#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2010-06-14

xakhooh, good to hear00:02
xakhsorry, had a phone call00:02
urandom_no problem, have to get some slepp now anyway00:03
Textmodestill building ;_;00:27
pitangaHi! I just flashed the most recent version of openwrt to my ben nanonote. Gmenu seems cool... but how do i f%#$ing _click_ lol?01:25
Textmodepitanga: szdx are mapped to the face buttons gmenu wants.01:52
Textmodepitanga: q and r are mapped to the shoulder buttons.01:53
Textmodepitanga: I believe enter and tab are start and select.01:53
pitangaTextmode: thanks!01:55
Textmodepitanga: note, thats because gmenu has been remapped, if you play a genuine dingux binary...01:58
xdpiratekyak, thanks for the build last night, but I was away from the keyboard and now the link doesn't work :P02:26
xdpirateAny one else caught the ne build? =)02:28
xakhwait how new is the new build?02:35
xdpiratexakh, a build of ne (nice editor)02:36
kyakxdpirate: you here?03:11
xdpiratekyak, yeah :D03:12
kyakplease check again :)03:12
kyakxdpirate: sorry, my internet was broken03:30
kyakyou can try now03:31
xdpiratekyak, thanks, works :)03:46
kyakgood :) i'm wrapping it now into Makefile03:48
xdpiratei'm out for now, cya04:14
tuxbrainrafa: also need the following packages python-gtk2 , and I don't know what package/s that provides re.py, sre_compile.py ,sre_constants.py ,sre_parse.py04:18
tuxbrainI think this will enable a lot of phytons gtk apps out there.04:18
xakhTuxbrain: I never could get leafpad ported over, you think you can handle it for me?05:14
tuxbrainxakh: no promises, I hope any of the happy compilers here can be quicker than I, btw what was the problems you have found05:41
xakhI have no idea. ._.05:41
xakhI can't figure out head or tail of the whole thing.05:41
xakhthe two things I wanna get working on it are leafpad and netsurf though05:42
calamarzhas someone seen scummvm working on NN?05:50
kyaktuxbrain: http://bas.ath.cx:81/Makefile_ne <- a recipy for ne :)05:59
kyaktuxbrain: http://bas.ath.cx:81/ne_2.1-1_xburst.ipk <- and a package05:59
tuxbraincalamarz: I think zear have make it working , just using the dingux one, rafa the scummvm on the Jlime repos complains about "WARNING: SDL_SetVideoMode says we can't switch to that mode (No video mode large enough for 640x400)!"06:11
tuxbraincalamarz:on openwrt06:11
tuxbrainkyak wonderfull :) I'm drafting a community news on the nanohacks forum, this is one more item :)06:13
kyaktuxbrain: good! it would be nice to put the Makefile somewhere else, because my Internet sucks these days06:15
kyakxdpirate: hi! would you mind to test the ne package?06:17
kyaktuxbrain: beautiful, thanks! :)06:20
kyakxdpirate: the last link is for you to test :)06:21
xdpiratekyak, sure i'll give it a go06:21
calamarztuxbrain: yep, the deb complains about the same thing... i was looking in the sources and don't know why, but is seems to be initializing video to 2x by default :/06:24
tuxbrainwell the good news is is simplier to change 2x->1x than 1x->1/2x :P06:25
xdpiratekyak, it doesn't work, i think it needs to be ported properly, ncurses basically isn't doing it's job, interface looks mangled and moves around =/06:26
kyakxdpirate: hm, okay.. i'm flashing my Ben now to check it06:29
xdpiratekyak, mkay :P06:30
kyakxdpirate: has the first version (the one compiled "by hands") worked fine?06:30
xdpirateit had the same problems06:30
xdpiratetho i didn't notice it straight away06:30
kyakok, i have some thoughts, need to check it06:31
kyakxdpirate: btw, as a quick fix, ctrl+L "unmangles" the interface :)06:37
kyakxdpirate: another quick fix is to run it in "screen" with "ne --no-ansi"06:41
xdpiratekyak, run it in "screen"?06:41
kyakjust run "screen" before running ne06:42
xdpiratehm ok06:42
xdpiratei'll test06:42
tuxbrain:) :) :) scummvm started on jlime :) :) :) (so I supose in debian also)06:43
tuxbrainscummvm -g1x06:43
tuxbraincalamarz: man we need that keybmouse working....06:48
xdpirateshould be able to enable/disable it with a keycombo tho06:49
xdpirateso you can actually use the arrow keys whilst it's running06:50
