#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2010-06-16

TextmodeMy NN batteries arrived! ...along with five milkymist stickers :)00:02
tuxbrainxiangfu: ping01:39
Action: Textmode sighs and adds an extra HDD to the buildBox02:30
Textmodewell, that was surprisingly painless...02:53
qi-commitsMirko Vogt: Merge branch 'xburst' of git@projects.qi-hardware.com:openwrt-xburst into xburst http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/7d7e9b202:53
qi-commitsMirko Vogt: use new download URL scheme http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/7aee63d02:53
qi-commitsMirko Vogt: uboot now contains the subtarget name as well http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/3b238d802:53
kyakhere's a little how to03:55
kyakbtw, backslashes are stripped from posts03:58
kyakwhich generally means that the forum software is crap03:58
kyakreplacing special characters instead of treating them right from the beginning03:59
tuxbrainawesome kyak!, so if the "oficial" kernel dissables RNDIS by default , the steps to do so will simplify a lot, isn't it?04:00
kyakyes, this is right!04:01
kyakthen you only need to install windows driver04:01
kyakthe problem is that driver with limitations04:01
kyakbut i'm testing it right now :) see what happens after 4 hours04:01
tuxbrainlimited connection is better than no connection :P04:01
kyaki'm hoping RNDIS will get fixed once and for all some day04:02
kyakindeed you are right04:02
Textmode"make clean" failed.04:03
TextmodeI'm really getting tired of this...04:04
Textmodethis is like, day four of me trying to build the openwrt toolchain.04:05
kyakTextmode: what's your distro again?04:05
TextmodeI was gettign somewhere, then the build bmachine completely ran out of space. so I've stuck another HDD in there, and tried to copy the build directory over to that. that failed, and now it seems munged.04:06
kyakif you are sure you have all required tools/libs for build, just do it from scratch04:06
Textmodeergo "make clean"04:06
Textmodebut...that failed, so...04:06
Textmodeyeah, it seems borked.04:07
kyakremove this god-knows-whats-in-there directory04:08
Textmodewhich one?04:08
Textmodeiow, start over?04:08
kyak"just do it from scratch"04:08
kyakyes, start over :)04:08
Action: Textmode sighs.04:08
Textmodethat would mean I have to redownload all that random stuff it wants to download.04:09
kyakor, you could V=99 and dig out the problem04:09
kyaki don't know what's faster04:09
Textmodenot that I have much choice, I guess....are you *sure* theres no pre-builts out there?04:09
Textmodethe messages from V=99 are chaotic. I'm pretty sure they are "I've fallen and I can't get up" messages.04:10
kyakdo you mean precompiled images?04:10
Textmodekyak: I only want the toolchain/libs.04:10
kyakTextmode: you are so wrong... i remember your last error message was very helpful04:11
TextmodeI really don't care about the kernel. not at this stage.04:11
Textmodekyak: feel free to try, would you like the message from "make clean", or from "make"?04:11
kyakno, i think you have to compile the toolchain yourself04:11
kyakTextmode: let's see the message from make04:13
tuxbrainkyak when you end with Textmode, take a look at http://en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/developer/2010-June/003148.html , any hint to move forward will be appreciated.04:15
Textmodekyak: http://qi-hardware.pastebin.com/U0dbRpwd04:16
Textmodekyak: if thats more important, feel to come back to me later. strictly I needed it for...yesterday. the next thing I need to build pre-depends on my work on the love2d base04:17
tuxbrainTextmode: not is not more important really, is better to have another toolchain <->colaborator set up right than a game port04:19
Textmodetuxbrain: are you saying that love2d is more important than scummvm? :P04:21
tuxbrainno , I'm saying that you having a working toolchain is more important than any individual port04:22
TextmodeHmm, I guess thats a decent point.04:22
kyakTextmode: indeed, not very explanatory.. i still sugest that you start from scratch04:22
Textmodenot looking foward to re-downloading those files again, since I think I'm near my limit.04:23
Textmodehow much space does it need for building?04:23
freespaceis it possible to have gcc on the nanonote using openwrt?04:23
TextmodeI'd rather no run out of drive space again.04:23
kyaktuxbrain: i'll have a look.. not sure if i could help ):04:24
Textmodebasic C shouldn't be too bad, space wise04:24
kyakTextmode: copy your dl'ded files from dl/04:24
kyakthen you don't have to re-download04:24
kyakbut start over everything else04:24
Textmodethat should work.04:25
tuxbrainkyak: don't worry :) I know it's sounds bad but not much high expectations :P04:25
Textmodehow much space does it need for building?04:27
kyakmy openwrt-xburst directory is 9.0G04:29
tuxbrainmine about 5Gb04:29
Textmodeperilously close to the 10GB I allocated for it, maybe I'll expand that to 1504:30
xdpiratekyak, thanks for the ne compile, it's become my primary editor on the NN :)04:30
kyakxdpirate: no problem, but i don't feel satisfied because either syntax hilighting is not working, or terminal is mangled04:32
xdpiratekyak, yeah, I'd love to have C syntax highlightning :P Wonder why it's not working =/04:32
kyakmaybe it makes sense to contact the author04:33
tuxbrainit works on my fabourite editor , joe (naaaa na naaa naaaa na) :P04:33
xdpirateThe only thing I'm missing on my nanonote now is man04:34
kyakbtw, ne uses the same files for syntax highlighting as joe04:35
Textmodeheh, yeah. it feels weird to have system with no man.04:35
Textmodelike...strangely unnatural :P04:35
xdpirateI just downloaded the source04:36
xdpiratelet's see if I can get it compiled04:36
xdpiratemeh the makefiles are only for installing on current system, i have no idea what i'm doing04:39
xdpirateIf anyone feels like having a go at it - http://primates.ximian.com/~flucifredi/man/04:40
freespacewoow, my image finished building05:14
freespacei am going to start using this as a benchmark, much like building the kernel used to be :P05:14
