#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-06-11

madenits cute00:06
Action: emeb tried this: http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/dingoo.cgi?0,0,0,0,38,355 works- looks cool00:08
Textmodeis "del" mapped to anything, or do we just have backspace?00:21
Textmodedon't suppose theres any way to change the default console font?00:24
arctanxTextmode: I haven't tried, but the usual kernel console font selections are available through make kernel_menuconfig00:29
Textmodeat compile-time?00:29
TextmodeI'll probably mess with that at some point, but not any time soon.00:30
TextmodeI don't suppose theres anything like a xterm for nn? :P00:30
arctanxI was about to say00:30
arctanxThere's a framebuffer terminal described somewhere on the wiki00:30
arctanxand that does support different fonts and UTF-800:30
arctanxI've forgotten what it's called already though :/00:31
Textmodeah, cool. I'll look there.00:31
arctanxfbterm, that'd be it00:31
Textmodesounds like a likely name for it.00:32
arctanxAh it was on the debian page. It doesn't appear to be in the openwrt feeds00:33
Textmodeno, I was just noticing that.00:33
arctanxI'm sure you could get an xterm running with a framebuffer x11 driver though00:33
Textmodewas more wondering how hard it would be to build fbterm from source.00:34
Textmodeon a related aside, I don't suppose anyone has taken the time to figure what the differences are between the dingux toolchain, and the nn's openwrt toolchain are?00:35
xdpirateguess who's running win 3.11 on the nanonote00:37
arctanxuuh, emulated right? :P00:39
xdpirateofc, dosbox00:39
arctanxaah cool00:39
arctanxdid you build that yourself or have you put debian on there?00:40
xdpiratearctanx, http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/dingoo.cgi?0,0,0,0,72,34400:41
xdpiratething is, i can't get past registrationscreen because it doesn't pick up the numbers =/00:41
xdpirateand slaanesh has been silent about dosbox for a while00:42
xdpiratehis last post on the development thread was 31 May 201000:42
xdpiratei hope he releases something soon, would be awesome00:44
xdpiratelols it started installing even though i didn't enter a product key00:48
Textmodethat certainly makes life easier :P00:51
xdpirateyeah lol00:52
xdpiratefull keyboard support and mouse emulation for dosbox - and i'd be in heaven00:52
Textmodedoes the default openwrt include freetype2? probably not, but an I have a confirm?00:57
xdpiratei have no idea ;o00:57
xdpiratebtw --> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7046011/11062010912.jpg00:58
Textmodebah, I had the link of the ben toolchain the other day, now I can't find it :/00:59
Textmodexdpirate: its cute, like it doesn't know its its an artefact of history :D01:00
arctanxTextmode: Do you mean the git repo of the build, which includes the toolchain? http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image#Building_OpenWrt-image_from_source01:00
xdpirateTextmode, xD01:00
xdpirateit's at a whopping 35%01:00
Textmodearctanx: might be, I want the SDK, I've been using the dingoo toolchain so far.01:02
Textmodexdpirate: I don't know that the qi key is *for*, but its good for waking up the screen, as everything else seems to ignore it :P01:03
xdpirateexcellent idea, i'll start using it for that01:04
xdpirateomg win 3.11 is at 80%01:06
xdpirateso awesome01:06
Action: Textmode sighs, watching several dozen lines of carefully crafted dialog scroll of the top of the NN's screen :P01:07
Textmodetheres still a few bugs...*picks up random bystander and equips them as armor*01:13
xdpiratewow the install is slow :P01:13
arctanxDoes anyone know exactly which kernel config options are required on the _host_ PC to make this usb gadgety ethernet work?01:14
xdpirateworked out of the box for me01:14
xdpirateon your host: ifconfig usb0
xdpirate***on your host: ifconfig usb0
TextmodeI have to utter some incantations on the terminal, but it worked in the end, instuctions on the wiki01:14
arctanxI picked I've turned on "Ethernet Gadget (with CDC Ethernet support)" and RNDIS support but that doesn't seem to have done it01:14
