#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2010-06-17

Textmodebuildin', buildin', buildin' / keep that soucecode buildin' / buildin', buildin', buildin' / alllll night!00:02
calamarzTextmode: what are you building?00:05
kristianpaulanyone remene the name name wich is fault tolerant ?00:06
kristianpauldamm sorry00:06
kristianpauli need  sleep better00:06
kristianpauli was askign the name of the network system wich is fault tolerant00:06
calamarzkristianpaul: network fs?00:09
kristianpaulcalamarz: i think is missing something, at least you can point me to the wikipedia article00:12
kristianpaulanyw ay00:12
calamarzkristianpaul: just was wondering if you mean network filesystems with fault tolerance00:13
freespacehrm, why is openwrt's build system insisting on running make install :/00:32
freespacei had overwritten Build/Compile, but it is still doing it00:33
Textmodeis that bad?00:34
freespacewell it is not letting me compile fbpad00:34
freespacehrm, i tihnk i will just pach the makefile to have one00:34
freespacethat feels bad though00:35
Textmode :o00:42
Textmodethe build finished00:42
Textmode...what do I do now? :P00:43
freespaceflash it? :)00:44
freespacei made a dir on the same level as openwrt-xburst called custom_image00:44
freespacesymlink'd the ubi and bin files from openwrt-xburst/bin/xburst00:45
freespacecopied the u-boot.bin in there as well00:45
freespacethen used reflash_ben.sh00:45
kyakevery morning i'm reading the backlog and understand that everbody is minding his own business.. maybe only a short notice in chan "i did this, i did that"00:51
kyakno documentation, no common source of information00:51
kyakperhaps this is due to the fact of owrt/debian/jlime/dingoo actually splitting the community00:52
kyakour efforts are spread00:54
kyakwe need to kind of TODO list for Ben00:54
kyak*some kind of00:54
kyakor me can keep acting as every man for himself00:56
Textmodei think everyone is still trying to see what can be done.01:06
Textmodethough I do agree that theres a lot of repeated effort.01:06
Textmodethat, at least, should be reduced.01:06
Textmodefreespace: why would I flash it, all I wantted was the toolchain01:08
kyakit is mostly a question of what _needs_ to be done, that what can be done01:08
Textmodekyak: yes, but theres more than one way to skin a cat, certain things might "need" to be done, but whats the *best* way?01:09
Textmodesurely theres such a list on the wiki, or something?01:10
kyaki've never seen such list01:10
Textmodethen that seems like a good place to start.01:10
calamarzkyak: roadmap++01:13
kyakmore like todo++01:14
calamarzkyak: and maybe also important communication channels for each 'team', as there are people of several and different fronts01:15
calamarzpersonally I don't see dist splitting as a problem01:15
calamarzas long as there is cross-fertilization01:15
calamarzsomething interesting would be ipkg<->deb conversions01:16
kyakdist splitting leads to less effort put in each of them01:16
freespaceTextmode: ah, i see :)01:16
TextmodeI think kyak's point is that its a bit to early to be splitting our effort01:17
kyakit's like thousands of linux distros.. just a waste of human resources01:17
kyakTextmode: maybe you are right! Maybe we need to have a solid base01:17
Textmodekyak: most linux distro's have their own flavor, though. they solve different problems, and are targeted at differnet users.01:17
kyakTextmode: yes, this is why 20-30 distros would be enough01:18
kyakor even less01:18
kyakbut not literally thousand01:18
Textmodekyak: I wouldn't be so sure, theres a lot more feaild of endevour than you thing, and everyone has their own style and preferences.01:19
calamarzfor the nn, I see openwrt/debian as a very good couple01:19
Textmodethats not to say there *isn't* just plain wasted effort out there, how many "micro *nixes" do we really need?01:19
TextmodeI mean, how many ways is there to make a minimal system?01:19
calamarzwhat would be for you the most urgent thing now in the todo?01:20
kyakTextmode: let's change a set of wallpapers of release a new linux distro? This is a metaphor, but you get the point01:20
kyakcalamarz: actually, yesterday i've seen that jlime makes it a good triple :)01:21
kyakor trinity01:21
Textmodekyak: style and preference includes *functional*, consider the emacs Vs VIM wars :P01:21
calamarzkyak: not so much of a metaphor... i've seen governments wasting tons of money in "reinveinting" debian when actually they were paying graphic designers :p01:22