rafatuxbrain: is not scummvm in jlime feed? :)06:35
tuxbrainyeah but I want it also in the official distro :)06:45
tuxbrainalso this way I lean about how openwrt works06:46
tuxbrainlean-> learn06:46
kyakrafa is pushing towards jlime :)06:57
kyaki think i'm gonna try it someday.. after i play with openwrt06:57
kyakwell, it looks like i really have to reboot every 4 hours for the CDC/ECM driver for Windows to work :)07:04
kyakeven removing/adding the device didn't help07:05
kyakit shows as "the network cable is unplugged"07:05
kyakit's a pity there are no free CDC/ECM drivers for Windows07:06
kyak"With a vendor-supplied INF file, Windows Vista supports USB CDC and USB WMCDC."07:07
kyakhm, i might have better luck in Vista/7.. But what sense does it make if it is Windows XP at work? :)07:07
rafatuxbrain: ah, yes, that would be really useful (to learn about how openwrt works)07:09
rafatuxbrain: why nanohacks.org is something (perhaps) no welcome ? :)07:10
rafakyak: you can try at the same time, because jlime works on SD, no on nand ;)07:11
tuxbrainnanohack are for sure wellcom but not his links07:12
kyakrafa: i have microSD 256 Mb at hand, but no card-reader -\07:15
kyaki guess i could mount it via Ben somehow to my laptop or even format it directly by Ben?07:15
rafakyak: you could do all the stems from openwrt, yes07:16
kyakcool, will keep it in mind07:17
freespacewith reflash, it's ok to let go of usb boot once it's talking to the PC yeah?07:20
freespaceoh nvm, the reflash is done - the answer is yes :P07:23
rafalarsc: no luck (about shutdown)... I will try to do a good report to nn devel mailing list, so perhaps more people had the same issue before07:28
rafalarsc: I think that it is not a bug, and that there is something wrong in my environment (bootloader,kernel,rootfs).. but no idea what is the problem. Neither reboot nor poweroff work07:30
kyaktuxbrain: just an idea: add MAKE_FLAGS += VERBOSE_BUILD=yes to your Makefile, this will produce verbose output instead of "C++" or "AR"08:39
kyakat the end, you can see all the objects files passed to mipsel-openwrt-linux-uclibc-ar08:40
kyaki think the problem is the command line length08:40
kyakit gets truncated and mipsel-ar sees this bogus "e" somewhere08:40
kyakanyway, this is just a guess.. try disabling some features of sumcvmvmv? :)08:41
kyakto reduce the number of objects to archive08:41
kyaki can't read what i typed08:42
xdpirate<kyak> anyway, this is just a guess.. try disabling some features of sumcvmvmv? :)08:42
xdpiratethat's what you typed08:43
kyakxdpirate: yeah, i mean, this burmas guy is flooding so much, i can't distinguish my messages :008:43
xdpirateyeah he does this like once a day08:44
xdpiratei have no idea why08:44
kyakthis is why we need a bot.08:44
xdpirateffs, someone ban his ass :<08:44
kyak/ignore burmas joins parts quits08:46
kyakIgnoring JOINS PARTS QUITS from burmas08:46
kyakok, works for me :)08:46
SiENcE@zear from dingoonity channel told me, that you are discussing a mouse emulation via uinput08:56
SiENcEanyone interested?08:59
calamarzSiENcE: yes, I've been trying that08:59
SiENcEmy app works08:59
SiENcEon dingoo09:00
SiENcEnow i have full mouse emulation for all apps09:00
calamarzSiENcE: what's your app?09:00
SiENcER-shoulder button + DPAD09:00
SiENcEnot released yet09:00
calamarzSiENcE: and what are you waiting for? :)09:01
SiENcEmouseclick via R-shoulder+A or R-shoulder+B09:01
SiENcEi did it 5minutes ago09:01
SiENcEzear told me that i should come into this channel09:01
SiENcEjust because you are trying the same09:01
SiENcEgive me some time09:01
SiENcEi just want to ask how far you are09:02
calamarzi played with keymouse, but didn't have luck configuring the keycodes... that or something in the scummvm (what I was using for testing the mouse) was hijacking the mouse positions09:02
marczI have mouse emulation thru the wm09:03
marczI tested successfully with ratpoison09:03
SiENcEi have success with keymouse09:03
SiENcEbut on dingoo of couse09:03
SiENcEi dont have a nanonote09:03
SiENcEbut should be the same09:04
marczI also tried AcessX but on kdrive the clik is ok but movement not09:04
marczBut doe you mean mouse under console or X09:04
marczonly tested X09:04
calamarzSiENcE: yes, the keymouse seems to be working. it creates the device, and receives the events...09:05
calamarzmarcz: this way it would work also for the terminal and framebuffer09:05
SiENcEyes for all09:05
SiENcEnow only a virtual keyboard is needed09:06
calamarzSiENcE: it would be great to test your code09:06
marczcalamaz: Ok it's better to get it everywhere, even If I'm yet happy with mouse under X (kdrive)09:07
calamarzI'm trying the experiment in nn of surviving without X :p09:08
calamarzSiENcE: you know some othere fb app I could test the mouse against?09:08
SiENcEmy tinysdgl apps09:09
marczcalamarz: does it work under a simple fbterm?09:09
SiENcEthere is a TinySDGL.zip09:10
SiENcEgrab it...there are already two compiled apps....the "gears" app works with mouse...you can roll the gears using the mouse09:11
calamarzSiENcE: thanx man... i'll give them a try. Have to go back to work now :(09:11
calamarzmarcz: didn't try to get mouse in fbterm09:12
larscrafa: so you say neither reboot nor poweroff work even when invoked from the console?09:19
zearlarsc, yep, that's it09:23
rafalarsc: like zear says :)09:24
rafalarsc: I have tried reboot/poweroff userland using busybox internal commands and sysvinit binary commands.. All of them fails to do the job.. The scripts to shutdown are ran, but there is not reboot nor poweroff09:25
larscall I can say at the moment is, that it works fine here and you should not need any special config options for it to work09:29
kyaktuxbrain: got it.. add MAKE_FLAGS += AR="mipsel-openwrt-linux-uclibc-ar r" to your Makefile, at least objects are added into the archive now :) but there is another error afterwards, related to alsa10:12
tuxbrain-calamarz you also need input-core as module10:49
xdpiratetuxbrain, I just got a bill for €50 from TNT10:51
xdpirateI thought I already paid for the shipping10:51
