#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2010-06-10

tuxbrainrafa: ping03:51
kyakmy Ben parcel is moving.. such a relief :) 5 days there were no news04:10
Action: kyak thinks he will have to come personally to Schenzhen after the Ya04:11
zedstartuxbrain: gonna email you about getting a quote for 5 nanonotes but are you able to get hold of wikireaders? is for a university order06:24
tuxbrainsorry no wikireaders06:25
tuxbrainbut let me check if I can find some quickly06:26
zedstartuxbrain thanks....not sure how i would do it via amazon as need some official quote before i can proceed06:26
tuxbrainhow many you need?06:27
zedstartuxbrain basically i have 1000UKP but supposed to get wikireaders in that....i thought of splitting it half half between wikireader and nanonote06:28
tuxbrainok arround 5 wikireaders06:29
tuxbrainLet me check , maybe It will take me 1 day and the answer can be just no, but I will try06:30
zedstartuxbrain thanks either way i will order 5 nanonotes from u06:31
tuxbrainmusic to my shopkeeper ears :P06:31
rafatuxbrain: me here06:35
tuxbrainhi rafa, two cuestions ( or may be more)06:35
rafatuxbrain: have you read to FrankBlues? X runs out of the box ;)06:35
tuxbrainYeah I have it running :)06:36
tuxbrainso many good feelings seeing jlime running on BNN06:36
rafaja!.. all the world have it !.. I will install it today.. i feel out :)06:36
tuxbrainyeah but you have something I also want, sound and mplayer06:37
tuxbrainI wanna I wanna I wanna06:37
rafasound, yes.. mplayer as well :)06:37
rafaBTW, something is bad in mplayer.. I do not why06:37
rafaif it plays music or sound.. all is okey06:38
rafabut for videos I have not able to set it properly.. or some bug in this mplayer06:38
rafatuxbrain: I will upload kernel and mplayer right now for you ;)06:38
Action: tuxbrain doing the happy geek dancing arround the room06:39
rafahaha :D06:40
tuxbrainIf I achieve to find all dependencies needed on OE, avrdude, avr-gcc... I will try to replace my devel distro actually debian to jlime, due is already on a SD one of the goals I have , I'm soooo happy to finally see together jlime and BNN06:43
Action: tuxbrain dancing again, now headbanging at Ramstein Du hast rythm06:45
rafaif something is missing in Jlime repo (OE), let me know06:46
rafaI will try to complete it as complete as possible ;)06:46
rafadownloading stuff..06:46
rafatuxbrain: stop dancing06:49
tuxbraindownloading ....06:50
rafaI have not tested the ipk package of mplayer06:50
rafalet me know if you find errors..06:50
rafato install.06:50
rafatuxbrain: FrankBlues said that abiword looks nice to use it :)06:51
rafaso I would try X these days, we are not sure which GUI we will put as main jlime gui06:51
rafagmenu2x is nice but I do not like the code much06:51
tuxbrainI agree with frank, having mouse kbd emulator sould be awesome I vote for red up arrow+cursor to move +qi key as left click , red arrow qi key right click, red arrow vol up/down mouse wheel, abiword not tested yet06:53
tuxbraindamn I have other work to do right now , I will report all that new stuff , time to do some posts :), even if then I have to move them to nanohacks06:56
tuxbrainbtw you have a mistake in the http://jlime.com/downloads/releases/muffinman/documentation/muffinman-rootfs.txt06:57
tuxbrainin route add default
tuxbrainis route add default gw
rafaah.. yes06:59
rafathanks.. let me change that..06:59
rafabah.. mplayer package failed here :( .. well I will give you this :06:59
rafathere is the binary and some example config file (put config in ~/.mplayer/config)07:00
tuxbrainthks :)07:01
tuxbrainI smell another looong hacking BNN night near07:02
rafafor mplayer you need these packages installed from repo :07:02
rafaliblzo1 libsdl-1.2-0 libspeex1 libtheora0 libogg007:03
rafalooong night : ;-))07:04
rafawe need to do some release soon, some few guys already use it .. ;)07:08
tuxbrainjlime is light, it has miriad of pkgs to install, it has a brilliant community used to deal with few resources , so the only you needed was a live device were to make it live.... call it destiny :P07:15
