#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2010-06-13

tuxbrainrafa: lovely splash screen :)03:42
kyakwolfspraul: thanks for your information, will be waiting for the update impatiently :)03:43
kyakgood to know you are reading logs, too :)03:43
tuxbrainrafa:it's taking ages to download "opkg update"03:47
tuxbrainbut seems is not hung, now after mipsel time to all03:48
tuxbrainok done03:48
tuxbrainlets see03:48
wolfspraulkyak: how is it now? still feel unstable/screen flickering/etc?03:54
wolfspraulthe screen flickering should be stable, in the sense that it always flickers the same way, more pronounced in gmenu2x than in console03:55
wolfspraulthat's a simple bug, and it will be fixed03:55
wolfspraulthen you also said you don't like the finish/paint on the device?03:55
wolfspraulkeep us posted...03:57
kyakwolfspraul: sure, the display is still flickering, i hope it will be fixed04:01
kyaki think the finish/paint is ok; i was talking that a case (housing) itself and a keyboard get greasy very fast04:03
kyaki'm not using it much directly now, mainly via ssh.. so it's not so noticable.04:05
wolfsprauldo you plan to do any hacking? if you build from source maybe you can try the new 2.6.34 kernel already, it should have a flickering fix but I haven't tried it yet...04:06
wolfspraulor just wait a few days, I think a new OpenWrt image is around the corner04:06
kyaki have a lot of plans :) but the priority is getting the Wi-Fi working.. WEP wasn't a problem, but WPA wasn't so easy..04:09
kyakbut i have the working toolchain, so maybe i'll do it :)04:11
wolfspraulis WPA working now?04:13
kyaknot yet04:14
kyaki'm trying with wpa_supplicant, it gives me "authentication timeout"04:15
kyakthough it associates ok04:15
kyaki'm following http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Wi-Fi_in_Nanonote, but i also tryed a wpa_supplicant.conf from my linux laptop04:16
kyaki think there ar alternatives, like xsupplicant and wpad04:16
kyaki might try them04:16
wolfspraulI think others got wpa to work already, but not sure who it was04:17
wolfspraultuxbrain: ?04:17
tuxbrain? what?04:17
tuxbraintrying Jlime here :)04:18
kyaktuxbrain: have you got WPA working?04:19
tuxbrainnot sorry my wifi tests where just on open networks04:20
kyaki have a bunch of [ 2104.540000] /home/mvogt/openwrt-xburst.image/build_dir/linux-xburst_qi_lb60/ks7010/ks7010_sdio.c:ks_sdio_interrupt[651] in dmesg, should i worry?04:21
kyakit is when i insert the wifi card04:21
kyakand also [ 2104.500000] jz4740-mmc jz4740-mmc.0: Sparse irq: 8004:21
tuxbrainI think the guy we are searching for is Javier04:22
kyak!seen Javier04:23
calamarzwow... really impressed with the battery in nn. doing a voltage monitoring, and dropped to 3.7 after 11 hours idle.04:23
kyaki love the battery compatibility list.. i have three spare batteries from my old Nokias :)04:24
kyaki'm like a batteries baron04:25
tuxbrainkyak: hes now very disconnected, I will try to reach him by mail04:25
kyaktuxbrain: this would be great04:25
tuxbrainkyak, send me a mail, maybe it will be easy he reply to a mail than connecting to channel04:26
kyakwhat your e-mail?04:28
kyaktuxbrain@tuxbrain.com? :)04:28
calamarzin order to have acpi power info is it enough with enabling it in the kernel, or...?04:28
tuxbrainthis is one of them but better send it to david@tuxbrain.com04:28
kyaktuxbrain: i will do.. i'll collect wpa_supplicant and dmesg logs and send it to you04:29
kyakcalamarz: have a look at /sys/class/power_supply/battery/uevent04:29
calamarzkyak: yes, thanks... that's where i'm logging from in a cron. but was wondering if acpi support (for using powertop, for instance) would be so simple as enabling it in the kernel or is needed something else04:31
xakhhey dudes, I've been out of the nanonote news cycle for about a week. What have I missed?04:32
calamarzxakh: you missed my happyness when I received it :D04:34