methril_workxdpirate: you have a bill for the import taxes10:55
xdpirateimport taxes are €2010:55
methril_workthen ask TNT :(10:55
xdpirate€20 is just fine, I expected that. TNT wants €50, something I was never informed of when I ordered, because shipping was already paid at checkout10:55
methril_workusually the bill is for taxes. not for shipping costs10:56
xdpirateYeah I'm going to call them, they're not getting €50, I never even entered a signed contract with these people, tuxbrain did10:56
xdpiratethey even want money for "pre-paying" import taxes10:57
xdpiratewithout my consent, mind you10:57
xdpirateI feel like never using TNT ever again10:58
methril_workwho wants that money? TNT?10:58
methril_workit depends on the country10:58
xdpirate<-- norway10:58
rafalarsc: are you talking about 2.6.34 kernel right?10:59
methril_worksometimes TNT is better than UPS10:59
larscrafa: yes10:59
xdpirateI'm not paying them loads for pre-paying import taxes, which I never agreed to, nor was I informed when I talked to them on the phone10:59
methril_workhi larsc!10:59
zeari had a lot of trouble with TNT when receiving the nanonote10:59
methril_worklarsc: i didn´t find the time to get hands on with the kernel ;(10:59
xdpirateThey didn't even deliver it personally, they dumped it onto national mail who delivered it 3 days late11:00
methril_workcrappy international mail systems!!11:00
rafalarsc: pah.. :(11:01
xdpirateI'll pay TNT back for the import taxes, but that's it, they're not getting their so-called "administration tax" and "prepay provision"11:01
xdpirateThat's a load of shit right there, they didn't even inform me when the package was at customs11:01
rafalarsc: I am at this commit :11:02
calamarztuxbrain-: you have the ipkg link at hand?11:02
rafacommit 4d7a0d77670f11945b634e5ee01249392591268511:02
rafaAuthor: Lars-Peter Clausen <lars@metafoo.de>11:02
rafaDate:   Sat May 29 02:31:50 2010 +020011:02
methril_workthey never inform about that11:02
zearas for me, first they requested me giving him my tax payer number (i am unemployed so i never had such an id, had to make it just to receive the package), then they wanted me to scan some documents for them (took me a whole day to find someone who had a scaner), just to later request me to send them original papers anyway11:02
rafalarsc: jz-2.6.34 branch11:02
xdpirateoops, accidental ctrl+q11:03
xdpirateI'm sure as hell not using TNT again, that's for sure.11:03
TextmodeI just noticed its compiling libogg, shouldn't that be libtremor?11:14
tuxbrain-Xdpirate i will call my agency tomorrow if you have any paper of them asking for that amount of money send me it too, I can't promise any thing but tomorrow someone will not have friendly call11:18
xdpiratetuxbrain, I was going to rage-call them aswell11:18
xdpirateI'll see if I can borrow a scanner (a la zear style) and scan them into a pdf for you11:19
tuxbrain-At least you have the nano,isn't it11:21
wejpTextmode, libogg is just the library for the ogg container, while tremor is an fixed-point vorbis decoder library11:23
TextmodeI guess that makes sense.11:24
wejpthere is also libvorbis which is a floating point vorbis decoder lib11:24
TextmodeI guess tremor gets built later?11:25
wejpwhat are you building?11:25
Textmodeeverything, apprently.11:26
wejpeverything? are you building openwrt?11:26
wejpok, then yes, tremor is part of openwrt11:27
tuxbrain-Calamarz at www.tuxbrain.org/downloads/nanonote/packages you will find the ipkgs i achieved indepentdanly of their quality11:32
xdpiratetuxbrain, does keymouse work?11:34
tuxbrain-The makefiles in downloads/nanonote/mutroxports11:34
tuxbrain-Not in openwrt yet but debian calamarz has made some progress, I'm on it surely is matter to recompile the kernel11:36
xdpirateok nice11:36
arctanxxiangfu: Thanks very much for bug-hunting the spaces issue in xburst-tools, by the way. :) you got it really quickly11:44
xiangfuarctanx: :-)11:45
tuxbrain-xiangfu have you any clue of what can be happening with the scummvm port...11:48
xiangfutuxbrain: Hi. I am look into the 'configure' now.11:48
xiangfutuxbrain: I think we can add 'nanonote' to scummvm11:48
xiangfutuxbrain: now I am try to create a patch.11:49
tuxbrain-you have no problem whith the ar part (sorry no interrogation mark)11:50
xiangfutuxbrain: the 'ar' don't have any parameters.11:50
tuxbrain-iknow thats the strange part11:51
tuxbrain-well whatever a nanonote rule to config is a cool thing11:53
xiangfutuxbrain: I have a workaround method: add 'cru' to the rules.mk line 73 :-).12:00
xiangfuI think the openwrt's AR rewrite the scummvm's ar. so when we try to create .a file. there is only 'mipsel-openwrt-linux-ar' , don't have any parameters.12:00
kyaktuxbrain-: add MAKE_FLAGS += AR="mipsel-openwrt-linux-uclibc-ar r" to your Makefile12:05
kyak(I mentioned that above)12:05
rafawolfspraul: who is the colombia distributor?12:07
rafakristianpaul: you?12:09
kristianpaulif nothing goes wrong, yes12:09
kristianpaulthe idea is distribute nanonote12:09
kristianpaulas tuxbrain- :)12:10
wolfspraulalso Tuxbrain?12:10
wolfspraulTuxbrain is really going global12:10
rafakristianpaul: are you from colombia??! I was thinking that you are from Brasil :D12:10
wolfspraulTuxbrain Brazil, Argentina, and now Colombia?12:10
kristianpaulsorry i dint want meant that wolfspraul12:10
kristianpaulrafa: well not Brasil, but you were close12:11
rafawolfspraul: tuxbrain- wants to dominate all of us, and he started to do that using hardware. I am sure12:11
kristianpauli meant i like sell other copyleft hardware stuff to as tuxbrain- does12:11
rafakristianpaul: :)12:11
rafakristianpaul: do you have a web page?12:12
rafaas distributor12:12
kristianpaulnot yet12:12
kristianpaulis planned12:12
kristianpaulbut first i need gert the nanonotes ;)12:12
tuxbrain-kristianpaul congrats!!!!!12:12
rafakristianpaul: are you talking about your ideas in some LUGs?12:12
rafa(in colombia)12:12
kristianpauli'll do as soon have the stuff12:13
kristianpaulbut in a non formal way12:13
kristianpauli had told to some guys12:13
kristianpaulfrom LUGs12:13
kristianpaulrafa: are you related to colombia in some wayt, btw?12:14