xdpirateifconfig usb0, then you can telnet or ssh in01:15
xdpiratethe ip is
arctanxThanks, but I'm running a cut-down bleeding edge kernel which doesn't (yet) have the right USB driver support, so I get no usb0 device01:15
Textmodestill not sure where to get the toolchain...01:16
xdpirateTextmode, just use the precompiled dingux toolchain, it's basically the same thing01:16
Textmodexdpirate: basically ~= exactly01:17
xdpiratefine, be that way01:17
TextmodeI already have the dingux toolchain.01:17
arctanxTextmode: I cloned the most recent openwrt-xburst and having done a build, had a working toolchain in staging_dir/some_stuff/usr/bin01:17
arctanxit builds a toolchain as part of the image-building process01:17
xdpirateany way i can see the status of a process via telnet? i'm not sure whether dosbox just screwed itself over or not01:18
Textmodetelnet, then run top?01:19
Textmodearctanx: how big is this thing? I'm being shaped...01:20
xdpiratewat, dosbox isn't even appearing on the list01:20
arctanxTextmode: pretty big. I can't remember how much exactly but it's in the order of <100MB and it downloads more stuff when you build01:25
Textmodethe build is long, too, isn't it?01:31
arctanxyep, it took at least a couple of hours and then I left it overnight01:45
arctanxI'm sure a binary shapshot of the toolchain could be extricated.. my own would be amd6401:45
Textmodei'd have to boot the other comp to make use of that, not so great :P01:46
arctanxNow openwrt is teaching me how to make cocktails... I love this device01:53
Textmodeyeah, that message confused the hell out of me the first time I saw it.01:55
Textmodesince apprently I can't get through this w/o rebuilding the kernel anyway, where the are options for console font hiding?02:14
Textmodebah, its getting too late for me02:16
arctanxPro-tip: if you build openwrt-xburst, don't move the dir unless you want to build the whole thing again02:56
arctanxapparently some absolute paths have snuck into the build process and mess it up02:56
rafatuxbrain: you there?03:58
rafalarsc: ?04:01
rafazear: it seems that the problem with this mplayer is that it already has a libavsync library built. And we can not build it because no sources.. That I did was tell mplayer do not avsync (with -autosync 2000 for example).. and it seems that mplayer works nice now. BUt it is just a workaround.04:17
zearah, great we at least found the culprit04:18
zearand that there is a workaroudn04:18
rafathere is something weird with kernel btw.. sometimes I build it after a clean and sound worked, sometimes after a clean and build sounds does not work. I hate the word "SOMETIMES" :P04:20
rafaand I do not know why it happens.04:20
rafathe official kernel in openwrt brings alsa driver as module.. I have always tried to put it inside the kernel binary. I am guessing that perhaps they have the alsa as modules for some reason :)04:21
zearbut it is after you build it or after you start the system?04:21
rafawell, I build on pc, cp the kernel to SD and then start the system04:21
rafasometimes after a clean building it works, sometimes no04:21
zearah, i see04:22
{marcz}rafa: as I have some problem with sounds, I'm interested in what you observe04:23
rafa{marcz}: yeah.. we are not going to change sound hardware so I do not know why the official kernel brings the alsa drivers as modules and no inside the kernel.04:24
{marcz}Myself I have sound as output, but the recoding is also sound but completly distorted04:24
{marcz}Of course, but I don't know if it comes from my soft or hard, I have until now compiled also the sound modules in modules.04:25
rafaokey, good to know.04:26
rafaI would like to have it always inside, because the hardware sound will be always there.. but well. We will see if that is not a problem now.04:27
{marcz}I have just noticed that the order of loading modules is very important, if I let go by default, I come up with some modules loaded and I cannot load the remaining.04:29
rafado you have that order?04:29
{marcz}In this case snd-page-alloc crash and I cannot get the device.04:29
rafaperhaps there is the problem.. something bad in init..04:30