tuxbrainor use red arrow+arrow keys to mouse function06:50
tuxbrainalso red arrow+enter to click06:51
tuxbrainand red arrow+qi key to right click06:51
xdpirateqi key returns 0 so it might not be usable tbh06:51
xdpiratethe power-key returns 0 aswell06:51
xdpirateit's a null key =(06:52
xdpirateM and = would work06:52
xdpirateyou have a mini-mouse06:52
xdpiratecos M and = are straight above the arrows :P06:52
xdpirateM left and = right :D06:52
tuxbraindamn it, so red arrow +M=>06:52
kyakxdpirate: i just copied the /etc/termcap from my desktop to Ben and ne interface is ok! you should still run it with --no-ansi, or wait a bit for an updated version.. I think ne should be made dependant on termcap database. But there is no such package, so I'll have to create it06:53
tuxbrain I prefere to asing keys without already red arrow key correspondence06:53
xdpiratekyak, yeah it works perfectly with --no-ansi06:55
xdpiratemade a few screenshots06:56
kyakxdpirate: even without a /etc/termcap? or you run it in screen?06:56
xdpiratein screen06:57
xdpirateanyone got an ftp server working? easier to transmit files06:57
kyakxdpirate: damn :) the syntax highlighting is broken with --no-ansi!07:00
calamarztuxbrain: yep, it does :) I guess I won't have much time until next weekend... the only thing needed to have keymouse working is to compile uinput kernel module07:00
xdpiratekyak, aw :( x]07:01
tuxbrainyou already have a Makefile for keymouse?07:02
calamarzjust compiled keymouse in debian with autotools07:03
zeartuxbrain, try dingoo's scummvm port07:04
zearworks on the nanonote and has mouse emulation07:05
calamarzzear: that sounds great :)07:05
kyakxdpirate: lol :)07:05
xdpiratezear, which of the scummvm versions? the static build or the newer dynamic one? the static build (older, but works best on my dingoo) fails, will just lock up after a while07:06
zearxdpirate, doesn't matter once you copy the dingux libs07:07
zearoh? well, i never played it for a longer time07:07
zearjust for a minute to check if it works07:07
xdpiratezear, which dingux libs? i copied sdlmixer and libmad, i tried copying over other sdl libs earlier but sdl stopped working and i had to reflash07:07
tuxbrainzear: I'm using jlime , and if we succed in port the keymouse then any aplication can use mouse without mouse emulation... better said, mouse emulation will be embedded on system07:08
zearxdpirate, whatever scummvm crashes on ;)07:08
xdpirateit loads and seems to be working fine but decides to be a whore when i press a key lol07:08
xdpiratezear, i'm using this: http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/dingoo.cgi?0,0,0,0,20,10007:09
xdpiratethere's also this available: http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/dingoo.cgi?0,0,0,0,20,27607:09
xdpirateyup, just tested, stops working on any keypress07:10
xdpiratei'll try the other one tho07:10
xdpirateComing soon to a NanoNote near you: BlueCube4D (Tetris-clone) - http://www.qqmore.info/?p=5607:12
xdpiratebtw kyak i need to run it with both screen and --no-ansi for ne to show up correctly07:14
kyakxdpirate: yeah, i know.. but the --no-ansi can be dropped if ne is compiled a bit differently07:18
kyakbut ok, i'm trying to figure out how to do it without the screen07:18
kyakthough screen is my preferable terminal07:19
xdpiratezear, neither scummvm build works07:21
xdpiratezear, locks up the nn on key press07:21
xdpirateI built these two programs for the NanoNote several days ago, but forgot to actually release them07:43
kyakxdpirate: could you please check: after starting of ne (not in screen, without --no-ansi), press Ctrl+L. Now the syntax highlighting works and the interface is not mangled07:43
xdpirateok sec07:43
xdpirateyup but extras menu will not show completely and will wrap to the left side of the screen07:44
xdpirateexcept for that, everything seems to be in working order07:44
xdpirateBtw I thought I'd spam this a little more: We have a discussion forum now, over at Dingoonity, feel free to talk about anything NanoNote related here: http://boards.dingoonity.org/ben-nanonote/07:45