tuxbrain-kiak xiangfu thanks a lot i will try when I arrive at home12:14
rafakristianpaul: no, I am from Argentina. But, yes, we are no so far ;)12:16
kristianpaulwolfspraul: i guess is too soon for asking prices for MM1 isnt :12:18
xiangfukyak: yes. I just don't understand why openwrt rewirte scummvm's variable. this variable already in 'config.mk': line 912:18
kristianpaulrafa: how many nanos are in argentina now?12:19
kristianpaulare you planning get more?12:20
zearoh and yeah, tuxbrain, any people from Poland who bought their nn from you?12:21
wolfspraulkristianpaul: it's too early12:21
wolfspraulplease be patient12:22
wolfspraulI can only tell you I see myself, and every hardware business, as being in the business of driving prices down.12:22
wolfspraulI don't believe in luxury technology, I think that's utter nonsense.12:22
wolfspraulso my goal is 19 USD or whatever :-)12:22
wolfspraulbut that's for a day when we are a multi-billion USD company, if ever12:22
wolfspraulso 'driving down' may well mean that we have to start a bit higher, otherwise launching it just becomes totally crazy with no money and no feedback from customers12:23
wolfspraulit will be expensive at the beginning12:23
wolfspraulnot 99 USD, no way12:23
kristianpauli know12:23
wolfspraulbut really let's wait a little with this12:23
kristianpaulsure sure12:23
kristianpauli the mean while i just planning get this week the 49usd avnet board finally :)12:23
wolfspraulthere you go :-)12:24
Action: kristianpaul warming up to to pay more taxes and duties :/12:24
xdpirateHave you guys seen this btw? :) http://www.qqmore.info/?p=6412:26
rafakristianpaul: there are two. And I do not know the guy who has the other nanonote :)12:28
kristianpaulwonder is he is around us ?12:29
freespacehot damn, links2 just finished compiling12:30
freespacenow see if works12:30
wolfspraulbtw Mirko Vogt released a new OpenWrt image12:35
xdpiratechangelog is whyar?12:36
wolfsprauldo you guys know already?12:36
wolfspraulchangelog is in the wiki somewhere, or should be... one sec...12:36
xdpiratejust need to see if it's worth upgrading yet :P12:36
wolfspraulnothing there yet12:37
wolfspraulI believe it has a 2.6.34 kernel, for one12:37
kristianpauland TP4/TP5 serial as default?12:37
kristianpaulahh wait is just openwrt12:38
xdpirateI'll wait for a changelog before i reflash12:38
kristianpaulmee too12:38
xdpiratereinstalling packages is a hassle :P12:38
wolfspraulyeah we should make updates from one openwrt release to another possible via opkg12:39
wolfspraulmaybe that is already the case actually, dont' know12:40
kristianpaulbut even openqrt flash the whole thing12:40
wolfspraulnot sure about u-boot though, whether we should leave that alone or also update12:40
kristianpauli think reflash is not bad to emdebbed stuff just making sure all personal info is keep safe12:40
wolfspraulthe easier updating software is, the more successful our project will be12:41
wolfspraulfor now I think we are 10% into how easy it could be, in many different scenarios12:41
wolfspraulsure reflash is one option, there should be others, and all of them should be easy and safe. we get there.12:41
kristianpauli did with my wrt54gl last two openwrt releases an all went ok12:42
kyakwolfspraul: hm, it's strange that git's kernel is still 2.6.32, when an image with 2.6.34 was just released?12:42
kyaki mean, openwrt-xburst git repo12:42
wolfspraulmaybe the image is built from upstream12:42
wolfspraulthe way they are handling is is that they are committing everything that is upstream-ready into upstream right away12:42
wolfspraulor maybe the new release still has 2.6.32, I haven't checked yet12:42
kristianpauli hope it include some ogg samples12:43
kristianpauland the picture viewver :)12:43
rafawolfspraul: I tried to have a kernel with a initramfs inside, so you boot that kernel as default. Then the little system inside should show you a boot menu (to choose from which partition to boot, using kexec) and an option to install a rootfs on nand or SD via usb/ssh/ftp whatever.12:43
rafawolfspraul: but I failed in my tests with current bootloaders and spaces12:44
kristianpauli relly need it wokring with gmenu12:44
rafawolfspraul: so the idea is to have always the same kernel there on nand, with the mini system to boot or to update the rootfs12:45
rafawolfspraul: my idea was do not use usboot, or sd card reader anymore. I want to upgrade my machine from some default system inside.12:47
kyakwolfspraul: accordinf to BUILD_LOG, it's still 2.6.3212:47
wolfspraulhe oh well :-)12:48
wolfspraulsorry I sent out wrong info then here12:48
wolfspraulMirko Vogt should announce what is new in this image, I'm sure he will12:48
wolfspraulI need to reflash my Nano, but too tired now...12:48
xiangfukristianpaul: the TP4/TP5 enable in new release.12:49
kristianpaulwee :)12:49
kristianpaulxiangfu: there are also some GPIO pins next to TP4/5 i think TP35/36 not sure12:49
kristianpaulto access12:50
xiangfuI am thinking do we need build the sound as module?12:50
kristianpaulplease :)12:50
kristianpaulgpio could be a module too?12:50
kristianpaulas mmc in openwrt isnt?12:51
xiangfukristianpaul: yes. I think so.12:51
rafaxiangfu: there is some weird stuff in sound code I think. I use 2.6.34. I have used the sound as part of the kernel, no as module. Sometimes it worked and sometimes no.12:51
rafaxiangfu: No idea why, because I was working in other kind of stuff12:51
rafaxiangfu: but I am sure that it is a kernel problem, because dmesg showed (sometimes) Alsa sound card: ... (empty)12:52
rafaand sometimes it showed the proper name of the alsa kernel driver12:52
kristianpauli remenber my nano rebooted some times when doing alsamixer, i dont know if is related to this?12:53
xiangfurafa: don't know why. sorry.12:53
rafaxiangfu: no problem, no rush. I am trying to realize why my machine does not poweroff ;)12:53
xiangfutime to sleep , good night. :)12:54
kristianpaulxiangfu: nite12:55
rafagood night12:55