xakhit's pretty damn awesome huh?04:34
xakhyou got Quake working on it yet?04:34
calamarzhum... not tried... not a gamer guy :p04:35
calamarzbut gmu really got me... I'm trying to make debian package now04:36
xakhlol nice.04:36
xakhhey, you have debian on it?04:36
xakhhave you got X working?04:36
tuxbrainxakh jlime is out :) and we (well rafa) achieved to play videos :)04:36
xakhwhat's jlime?04:36
xakhwait VIDEO?!04:36
xakhholy crap that's awesome!04:36
tuxbrainI yes in jlime, a OE based distro04:36
calamarzoh god I have to try that :p04:36
tuxbrainOE=Open Embedded04:37
tuxbrainlook at the irclogs04:37
xakhI have to update my nano one of these days.04:37
tuxbrainthe link to the demo  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_Uf6khg3Mg04:38
xakhis there any way to take the cursor buttons and turn it into a mouse of sorts?04:39
xakhand that is awesome, video on a nano.04:39
xakhalso, I'm looking up extremely tiny window managers04:39
xakhthis one is pretty cool04:39
calamarzxakh: I'm exploring fb utils yet... have to try ratpoison in the nn04:40
xakhI don't particularly like ratpoison.04:40
xakhI want something with a bit more flash.04:40
xakhlike LXDE04:41
xakhthis one is really cool04:42
calamarzxakh: mmm just guessing, but... could this do it? --> http://www.x.org/archive/X11R7.5/doc/man/man4/joystick.4.html04:46
calamarzlook for "will map the first and third axis:04:46
calamarzer, w/o the ":"04:46
xakhI'd really love to see matchbox on this04:48
calamarzholy cow! the rumours were true... this thing actually can play video :p05:18
kyaktuxbrain_away: i just sent you the e-mail05:40
kyakmaybe Javier could help.. but i'll be trying from my side05:41
calamarzcould sb allow .ods in the qi wiki?05:50
xdpirateAre there any curses-based or GUI contact managers available for the nanonote? Storing names, addresses and phone numbers would be useful06:00
tuxbrain_awayrafa:need python-gobject in the repos to make gourmet work :) , I would like to have some recipies at hand in the kitchen :)06:02
calamarzxdpirate: there is abook, but it needs minimum terminal size of 70x2006:29
calamarzxdpirate: maybe it would do it with some tweaking for displaying less stuff06:30
calamarzxdpirate: also tried some generic todo stuff like tudu or tina06:30
calamarzdon't know if with fbterm could get a smaller font...06:31
wolfspraulcalamarz: will add .ods to allowed wiki uploads momentarily...07:07
wolfspraulcalamarz: added .ods, can you try to upload?07:12
kyaktuxbrain_away: with OPEN Wi-Fi there is a 50 % packet loss (seen very clean with ping). I don't like these messages from ks7010, there might be some problems related to interrupts07:22
kyak*messages from ks7010 driver07:22
kyaki think this packet loss is the reason why i can't authenticate with WPA (it requires 4-way handshake)07:24
kyakbut let's see what Javier's opinion will be07:24
calamarzwolfspraul: uploaded ods battery dataset to http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Battery_Monitoring#Datasets...07:30
sdschulzeI have good news and bad news.  Good news: I compiled Linux natively on Debian.  Bad news: the image is too large (> 4MB).08:44
xdpirateCompiled Linux on Debian? As in, you compiled a linux kernel on the nanonote? =P08:45
xdpirateAh, nice one mate :)08:45
sdschulzetook a night, but worked08:45
wolfspraulwow, congratulations08:46
wolfspraulhow can we increase the 4 MB kernel limit?//08:46
sdschulzewolfspraul: Erm, you mean the 2 MB limit.08:46
sdschulzeI don't really understand why it could get so large.08:46
sdschulzeI used the .config from the OpenWRT kernel build dir.08:47
wolfspraulwell, any limit that is in the way. sounds like 2 or 4, maybe too small...08:49
sdschulzeIt would be possible to change the NAND partitioning, but that doesn't seem to be the best solution.08:50
sdschulzeI'd better outsource some features as modules.08:50
sdschulzeAh, OK, it didn't actually compress the image.08:58