rafacould you tell me the order of the modules?04:30
{marcz}My nano is not with me presently, but you can either take in order the order in the openwrt image under /etc/module.d or a post of bebajoth two days ago in the mailing list. I personnaly use less modules but the canvas is that.04:32
{marcz}But my own problem is OK for output and not input, ruben said me that he has both very good, so I don't know if my peculiar mic is defective or if it is my kernel (but why?)04:34
calamarzfor reflashing just the kernel I don't need to erase the whole nand, right?06:05
xiangfucalamarz: yes.06:20
xiangfucalamarz: for reflashing bootloader and kernel are don't need to erase nand.06:21
calamarzxiangfu: you said you had compiled a debian kernel with snd modules statically linked?06:24
xiangfucalamarz: yes. it can play music but very very slow.06:25
xiangfucalamarz: I only use 'mplayer' to test play sound06:26
xiangfucalamarz: here is the file: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/debian-xburst-qi_lb60-uImage.bin06:28
rafaah! zear is not here!06:41
rafatuxbrain: I fixed mplayer ;), but without workaround06:42
tuxbrainawesome!, sorry :( I have no time to play with NN , I hope next week will be more hacker friendly06:43
tuxbrainwhat was the point?06:43
rafatuxbrain: zear gave me an ingenic modified mplayer06:46
rafathe one you have06:46
rafaI built and it does now work well06:46
rafatoday I was checking and those sources had some already built stuff.06:47
arctanxIs there anywhere where folks are sharing openwrt package makefiles?06:48
rafaSO I clean all that. Then I had some issues to build, so I build the libs which make asked06:48
rafatuxbrain: so now mplayer work with sound and video.06:48
rafatuxbrain: Now I need to test several files and the performance :)06:48
rafatuxbrain: I will test your files ;)06:48
Action: arctanx has been working on one, but the emacs build system is more than slightly painful for a cross compiler06:49
tuxbrainmake a video of the test :)06:49
Action: jones slowly masturbates06:57
xiangfuarctanx: Hi there are some makefiles: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/source/tree/master/07:06
arctanxxiangfu: Great, thanks.07:07
larscrafa: !07:43
calamarzwow... nn speaker nearly breaks my ears!07:49
wolfspraulyeah we need to get the default settings for microphone and speaker tuned a bit :-)07:53
calamarzI'm getting an annoying coupling07:54
calamarzit seems i'm getting to record something... noisy but something :p07:55
kyakso i'm at work right now.. and i got the call from EMS courier telling that NN has been delivered to my home08:22
kyakdo you understnad how i feel? :)08:22
kyaktwo hours left08:22
kyakonly two hours untill i go hom :)08:22
kyak..and three days of long weekend ahead08:23
tuxbrainhappy flashing kyak :P08:31
calamarzbtw, tuxbrain: you're lightning quick !08:40
kyakyeah, flashing might become a pain ):08:41
calamarzkyak: it's painless :)08:44
kyakcalamarz: everybody just has a different pain threshold :)08:50
rafatuxbrain: do you have some script to creat ipk/opk packages? mine does not work well..08:55
qi-commitsMirko Vogt: Merge branch 'master' of openwrt-backfire into xburst http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/4ecc66309:08
qi-commitsjow: [backfire] merge r21700 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/87686a909:08
qi-commitsjow: [backfire] merge network config fixes: r21641, r21652, r21655, r21659 and r21661 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/5fa298d09:08
qi-commitsnbd: backport the latest version of the mac80211 package to backfire. includes fixes for wpa key handling, throughput issues, etc. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/262b52b09:08
qi-commitsnbd: orion: add wrt350nv2 mac address fix from r21647 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/c83296609:08
qi-commitsjow: [backfire] merge r21638 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/8eca13109:08
qi-commitsjow: [backfire] merge r21616 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/b8fe84809:08