kyakrafa: i'm going to try installing jlime to microsd from Ben directly, i will be following http://jlime.com/mw4/index.php/Installation_nanonote#Installation - is that correct?12:56
kyaki remember you were saying about the latest version :)12:56
rafakyak: yeah.. you need to know which is the SD device in openwrt and you can do all the steps in openwrt13:12
rafaI am sure..13:12
kyakdoing it now13:12
kyakso far so good13:12
rafaokey, kyak let me know if you have doubs ;)13:13
kyaksure, thanks :)13:14
kyakoh, first doubt: do i have to flash the uboot?13:14
kyaki already have the latest from openwrt13:14
rafakyak: no I think13:15
rafajust that the original uboot that nn brings does not work IIRC13:15
rafabut if you have a newer that is okey13:15
kyakyes, the newer one13:19
rafakyak: the name of the file on FAT must be : uImage13:21
kyaksure, i'm reading good :)13:24
kyaktime for reboot13:26
kyakfingers crossed, etc :)13:26
kyakthis thing is booting :)13:27
kyakfonts incredibly small13:27
kyakwhat's the deafult password for root?13:28
kyakrafa: or better, point we somewhere so i could understand the awesomeness of Jlime :)13:29
kyaki think i'm gonna have to crack it13:31
kyakthe only way to get into Jlime :)13:31
rafakyak: the manual has the password :)13:31
rafaand, btw, the password of root is root :D13:31
kyakyeah.. i see it :)13:31
rafahttp://jlime.com/mw4/index.php/Jlime_Muffinman  for more tips13:32
kyakthis was my first guess, btw, but i must have mistyped13:32
rafaBTW, is is ultra beta version.. it is not stable, no easy for end users. IT is just our first cool image to install software from repositories.. you will have lot of fun with opkg ;)13:33
kyaki hope so :)13:34
kyakopkg: gz_open: fork: Cannot allocate memory13:37
kyaki think i need to enable swap, right?13:37
rafaif you followed the instructions you did :D13:38
kyaki have the swap partition, indeed13:39
kyakbut it's not mounted13:39
rafadid you do mkswap from openwrt?13:39
rafais it the 3rt partition?13:39
rafayou can check if you have swap turned on doing free13:40
kyakSwap:            0            0            013:40
kyaki did mkswap13:40
kyakroot@BenNanoNote:~# mkswap  /dev/mmcblk0p313:42
kyakSetting up swapspace version 1, size = 32960512 bytes13:42
kyakhere :)13:42
rafanow swapon /dev/mmcblk0p313:42
kyakgood, thanks!13:43
kyakprboom: no video mode large enough for 640x48013:48
kyakdamn , this is almost unreadable13:48
kyakrafa: how should i start prboom?13:48
zearkyak, ~/.prboom/prboom.cfg13:49
rafakyak: it is more comfortable if you use a ssh session. To run prboom :13:49
rafaexport SDL_VIDEODRIVER=fbcon13:49
rafaexport SDL_NOMOUSE=113:49
rafaprboom -width 320 -height 24013:49
zearkyak, such a file doesn't exist, so create it and put the following:13:49
zearscreen_width 32013:49
zearscreen_height 24013:49
zearthat did the job for me13:49
kyakok, thanks guys13:49
zearor.. what rafa wrote, should be faster :D13:49
rafaah.. better as zear says :)13:49
zeardo whichever you want13:50
rafado not use prboom if you want13:50
kyakthough i'm wondering how it will run via ssh13:50
kyakok. let's see13:50
rafakyak: it is the same13:51
kyaki'm playing it13:52
kyakwhere's the shoot button? :)13:52
kyak40 % health, quick! :)13:53
nebajothyes hello13:54
nebajothwhat are you playing13:54
kyakopen doom :)13:54
kyakok, it's playable.. now for the mplayer13:55
kyaki expect it won't play 1080p?13:55
nebajothdebian or jlime?13:56
kyakit's jlime13:56
rafakyak: after to install mplayer read /usr/share/doc/mplayer/README13:58
tuxbrainyeah kyak but if you don't have a hdmi<->usb-device adaptor you cant apreciate it :P13:58
tuxbrain(for aclaration the of casual visitors my prior sentences is a joke :P)13:59
kyaktuxbrain: too late! i already ordered one :)14:00
tuxbrainman tell me where and I will incorporate to the catalog :P14:00
tuxbrainalong with the fision ethernal battery, and cheap wifi/usb host/bt/scsi/serial/esata/ all in one uSD cards14:02
tuxbrainyay! kyak your AR tip has make the scummvm passing the breaking point!!! crosssing my fingers until the end of the loooong compilation proccess14:05
kyaki'm predicting14:05
kyakthe next error is alsa :)14:06
tuxbrainI hate magicians14:06
kyakinsanity!!! mplayer does the job!14:06
kyakbut the usual 9-0 volume control buttons not working -\14:07
tuxbraindamnit you where right ;(, as I said I hate magicians14:08
kyakno, you hate alsa!14:08
kyakplease, hate alsa!14:08
tuxbrainsure it was done by a magician too14:08
kyakJlime$ opkg list |wc -l14:09
tuxbrainwhat res and codec are you playing with mplayer?14:10
emebwas having so much fun playing dingoo stuff on my NN that I ordered an A-320...14:11
kyaktuxbrain: just following the /usr/share/doc/mplayer/README, it's 240x180 mpg14:11
kyakjlime seem to have 10 times more packages then openwrt (at least comparing to kamikaze/8.09.1/brcm-2.4)14:12
kyakrafa: how is it possible?14:12
kyakthe nexting testing point in Jlime is WiFi.. if it works, i might be staying14:12
kyakactually, it's the first point, but ok14:13
tuxbrainjlime is based on OE, a lot of wide distros are based in oe, like angstrom so i has a lot more base done than openwrt14:16
kyakis jlime binary compatible with ben/dingoo?14:16
kyakor debian?14:16
emeboe works pretty well - I use it on beagle.14:16
rafabinary compatibility between distros is just luck. You need to use the same compiler and base libraries to do compatibility. So no, it is not compatible. If you can run a dingoo binary on debian or openwrt it is just luck (I would not think that debian developers decided to use the same libs and compilers that dingoo to be Debian compatible with dingoo binaries :) )14:20
kyakok, i see14:20
tuxbrainfails on linking, (as leafpad did) so I will try to fix it same way puting manually the dir of the libraries14:21
kyakis it still required to remount rootfs to read-only before shitdown in jlime?14:21
kyakshutdown even14:21
rafakyak: btw, I have around 300+ packages more to upload to the repository (most of them of python-*) so the number of packages will increase a bit these days :)14:22
tuxbrainI'm a f$%&ing shopkeeper what the hell I'm doing dealing with linking stuff :P14:22