sdschulzeBeware, though: there's no chance without swap.09:13
kyaki don't quite understand how 'make menuconfig' and 'make kernel-menuconfig' at the end come together09:29
kyakfor example, do disable mmc driver i have to do kernel-menuconfig, because it is not available in make menuconfig09:30
kyakkernel_menuconfig it is09:30
kyakthe thing is, i'm trying to throw away mmc driver, it seems that mmc driver and ks7010 are not playing together nicely09:31
kyakthey are both compiled in kernel.. at first i will compile ks7010 as a module09:32
kyakat least it was compiled as module, as described in Wi-Fi page on wiki09:33
kyakhm ok.. it's already as module /etc/modules.d/10-ks701009:36
xiangfuHi kyak10:07
kyakxiangfu: hi10:10
xiangfukyak:  the kernel-module in the "make kernel_menuconfig" only compile as module.10:18
xiangfukyak: sorry  s/kernel_menuconfig/menuconfig, I mean the openwrt's menuconfig10:19
kyakxiangfu: yep, i already understood. * only means "include in rootfs", right?10:20
xiangfukyak: yes.10:20
kyakwhile 'M' means "build a separate pacakge"10:20
kyakmay i have another question then..10:21
xiangfukyak: ok :)10:21
kyakwhat is the .config file that is found in a root after cloning the git repository? should i use http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Ben_NanoNote_2GB_NAND/latest/config instead of it?10:22
xiangfukyak: the .config file is generate by "scripts/kconfig.pl". it will merge three config files.10:24
xiangfu1. target/linux/generic-2.6/config-2.6.3210:25
xiangfu2. target/linux/xburst/config-2.6.3210:25
xiangfu3. target/linux/xburst/qi_lb60/config-2.6.3210:26
kyakok, i mean, should i use .config file from the latest official software which was released or the .config file that is found after git cloning the repo?10:27
xiangfukyak: oh. sorry. I though you are talk about kernel .config. you are right.10:27
xiangfukyak: you are right. use the latest/config instead of it.10:27
kyakyour information is useful anyway :)10:28
xiangfukyak: :-)10:28
kyakbut what if there are changes in git, that don't exist yet in latest official .config?10:28
kyaklike some new module/package added/removed?10:29
xiangfukyak: then we must run "make menuconfig" to update local .config file.10:31
kyaki see, thanks :)10:34
xiangfukyak: one thing before run "make menuconfig", run "./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a" to update package list10:34
kyaksure, already did it10:34
xiangfukyak: are you try to compiling the whole openwrt now?10:36
kyakxiangfu: yes10:37
xiangfukyak: great. :)10:38
kyakat first i'll try it with the latest/config.. see how WiFi will work there10:39
Action: sdschulze compiles Linux natively again.10:41
sdschulzeSomething was broken.10:41
sdschulzeSome stupid question10:42
kyaksdschulze: how much memory is used when you do native compiling?10:42
sdschulzeHow do I physically remove the SD card from the slot.10:42
sdschulzekyak: more than 32MB, at least.10:42
sdschulzeUsing my SD card for swap.10:42
kyakyou press it in to remove it:)10:43
sdschulzetried that10:43
kyakpush it in10:43
kyaki have to do it with my nail10:43
rafatuxbrain_away: let me check why is not python-gobject into repos, if no I will put it in extra-packages ;)11:54
kyaka question: after re-flashing ben, data from ubi1:data will be lost?12:14
kyakanother question: after building from git, can i skip flashing bootloader (and only flash kernel and rootfs)?12:18
rafatuxbrain_away: http://jlime.com/downloads/repository/extra-packages/nanonote/python-pygobject_2.14.2-r3_mipsel.ipk12:25
xdpiratekyak, yes ubi data will be lost, and yes, no need to reflash bootloader, only kernel/rootfs12:33
kyakallrighty, thanks xdpirate12:34
sdschulzestill compiling... :)13:35
kyakxdpirate: fyi, the data partition is not erased13:37
kyakso i just did "ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 3; mkdir /data; mount -t ubifs ubi1:data /data/" and all my files from data partition magically re-appeared :)13:38