qi-commitsjow: [backfire] revert r21596 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/102b4bb09:08
qi-commitsjow: [backfire] merge r21595 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/c4c903809:08
qi-commitsjow: [backfire] merge r21590 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/f641cda09:08
qi-commitsjow: [backfire] merge r21588 and r21591 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/e7cb5d509:08
qi-commitsjow: [back09:08
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Updating examples to Board changes, adding irq driver demo http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/5041c0e09:09
kyakat last i'm holding this thing in my hands :)10:59
kyakit is smaller than i thought!10:59
kyakso awesome..10:59
zearkyak, but you know what's the coolest about it? You can type commands on it on the go11:04
zearhold it in your hands and type with thumbs11:05
kyakroot@BenNanoNote:~# uname -a11:09
kyakLinux BenNanoNote #1 PREEMPT Wed Jan 13 20:53:27 CET 2010 mips GNU/Linux11:09
kyakzear: yeah, it's like mobile phone :)11:09
kyaknow for the software update thing11:10
kyaki have to get used for keyboard layout11:10
kyakwe should perhaps hold a contest for the fastest typing on NN sometime :)11:10
kyakand the coolest thing is.. i have this damn small wifi card11:12
kyakbut first things first11:12
kyakzhangyi: fyi, the parcel has been received. So it took 12 days to ship to Russia :)11:13
kyakzhangyi: thanks a lot for your effort!11:13
zhangyikyak: great! i'm glad to hear it! :)11:14
zhangyikyak: any time.11:14
zhangyikyak: will update our shipping notes :)11:14
kyakyou can also mention that EMS likes to come to your home without any prior notice and then call you in the middle of the day asking "where are you"?: )11:15
kyakluckily, i had someone who could accept the parcel at home11:16
Action: sdschulze cross-compiles openwrt-xburst.11:25
sdschulzeIs there a lot you can do wrong?11:25
nebajothholy crow11:26
nebajothI cannot figure out how to adjust the volume of this thing11:26
sdschulzeworks on openwrt, at least11:27
nebajothit doesn't do anything11:27
nebajothit loads11:27
nebajothit identifies the proper card11:27
nebajothyou can nudge the volume up and down11:27
nebajothbut the actual playing volume remains the same11:27
sdschulzeHow did you get sound support in the first place, BTW?11:27
sdschulze(I assume you're on Debian)11:27
nebajothI am on Debian11:27
tuxbrainpress M11:27
nebajothand I loaded the module list11:28
nebajothfrom openwrt11:28
nebajothand it works11:28
sdschulzeThat's what I did, too.11:28
nebajothmuting works, tuxbrain11:28
nebajothjust not volumen adjustments11:28
sdschulzeMaybe my tarball was too new, though.11:28
nebajothit seems as though I can raise the volume a little11:29
nebajothbut not diminish it11:29
nebajothat all11:29
nebajothfrom the very loud default11:29
sdschulzenebajoth: Where did you get the modules from?11:29
nebajoththe openwrt image11:29
sdschulzeI copied mine from openwrt-xburst-rootfs.tgz.11:29
nebajothsame thing11:30
nebajotheven on mute I can hear it very softly11:30
sdschulzesnd_soc_core: Unknown symbol i2c_transfer11:32
sdschulzeThat's what i get.11:32
kyaksoftware usb boot + ./reflash_ben.sh did the job (at the first attempt)11:45
kyaki guess i'll keep this magical USB cable :)11:45
kyakit's from Nokia N76, as that matters11:45
kyakthere is horizontal lines on the LCD (a noise) when Ben is connected to USB11:50
kyakis it ok?11:50
kyaki also notice such flickering when it is close to my laptop11:50
kyakit really is flickering badly11:58
zearkyak, the flickering is my fault i think12:11
zeargmenu2x was compile with jz4740 overclock code12:11
zearand it overclock the lcd timings as well12:11
zearand that results with flickering12:11
zearoh, i think that's an unrelated flickering, sorry for not reading the rest of the messages12:12
kyakno, it might be related.. let me disable the gmenu2x autostart and we'll see..12:12
kyakit's rock stable now12:20
kyakeven if i put Ben on laptop's wifi card12:20
kyakhm.. i inserted usb cable and the screen went black12:21