kyakmy first thing in todo would be WiFi (i mean, the ks7010 driver for sdio card).. But as of now i'm always distracted from this target01:22
calamarzhow much is that sdio card, btw?01:22
calamarzpersonally, I'm excited about compiling a bunch of good framebuffer goodies01:23
kyakmanufacturer offered me for 70 USD, while Zhang Yi of sharism kindly offered me it for 49 USD :)01:23
calamarzit's like a revival, i like the challenge of small ram, try to live w/o X etc01:24
calamarzkyak: is that a friend's price or they have supplies?01:24
Textmodecalamarz: I like having an excuse to be minimal again.01:24
kyakcalamarz: i was told this was their leftover in their warehouse01:24
kyakso i don't know if more left01:25
Textmodei don't really have any use for wifi, though.01:25
kyakthere should definitely be a special offer for this card when byuing Ben01:25
Textmodewhat I *would* like is a real ethernet port, but thats not happening.01:25
calamarzmmm another thing I would like to try one day is connecting ben to lafonera via serial01:26
calamarzthat would be a good wardriving toy ]:)01:26
calamarzmmm it's a cheap wifi router running openwrt01:27
kyakcalamarz: instead, you should connect it to a GPS module via serial and use sdio WiFi card :)01:27
kyakthen you'll have a warwalking toy :)01:28
calamarzalso have to play connecting it to the freerunner :) gps via usb01:29
calamarzbut i don't like wifi cards that cannot be pigtailed01:29
calamarzmmm yesterday I found the ben personalities program in the wiki01:31
calamarzand liked the idea01:31
newbie007greetings, I'm trying to decide what to do with my nanonote01:46
newbie007I was thinking of putting dingoo (? is that what it's called) on it.  Can someone point me to a tutorial for it.. I haven't found one on google01:47
newbie007I found a debian tutorial, what scares me about it is that the filesystem could get corrupted01:51
newbie007I don't get how X would work. It's not gnome right? but it has a graphical menu of some sort?01:52
calamarznewbie007: afaik, dingoo is the device, and dingux what you can install on a dingoo http://www.dingux.com/01:53
calamarzbut compatibility is not 100% seems http://boards.dingoonity.org/ben-nanonote/ben-nanonote-faq/msg17235/01:53
newbie007ah, yes01:53
calamarznewbie007: the holy trinity for nn distros looks like being openwrt-jlime-debian01:54
newbie007I read somewhere, that I need to connect two wires located under the battery to flash the device01:54
newbie007but on some nano notes, I can hit some key combination. how can I tell which nano note I have ?01:55
calamarzyou can also do it pressing power+some key yes01:55
calamarzthat worked for me01:55
newbie007thansk for the link that's what I was looking for01:55
calamarzdont remember if was power+s or power+n or...01:55
newbie007I have another quesiton I read that the device is not a USB host,, I don't know what that means01:56
newbie007I was hoping to hook it up to a usb device (that I would build) that would accept a signal then flip a relay on/off01:56
calamarzpower + U it was01:57
newbie007Could I hook a usb keyboard to it, or a usb monitor ?01:58
calamarznewbie007: usb is master/slave protocol, so nn can only act as device01:58
calamarzseems that the chip is able to act as host, but it is not wired to the exterior (I didn't understood 100% the explanation myself lol)01:59
newbie007thanks for the info!02:00
calamarzyou can play with devices via serial though02:00
newbie007where is the serial located?02:00
calamarzafaik you have to connect wires in spots right under the battery02:01
newbie007how do you use yours?02:02
calamarzmy nn? I use it to procrastinate from my real job :p02:03
calamarzbut the main interesting uses I see are media player and pocket-book reader02:04
calamarzcarrying wikipedia in your pocket will be candy02:05
newbie007what OS ?02:05
newbie007wikipedia would be awesome, I read that the full zipped version is like 10 gigs02:05
calamarzre. data loss, you can partition a sd and have there your data in a fs that supports fsck02:08
calamarzonly try to shutdown properly02:09
newbie007I'm still very new to linux, but love it so far02:12
calamarzglad to hear that :)02:14
Action: Textmode huggles zear :D02:16
newbie007I can't seem to find the official dingux site, I do see a blog www.dingux.com and several rapidshare links02:25
Textmodeits kinda an add-hoc effort.02:27
Textmodethe offcial site is a blog and google project page.02:27
Textmodeand if you really want to know about dingux, try in #dingoonity02:27