xdpiratenot when flashing kernel but when flashing rootfs13:38
kyaki flashed kernel+rootfs13:38
sdschulzeBTW, does the standard uboot image contain "quiet" in its kernel cmdline?13:39
sdschulzebecause the kernel from pyneo isn't very verbose13:40
kyakroot@BenNanoNote:~# cat /proc/cmdline13:40
kyakmem=32M console=ttyS0,57600n8 ubi.mtd=2 rootfstype=ubifs root=ubi0:rootfs rw rootwait13:40
kyaksdschulze: for you :)13:40
sdschulzeah, OK, could've done that myself :)13:41
sdschulzeSo it doesn't print anything on screen because of the "console=" stuff?13:42
kyaksure :)13:42
kyakthat wasn't for your latest messa\ge13:43
kyakwhat do you want it to print on screen?13:43
sdschulzewhat it's doing, it it panics, oopses, whatever13:43
kyakwhy is /etc/profile when i build from git is different from /etc/profile from official release?13:46
kyakin needs this SDL fix13:46
Action: sdschulze dreams of a GRUB port.13:48
kyakwhat do you need it for?13:51
xdpiratecan anyone compile ne for me? i'm on my windows pc right now, and the compile should be painless14:07
sdschulzeWhat's ne?14:07
xdpiratewould be greatly appreciated14:07
xdpiratene, the nice editor14:07
mirkohey, anybody of the imgv-project here?14:07
xdpiratecurses-based text editor :)14:07
sdschulzecompile for what architecture?14:08
xdpiratefor the ben14:08
xdpirateif anyone feels like helping - http://ne.dsi.unimi.it/ne-2.1.tar.gz :)14:08
sdschulzeI currently run Debian there -- is static linking OK?14:09
xdpiratesure mate =)14:09
sdschulzewhat prefix?14:12
sdschulzeoh, OK, doesn't seem to be hardcoded in the binary14:12
sdschulzeno, I mean as in /usr/local14:14
sdschulzeI will link statically anyway, so the uclibc doesn't matter.14:15
sdschulzeMaybe someone else is faster doing a cross-compile.14:16
sdschulzeI'm not good at that.14:16
xdpiratei'm rather new to C, compiling and makefiles tbh :p14:16
xdpiratebut yeah when you statically compile you don't need a prefix, cos all libs are in the binary?14:17
sdschulzeYou need a prefix if you have application data.14:17
xdpirateoh, you mean where the app will save its config and data?14:18
xdpiratei keep that in /root14:18
xdpiratewhich is also my home folder14:19
sdschulzeIt doesn't seem to have any application data.14:20
sdschulze[it takes a while]14:22
xdpiratehehe no problems mate14:22
sdschulze32 MB of RAM don't really make it a good building environment...14:28
xdpiratehahah x]14:29
Action: xdpirate wants GRUB/LILO so he can tri-boot jlime, debian and openwrt14:30
Action: sdschulze too14:31
sdschulzeGRUB with ubifs support would be ideal14:31
xdpiratedual boot debian/openwrt would be enough though :)14:32
xdpiratethis looks promising - http://culot.org/calcurse/14:34
xdpiratei wonder if that's usable on the ben14:34
sdschulzecompilation done14:39
xdpirateawesome :D14:40
xdpirateThanks a bunch, mate! :D14:41
Action: xdpirate cheers at sdschulze 14:41
sdschulzehope this will work14:41
sdschulzenatively compiled :)14:42
sdschulzeNow I can resume building Linux.14:42
sdschulzeDoes it work?14:52
xdpiratehaven't tested it yet, will do in a bit14:56
xdpiratebtw is there a precompiled or ipk package for man? reading manual pages on the unit would be helpful14:56
xdpiratei just realized there was none preinstalled :P14:57
xdpiratesdschulze, doesn't seem to work, it just hangs =/15:00
sdschulzeCan you do an strace on it?15:03
xdpiratesure sec15:04
xdpiratesdschulze, http://pastebin.com/9twcD7mw15:08
sdschulzeThat's all?  Strange.15:11
sdschulzeDoes it react to C-c?15:11
sdschulzeworks for me here15:14
xdpiratei'm on openwrt if that matters15:17
sdschulzeI supposed so, that's why I compiled statically.15:20
xdpirateYeah, I find it weird that it doesn't even output an error message15:21
xdpirateI prefer its sexy interface over vim/joe/emacs/nano, so i really hoped it would work15:21