rafayeah, nn is a great meal for our hearts ;)07:16
Ornotermesanyone know where i can find scematics and complete board layout for the PCBs in Ben?07:41
rafatuxbrain: sorry, I gave you the wrong kernel.. :( let me upload the proper one07:41
rafatuxbrain: you there ?07:56
rafatuxbrain: the proper kernel with sound inside for jlime is :07:56
rafasorry for the previous one07:56
zearrafa, we have sound in jlime already? :D07:57
tuxbrainindeed :)07:57
zearwow, rafa's fast07:57
rafahaha.. it is because current kernel from qi is nice complete ;)07:58
rafazear: bad news.. mplayer freezes after few seconds :(07:58
rafaand many times it just shows the first frame and stop there..07:58
zearrafa, :/07:59
rafazear: when the video has sound you can hear the sound.. so the problem is with video it seems07:59
rafaand if you play mp3/whatever sound format it goes well.07:59
rafazear: good news.. the Xserver-xfbdev package in repo work out of the box it seems ;)08:00
rafatuxbrain: shutdown and power on/off button do not work well yet. So advice:08:02
rafa- when you want to reboot/power off then first mount the / as read only. With : mount -o remount,ro /08:02
rafathen you can try shutdown -h now or whatever.08:02
rafakristoffer: hey man..08:08
rafaI am debugging halt and reboot stuff in kernel. If I test init 6/shutdown -h now/reboot/halt.. the system runs the shutdown scripts but then the kernel does not reboot/shutdown . Any ideas? I think that I need some option more in .config08:09
rafakristoffer: you there?08:26
kristofferrafa, yes08:35
kristofferrafa, amazingly enough08:35
rafatuxbrain: plaympeg is on repo as well. I tested this video: http://ipac.jpl.nasa.gov/web_movies/pa/ssc2006-10v1.mpg08:39
rafaslow, but it works08:40
rafaI guess that it is just time to test the possibilities ;)08:40
rafakristoffer:  I am debugging halt and reboot stuff in kernel. If I test init 6/shutdown -h  now/reboot/halt.. the system runs the shutdown scripts but then the kernel does not  reboot/shutdown . Any ideas? I think that I need some option more in .config08:40
kristofferinside the kernel?08:41
kristofferI doubt it. You could always check the apm stuff I guess but reboot is more of an userland issue.08:42
rafakristoffer: I am trying to understand which is the issue..08:43
rafait is not the same to do reboot than power off.. but neither reboot nor power off works for me now..08:44
rafaand I would like to understand why. Well, if you find some ideas to check during these days please tell me :)08:44
kristofferwill do, in u-boot land atm08:45
xdpirateyoyo, got my nanonote from tuxbrain today, but i'm having a bit of a problem reflashing it. using newest version of the flasher script and xburst-tools, and confimed that the device is in usb boot mode (both software and shorting the usb-boot pins works), but when I try to reflash, I get an error message saying "Error - can't read bulk data from Ingenic device:1728". The 1728 part changes every time I try to reflash.09:13
xdpirateAnyone available to help?09:37
emdetexdpirate: with what?09:51
xdpirate<xdpirate> yoyo, got my nanonote from tuxbrain today, but i'm having a bit of a problem reflashing it. using newest version of the flasher script and xburst-tools, and confimed that the device is in usb boot mode (both software and shorting the usb-boot pins works), but when I try to reflash, I get an error message saying "Error - can't read bulk data from Ingenic device:1728". The 1728 part changes every time I try to reflash.09:52
badaahi all09:53
emdetexdpirate: you can read through the hints on my page...09:53
xdpirateyour page?09:53
xdpiratenono, i'm using wrt :)09:54
xdpiratei can't get it to work10:30
xdpirateno matter what i do, i get the 'error - can't read bulk data from Ingenic device' error, followed by 'Skip a old bad block'10:30
tuxbrainxdpirate: first, arrived at this point better use allways the hardware reset until you succesfully flash the device10:32
xdpirateThe reset button at the back of the device?10:33
xdpirateThen I'm not sure what you mean :)10:33