kyakwell ok, the extras menu won't fit on Ben's screen (both in width and height) - how do you suppose it should be displayed? :)07:46
xdpirateI have no idea ;)07:47
kyakme too :)07:47
xdpirateif possible, just push it to the left so all elements are displayed, doesn't need to be lined up with the toplevel menu item07:48
xdpiratedividing it up in submenus could work height-wise07:49
zearxdpirate, then don't touch unmapped keys ;P07:50
zearjust the ones dingoo uses07:50
xdpiratezear, ._.07:50
xdpiratething is, they work in scummvm menu07:50
xdpiratefor entering names of games etc07:50
xdpiratebut not when running07:50
xdpiratethat's bad programming too, your program shouldn't lock up if an unknown keycode is entered, it should ignore it =/07:51
kyakxdpirate: the conclusion: ne is just not designed for such small terminals :) using it via ssh ok, though07:53
xdpiratehehe, true, it works perfectly if you just disregard the extras menu though07:53
xdpiratezear, another dingux rerelease for nanonote - http://www.qqmore.info/?p=60 :)07:54
zearthat can come in handy sometimes07:55
xdpirateyeah adds to the 'pda'-aspect of the nn :P07:56
xdpirateI'm going to learn ncurses soon, just cos it's awesome08:00
xdpiratemaybe create an ncurses shell for dex08:00
tuxbrainxdpirate: thanks for the Key codes!!!08:04
xdpiratetuxbrain, no problem mate, i thought it'd be very useful and i couldn't find any documentation on them yet :)08:09
xdpiratetuxbrain, also added them to the wiki here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Key_codes08:10
xdpiratewolfspraul, the qi-logo link when browsing the downloads subdomain has a broken link, it leads to http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Main_Page, which 404s because it should be http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Main_Page :)08:43
kristianpaulgreat cuts09:19
wolfspraulxdpirate: hey :-) thanks for the heads up09:27
xdpiratewolfspraul, nps :P09:27
wolfspraulthat's a symbol of our (so-far) failed attempt at world domination09:27
wolfspraulen. subdomains like wikipedia... :-)09:27
wolfspraulI cannot immediately find the root cause, added to my TODO list and will look at it asap09:28
wolfspraulanything like this you see, please let me know09:28
xdpirateI just released my BlueCube (nice looking tetris-clone) port to NanoNote, check it out here: http://www.qqmore.info/?p=6409:34
xdpirate:) http://www.qqmore.info/?p=6810:09
zearhaha, upload it to the wiki :D10:10
xakhso, JLiMe?10:45
xakhin a nutshell, what is it?10:45
xakhis it a different distro, like OpenWRT or Debian, or is it an add on to OpenWRT?10:49
xakhzear: ping10:50
zearxakh, it's a different distro10:50
xakhah, thanks man.10:51
xakhis it good?10:51
zearhas it's roots in jornada 6xx/7xx series devices10:51
xakhhm, I've never used any of those.10:51
zearwell, i only tested it yesterday, but i has a couple thousands of packages already10:51
xakhhow's it run on the nano?10:51
zearincluding X1110:51
xakhso, what WM does it have currently?10:51
zearwhatever you install on it10:51
zearit comes with no X1110:51
zearyou have to download the right packages from opkg yourself10:52
xakhthat means I have to piggyback again?10:52
zeari've seen someone running icewm on it10:52
zearwhat you mean by 'piggyback'?10:52
xakhusb to eth10:52
zearah, yes you have10:52
zearthere's of course no mouse emulation in X11 yet10:53
xakhis there any way I could download them, and just transfer them manually to my microsd card?10:53
xakhoh! I have an idea for that!10:53
zearyep, you can just download them manually, put them on a card and invoke the right command to install them10:53
xakhhaha! I was talking about it with someone yesterday!10:54
xakhso, I had this idea.10:54
xakhwhat if we treat the cursor buttons like we treat a joystick?10:54
zearthe 4-way button is not an analog10:54
xakhtrue, but it can behave like one.10:54
zearwell, not really because it has only two states10:55
zearpressed and not pressed10:55
xakhtrue, but if we set one to be mid pressure and the other to be no pressure10:55