kyaki wonder is owrt-xburst is runnable in qemu05:21
kyakshould try sometime05:21
kyakshould be cool05:21
freespacewould be real useful too06:04
wolfspraulxiangfu: you there?06:53
xiangfuwolfspraul: Hi06:53
wolfspraulin the openwrt downloads folder, there is now a uImage and zImage kernel06:53
wolfspraulwhat's the difference between the two?06:54
xiangfuuImage is for the u-boot. zImage is self unpack can direct run in MEM.06:54
wolfspraulzImage can be used with xbboot? but where is the initramfs?06:55
wolfspraulhow can someone use the zImage?06:55
xiangfuyes zImage can be used with xbboot.  to build the initramfs need change the 'make menuconfig' rootfs to 'ramfs'06:58
kyakhm, there is no -kernel option in qemu-mipsel.. i guess i don't know what to do next :) any hints?06:59
larsckyak: it wont run07:00
kyaklarsc: is it because our cpu is not supported?07:01
larscbut there is http://code.google.com/p/jz-hacking/wiki/qemujz07:01
larsckyak: the soc is not supported, correct07:01
larscthe cpu is ;)07:01
kyaklooks like a  great link, thanks!07:01
kyaklarsc: have you tried it?07:02
kyakthe screenshot is beautiful :) i guess what they are running as WM07:02
xiangfuwolfspraul: I make the u-boot work in jz4760 evb board.07:03
wolfspraulxiangfu: niiice!07:05
rafaxiangfu: ;-) great man07:05
wolfspraulin case people don't know - Ingenic is our fly on the wall at Ingenic07:06
wolfspraulbit more than fly on the wall maybe07:06
wolfspraulhe can walk in, grab whatever EVB he wants, and start hacking07:06
wolfspraullarsc: that is also in large part to the impressive work you have been doing and Ingenic is clearly aware of07:06
wolfspraul(typo, I meant "Xiangfu is our fly on the wall at Ingenic")07:06
wolfspraulI hope they will soon give us 1 or 2 EVBs so we can send one to Adam or Lars or others that are interested07:07
wolfspraulbut right now they have only 10 for the whole company, so understandably cannot give them out yet07:07
wolfspraulxiangfu: so for the zImage.bin, I still need a separate ramfs/initramfs? how do I use that zImage.bin with xbboot?07:08
rafawolfspraul: I think that lars and xiangfu are doing a really really great work. If I see the device from jlime side I can tell you that we have a quickly way to make a distro because there are uboot and kernel, and also, there are people working and helping others, like me, to use those.07:08
kyakare these boards a  Ya prototype?07:08
kyakor more like Bens suitable for hacking?07:08
wolfspraulno it's a number of steps07:08
wolfspraulfirst it's a new SoC being made07:09
wolfsprauland it will show up in many products in the future07:09
kyakwhat's the difference, anyway? more GPIOs?07:09
xiangfuwolfspraul: I will send email to list about the zImage.bin. or wiki. write the steps. :)07:10
wolfspraulrafa: sure I agree. without that impressive work at the bottom we would be nowhere.07:10
wolfspraulxiangfu: yes, great. thanks.07:10
larsckyak: i guess jz4740 compared to jz4760, is simpliar to a Pentium II compared to a Pentium III, or so07:10
rafawolfspraul: do you want to use initramfs in ben nanonote?07:11
wolfspraulI think we are using it already and it works, just not well documented07:12
rafawolfspraul: I have tried to use initramfs inside the kernel, without luck07:12
rafaI am interested as well, and if we can use initramfs I would go for kexec to have a boot menu and some easier way to upgrade the nand rootfs or SD07:13
kyaklarsc: i see, good comparison07:14
freespacefinally, default small font09:13
freespacei am a machine09:38
freespacei can not pass the captcha on the qi-hardware wiki09:39
freespacei wonder if i am turing complete...09:39
freespaces/turing complete/a turing machine/09:39
freespace(also openid is broken for google/blogger, yahoo/flikr)09:40
kristianpaulwolfspraul: hi10:21
rafalarsc: have you tested your .config (2.6.34) with microSD?10:22
kristianpaulwhat the name of the fault tolerant netowrk you pointed in the dev list some time ago10:22
kristianpaulwhat is*10:22
rafait always gives me kernel panic10:22
rafabut I have not been able to read all the debug messages to realize out which is the problem10:22
larscrafa there is a bug in the current kernel which prevents the mmc driver from loading10:22
rafaI have a .config which works for jlime10:22
rafawith 2.6.3410:23
rafaand micro SD10:23
rafalarsc: ah.. okey10:23
larsci'll push the fix when i'm home10:23
larscin 30 minutes or so10:23
rafalarsc: great, thanks10:23