rafakyak: and the number of packages is because OE has a lot of stuff, nicely ready to build and upload. ;-)14:22
kyakrafa: that's cool :) i need to have a closer look14:23
kristoffertuxbrain, :D14:47
xakhdoes jlime have gcc?16:49
tuxbrainhi xakh, first try of leafpad here http://www.tuxbrain.org/downloads/nanonote/packages/leafpad_0.8.17le-2_xburst.ipk16:52
xakhYou made leafpad!16:52
xakhyou rule!16:52
tuxbrainit has some issues16:52
tuxbrainthe most annoying is the no clean exit16:52
tuxbrainit seems to frezze the frambuffer on exit, and the last thing on screen remains forever until reboot16:53
tuxbrainother things are the tipical like over sized menus16:54
tuxbrainmenus no, dialogs like open/save as, or font settings (I think this is matter of the gtk defaults also)16:55
tuxbrainbut well was my first try on a "complicated" port, I'm glad just to have a ipkg to show I did it :)16:56
xakhwell, sweet.16:56
xakhjlime says it's corrupt16:57
tuxbrainthe ipkg is for openwrt16:57
xakhoh I know16:58
xakhbut I tried to boot from the SD to test out the stuff16:58
xakhfind the error at imgur.com/LYgiT.jpg17:01
tuxbrainyou can read the fat partition on your pc?17:04
xakhsorry, was afk there17:25
xakhyes, I can read the partition17:25
tuxbrainxakh, good news, if you launch the Leafpad form gmenu2x the nastier effect dissapears, when you close Leafpad you return cleanly to gmenu2x :), zear thanks for the wrapper option :)17:26
xakhoooh, I want the wrapper, and such17:27
tuxbrain:) wrapper is a parameter of the gmenu2x , when you launch an app from an icon you decide if you stay in console after finish it, or return to gmenu2x, setting the option wrapper=true you return to gmenu2x once application launched quits.17:29
xakhit has to be in /card to show up on gmenu2x, right17:40
tuxbrainuh... no17:40
xakhoh, awesome17:41
xakhhey, what's the syntax to install it?17:41
xakhI know I use opkg17:42
tuxbrainjust you have to define a file in /usr/share/gmenu2x/seccions/[applications,games,whateversection] like for exaple the stardict17:42
tuxbrainjust replace the title and the exec lines to lauch leafpad instead of startdict17:43
xakhah ok17:43
xakhwell, anyway, can you point me to a tut on installing .ipk files? my google fu is weak today.17:43
tuxbraineasy, download the ipkg17:44
xakhgot that part.17:44
tuxbrainopkg install nameofthefile.ipk17:45
tuxbrainfrom nanonote it self of course17:45
tuxbrainthe ipkg must be in the nano17:46
tuxbrainwhatever place17:46
tuxbraincd to that place and opkg install nameofthefile.ipk17:46
xakhwhen I open it, it's just a white screen.17:47
xakhit's done this before, when opening Stardict17:47
xakhis there something wrong with my FB implementation?17:47
tuxbrainmmm strange... what version of release are you using?17:48
xakhthe last one, from may17:48
tuxbrainsame as mine....17:48
tuxbrainsorry man, time to sleep17:50
tuxbrainbtw today a new official distro seems to be on the downloads folder :) , I will wait for Mirko to know what are the news on it, maybe we will have better luck with leafpad in the new one :) good night17:52
xakhthanks man!17:52
xakhhey, anyone know how I can change the size of my terminal emu on jlime?18:00
rafatuxbrain_away: leafpad: use jlime :D19:33
calamarzcool fb pdf reader ^^19:42
calamarzI had to change the typedef to unsigned int fbval_t (draw.h) in case sb interested19:44
calamarzit is quite lightweight... anyway, I think pdfs should be reformatted to be read more comfortably... it would be useful to script it.19:58
Textmodemorning all20:09
wolfspraulfreespace: are you in Asia?21:15
wolfspraulalso 'morning here, need to run to a vendor (hoperf)...21:15
freespacegoing by my sleep patterns21:16
freespaceyou would think so21:16
freespacenah i am in australia21:16
emebwolfspraul: how's things going w/ hoperf?21:16
wolfspraulvisiting them today, lots of questions, will send a report to the list21:21
emebwill be interested - I took a look at the RFM22 datasheet. Seems like a promising module.21:24
emebShould be pretty easy to integrate - SPI support is already in-kernel, so writing a driver should be straight-forward.21:25
wolfspraulemeb: he he. I may take you up for these things :-)21:25
wolfspraulemeb: if you compare 12 vs. 22 and 23, which one do you like better?21:26
emebI'll give them a closer look and let you know.21:26
emeb12 or 12B?21:26
wolfspraul12B is the newer one, I think they just removed 5V and one rarely used band21:27
emeb23 has lower output power and COB construction - should be less expensive.21:28
wolfsprauldo you think 22/23 are compatible with 12/12b, i.e. can send packages to each other21:28
wolfspraulI forgot about the modulation details of the various modules21:29
wolfspraulalso need to find out when these modules were introduced, how sales are going, and how long they will be available (or in other words what they are investing into now)21:29
emebLooks like there is some band overlap. Need to check modulations tho.21:29
emebalso read as "how much life do they have left"21:30
wolfspraulyeah, it's hard to find out because we are all subject to hardware economics21:30
Action: methril gets happy reading progress about LowFi :)21:30
wolfspraulbut best you can do is have a good personal communication channel and chat once in a while21:30
wolfspraulthey are very open too, about sales, how it's goign in different markets, etc.21:31
wolfspraulbecause they are sitting in the same boat with their customers about making good choices for the future, focusing on high-volume chips, etc.21:31
wolfspraulif I end up with a chip/module that is dead a year later, everybody will suffer21:31
wolfspraulI'll report to the list, no worries21:31
methrilthank you again for your excellent work wolfspraul21:32
wolfspraulha, I enjoy it21:32
wolfspraulonly we need to increase sales somehow21:32
methrilwe enjoy it too ;)21:32
wolfspraulcan't be that there are only 800 people in the world to whom the NanoNote can create value21:33
wolfspraulso let's see...21:33
methrili get in contact with the brazilian guy that wants a Group Sale for Brazil, asking for more participants21:33
