried the battery method first, and it came on21:15
newbie008wow gui!21:15
Xakhso if the device is fully charged or you're not plugged in the wall, the light won't be on21:15
freespacenewbie008: awesome :)21:15
newbie008any way to know when it's fully charged?21:15
wolfspraulnewbie008: is your LCM flickering?21:15
wolfspraulsorry your screen21:16
wolfspraulthe display21:16
newbie008no mouse..21:16
newbie008no looks great21:16
wolfspraulok good21:16
freespacewolfspraul: statu on easy captchas on wiki?21:16
Xakhthe script sometimes locks up, so you may want to do the old method and flash all 3 parts separately21:16
Xakhit worked for mine21:16
newbie008at the top I see applications and settings,, how can I get to these? the arrow keys just move the lower portion of the screen21:16
freespacez and x map to "a" and "b"21:17
freespaceq and p map to "l" and "r"21:17
freespacegmenu2x is designed for a game console21:17
freespaceimagine you are in fact using this on a snes21:17
freespacei think a and s map to "x" and "y"21:17
newbie008oh ha21:17
Xakhbut it kicks ass all the same!21:17
freespaceenter is "start"21:17
freespacei forget what maps to "select"21:18
newbie008enter doesn't seem to select21:18
wolfspraulurandom_: about the wiki21:18
freespacetry tab21:18
wolfspraulmy plan was to have a structure similar to some good computing articles on wikipedia21:18
wolfspraulI wrote down some thoughts here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Talk:NanoNote21:18
freespacefirst thing i did after flashing new firmware was to build my own removing gmenu2x... :P21:18
Xakhescape is select i think.21:18
wolfspraulthe idea is that you can slowly 'dive in'21:18
wolfspraulyou start high-level, with 'NanoNote'21:18
newbie008it's X21:18
wolfspraulthen you can dive into hardware, software, manufacturing, etc. whatever you like21:19
freespaceso "b" then21:19
wolfspraulthe more intuitive the 'diving into' is, and the deeper you can go, the better21:19
newbie008I think we need to change these keys around so that enter selects, perhaps the shift other down shift buttons do the L& R21:19
wolfspraulif you look at that Talk:NanoNote page you see I chose some 'reference' articles based on the quality assigned to them by Wikipedia's Project Computing effort21:20
wolfspraulso I will start like that, at least that's the plan but since late March I never go to do anything! :-)21:20
freespacewell, you should make the captcha easier so us highly intelligent computers can do it :P21:21
freespacei tried against last night when a captcha I thought I could read21:21
freespaceturns out i couldn't, again!21:21
freespaceit is a dehumanising experience21:21
wolfspraulI will do it today.21:21
wolfspraulthere is a math captcha21:21
freespacelets do that21:21
wolfspraulplease understand this spam spots are nasty21:21
wolfsprauland then it's me who has to drag all this shit edits out one by one21:22
Xakhwait wait, what level of math?21:22
newbie008how to exit gmu ?21:22
freespacewait no21:22
freespacethat's gmu21:22
newbie008that work21:22
freespacealt-enter worked?21:22
freespaceok well there you go21:22
Xakhi'm going to be organizing this late at night, and there may be drinking involved here, so let's not make this too challenging?21:23
freespacei submitted a ticket about these issues :P21:23
newbie008we need to standardize on these keys,, but I am throughally impressed21:23
Action: freespace is a proflict complainer21:23
freespaceprolifict rather21:23
Action: freespace also can't spell worth a damn21:23
newbie008the dictionary seems to freeze, I just see a flesh colored screen21:24
Xakhsweet, right?21:24
freespacewait for it21:24
freespacetakes about 90s for first run21:24
freespacebuilding index apparently21:24
freespacesee if you can reproduce the issue i had, which was you can't scroll a definition no matter what you do21:24
newbie008ok it's up. I see a mouse, but no way to move it21:24
freespacethere is no mouse at all21:24
wolfspraulalso I think fonts are broken21:25
freespacefonts were ok for me21:25
newbie008there is a pointer in the dictionary program, looks like a mouse21:25
freespacewe should probably supply a directfbrc in /etc with no-cursor in there21:25
urandom_mouse should be just disabled21:25
freespaceyeah, that's from directfb21:25
Xakhso, guys, avoid math captchas, i am not known for my arithmetic skills21:25
freespaceat least i am pretty sure it is21:26
newbie008after exiting starDict I see flickering around the top left corner of the screen21:26
freespacei got that too21:26
freespacenot entirely sure what causes that21:26
newbie008how do I exit this gui?21:26
wolfspraulXakh: we are only talking about anonymous edits in the wiki here21:27
newbie008and what programs can I help work on?21:28
wolfspraulso you can still create an account and there is no captcha at all, only for account creation21:28
urandom_oh i really cant scroll in stardict but it worked in the last image21:28
wolfsprauland maybe at that one occasion you will be able to do simple plus or minus math, like 4+7 = ?? :-)21:28
freespacei forgot newbie008, sorry21:28
newbie008urandom_: for me I needed to tabe before I could go up and down21:28
