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Textmodenight all05:27
kyaki've posted to discussions mailing list, but don't see my message there.. what's the problem?05:37
calamarzsomebody knows of a link for rebuilding the debian kernel for nn?08:02
calamarzoh, nevermind, I found schulze's notes about the needed patch08:05
mindw0rkYo, not exactly a nanonote dev, but i have a quick question about the nanonote08:48
mindw0rkdoes it act as a usb storage device08:48
rafacalamarz: which notest you found?08:49
kyakmindw0rk: it appears as usb ethernet gadget08:54
kyakwhich is not exactly usb mass storage08:54
kyakbut you can use any network file system08:54
mindw0rkyeah, i heard about that, but a comment on a youtube misled me to believe that there's a posibility that it could apear as a usb mass storage device08:55
kyakyoutube comments are not the best source of information :)09:00
mindw0rktrue, but when one dosen't know thy might give hope09:09
mindw0rkhas this ever been implented into the linux kernel i wonder then09:09
kyaki tried enabling CONFIG_USB_FILE_STORAGE, but it is complaining that the chip doesn't support the feature09:11
kyaki don't remember exactly, but i didn't dig further09:12
kyakmaybe it is CONFIG_USB_GADGETFS09:12
kyaki don't know and i don't need this anyway :)09:13
mindw0rkisin't that experimental and not stable?09:13
mindw0rkyeah, but thanks you gave me something i could start my path on09:13
kyakno problem, hang here for maybe more information from more experienced guys :)09:14
calamarzrafa: this http://sdschulze.dnsalias.org/~soeren/content/debian-nanonote-kernel.txt09:33
nebajothy/n? hello09:54
kyakrafa: where i can find the Makefile and patches for fbterm that is released for jlime? I would like to port it to openwrt10:29
kyaki definitely requires for patching and i guess, you already did it :)10:30
rafakyak: I am not sure if I modified it.. let me chek, I have the sources..10:31
kyaksure.. if you don't mind, i'm also interested in fbterm.sh wrapper10:33
kyakio.cpp:197: error: invalid conversion from 's8**' to 'const char**'10:33
kyakthat's why i guess it is for patching10:33
kyakor maybe it's just some compiler switches10:33
rafakyak: what? I do not understand what do you mean?10:42
rafafbterm.sh is just a script10:42
rafait change directory10:42
rafaand it goes where there is a font file10:42
rafathen run the fbterm binary, because it changed directory fbterm binary finds the font file10:42
rafaon its pwd10:42
kyakok, thanks! i'm just saying, i would need it as well :)10:43
rafaah.. okey :)10:43
rafaah.. the error building .. I see it10:44
rafakyak: I think that I fixed a bit that perhaps, because I remember some "invalid conversion", no sure if when building fbterm or another appl10:44
rafalet me check10:44
kyakrafa: sure10:45
rafakyak: http://fz.hobby-site.org/hp660lx/fbterm-1.6.tar.gz10:47
kyakcook, thanks!10:47
kyakcool even :)10:47
rafakyak: http://fz.hobby-site.org/hp660lx/fbterm.sh10:49
kyakrafa: got it, thanks10:50
kyakrafa: you haven't modified the source as i can see, but your config's might be helpful10:53
kyakrafa: what is the building system like in jlime, btw?10:53
rafakyak: we built the whole repository with OE, and the extra applications (like fbterm and mplayer) using the same toolchain that OE used10:59
kyakok, i see10:59
rafatuxbrain: http://fz.hobby-site.org/hp660lx/3085.jpg11:10
kyakgot the fbterm :) small patching was still required11:22
kyaktuxbrain: care to host the recipy for fbterm on openwrt?11:54
Action: emeb just reflashed the 06-15-2010 update13:06
emebseems to work.13:06
nllpntrhas anyone successfully flashed debian according to instructions at http://pyneo.org/howto/debian/nano.html?13:51
urandom_nllpntr i know some people are successfully running debian13:53
emdetenllpntr: sure ;)13:54
nllpntrjust wondering if I'm missing something. every time I get to the step: usbboot -c "nprog 2048 debian-lenny.ubi 0 0 -n", it chugs along and then seems to fail without error13:59
nllpntri.e, the first time I tried, the process stopped with something like "End at page 2860", and the last time I tried, it stopped with "End at page 58288"14:02
nllpntrin either case I get a brick in return14:02
eharrington_nllpntr: I have only been able to install deb on external sd card. I used this procedure: http://en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2010-June/000769.html note: I only was able to use a 2gb card, 8 gb card fails.14:12
nllpntrah, I see.14:13
calamarzsb knows where to disable splash screen in the kernel?14:14
nllpntrI'd like to install locally, since I'm getting the recommended minisd wifi card...14:14
eharrington_nllpntr: come to think of it, there is a bug in the usbboot flash: when I reflashed, had to use this step: "nprog 2048 debian-lenny.ubi 0 0  -n" (extra space between last 0 and -n parms)14:16
eharrington_nllpntr: note I was using "nprog 0 openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.bin 0 0  -n" source file, but the bug would still apply14:18
nllpntr_could you repeat that actually? I was just booted from my other machine14:18
nllpntr_heh, the pitfalls of using unregistered Ircle.14:19
eharrington_nllpntr: come to think of it, there is a bug in the usbboot flash: when I reflashed, had to use this step: "nprog 2048 debian-lenny.ubi 0 0  -n" (extra space between last 0 and -n parms)14:19
nllpntr_ah, that is weird14:19
calamarznllpntr_: i followed steps in first part of this tutorial and went fine: http://www.tuxbrain.com/en/content/,-ben-nanonote-editingcompilingflashing-arduino-sketch14:19
nllpntr_good to hear, I'm already looking at that article right now14:20
rafacalamarz: something like menuconfig -> device drivers -> graphics -> fb -> logo14:22
eharrington_Anyone get ssh to work with debian in external sd? I am getting: ...debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent debug3: Wrote 792 bytes for a total of 831 Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer when using -vvvv parm. Everything else looks normal.14:26
calamarzrafa: found, thanks...14:27
calamarzeharrington_: not tried from sd, but read somewhere about a problem with the ssh in the image, that would go away by reinstalling sshd14:28
eharrington_calamarz: cool, will do that next, thanx14:29
nllpntr_alright, retrying with the tuxbrain instructions, crossing fingers.14:35
nllpntr_sweet jebus, it worked!14:40
nllpntr_thanks for all the help :)14:41
calamarzrafa: ... and which option do I need to enable kernel boot output?14:42
tuxbrainrafa: what's that cooooool picture? which launcher is that?17:58
tuxbrainkyak: where I can found the receipt to host?17:59
knotheadany phenom 2 users out there18:12
knotheadamd phenom 2 processors......18:15
knotheadany tech help??????18:16
Textmodemorning all19:01
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