tuxbrainwith the rubber button in the box and under the battery are two pads called usb bood10:33
xdpiratei know, i've shorted the pins10:34
tuxbrainwith the button make a short with the two pads10:34
xdpirateit's not getting into usb boot that's seems to be the problem10:34
tuxbrainto check if is on usb boot or not do  a lsusb10:34
xdpiratei can get into usb boot mode, boot with usbtool, erase the nand, but i get an error when trying to flash u-boot partition10:34
xdpiratejust powered it on now, the lcd lights up but it doesn't boot anything, which tells me the nands was succesfully erased10:37
tuxbrainuse the provided cable10:38
tuxbraindont use battery10:38
tuxbraintry the manual approach10:38
xdpirateyup, i'm using the cable that came with it, trying to flash without battery :)10:38
xdpirateeven tried another usb cable10:38
tuxbraindont use a hub in the middle10:39
xdpiratesame problem on both10:39
tuxbraindirect conection10:39
xdpiratenope, it's connected to root10:39
tuxbrainalso tried to reboot the host?10:39
xdpirateactually, no, i hadn't thought of that10:40
xdpiratewill do10:40
mthis there possibly a USB hub inside your PC? I heard that one some laptops they do that if it's cheaper10:40
xdpiratei don't think so mth, there's only a single root hub on it (it's an ancient ibm thinkpad i got for free)10:40
tuxbrainsometimes this that thing of flashing , the usb plug seems to "fatigue" and somtimes trying another usb plug (not cable) or reboot the sistems works10:41
tuxbrainflashing has a lot of black magic10:41
xdpirateyeah that won't be so easy with a single plug :p10:41
xdpirateanyway the host is booting now, i hope it works10:42
FrankBluesNanonote running abiword: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhCoCciVicY10:52
FrankBluesIt's shot with a cell phone, when I can find a better camera I'll work on a better video.10:53
xdpiratei still get the same error10:58
xdpirate"can't read bulk data from Ingenic device" and "Skip a old bad block"10:59
xdpirateand that's with hardware usb boot and no battery10:59
xdpiratetuxbrain, any ideas?11:00
tuxbrainmmmm has you enabled the force erase nand thing on xburst tools config?11:01
xdpiratewhere is the config file stored?11:02
arctanxtuxbrain: Mm I've seen that "fatigue" with another device I was working under peculiar hardware/comms failure conditions. I never did work out what it was doing to the host PC's port :|11:03
xiangfuxdpirate: /etc/xburst-tools/usbboot.cfg11:11
xdpiratexiangfu, thanks11:11
xdpiratealso, can someone look at the log, and see if they see any obvious mistakes? http://pastebin.com/HRc7CZQf11:11
xdpiratewould be greatly appreciated, right now the nn doesn't work at all11:13
tuxbrainxdpirate, I know exactly how do you feel, I have been there, the first time is the thoughest, nn is sometimes picky but it ends working11:15
tuxbrainlog seems a "normal" failure11:15
xdpiratewhat should i double check in the usbboot.cfg?11:16
zearxdpirate, that was probably suggested already, but have you tried a different usb calbe?11:16
xdpiratetwo different cables11:16
xdpiratestill the same error11:16
xiangfuxdpirate: is there a usbhub between NN and PC?11:16
zearhmm.. maybe the usb port is sucky11:16
xdpiratexiangfu, nope11:16
xdpiratethe usb port is 1.1, if that matters11:16
zearxdpirate, if that's a laptop, the hub might be embedded11:16
xdpirateyes it's a laptop, an old ibm thinkpad11:17
zeardo you have another pc you can try it on?11:17
xdpiratewell, my main pc11:17
xdpiratebut only windows on it11:17
xdpirateand ubuntu doesn't support my wireless drivers so i can't download anything if i use wubi to install ubuntu11:18
xdpiratei could try copying over all the needed files though11:19
tuxbrainyes I think is the last variable we have not moved in the equation,11:19
tuxbrainthe pc11:19
xdpiratethink it'd work with a live cd and a memory stick with all files on it?11:20
xdpiratebtw NAND_FORCEERACE is set to 1 in the cfg11:20
xiangfuxdpirate: from the log, probably the host usb issue.11:22
xdpiratehm ok, i'll create an ubuntu live usb stick11:22