methriland if he's in any LUG21:33
wolfspraulI need to test the new openwrt image today21:33
methrilto see if it could increase the sales21:33
wolfspraulif it's good I plan to go to our warehouse and reflash all remaining 220 or so Nanos there, maybe put some stickers in the box too21:34
wolfspraulgreat, every unit/sale helps21:34
wolfspraulwe are moving, software gets better21:34
methrilmaybe i'm going to bough another NN21:34
emebwolfspraul: looks like the 12B is FSK-only while 22/23 also support OOK & GFSK21:34
methril(the first one i didn't bough)21:34
methrilandn i could test the tax system ;)21:34
emebno telling if 12B FSK is compatible w/ 22/23 tho.21:34
wolfspraulgotta run21:35
wolfspraulemeb: do you think OOK & GFSK would be interesting?21:36
emebwolfspraul: OOK not so much. GFSK looks good tho - better spectrum, likely more efficient / sensitivity.21:36
freespacehrm, i got links compiled with directfb support. but when i run it on the NN (openwrt) all i get is a white screen21:45
calamarzfreespace: I got links2 in debian, but it renders only in half screen :/21:55
freespacewell that is further along than i am! :)21:56
freespacewhich version of links and libdirectfb do you have there?21:56
freespacehrmph, gmu doesn't work either21:57
freespaceunable to open mouse21:57
nebajothy halo thar22:03
freespacemorning nebajoth22:14
nebajothhey thar22:15
nebajothwhere do you live?22:15
nebajothits night here22:15
freespacein the future!22:16
nebajothor the past22:16
freespaceyou are still stuck on the 16th22:16
nebajothso I am22:16
nebajothits not so bad22:17
nebajoththe 16th22:17
freespacethere is not much between us and date line :)22:17
freespaceit was alright22:17
freespacebut i am over it22:17
freespace17th is where its at :P22:17
freespacehow does your evening find you?22:17
nebajothwatching the switzerland/spain match22:18
nebajothfrom earlier today22:18
nebajothdidn't get a chance to watch it live22:18
nebajothstupid work...22:18
freespaceoh, i missed that22:18
nebajothits pretty effing spectacular actually22:18
nebajoththe second half anyway22:18
freespacei will see if there is a rerun22:18
nebajothlike the Matrix22:18
nebajothI'm streaming it from cbc.ca22:18
nebajoththey have all the matches on demand online22:19
nebajothI dunno if you have to be Canadian or something though22:19
freespacei am sure i can get around their geolocation stuff22:19
freespacehow do you know i am not canadian?22:20
nebajothMY MIND22:20
Textmodebah, qt is *still* building...I don't even want it :/22:26
freespacethe irony of a guy using "textmode" as the handle compiling qt22:26
Textmodeotoh, makes sense that I don't want it :P22:27
freespacefirst thing i did was remove all gtk* and qt* stuff22:27
Textmodedoes it at least start up on the NN faster than GTK does?22:27
freespacei don't know22:27
freespacei don't have either22:27
freespacebut stardict was really slow starting up22:27
Textmodethey are total overkill for the nn, imho. you need something small and light.22:28
Textmodepreferably fast, too :P22:28
freespacevery few desktop apps can be ported to run on such a small screen22:28
freespaceand still be useful22:28
freespaceesp one without a pointing device22:28
freespacei couldn't scroll in stardict22:28
Textmodeparticularly as many of them are designed with the assuption you have a mouse.22:28
Textmodealthough I hear they recently cooked up a mouse emu...22:29
freespaceNN is my excuse to retreat back to writing and using cursor based programs :P22:29
xiangfufreespace: the first time to run stardict. it need create a dictionary index. after that it's better22:29
freespaceok, could you tell me how to scroll in the definition?22:29
freespacei tab'd so the definition window was selected, but press arrow keys didn't do anything22:30
freespacestardict is the most useful gfx program on there besides gmu22:30
Textmode...takes a while to exit, too.22:37
Textmode...or maybe it just crashed...22:37
freespaceprobably qt's fault :)22:37
nebajothfreespace | the irony of a guy using "textmode" as the handle compiling qt22:37
freespacei am incremented!22:38
Action: Textmode congratulates freespace 22:38
freespacethank you, it is great achivement22:38
nebajothyou're a mudder22:39
freespaceall the issues aside, it is quite neat stardict runs - i doubt it was made for anything like the NN22:40
freespaceTextmode: nebajoth thinks i play muds22:40
nebajothor used to22:40
nebajothyes precisely22:40
freespacei tried one or two, didn't grab me22:40
nebajothget potion sack22:40
nebajothdrink potion22:40
nebajothkill freespace22:40
nebajoththe limited number of horizontal pixels on the NN screen is my biggest bane22:41
Textmodeunfortunately, the potion was of poison.22:41
nebajothI hate it more than lack of wifi22:41
freespace13270 s003  Z      2:00.08 freespace22:41
Textmodenah, I think its just crashed, that screen isn't going away...22:41
freespace(you need to kill my parents too)22:41
freespaceif i was to write a zombie story22:42
freespacethat would be how zombie came about22:42
nebajothI'm investigating the usability of hsh on the nn22:42
freespacethe reaper was on down for maintance, so all the zombie processes ran amoke22:42
nebajothone of the few assets the NN has in its favor22:42
nebajothis a plethora of function keys22:43
freespaceactually, that's the other thing i want to look into22:43
freespaceusing smaller console font22:43
nebajothI have been experimenting with just that22:43
nebajothI find 10 the lowest usable22:43
TextmodeI have to looking that, too.22:43
freespacehow do you set it?22:43
nebajothI used22:43
nebajoththe terminal program22:43
nebajoththat japanese people use22:43
TextmodeI like to play text adventure, and most assume you have 80x2522:43
nebajothits an actual terminal22:43
nebajothlet me check my .bash_history22:44
nebajothI can't remember22:44
nebajothsomeone here told me about it22:44
freespacewell i am sure the japanese use a lot :P22:44
nebajothand I only played with it once22:44
freespacewas it a framebuffer term?22:44
freespaceor some such22:44
nebajothit was22:44