xakhmake it treat it like a faulty joystick10:55
zearhmm.. i don't really see it10:55
xakhthen use the volume buttons (or any other two buttons) to mimic the mouse presses10:55
xakhI guess joystick was the wrong word10:56
xakhwe just trick it into thinking that the arrows are a gamepad10:56
zeari get your idea, but it's just a way around10:56
zearyou want it to be: keyboard > joystick > mouse10:56
zearand we can just make it keyboard > mouse10:57
zearand it will be simpler10:57
xakhwell, I'm just saying, the cursor keys can be made the mouse10:57
zearyeah, that's what we plan to do ;)10:57
xakhalright, sorry, takes me a while to catch on to the big plans sometimes ;)10:58
xakhso I dug through old archives of light window managers10:58
xakhand I found this10:58
urandom_the NanoNote really needs some kind of a trackpoint, this cursor keys as mouse thing doesnt sound like much fun :(10:58
xakhI've used it on a smartphone like that10:59
xakhyou'd be surprised, it's quite easy10:59
xakhthe ya will have something a bit better though, eh?10:59
urandom_something better?11:00
xakhwell, the ya, the next version11:01
xakhI'd think we could go with a small trackpad, or a ball?11:01
urandom_currently it seems like they will keep the current design and just add usb host, more ram and slowfi11:03
xakhlol, slowfi?11:03
xakhI thought they'd be adding a ball module.11:03
urandom_a ball module?11:04
xakhlike this one11:05
xakhlike a little piece that'd be our mouse.11:06
xakhif not, anyone got ideas on turning that one into a tiny usb mouse?11:06
zearxakh, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhCoCciVicY11:06
urandom_slowfi is HopeRF module11:06
xakhHOLY CRAP.11:06
zearit looks pretty well so far11:06
xakhthat's nothing short of amazing.11:07
xakhseriously. bravo guys.11:07
xakhbut if someone can get me instructions for making a super tiny mouse we can attach to the nano11:08
urandom_xakh i really hope they will add this trackball to the Ya, would be really importand for me but well they have to keep the price low and all11:08
xakhokay, bear with me.11:08
xakhwhat if we just take this breakout11:08
xakhand design a tiny mouse, that hooks on to the nano11:08
xakhif you guys provide me instructions, I'll be happy to donate a few of them to the project, pro bono11:08
xakhso, game of good idea bad idea.11:09
xakhwhat do you guys think?11:09
urandom_good idea but how do you want to connect it with the ben?11:10
xakhnow that's where my experience with phone hackers comes in handy!11:10
xakhgimme just one second.11:10
xakhthe HTC hero uses a port that's aesthetically different than the one we use11:11
xakhbut, and I know from experience11:11
xakhis fully compatible with our11:11
xakhin other words11:11
xakhhacks that have to do with an HTC phone's USB will affect the nano in a similar way.11:12
xakhthis gives full USB host to a non host port.11:12
xakhobviously that's a pretty Q&D way to get it going11:12
urandom_omg this is awesome shit11:13
xakhbut I bet we can put our heads together and make that look nice and tidy11:13
xakhwhen you combine my experience hanging out all day on the net with a problem, chances are I can find something to work with11:13
xakhif you get USB host, you're only getting one 2.0 port, obviously, and hubbing it means no power to any of them11:14
xakhso ya gotta make it count, eh?11:14
xakhI think we should use this as the nano mouse.11:16
xakhclickable analog11:16
xakhfits better with the power of computing in your thumbs we try for here, eh?11:16
xakh oh wait!11:16
xakhI found our part.11:17
xakhthe mouse we need.11:17
xakhfeast your eyes.11:17
xakhwell? what do you guys think?11:18
urandom_well would be so awesome if this would work out11:19
xakhwell, in theory, it's all good.11:19
xakhall you have to do is hook it up to a USB port, since it has 4 pins, just like USB11:20
xakhthen you just train X11 to recognize it as a joystick11:20
xakhand it'll let you use it as a cursor11:20
xakhand if you have host from the adapter, then it's all good!11:21