freespacewolfspraul: openid login on the wiki is broken, and i can't pass the captcha - i imagine other ppl will have problems too10:24
rafalarsc: we are talking about git://projects.qi-hardware.com/qi-kernel.git right?10:25
rafa(where you will push the patches)10:25
wolfspraulfreespace: he, OK. I know openid is broken.10:25
wolfspraulcaptcha is too hard10:25
wolfspraulI am totally swamped right now, give me a bit of time and I will first make the captcha easier.10:25
larscrafa: yes10:26
wolfspraulmaybe I kick out the openid, I heard from other mediawiki admins that it never really works10:26
freespacesure, i understand10:26
wolfspraulthanks for the heads up!10:26
wolfspraulI appreciate. We need more wiki edits.10:26
freespacenod, that was why i was trying to signup :)10:26
rafalarsc: cool, thanks10:26
wolfspraulfreespace: have you tried the captcha a few times :-)10:28
rafalarsc: another little issue: I can not make vmlinuz, it fails building.. how should we make zImage like xiangfu suggested on mailling list?10:28
wolfspraulsorry this is the default setting of mediawiki, I also think it's a bit hard :-)10:28
freespacei tried about 5 times10:30
freespacethen i got tired of it. i had to type in the password each time10:31
kristianpaulwolfspraul: fault tolerant wireless network?10:37
kristianpauli cant remenber well..10:37
kristianpaulor fault tolerant distributed network10:38
freespacewell look at that12:09
freespacelinks -g is almost working12:09
freespaceout of memory eh12:11
larscrafa: oh, sorry... forgot about you while chilling in the sun on the balcony. fix is pushed now12:12
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: Fix mmc memory region http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/c9d00ac12:12
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: Rename jz_mmc.c to jz4740_mmc.c http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/56b39e012:12
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: board qi_b60: Small cleanups http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/13fc01212:12
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: ohci: Small cleanups http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/2b7bd9912:12
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: mmc: small cleanups http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/e8531c012:12
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: nand: small cleanups http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/6ca6b1212:12
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: fb: Small cleanups http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/f6cda2a12:12
freespacehrm, shame12:14
freespaceand i keep running out of memory12:15
tuxbrain_awayyou have swap?12:16
freespacelooks like i do12:16
freespacewait, nope12:17
freespaceshould fix that12:17
freespaceoh well12:17
freespaceleast i got directfb going12:17
freespaceand links, even though the size is all screwy and it's slow and unusable without a mouse12:17
rafalarsc: great.. I will pull12:49
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: Let git ignore files we expect to be generated during the build. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/1bead2313:13
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: Removed aclocal.m4, since it is a generated file. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/8b0f38213:13
tuxbrain_awayreiceved a gps module, searching a place inside BNN to do a rework, best candidate between speaker and SD13:23
nebajothyes hello o/13:34
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: Removed PXML support. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/dae562713:42
tuxbrain_awaypicture taked with the ephel cam is brutal for close ups http://www.tuxbrain.org/downloads/nanonote/elphelimg_searching_bnn_gps_place.jpeg13:56
Flaming_Goatwow is that a nanonote witha gps14:04
tuxbrain_awaybut not conected (yet)14:07
Flaming_Goatcool. the nanonote scene is starting to look pretty interesting. Does it have a forum?14:11
xdpirateFlaming_Goat, http://boards.dingoonity.org/ben-nanonote/14:22
tuxbrain_awayi will upload the matherial previosly to maka a full wiki article if succesful here http://www.tuxbrain.org/downloads/nanonote/gps/14:39
tuxbrain_awayany one knows if there is a small switch with 2i/o in one side 4 i/o in other (two pairs) and I can control what pair is conected? even manually if is three ways based instead of pairs  better  but not mandatory. I want it to select between gps or serial plug of the TP4/TP514:49