kyakok.. i need to get used to inserting usb cable without pressing the power button by accident :)12:22
kyaki think most of you guys are not using gmenu2x, right?12:25
zearwell, i am ;P12:25
kyakand it's not flickering for you? ):12:25
zearit is ;P12:26
zearthough i don't care because i rarely use my nanonote (mostly just use it as a music player)12:26
kyakok, i haven't found a use for mine yet :)12:27
kyakthough i found gmenu2x keybindings weird12:27
kyak"enter" is launching settings, not the selected icon12:27
zearwell, it's the best i could do12:27
zearwith the gaming console layout gmenu2x was designed for12:27
kyakso how do i select?12:28
zearand you can always modify the controls in /usr/share/gmenu2x/input.conf12:29
zear"x" if i remember correctly12:29
kyakSELECT: Bring up the contextual menu.12:29
kyakwhereis "select"? :)12:29
zearselect is esc12:29
zearstart is enter12:30
kyakzear: this is weird.. any way to remember this?12:30
zearL is q, R is P12:30
kyaki mean, is there some logic behind?12:30
zearthe rest of the buttons (a/b/x/y) are s/d/z/x12:30
kyaki need to imaging game console?12:30
zearexactly ;)12:30
kyaklike dendy controller? :)12:31
zearmore like a dingoo12:31
zearthough, the "front buttons" are on the left and the d-pad is on the right here on the nn12:31
zearbut as i mentioned before, edit /usr/share/gmenu2x/input.conf to customize your controls12:32
zearif you come up with better keymappings ;)12:32
kyaki'll stick to default12:32
kyakthey start to make sense now :)12:32
kyaki read this in the first place, but couldn't understand what this "On the Ben" means in the beginning12:33
kyaknow i understand, thanks :)12:33
zearbut that's why gmenu2x needs a major input handling redesign12:33
zearto support full qwerty12:33
kyakwhy does it need this when it supports input.conf?12:34
kyakor is it limited?12:34
zearbecause it still shows gp2x controls on the bottom bar12:34
zearso "B" isn't really B on nn's keyboard12:34
kyaki'm failing to exit GMU :)12:36
kyakwhy?: )12:36
zearhold alt for extra explanation12:36
wejpkyak,if you don't like that, you can redefine all buttons as you wish12:36
zeari guess it's another leftover from gaming consoles12:36
zearbut wejp will explain it better ;)12:37
kyakwejp: i'm ok with that, just need to get used.. i don't like changing default options12:37
wejpzear, right, it is kind of, gaming consoles have only very few buttons12:37
wejpkyak, okay :)12:37
kyakso, stardic is english-english only :)12:38
wejpzear, also that way more of the functions can be explained on screen (default mapping and secondary mapping can both be explained)12:38
kyakthis is smart, taking into account that i can't switch keyboard layout anyway12:38
zearwejp, well, i bet you'll get some complaints from the pandora users :P12:39
wejpbtw, the next gmu version comes with a new intro/help screen which explains most of the button mappings12:39
kyakok, now i'm failing to leave stardic.. esc and alt+enter ot wokirng :)12:39
wejpthat will be shown on the very first start12:39
zearwejp, oh, that's cool12:39
wejpyep :)12:39
zearso how is the pandora, btw?12:39
kyakok, it's ctrl+Q12:40
wejpit is nice, i like the really long battery runtime12:40
wejpand the screen resolution is amazing,really good screen12:40
zearwhat about the quality of the device in general?12:40
zearlooks a bit shitty from the vids12:40
wejpthe real device looks better than what i was expecting from some videos12:41
zearah, that's great12:41
zeari wish it was half the price so i could buy it12:41
wejpyeah, it is a bit expensive12:41
zearand wouldn't be scared to carry it around with me12:41
wejpwell at least i had to pay only 250 euros, instead of 300 as it costs now12:42
wejpoh and on ebay people sell pandoras for way over $1000 :O12:42
zearwell, there's some euro crisis on the horizon12:42
zearmaybe the price will go down ;P12:42
wejpwouldn't count on a lower price12:42
wejpeuro crisis could even result in the opposite12:42
zearthe ebay buys are mad12:43
zearbtw, record some vid comparison of nn and pandora12:44
zearmaybe more pandora guys will end up buying nanos ;)12:44
wejphm, i could do that :)12:44