xakhit'll probably be buggy and a bit slow at first11:22
xakhbut you'll get the hang of it.11:22
xakhtuxbrain: ping11:23
urandom_shit i have to go now, keep up the got ideas!11:23
xakhokay, will do11:23
xakhso I found this hack.11:24
xakhthe HTC hero and the NanoNote are hardware identical on miniusb.11:24
xakhso, the host mode hack worked there, plausible on NN?11:25
tuxbrainno, most of movile devices has Usb on the go chip, but only usb gadget on it, the case of HTC hero, but in our case we have a pure usb device chip, so I'm sorry  but no way11:28
xakhI was really hoping I'd figured it out.11:29
tuxbrainwhen I mean usb gadget on it I refering to drivers, so is software matter, in our case is totally hardware11:29
xakhhow about a microsd adapter'?11:29
xakhwell, what of microsd11:29
xakhI know there's a wifi card with it11:30
xakhanother question11:31
tuxbrainin theory posible but you ned to find one vendor doing so, AFAIK I only knew one that  had made something similar but in a Compact Flash  USB host , but I have no see neither a SD version11:31
xakhlight enough for NN?11:32
tuxbraindon't know :) have you tried it?11:32
xakhI know it'll be pushing it.11:32
xakhnope, I haven't gotten enough time to myself with parts enough to make something for a while11:32
tuxbrainI think the main issue will be screen resolution11:32
xakhhowever, I think that with LXDE's small panels, and openbox's tiny decorations11:34
xakhit has a chance at becoming something good11:34
xakhI also found this11:34
xakhtook digging to find something this small11:35
xakhAnyway, this thing could easily get a leafpad port, right?11:38
xakhoh, and I heard something about not reflashing to install jlime?11:38
tuxbrainIt's only my opinion, but I preffer the tinnier the better , icewm, ratpoison, and another lwm? from jlime era(I dont remember well the name) I think will fit better BNN X.org needs, also we try to tend to do "one thing at time" way of work  do BNN has it's limitations and I thing is better do one thing but at good speed .11:38
tuxbrainyes just format the sd, uncompress and go11:38
xakhholy crap.11:39
xakhI love IceWM11:39
xakhbut LXDE is OpenBox with a panel11:39
tuxbrainicewn is out of the box with jlime :)11:39
xakhso I can just startx, I don't have to install anything?11:40
xakhwell, with a bunch of parameters11:40
xakhbut I mean without mucking about in opkg11:40
tuxbrainnot mucking11:40
xakhoh ok11:40
tuxbrainthe params to start x are in the jlime documetation11:40
xakhneed to get an empty microsd card now11:41
xakhnow I'm worried though, that there won't be a good port of powder11:42
xakh(roguelike I play on my nn constantly, totally addicted)11:44
tuxbrainif it's already in OE(OpenEmbeded) that is very probable it's a really easy to port to Jlime, rafa are you listening? I'm a powder fan too!!!11:45
xakheveryone loves powder.11:46
xakhTlosh forever!11:46
xdpiratepowder on a gba emu :P11:46
xakhit works!11:47
xakhhonestly, I don't know why I love it so much11:47
xakhjust so easy to play11:47
xakhnot easy to win11:48
xakhat all11:48
xakhI never make it past level 5, but I still love playing it11:48
tuxbrainpowder is one of my top five reasons of procrastination11:49
xakhhell yes.11:49
tuxbrainjust below this channel :P11:50
xakhI have literally dozens of games on my laptop11:50
tuxbrainmust leave see ya11:50
xakhbut I only have 3 on the nanonote11:50
xakhsee ya11:50
rafaxakh: I think that powder is not in OE repo, so it is not in jlime repo. BUUUT, zear is part of jlime project and I am sure that he will have a powder package for jlime extra-packages soon ;)12:47
zearxakh, there's the native powder port for the nn i made ;)12:48
zearxakh, here: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/zear/games/powder-nanonote-r1.tar.bz212:48
zearoh, you already know that, for a second i though you were discussing powder via gba emu ;)12:49
zearxakh, get a wand of polymorph, transform to something badass and do a rush on lower levels ;)12:50
xakhwand of polymorph is my fav strategy12:54
zearyou need to find a ring/amulet of unchanging as well12:57