Ornotermestuxbrain_away: you could probably use regular logic chips with and gates from 7400 or 4000 series14:52
Ornotermesand by adding a demux you can select 4 different channels with two bits14:54
tuxbrain_awayOrnotermes: an schema on how to put all this together will be tremendously helpful, in spite what you might thing I'm totally a wannabe lammer on eletronics (and a lot of other things :P)15:04
Ornotermestuxbrain_away: or maybe mux and demux15:05
Ornotermestuxbrain_away: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiplexer15:05
Ornotermestuxbrain_away: http://gallery.slashhome.se/main.php?g2_itemId=1969&g2_imageViewsIndex=115:36
Ornotermesi'm not sure it would work :P15:37
Ornotermesoops, wrong tab16:02
tuxbrainOrnotermes: do you think I can avoid the amplifiers?18:09
mthcould someone please check whether /usr/mipsel-linux-uclibc/include/c++/4.3.3/tr1/unordered_map exists in the toolchain for the NanoNote?18:37
mth(substitute the actual GCC version for 4.3.3 if necessary)18:37
mthtuxbrain: thanks, now I can commit some improvements to gmenu2x18:43
tuxbraingreat :)18:44
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: Replaced "hash_map" by "unordered_map" to get rid of deprecation warnings. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/9f21df718:46
tuxbrainI hope some one dedicate some love to  keymapping and help screen18:47
mthI'm simplifying the build, so other people can easily pick it up and do other stuff ;)18:50
mthI want to remove some potential crashes, since zear keeps complaining that the OpenDingux kernel makes gmenu2x crash and I'm pretty sure it's not the kernel's fault :)18:51
tuxbrainThanks a lot mth, have a clean and handy gui launcher is very impotant for the hole project18:54
tuxbrainhole->whole :P18:54
mthI'm mostly doing it for the Dingoo, but I'm glad to help the NanoNote18:54
tuxbrainEnter:Launch link/Confirmation (actual "X key"/B on help)19:01
tuxbrainQ,P:Change section (L and R on Help and screen, also change L, R on the top corners)19:01
tuxbrainF1:Show manual/readme (actual "Z key/Y on screen)19:01
tuxbrainVolUP,VolDown:Change volume19:01
tuxbrainSpace:Show contextual menu(actual "Esc Key", SELECT in help)19:01
tuxbrainThe options menu is aviable thour Settings/GMenu2x so no need to have dedicated key.19:01
tuxbrainAlso as long time project integrate it with /usr/share/applications, desktop files instead of his own file format shouldbe awesome, but step by step first cleaning, then(or meanwhile keymaping) then adding features.19:01
tuxbrainI just writte it down to have some place to rescue  when I forget it19:01
methrilhi all!19:02
nebajothy halo thar19:02
tuxbrainhi dude19:02
mthtuxbrain: I think key bindings can already be specified in a config file19:03
tuxbrainyeah but also has to be changed on the help screen19:04
mthah, the help screen doesn't automatically show the actual bindings?19:06
eharringtonhey, sorry to interrupt, am trying to install debian on sd card, but can't figure out how to mount it. noticed this error from dmesg: mmc0: error -122 whilst initialising SD card, anyone seen this before? (card is formatted ext2 on my ubuntu 10.04)19:09
nebajotheharrington: I have debian installed on my flash (more to come)19:12
nebajothI get that error message intermittently19:12
nebajothwhen I push my microsd card in while the NN is already running19:12
Ornotermestuxbrain: it's NOT-gates, and it's needed with that combination of chips19:12
nebajothI use the microsd for swap space19:12
nebajothI have just popped it out19:12
nebajothand popped it back in19:12
nebajothand it has worked after the second or third try19:13
nebajothI wonder if it has to do with a bad connection19:13
tuxbrainOrnotermes: ok, understand NANDS will revert the output that has to be rereverted to fine :)19:14
tuxbrainOrnotermes: just another question, do you believe 4000 series will fit for serial comunication, I read 4000 not support as higher HZ than the 7400 familie do you think 4000 can deal with at least 57600 bps?19:16
tuxbrain7400 family minimum voltage is to high for 3,3V of BNN19:17
Ornotermestuxbrain: im not shure using nand would do the trick, let me think a minute19:19
Ornotermestuxbrain: 74HC/74HCT-series has a 2V to 6V supplay(they are CMOS)19:21
eharringtonThank-you nebajoth ! (maybe a little film left from mfg?) showing up with dmesg now.19:22
nebajothI'm glad that worked for you eharrington19:23
Ornotermestuxbrain: speed shouldn't be an issue with any rather modern logic, but HC/HCT should be able to handle 25MHz19:23