xdpiratexiangfu, i won't have any interwebz connection when in ubuntu, so which files do i need to copy for usbboot/xburst-tools, and where should they be placed?11:34
xiangfu1. /etc/xburst-tools/usbboot.cfg 2. /usr/bin/usbboot 3, the whole folder of /usr/share/xburst-tools11:36
xiangfuthen the usbboot should work.11:36
xdpirateok, thanks mate!11:36
kyakguys! quick question about openwrt toolchain. i copied a directory from feeds/packages/utils/whateverpackage to feeds/packages/utils/whateverpackage1. Why it didn't appear right away in make menuconfig? I tryed modifying the Makefile to change the package name also, but it still hasn't appear. What am I missing?11:44
urandom_kyak you have to edit feeds.conf12:36
kyakurandom_: there are sources of packages there.. what should i edit?12:41
kyaki'm trying to port an application and want to use existing as a base12:44
urandom_have you seen tuxbrains how to?12:44
kyaki think i haven't12:45
urandom_http://www.tuxbrain.com/en/content/my-first-port-ben-nanonote-gnuchess-howto this might help12:45
kyakthis is exactly what i need, thanksQ! :)12:46
kyakmake package/symlinks is the magic i was looking for12:49
kyakfeeds.conf stuff is interesting but irrelevant :)12:49
seigenjust got the Ben!13:36
seigenwhat's a good place to start?13:36
urandom_seigen what about http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ben_NanoNote_New_User_Guide ?13:38
seigenjust the thing!  thanks much13:39
seigeni was probably still about half an hour from finding that...not exactly front & center on the site.13:39
urandom_yeah i takes some time to get used to the wiki structure13:42
rafatuxbrain: did you test kernel and jlime rootfs?13:54
sdschulzeemdete: ping14:00
sdschulzehm, now he's away14:02
sdschulzetuxbrain: bug report for http://www.tuxbrain.com/en/content/%E6%9C%AC-ben-nanonote-editingcompilingflashing-arduino-sketch14:16
sdschulzefile names for uboot do not match14:16
sdschulzeSomething else: how do I see the battery charging status?14:23
emdetesdschulze: re14:25
sdschulzeemdete: OK, I just wanted to know what you based your Debian image on.14:41
sdschulzeon pyneo.org14:41
sdschulzeAnyone got any idea how the openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-uImage.bin image was created and how it's different from openwrt-xburst-uImage.bin?15:39
tuxbrainxiangfu is your man15:39
sdschulzeIs he on IRC?15:40
tuxbrainnot now15:40
sdschulzeIt's so nice that people contribute, but if they don't publicly document it, it's kinda useless.15:41
qwebirc5334tuxbrain -- i see you're doing arduino integration?15:42
sdschulzeWhat I'm basically after is sound on a Debian system.15:42
tuxbrainopenwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-uImage.bin is a totally temporally file15:42
sdschulzeLoading the OpenWRT modules doesn't work.15:43
sdschulzetuxbrain: Nice, so where's the .config so we can fix it? ...15:43
sdschulzeWouldn't have been so hard to provide it along with the image.15:43
tuxbrainit was a quick and dirty compilation of a bunch of patches than xianfu was making, to include in the main realease later15:44
tuxbrainthe patches used on this will be included in the next release15:44
tuxbrainI think they also has been commited to the git15:44
sdschulzeYeah, but what patch makes it Debian-compatible?15:44
sdschulzeOr, in other words, why doesn't the original image boot on Debian?15:45
tuxbrainafaik the only thing that this uboot make it more debian friendly is it allows to show kernel log on boot is the kernel what different15:46
sdschulzeNo, uboot isn't modified.15:46
sdschulzeand I don't see any kernel log15:46
sdschulzeFor some reason, the OpenWRT image -- the one with the blue slash screen, you know -- doesn't boot Debian but remains on the nice splash screen.15:48
tuxbrainopenwrt kernel and debian rootfs are incopatible15:48
tuxbraincompiled with different options and gcc optimizations I think, I'm not such low level just talking about I have read here and there15:52
tuxbrainbut what is sure is you will not boot a debian rootfs with a Openwrt kernel and viceversa15:52