zearand amulet of reflection/mirror shield, then you're immune to directional magic12:58
zearand when a monster stands by the wall, if you shoot with the wand of fire, for example, it will bounce off the wall, then your shield/amulet, then again of the wall and so on, striking the enemy several times in one turn12:59
zeara deadly strategy12:59
sdschulzeOK, I changed some patches in my OpenWRT tree.  Now how do I force it to repatch my kernel?15:36
larscmake target/{clean,install}15:37
sdschulzeAh, OK, so "target" refers to the kernel?15:38
sdschulzeok, thanks15:43
sdschulzeAt least it compiles much faster than natively...15:43
sdschulzeeven on my 1.5 GHz i686 machine15:44
xakhhey, guys, where do I download the file to put jlime on my nano from SD?16:10
xakhzear: ping16:11
zearxakh, http://jlime.com/mw4/index.php/Jlime_Muffinman16:11
xakhyou are a king among men.16:11
zearnot really, but rafa is ;)16:11
xakhso, does adduser work on this?16:12
xakhand, is SLiM in the repos?16:13
zearno idea :D16:15
zeari just tried jlime yesterday16:15
xakhso, can I run this all from SD, like, I partition it, then boot from SD, and it's good to go?16:16
zearthat's it16:16
xakhis there any way you guys can make an ISO?16:16
zearno need to put nanonote into usb boot mode, unless your bootloader is so old, it doesn't support booting from sd card16:16
xakhokay, cool, I flashed it in early june, so it should be fine right?16:16
zearwell.. you can't make isos of sd cards because each card has a different size16:16
xakhoh yeah16:17
zearit's not like cds that have 700MB16:17
xakhlol, sorry, not that bright some times.16:17
zeari think you could do something like that, but if you had a card bigger than the iso, the rest of it would be unused16:17
xakhalso, is this going to be like a live session, or am I going to be installing this over my onboard memory?16:18
zearwell, it's nothing like live, because live is meant to run off nand (because cd is read only)16:18
xakhsorry, I'm going to be getting on a plane soon so I need to memorize stuff16:18
zearjlime runs off sd card, where you can write and read to16:18
zearso it's a normal linux, just booted from sd16:18
xakhyou guys are flat out amazing.16:19
zear*live is meant to run off ram of course, sorry for that mistake16:19
xakhagain, you guys never cease to amaze.16:19
xakhwhat's the shortcut to boot from SD?16:19
zearit puts all the stuff into ram, and that's why live cds are usually slower than linux installed on hdd16:20
xakhright, I know, but that's okay16:20
zearbut jlime is nothing like that, and it even has a 32MB swap disk16:20
xakhyou guys are awesome16:20
xakhso it just runs from the SD like the SD is the hd16:20
zearwell, actually it can be even 16GB of swap, it's up to you how big you'll make it, but i think 32MB is enough16:21
xakhanyway, what's the shortcut to boot from SD?16:21
xakhI was thinking I'd make it 128MB, give me some space while not killing my storage16:21
xakhokay, thanks so much guys16:21
xakhgotta go16:21
zearno prob16:21
emebjust tried out jlime on SD - cool stuff.17:39
emebmust say that font is tiny (and jaggie due to the TV-style pixels)17:40
zearbut check out icewm17:52
rafaemeb: if you have network in jlime you can install fbterm :  opkg install http://jlime.com/downloads/repository/extra-packages/nanonote/fbterm_1.6_mipsel.ipk18:36
rafaand run it from console with : fbterm.sh18:36
rafayou will have a better shell with bigger fonts.18:36
emebrafa: thanks - I'll give it a try.18:43
calamarztuxbrain_away: aaaargh... I was falling again in the tab/spaces trap in this very moments :p21:04
calamarz(that was a keystroke in the dark XD)21:35
Necrosporushttp://www.slashgear.com/acorp-em501r-super-cheap-android-mid-gets-video-demo-1189408/ How would you concurrent with that?23:33
NecrosporusMaybe NanoNote still better because of copyleft, command line access and keyboard23:42
urandom_Acorp EM501R is not open hardware so not interesting23:45
urandom_and i personaly dont like the tablet stuff23:46
--- Tue Jun 15 201000:00

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