Ornotermestuxbrain: http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/components/74series.htm19:23
Ornotermestuxbrain: you could not nand chips instead of not and and chips, but i can take another look anyway19:29
TextmodeMorning all19:33
tuxbrainI think I got it I have 9 Nands gates so 3 chips (damnt one just for one gate....) mmmm19:35
Ornotermestuxbrain: why would you need 9 nand gates?19:36
tuxbrainmmm thinking about it , seems the i/o controler will be bigger than GPS and the 8 plug toguether ....19:36
tuxbrainI will draw a draft , minute19:37
Ornotermestuxbrain: you could use two 4081 and one 4555 chips i think19:38
tuxbrainOrnotermes: http://www.tuxbrain.org/downloads/nanonote/gps/draft_serial_switcher_NAND.jpeg19:50
Ornotermestuxbrain: forbidden19:50
tuxbrainok try now19:54
Ornotermestuxbrain: you could use one and chip and a not/nand chip instead19:58
Ornotermestuxbrain: http://gallery.slashhome.se/main.php?g2_itemId=197320:00
tuxbrainnot/nand chip? you mean nand chip?20:03
tuxbraina nand chip to use the as not? yeah this should simplify things just two chips then20:04
Ornotermesic you connect the input pins on a nand together it functions as a not20:04
Ornotermestuxbrain: you could use a transistor and two resistors as a not gate20:06
tuxbrainschema please20:07
Ornotermeshttp://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/trancirc.htm last one20:08
tuxbraineven simplier 1 Ic , a transitor and two resistors :) this is taking form20:08
Ornotermesbut i think Rc should be atleast 10k ohm to not dran battery more than needed20:09
Ornotermestuxbrain: did you see my new schematic?20:13
tuxbrainthe transistor one? yes20:14
Ornotermesno, 3chip 4channel20:14
Ornotermesi googled the transistor gate20:15
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: Use the Google Sparsehash package that is included in our source tree. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/40f795320:15
mthnow gmenu2x can be compiled out of the box20:16
tuxbrainbut I want to embed the whole thing inside the ben 3 chips is too much I just need two channels so the transitor gate+1 chip is more than fine :)20:17
tuxbrainthanks a lot Ornotermes :) without your help surelly I would ended rewiring by hand on each switch of channel :P20:18
Ornotermestuxbrain: then you could probably build it on a dip-chip with bent out legs without pcb20:19
tuxbrainyes that's the goal  , ugly but reduced to the max :P20:21
Ornotermessmd is another option20:21
Ornotermesif it is an option for you :P20:21
tuxbrainno equipment/skills to smd :(20:23
Ornotermesfor say so16 the soldering isn't that very hard20:26
tuxbrainwell will see, now that I have clear the schema, http://www.tuxbrain.org/downloads/nanonote/gps/draft_serial_switcher_AND_TransNOR.jpeg , first to make the gps work :) then to easy switch between gps and serial :P20:36
tuxbrainmaybe Mu (version after Ya) NanoNote is on the streets before I ended to tune my Ben :P20:37
Ornotermeswhat good is open hardware if you don't mod it ;)20:38
mthdoes the NN have a configurable backlight intensity?20:39
mthif so, what is it called in /sys/class/backlight/ ?20:40
mthit looks like gmenu2x cannot print disk sizes over 4GB correctly20:54
tuxbraingood night #21:08
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: Fixed display of card size and free space for numbers over 4 GB. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/988439621:18
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: Removed spaces at end of lines in source files. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/d3b094e21:18
qi-commitsMaarten ter Huurne: Convert source files to UNIX newlines. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/39f01f721:18
eharringtonGood Evening, (anyone awake?) I am attempting the instructions from Xiangfu to load debian onto sd card. All steps are working but when doing 'M' power on boot, I get the following: MMC card is ready - mmc1 is available - loading file "/boot/uImage" from mmc device 0:1 (xxa1)  ** File not found /boot/uImage - Wrong Image format for bootm command - ERROR: can't get kernal Image! ---- what should I check? thank-you23:50
xiangfueharrington: double check the "/boot/uImage" file. make sure the kernel image name is : uImage, what is the size of your sd card?23:53
eharringtonHi Xiangfu! My card is 8 gb, if I mount card from nano I can verify that the files are in place.23:54
--- Fri Jun 18 201000:00

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