urandom_it doesnt work for me too :( (openwrt)15:22
sdschulzeMaybe it's FPU stuff.15:22
sdschulzeIt links to libm.15:23
xdpirateIs there a precompiled toolchain specifically for the Ben?15:23
xdpirateI got the precompiled dingux toolchain which is binary compatible, but i'd like ben-specific libs etc15:23
urandom_xdpirate havent found any yet15:24
sdschulzeprobably somewhere in the openwrt build tree15:24
sdschulzeIt means that I can't build it for you, because my libgcc is from Debian, too.15:27
sdschulzeIt's indeed a bit sad that Debian is binary-incompatible to openwrt.15:28
urandom_it is? i read somewhere you could use debian binarys in dingux so it cant be totally incompatile15:29
xdpirateThat's very sad, it'll essentially break the community in two parts, the ones that use owrt and the ones who use deb15:30
nebajothI don't see the problem as long as there is a documented build process for stuff testbedded on debian being turned into openwrt packages15:32
nebajothand a concerted effort to do so15:32
nebajoththis is simply the role of procedure15:32
nebajothdespite turning the nanonote into a general purpose computer, openwrt is much more streamlined15:33
nebajothtargetted openwrt respins are probably the future of the platform anywa15:34
nebajothdebian is just a development/hacker platform15:34
nebajothits perfectly natural for early adopters to gravitate towards the more powerful OS15:34
nebajothand the one with the larger selection of packages15:35
sdschulzeHm, I don't even find anything about FPU emulation in my .config.15:35
nebajothI don't think that means the community itself will be divided15:35
sdschulzeWhy did they disable MIPS_FPU_EMU support by patch, not just by .config option?15:40
sdschulzein openwrt15:40
sdschulzeMaking a Debian kernel seems to be less trivial that I thought.15:59
sdschulzenebajoth: Sure, OpenWRT is more suitable for cross-compilation.16:14
sdschulzeThat's sometimes nice.16:14
Action: Textmode huggles #qi-hardware 16:38
kyakxdpirate: http://bas.ath.cx:81/ne17:33
kyaki built it using openwrt toolchain, run on my Ben with ne --ansi17:33
TextmodeI'm still having problems building the toolchain ;_;17:35
kyakwhat kind of problems?17:35
Textmodebuild fails.17:36
kyakthis is what i was following17:36
tuxbrain_awaykyak: you have recipie of ne?17:36
Textmodelet me bring it up17:36
kyaktuxbrain_away: recipie?17:36
tuxbrain_awaysorry Openwrt Makefile to include on Openwrt or qi repositories17:37
kyaknah.. it was just a quick build fo xdpirate :) but i can try to make a package17:37
Textmodewould be useful.17:38
tuxbrain_awayin openembeded those "build instructions" are called recipies sorry too many time with OE in openmoko :P17:38
Textmodenot really anything in the way of useful error message, just "make -r world: build failed. Please re-run make with V=99 to see what's going on"17:40
kyakthis name "recipy" actually makes sense :)17:40
kyakTextmode: have you tried it?17:41
Textmodeand I'm guessing that V=99 would drown me in messages.17:41
kyakit would17:41
tuxbrain_awayyeah kyak, and all compilers listening out there, I know is a little PITA but if you success in compiling something fancy to the BNN using the Owrt toolchain, making the Owrt Makefile for this will be extremelly usefull for the whole project :)17:41
kyakhelpful messages, actually17:41
kyaktuxbrain_away: 100 % agree17:42
tuxbrain_awaygood night nanonoters out there, happy flashing, compiling, configuring, blaming, playing, note taking, listening, reading whatever , ...enjoy17:49
Textmodekyak: http://qi-hardware.pastebin.com/xbZpMLc117:52
Textmoderest well, tuxbrain_away17:52
kyakTextmode: what's your distro?17:53
kyakjust install perl::XML::Simple17:53
kyakthis must be in packages17:53
kyakshould be it17:56
kyakthough in my system (mandriva) it is called perl-XML-Simple17:56
Textmodewell, we'll see in a minute :P17:58