sdschulzeNo any modules exist from the openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-uImage.bin build?15:53
dptechWho can i install x11 in nanonote ?15:54
tuxbraindptech: with jlime it works out of the box, well the repo :)15:55
sdschulzeI just find it very annoying that people make hacks and upload the binaries to show people how nice it is, but nothing else.15:56
dptechtuxbrain: thank for your service, I receive very well my nanonotes. For jlime, can i use "opkg install jlime" ?15:57
tuxbrainsdshulze, as I said the changes done in the uboot you are talking about are on git already15:58
tuxbrainno that easy dptech15:58
tuxbrainbut not so hard, jlime is a full distro it self based on OE15:58
tuxbrainI boot it from a sdcard15:58
sdschulzetuxbrain: So if I build a kernel from the the git repo, it will be Debian-compatible?15:59
tuxbrainfor debian stuff please ask pyneo15:59
tuxbrainemdete and josh15:59
tuxbrainthey will sure give you info about the main kernel diferences16:00
sdschulzeI tried today...16:00
dptechtuxbrain: I must buy sdcard16:00
sdschulzeThe iso from mister-muffin.de works better, BTW, though trying to find out why would be reverse-engineering, too. :(16:02
tuxbraindptech: I think right now yes but sure when they make an oficial release will provide a rootfs to flash on nand16:03
dptechtuxbrain: I see website jlime http://jlime.com/mw4/index.php/Installation_nanonote and i'm waiting the good moment to go ...  And I must think if I go to debian !16:06
dptechtuxbrain: sorry for my english spoken!16:07
tuxbraindptech: sorry mine first ;)16:08
dptechtuxbrain: thank you for your help, good bye! I see for jlime16:12
emdetesdschulze: sorry,, grabed some food. i used a rootfs blindly prepared by josch and fixed the problems. josch is the guy that is our (pyneos) debian guru.16:13
tuxbrainemdete sdschulze is looking also for the diference in openwrt kernel an debian16:14
sdschulze"blindly prepared"?16:14
joschsdschulze: i just made a mipsel debootstrap16:14
sdschulzeOK so far16:15
sdschulzeThat's the pyneo.org image then?16:15
sdschulzeAnd the fixed one is the mister-muffin.de one?16:16
joschsdschulze: the mistre-muffin.de (my server) one is the clean mipsel debootstrap without mods16:16
tuxbrainand indeed the one that works best :P16:17
sdschulzeBut what about the kernel now?16:18
sdschulzejosch: And what about the image you can download from pyneo.org?16:21
joschsdschulze: pyneo.org is emdete 's webserver so he can explain that :)16:22
sdschulzeStill -- where did you get the kernel from?16:23
sdschulzeemdete: ?16:34
joschsdschulze: iirc emdete built the kernel himself with two or three needed flags changed to make it work for debian16:42
sdschulzeYeah, would be really nice if he could upload a .config.16:43
joschi think there is one... wait a sec16:43
emdetesdschulze: kernel difference is inotify & partitioning16:44
emdeteinotify should be on now in openwrt too16:44
sdschulzewhy partitioning?16:45
emdetealso fpu emu was off in openwrt (done in user space) which has to switched on for std debian mips16:45
emdetepartitioning was changed due to startup time. the whole space for rootfs takes 8sec to be verifyed by the fs so they decided to reduce rootfs sice to 512 MB or so16:45
sdschulzeSo the .bin image is actually multiple partitions?16:47
emdetesdschulze: there is no partition table in nand. all systems reading that space have to agree on their partitioning16:48
emdetefor u-boot, kernel, rootfs and more if wante16:48
emdetethe borders are compiled in16:48
emdeteu-boot just needs the border of the kernel,16:48
emdetethe kernel will need rootfs & more16:48
emdeteopenwrt decided to have rootfs + data in nand16:49
xdpirate|craptopso i've finally gotten around to create a live cd to do the reflashing, but after copying the xburst tools i get the message that i'm missing libconfuse.so.0, but i can't apt-get it cos ubuntu doesn't support my wireless drivers16:49
emdetei didn't like it cause i wanted full  debian rootfs in nand16:49
emdetei dont care about the 8sec16:49