wejpit is a little bit difficult to compare them thoguh12:44
zearwell, nn runs all the dingux games12:45
zearso there is a place for comparizon12:45
wejphm, that's true12:45
zearthere are also my stright ports12:45
zearstraight, even12:45
wejpyeah, if i find a little sparetime, i'll probably try to make a nice comparison video :)12:46
zearespecially games that are easy to control on the nn, like powder, scummvm, frotz or dosbox12:46
zearkyak, is it just me, or the flickering is less noticable if you set the gmenu2x clock (enter go to go the menu) to 336Mhz and restart the nn?12:51
kyakzear: will sure try that and let you know.. currently i'm into wifi thing :)12:57
zearhey guys, check this out: http://wstaw.org/m/2010/06/11/reader.png14:09
zeari asked the author for the sources, i hope he will agree to release this app on GPL14:10
calamarzzear: looks cool indeed :)14:26
Action: sdschulze notices that native compilation is *really* slow.16:02
emebsdschulze: what distro you running native compile on?16:05
sdschulzetrying to make-kpkg16:09
sdschulzeeeek... virtual memory exhausted16:10
emebsdschulze: ah - I'd heard Debian had a native compile. Wish there was a gcc ipk for OpenWRT.16:11
emebnot surprising that there aren't enough resources for a big compile on the NN.16:12
emebI'd still like to do it for small stuff though (drivers, quick utils, etc)16:12
sdschulzeMaybe I can misuse my microSD card for occasional swapping.16:13
sdschulzeNative compiling is cooler than cross-compiling. :)16:13
sdschulzeWhat's the preferred way of making "partitions" on SD cards?  losetup?16:15
sdschulzeSD cards have physical partitions?  Nice.16:20
sdschulzeDo I need any special tricks to boot from SD card, BTW?16:21
sdschulzeso the bootloader finds the kernel and the kernel finds the root fs16:21
sdschulzeAt least it seems to like that swap.16:32
sdschulzeAre there any general objections to making a partition table on the NAND flash, BTW?  Does it interfere with the block structure or anything?16:56
{marcz}MTD is not a block device!17:01
kyakwejp: could you please help? should i install libmpg123 for mp3 support in gmu?17:24
sdschulze{marcz}: So that's the reason why they're not partitioned?17:28
calamarzmp3 is evil ]:)17:28
sdschulzekyak: I haven't tried it, but I assume you have to recompile it.17:28
sdschulzeBetter: convert all files to Ogg Vorbis17:29
{marcz}You install your file system jffs2 or ubifs over an UBI  layer that emilate a block device.17:31
sdschulzeobviously, yes17:31
sdschulzeBut having the partition tables hardcoded in the Linux source code is not that nice.17:33
emebsdschulze: re - partitioning SD cards: I do it all the time on my beagle. Here's a script that we use to set it up: http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/demo/beagleboard/mkcard.txt17:34
{marcz}Of course their is no problem to partition a SD card17:34
{marcz}But a flash MTD is not the same, it has not the buil-in device driver17:35
sdschulzeSo if you press M, uboot automatically looks at the partition table of the SD card and uses the first one for the kernel and the second one for rootfs?17:36
{marcz}To partition a SD card you can go with fdisk exactly in the same way you do on a disk17:36
{marcz}If you are on bnn you have to use a compiled command line in the uboot image17:37
sdschulzeIs using raw access to MTD faster than putting a driver between the flash and the CPU?17:38
{marcz}On the distribution of openwrt Xiangfu has set up a command line to boot from uimage on the fat partition N° 117:38
sdschulzeI do miss GRUB so much. :(17:39
{marcz}The main problem is wear levelling, in SD card it's done by the driver, so you can put over whatever fs you want.17:40
urandom_kyak copying libmpg123 and mpg123 from dingux version works nice17:40
sdschulze{marcz}: Where does the SD card driver store the information on where the virtual blocks are mapped in the flash mem?17:41
{marcz}On MTD the block layer take care of it so you are using layer that can provide this wear leveling: ubi then ubifs, or jffs217:41
{marcz}But I'm not at all a specialist of these lower level, refer to http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/17:42