TextmodeI guess we can see that problem is solved, but the build is still going, so we might have some more luck later :P18:29
rafatuxbrain_away: have you seen the python gobject package? is that one the proper one you need?. BTW,18:31
calamarzhttp://keymouse.berlios.de/ (:18:31
zearcalamarz, that's system global, or X11 only?18:39
calamarzzear: trying to figure... but it seems like system global18:45
Textmodebuild....faster.... ;_;18:51
calamarzhum... the keymouse seems promising but it's needing to load uinput module :/19:20
calamarztime to join the kernel fun19:21
Textmodevitual mouse, using the keyboard?19:21
zearcalamarz, the only sucky thing about it i can think of is once you load it you can't use 4-way button as arrow keys19:30
zearso it will be useless for all no-mouse applications, like gmenu2x or gmu19:31
lloydHi - I have a problem with my NanoNote, I can't power it on, nor achieve usb-boot mode19:35
lloydI had attempted (it appeared successfully) to flash Debian onto the device19:35
lloydAfter that, it won't power on, nor will it go into usb-boot mode19:35
lloydAnyone had a similar experience?19:36
calamarzzear: right. i was thinking about loading it only for running some apps...19:36
calamarzlloyd: yes. try to take the battery out for some seconds and try again19:37
mthlloyd: how are you trying to put it into USB boot mode?19:37
lloydI am trying all enter usb-boot mode by shorting the two leads in the back (under the battery) and then holding down the power button for 2-5 seconds.19:38
lloydThe usb cable is of course attached.19:39
lloydThis happened about 12 hours ago. I had taken the battery out and let it sit during that time.19:39
mthit should always be possible to re-enter USB boot mode19:45
mthmaybe unplug the USB cable for a short time and then repeat the procedure?19:46
zearlloyd, does the led on the right side of the device flash when you plug the cable in?19:48
zearcould be that the u-boot (bootloader) is damaged so it doesn't boot, and you fail shortening the pins, so it doesn't switch into the usb boot mode19:48
nebajothits hard to short the pins19:48
nebajothyou must press quite hard19:49
zearyep, i need to try it several times until i do it right19:49
nebajothI have greatest success with tinfoil19:49
zeara good idea is to run "watch lsusb" so you can see if it's in usb boot mode still keeping the device in hands19:50
zearit speeds the whole process up19:50
nebajothand no harm in putting the refresh rate up real high either19:51
nebajothdefault is 2 seconds19:51
nebajothI like me a 0.219:51
nebajothwatch -n 0.2 lsusb19:51
nebajothnear enough to realtime as to make no difference to me19:51
zearanyway, bedtime, cya guys19:52
nebajothif anyone wants it19:52
nebajothmy python battery checking script19:52
nebajothyou have to manually invoke it19:52
nebajothand since it derives its information from the raw voltage numbers provided in /sys19:53
nebajothits just a linear interpolation19:53
lloydYes - the red led flashed momentarily when I first plug in the usb cable.19:53
lloydI'm going to try the suggestion now (foil & watch)19:54
nebajothI've been down your exact road19:54
nebajothand that's what worked for me19:54
zearor you can just: "cat /sys/devices/platform/jz4740-adc/jz4740-battery/power_supply/battery/capacity", make it a sh script and put into /usr/bin ;)19:54
nebajoththen you don't get to see it19:56
nebajothwith the maxvoltage19:56
nebajothand the min19:56
calamarznebajoth: have you logged the discharge cycle?19:57
nebajothno, but I should19:57
nebajothand recharge too19:57
lloydStill trying, but thus far I am still unable to get it into usb-boot mode ...20:06
lloydIs it possible I've actually damaged it somehow?20:07
Textmodedammit, the build is still going...21:44
xakhhey dudes, how's the night?23:43
xakhor morning where most of you are23:43
urandom_well i was able to get some stuff done so it was a good night23:45
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