emdetebut as i see you boot frm sd anyway so don't bother, any kernel will do with the correct root= param16:50
sdschulzeAh, so you must tell the kernel the size and position of the root fs?16:50
emdetesdschulze: at compile time, yes16:50
emdeteits fixed in the kernel bin16:50
sdschulzeErm, no, I don't boot from SD right now.16:50
emdetei just revoke the patch that openwrt did to reduce the size16:50
emdetealso i switched on inotify and fpuemu16:51
emdeteproblem is: this no longer works. i have no recent openwrt build system thaht builds my desired kernel16:51
sdschulzeI see.16:51
sdschulzeCan't you build from Debian?16:52
emdetei can give you my openwrt tree if you like but thats some gigs16:52
emdeteyou can, sure. i didn't. its not my business ;)16:52
emdetei want the fastest way to get pyneo on the machine and take the kernel from openwrt + modules to get startet.16:53
emdeteyou will need their config, their patches, ...16:53
emdetei hope josch will do so one day16:53
emdetealso i want to update the kernel out of the linux on nn16:53
sdschulzeYeah, but as you explained yourself, the OpenWRT kernel doesn't boot.16:54
emdeteso if you don't boot from sd you should change your nick too ;)16:54
sdschulzeand it isn't compatible to the modules16:54
emdetesdschulze: no i said: it doesn't build16:54
sdschulzeheh :)16:54
emdeteit is compatible16:54
sdschulze?!? I thought the partitioning was different.16:55
emdetei build all with openwrt. kernel + modules. i copy the modules to the rootfs & everything is fine16:55
emdeteokay: from beginning:16:55
emdetei managed to build a kernel with openwrt with the changes i mentioned above.16:55
emdetethat's the kernel you'l find on pyneo.org16:56
emdeteif you stress me hard i give you a tar ball to the tree were i did that with config changes and removed patch16:56
emdetebut the recent build tree of openwrt doesn't build anymore16:56
zearxdpirate|craptop, check if you have libconfuse in your system16:56
emdetei have no time to investigate16:56
zearif so, just make a symlink to libconfuse.so.016:57
emdetealso the kernel works just fine16:57
sdschulzeemdete: will be similar to the config I find in the git repo, right?16:57
sdschulzeI don't think I need a tarball.16:57
emdetesdschulze:  the build tree is above 3GB, btw16:57
sdschulzeHm, has Linux got that bloated... :)16:58
emdeteyes. its just plain openwrt, just only build kernel + modules. if your rootfs fits into 512mB your find16:58
emdetesdschulze: no. its a complete cross compile environment.16:58
emdetejust make sure to switch on fpuemu (check the ml if they didn't do already)16:59
emdetewithout no executable will start in debian16:59
sdschulzeno native build? :)16:59
emdeteand enable inotify to use dbus and the like16:59
sdschulzeOK, now where do I set the 512 MB?17:00
emdetesdschulze: my brain just cored17:00
emdetesdschulze: for the xburst arch will be a patch. you'll find it in the tree when installing openwrt's build system17:01
xdpirate|craptophi guys, why do i get "not enough arguments" error when trying to do "nprog 2048 openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-root.ubi 0 0 -n"? i've finally successfully flashed uboot and kernel, only rootfs left17:02
emdetesdschulze: the channel #openwrt will be quite helpuful for openwrt (build-)questions...17:02
sdschulzeHow's the patch called?17:02
emdetexdpirate|craptop: -c missing?17:02
emdetesdschulze: grep -r17:02
sdschulze(I've already checked out the tree.)17:03
xdpirate|craptoprunning directly from usbboot prompt  emdete17:03
emdete(or: i don't remember but found it that way ;) )17:03
sdschulzegrepping for what?17:03
emdetexdpirate|craptop: never did such advanced stuff ;) just tru without " ?17:03
emdetesdschulze: call me under my 0900 number i give you a hint ;)17:04
xdpirate|craptop"not enough argument."17:05
emdetesdschulze: to be earnest: i don't remember. sad to say but my focus is different. when the kernel worked for me i tried to keep up with the changes in openwrt but gave up. maybe check the ml17:05
emdetexdpirate|craptop: why don't you use the command line?17:06