calamarzis there some way to access battery info on nn-debian?18:05
larsccat /sys/class/power/battery/capacity18:09
kyakurandom_, thnkas, i should try18:14
kyakcalamarz: you might want to have a look at /sys/class/power_supply/battery/uevent18:14
Action: FrankBlues waves18:52
FrankBluesrafa: you around?19:03
xdpirateTextmode, updates on the issue of "What does the Qi-button do?": It returns a key code of 0 when pressed D:20:59
zearxdpirate, every time you press it, a kitten dies20:59
Textmodea...null key?21:02
xdpirateyup, it returns a whopping key code of zero.21:05
zearxdpirate, i might have mixed nn's and dingux libs at one point so !reader works for me21:05
zeari don't remember if i flashed the rootfs since i mixed it21:06
zearxdpirate, oh wait, the sdl error is in spanish21:08
xdpiratei can just copy dingoo sdl libs over then21:08
zearit must be that !reader has statically linked sdl21:08
zearxdpirate, of course you can ;)21:09
zearbinary compatibility ;)21:09
xdpirateyeah i know i can, i meant, i'm going to21:09
zearthough it's not a good idea in the longer run21:09
xdpiratei already copied over libsdl_mixer and libmad21:09
xdpiratefor battlepong!21:09
zearjust because it's a different device's libs21:09
zearit's a shame !Reader is not opensource though21:10
zearso we can't use it in the default nn's distro21:10
zear(but we of course can, and will use it in jlime, because we don't care of stuff like that, right rafa? :D)21:11
urandom_has the author of !Reader a reason to keep it closed source?21:15
zearno idea21:22
zearhaven't contacted him yet21:22
zearonly the dingux porter21:22
zearthough, i think it would be better one of the nn devs contacted the author21:23
zeari don't want to be responsible for a failure in negotiations ;D21:23
urandom_nah i think he just did not release the source cause he thought nobody would need it or so, i cant think on any valid reasons for21:25
urandom_him to keep it closed21:25
zearhow about stolen code? :D21:26
larscor ugly code21:26
zearor not feeling like releasing it just because NO.21:26
zearanyway, it would be a precious item in our collection21:27
larscNumber 1 reason why companies keep code closed is because it would be embarrassing to show it to anybody ;)21:27
urandom_well they can always say they are obfuscating the code on purpose ;)21:29
TextmodeI can't remember, can you next ifs in sh?21:31
urandom_i really loved this app on my psp http://sourceforge.net/projects/bookr/ , i wonder how much work porting it would be21:34
zearurandom_, it uses a lot of psp libs21:36
zearinstead of sdl21:36
urandom_kind of sad, it is awesome21:38
TextmodeI guess you can't nest ifs in sh...21:53
mthwhy not?22:13
Textmodeit complains?22:15
Textmoderegardless, its looking more like it requires a branch to contain a statement.22:16
Textmodebut I have none to give in this instance :/22:16
xdpiratewoop, my pokedex is ready for release22:22
xdpirateNanoNote arrives, dex gets released - http://www.qqmore.info/?p=4822:41
emebsweet - figured out how to add mp3 play to gmu22:42
emebxdpirate: not much into pokemon, but keyCodes looks handy. Nice intro to SDL programming too...22:51
xdpirateGlad I could be of help :)22:51
emebjust compiled & ran on my desktop.22:51
xdpirateyeah it only contains c and sdl code, so should be compilable on everything that has sdl :P22:52
emebworks fine on my Fedora11 system - pops up a little window on my X desktop.22:52
emebneeded to yum install the SDL stuff, but that was painless.22:52
Action: emeb reads SDL dox22:54
emebaudio on NN is remarkably good - playing MP3 w/ gmu through my Sennheisers22:58
Textmodeseems a bit quiet, though.23:00
Textmodeor maybe GMU just refuses to give a decent volume range.23:00
urandom_quiet? it can be extremely loud23:00
emebNot quiet here - I'm on 9/15 on the GMU vol scale and that's about as loud as I'd like it.23:01
urandom_i listen with 1/15 to 2/15 ;)23:03
emebTextmode: have you checked that your alsamixer is full on?23:03
emeburandom_: you must have some pretty efficient headphones.23:03