Textmodeone of the reasons I'm building the toolchain is so I can build fbterm.22:44
calamarzfreespace: you might need export SDL_NOMOUSE=122:44
nebajothit was that22:44
Textmodeand my dingoo-toolchain lacks the dependancies.22:44
nebajoththat's what it was22:44
freespacecalamarz: yeah i found that on the mailing list, thanks :)22:44
freespacei put it into my git branch22:44
freespaceso in future it will make it in there22:44
nebajothI used fbterm on my NN22:44
nebajothand set the font size22:45
nebajothbut only the default font22:45
Textmodenebajoth: does the font look good?22:45
freespacethis implies you stopped using it22:45
nebajothI wonder if a different font might be optimized to smaller sizes22:45
nebajothit looks ok22:45
Textmodeunfortunately the resolution is a problem.22:45
nebajoththe more you shrink it, the more obvious it becomes that the pixels are offset slightly22:45
nebajothgiving the fonts a chicken-scratch look22:45
TextmodeI think the dingoo native font is the only way you can get 80x25 on such a screen. and font is barely readable.22:46
nebajothperhaps there is a font that takes advantage of the physical characteristics of this kind of screen22:46
nebajothI think it was calamarz who had me download it22:46
TextmodeI'd hate to see what it looks like after the NN's staggered pixels mangle it...22:46
calamarzcheck this out guys, talking about usable little stuff on fb22:46
nebajothnice find22:46
nebajothpost that in the Nanohacks community page?22:47
freespaceso, how do you get fbterm on the NN?22:47
calamarzi've been procrastinating for a big while playing with conversions on pdf22:47
nebajothstep 122:47
nebajothinstall debian22:47
freespacei don' think it is a package?22:47
nebajothstep 222:47
nebajothI'm loving it22:47
freespacenod, been waiting for a uSD22:47
calamarzyep, have to enter nanohacks yet22:47
nebajothI have mine installed directly to flash22:47
nebajothmind if I post the link there?22:48
calamarznot at all :)22:48
freespaceman what an awesome dude22:49
calamarzI've been playing with a2pdf, a perl script, to make 320x240 pdfs :)22:49
calamarzfreespace: who?22:49
freespacelit cave guy22:49
calamarzi'm loving him22:49
freespacecurios he didn't write a fb image viewer22:49
calamarznah, fbi is all you did22:49
freespaceah cool22:50
Action: freespace bookmarks22:50
calamarzhave to look at the qran reader... sure it can be used more generic22:50
nebajothI posted it in NH.org too22:50
calamarzhum... now that I remind i'm gonna post also the trick needed to get fbpdf to actually compile22:51
calamarza little change to the typedef for the fb depth to fit22:51
Textmodeoh, hsh looks nice.22:52
nebajoth"It uses tinyfont files, a custom simple font file format, to render text. ft2tf can be used to create tinyfont files from truetype fonts."22:52
nebajothTextmode: yeah, its damned interesting.22:52
nebajothAND python :D22:52
nebajothalthough python isn't really an ideal language for the horizontally-constrained BNN22:52
nebajothall those tabs actually count against it22:52
nebajothI'm toying with some ideas for making screen space utilization more efficient in a pretty general way22:53
nebajothspecifically by stripping newlines from the end of normal terminal output22:53
nebajothand instead differentiating new lines with background colour differentiation22:54
nebajoththe point is to allow continuous data input22:54
nebajothwithout quickly exhausting the vertical space and thus erasing the history22:54
nebajothits a simple change, and I wonder if the human mind will quickly slip into judging new lines by colour22:55
nebajothI plan to experiment asap22:55
nebajothyou all think I'm crazyy22:56
nebajothI killed the room22:56
calamarznebajoth: don't want to discourage you, but human mind will quicky slip into pressing buttons in tactile screens :p23:17
calamarzto me nn is a treasure cause finally sb thinking in putting keyboards23:18
calamarzkbd-less stuff=198423:19
nebajothI'm not sure what you mean23:25
nebajothI'm not suggesting getting rid of the keyboard23:25
nebajothin fact everything would be the same in my scenario23:25
nebajothexcept rather than going to the lefthand-most pixel when a new "line" begins23:25
nebajothit would instead change the bg color of the text23:25
nebajothand continue inline23:25
nebajothand stripe its way across each row that way23:26
nebajoththis would have the benefit of not wasting any horizontal space23:26
nebajothand thus making the backlog appear on screen, and thus within easy recall, longer23:26
nebajothit is a solution that only fits a situation in which we have severely limited horizontal space23:26
nebajothanything with higher resolution doesn't need this level of optimization23:27
nebajothI get sick of looking at screen output that splits into two lines and wastes a good 85% of a horizontal row23:27
nebajothit is the worst of all worlds23:27
nebajothI seek to optimize a UI experience to the modest hardware of the NN23:28
calamarzyep, sounds interesting... wasn't atacking your idea, only rambling about iStuff mediated evolution :p23:29
calamarzat this time of the night my mind diverges23:30
calamarzer, actually, morning already23:30
calamarzyep, I know what you mean... i've realised that for instance pdfs are annoying cause of the wasted margins. with such a tiny screen there's no space to waste23:34
calamarzwas thinking about scripting the conversion host-side. although don't know if it would be more efficient to have it in plain text.23:37
nebajotha conversion host-side that essentially strips the margins?23:40
nebajothpersonally, I'd want to get the data out of pdf as quickly as possible23:40
nebajothand into something fluidly editable23:40
nebajothlike text23:40
calamarzmmm yep. but at the same time i'm thinking about having a pleasant reading experience. being able to edit stuff for people to read and enjoy (including images etc)23:44
calamarzdont know yet. for sure a nerd can read in emacs :)23:45
calamarzbut was thinking that pdf extended for a reason23:45
--- Thu Jun 17 201000:00

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