wolfspraulurandom_: we need a test plan21:28
wolfspraultoo many regressions21:28
wolfspraulanother thing that is missing in the wiki21:28
urandom_wait no it works21:29
urandom_yeah we need a plan21:29
Xakhi suppose so, it's 15, right? ;) jk21:29
urandom_but it is flickering extremely while scrolling21:29
newbie008entering the clock and leaving it removes the flicker21:31
newbie008I do not think there is a way to exit this gui, I've tried every button21:32
urandom_oh and it doesnt properly quit if it isnt run from gmenu2x21:32
eharrington_I use ctrl alt F1 to exit, saw it somewhere21:33
urandom_newbie008 well i do crt-+alt+f1 and then ctr+c, that works21:33
wolfspraulnewbie008: ctrl-alt-f1 to console (enter is enough)21:33
wolfspraulctrl-alt-f5 back to GUI21:33
wolfspraulctrl-alt-f2 .. f4 are other consoles21:33
newbie008I did the ctrl+alt+f1 and got to a text screen which said something like "jz-codec <-> ..."21:34
wolfspraulnewbie008: press 'enter'21:34
newbie008then ctrl+c, which now says "Please wait while the graphical enviroment is loading..."21:34
newbie008ah enter now gives me the console21:35
Xakhhey, is there a way to add a user yet?21:35
newbie008thanks all21:35
Xakhwe're here to help!21:36
newbie008yeah I want to get a couple of thin clients and use this computer giving my entire family a login21:36
newbie008I'm off to /dev/null  if there is a bug list on the wiki I'll start looking at it21:37
Xakhoh, and i lost my button for shorting. what's recommended for a substitute?21:39
Xakhor is there another way into usbboot?21:41
urandom_press u on startup if you have a working and newer bootloader21:42
Xakhcan i keep the battery in?21:43
urandom_maybe but i think it might cause problems21:44
eharrington_If I use 'halt' to shut down then 'u' & 'm' power up seem to work better21:47
urandom_oh i cant use my wiki account for projects?21:47
Xakhxiangfu: i'm gonna start work organizing the wiki tonight. you got anything you want added there?21:54
xiangfuXakh: no.21:55
Xakhalright, just checking.21:55
wolfspraulurandom_: Xakh keeping the battery in should not cause problems.22:11
wolfspraulif it does, it's a bug in how the system is shutdown22:11
wolfspraulso if you want to be totally safe and sure you are starting from a fully unpowered state, sure remove the battery22:11
wolfspraulbut if we get software perfect, it shouldn't matter22:12
urandom_i think some people reported problems with keeping battery and i had the problem myself (but might have been somthing else that caused it, hard to tell)22:16
urandom_wolfspraul why do we have to create an account for projects and one for the wiki?22:17
wolfspraulurandom_: not enough server admin resources :-)22:19
wolfspraulwiki = MediaWiki, projects = Indefero22:20
wolfspraulof course a joint account system would be cool22:20
wolfspraulbut realistically I think it won't happen anytime soon, there are so many other more high-priority tasks, lower hanging fruits...22:20
wolfspraulI will try to do the visual math captcha on mediawiki today, for anonymous edits22:21
wolfspraul(or account creations)22:21
wolfspraulthen I should test the OpenID login, but probably not today22:21
urandom_thats sad cause many people will think "oh i found an issue lets report it, oh wait i have to register, nah just forget about it"22:22
wolfspraultotally agree22:23
urandom_and yeah i understand there is other importand stuff to do22:23
wolfspraullet's do it step by step22:24
wolfspraulfirst make the captcha on the wiki easier22:24
wolfspraulmaybe someone can look into how we can hook Indefero into another account backend22:25
urandom_i really should try to get some working toolchain for the ben ... one day22:27
xakhI can just yank the cable out when I'm done with the flash?23:21
newbie007hi, what is the difference between openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-root.ubi, u-boot.bin, and uImage.bin ?23:27
urandom_ u-boot.bin is the bootloader23:27
urandom_openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-root.ubi is the root filesystem23:28
urandom_and uImage is the kernel23:29
newbie007ah, thank you23:29
newbie007how does a group of programs become the root.ubi file ?23:30
newbie007I want to try changing the files around then reflashing the device23:30
newbie007if I come up with anything, I'd contribute it back23:31
urandom_i dont understand your question, you want to build your own root filesystem?23:31
urandom_the image is build like this http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image#Building_OpenWrt-image_from_source23:33
newbie007well, I want to mess with the programs, I was thinking of changing the gui's help message to reflect the actual keys, then going from there23:33
newbie007wow 6 hours23:35
urandom_here is a better how to http://www.tuxbrain.com/en/content/my-first-port-ben-nanonote-gnuchess-howto23:35
urandom_ah and this stuff requires lots of disk space, so check if you have enough23:37
newbie007it's funny this is the smallest linux distro ever23:41
urandom_openwrt? well it was made for router23:42
urandom_so it hast to be small23:43
--- Mon Jun 21 201000:00

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