emebor else there's something else modulating the volume I'm not aware of...23:03
Textmodelooks like alsa is at full.23:04
Textmodeand I consider these good headphones...23:04
emebusing gmu?23:05
Textmodegmu also at max.23:05
emebI've started gmu from a command line ssh session from my desktop. When I tweak the vol it spits some text out23:06
Textmodebut volume, well not weak, but not anything remotely near what I would consider "max"23:06
emebUsually something like :audio: volume=16 (128/16)23:06
emeb(1st number changes in steps of 8 as vol is adjusted)23:06
Textmodeanyway, I'm busy fightig with autotools.23:07
Textmode(its a PoS, btw.)23:07
emebbig fun - never have figured that out.23:07
emebBTW - how to exit gmu gracefully? I always end up doing a kill -9...23:09
emebbingo! thanks23:09
urandom_took me some time to figure out23:10
emebthere's a lot of hidden keystrokes on NN23:10
urandom_its cause gmu was designed for the dingoo23:11
emebShould be a rule on gfx apps: hit "?" and a key list comes up.23:11
emeburandom_: figured that. Hasn't been remapped for NN23:11
urandom_it has been remapped for NN a bit23:12
urandom_the dev is currently porting it to pandora so maybe there will be some changes that make navigation on NN better too23:14
urandom_also he is planing some kind of help menu to show off first time you start it23:15
emebThat's a good idea23:16
emebThere are only a few keys mentioned across the bottom.23:16
urandom_well at least the real keys are mentioned not like in gmenu2x the dingoo ones :)23:18
emeburk - yep. That one needs some work.23:18
Textmodeyeah, that took some stuffing about to figure out.23:19
Textmodewhat was it? ZSXD, Q and R, enter and space?23:19
urandom_esc not space23:20
emebOK - here's another annoyance: gmu disables the display after a bit. If you've switched to an alternate console it still disables it. How to get it on again?23:20
urandom_emeb you can disable switching off the display in the config23:21
emeburandom_: cool - will have to do that. Meantime, how to get the display back on w/o a reboot?23:22
Textmodeusually hitting any key brings it back23:22
TextmodeI use the qi key23:22
emebNot if you're in another console tho...23:22
urandom_change to its console23:22
emebneed to ctl+alt+f5 to get back to gmu screen23:23
emebthen hit spc or something23:23
emebDoes SDL always live on the f5 console?23:23
urandom_yeah you have to ctl+alt+f5, it cant get input from different console23:23
urandom_yeah it seems to be the place for the sdl stuff23:25
emebxdpirate: came up with a couple of makefiles for keycode - want 'em?23:43
xdpiratehuh? for what? =P23:43
xdpiratei don't really need a makefile when all i did to compile was gcc main.c -lSDL -lSDL_ttf -o keyCode23:44
xdpiratemy nn refuses to load sdl altogether after i copied the dingoo sdl libs like zear said lols23:45
emebwhat did zear say to do?23:45
emeb(btw is NN gmu statically linked to SDL?)23:46
xdpiratethey're built with joystick support23:46
xdpiratei have no idea emeb, ask wejp if he's here23:46
xdpirate(wejp made gmu)23:46
emebjust wondering why there was no SDL lib on NN already.23:46
xdpiratethere is23:46
emebhrm - I didn't see it...23:46
urandom_there is, just no sdl-mixer23:47
xdpirateall sdl libs should be in /usr/lib, except sdl_mixer23:47
emeburandom_: ur right. I'm getting confused23:47
emebSDL lib wasn't in the openwrt host build dirs23:47
emebfor some reason the openwrt build process doesn't give you the same image/s that are under 'latest'23:48
emebseems like there's a bit of extra tweakage going on behind the curtain...23:49
urandom_wouldnt things going on behind the curtain be against the qi ideologie?23:50
Textmodeprobably an oversight.23:54
Textmodeeasy enough to do.23:54
xdpirateAs I mentioned, my SDL libs got fucked up23:55
xdpirateCould anyone cp /usr/lib/libSDL* /card/ and upload them in a zip or something?23:56
xdpirateWould behugely appreciated23:56
xdpiratebe hugely*23:56
urandom_cant you copy it from latest image?23:57
xdpirateHow is it compressed?23:57
Textmodeisnt' it just a tgz?23:59
urandom_it is23:59
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