xdpirate|craptopi am using the command line?17:06
xdpirate|craptopusbboot :> nprog 2048 rootfs-filename.ubi 0 0 -n17:06
emdeteyou are using the prompt ;)17:06
sdschulzeSo the patch contains the fixed 512 MB?!17:06
xdpirate|craptopyeah i know emdete, i'm not totally dense :P17:07
emdetesdschulze: hte patch contains the change from 2GB rootfs to 512MB rootfs17:07
emdetexdpirate|craptop: i can't know that ;) okay: i only use the command line & that works fine. i wrote a long HOWTO that explains what to do. why don't you follow that?17:08
xdpirate|craptopnvm i think the file name was just to long17:11
xdpirate|craptoprenamed it to just 'rootfs.ubi' and it seems to be working :)17:11
joschoups sry17:11
joschwrong window :P17:11
sdschulzeemdete: files-2.6.32/arch/mips/jz4740/board-qi_lb60.c17:12
sdschulzethough it's not a patch :)17:12
emdetether was a patch changing exact that file...17:13
sdschulzeSo you don't recommend native compiling?17:16
zearxdpirate|craptop, if the name had a space or another special character, it treated the rest of the filename as a parameter17:17
sdschulzeemdete: Thanks a lot so far -- I fear I won't find any time until the end of next week, but I'll give you feedback when there's news.17:23
xdpirate|craptopalright so i'm about to kill something here >.<18:22
xdpirate|craptopi can successfully flash u-boot and kernel18:22
xdpirate|craptopbut when i try to flash the rootfs, it stops after a bit, saying "can't read bulk data from Ingenic device:-110" then "can't retrieve XBurst CPU information: -19"18:23
coati've been getting can't retrieve XBurst CPU information: -110 although one time the status was -1918:25
coatdid you recently purchase your nn?18:25
xdpirate|craptopyes i got it today coat18:25
coati got mine two days ago, and it worked for a few hours and stopped.  i can't past loading stage2 though18:26
zeara faulty batch? Though, i wouldn't panic yet18:30
coathope not18:30
zearcoat, so you haven't sorted your problems out yet.. :?18:30
zear* :/18:30
coatoh zear, thanks for helping troubleshoot the other day18:30
xdpirate|craptopi'm trying various combinations of usb-cables and usb ports now, hopefully i get it flashed18:30
zearno prob, it didn't help much anyway18:30
xdpirate|craptopit's come farther now than the previous ties18:31
xdpirate|craptopif it successfully flashes the rootfs now18:31
xdpirate|craptopi'm never flashing it again18:31
coati've been talking with wolfspraul and i think the plan is to ship a new unit and send my current one back.  might be a low level USB problem18:31
xdpirate|craptopyou can't even boot it from usbboot?18:32
tuxbrainxdpirate|craptop: I also same the same first time I get stuck18:32
xdpirate|craptopouch coat, that sucks =/18:32
xdpirate|craptoptuxbrain: hehe :P18:32
xdpirate|craptopdoes the newest software image have the fixed sdl libs?18:33
xdpirate|craptopi remember wejp included the fixed ones in his gmu download, when i downloaded that some time ago18:33
xdpirate|craptopoh btw zear18:34
xdpirate|craptopis the nanonotes ip when connected via usb static?18:34
xdpirate|craptopfor telnet access18:34
zearit should be, yes18:34
zearand it's ssh access this time ;)18:34
xdpirate|craptopcos on the dingoo the ip is always
zearxdpirate|craptop, http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB18:36
xdpirate|craptopthanks bro18:36
xdpirate|craptopi installed ubuntu alongside win7 btw18:37
xdpirate|craptopeasier if i'm gonna flash it again :P18:37
Ornotermesthe PCB scematics confuses me :S18:37
xdpirate|craptopthere aren't any other steps after flashing the three partitions, no? it's basically ready for use then?18:38
Ornotermeswich board is actualy used in ben?18:38
xdpirate|craptopholy mothertits, it works18:40
zearxdpirate|craptop, :D18:40
xdpirate|craptophow do i change sections in gmenu2x?18:40
zearq p18:40
zearyou can blame me for the key mappings ;)18:41
coatxdpirate|craptop: you need to share your mojo with my nn18:41
xdpirate|craptophehehe :P18:41
xdpirate|craptopwell i didn't have any problems booting18:41
zearand leaving the jz4740 oveclocking code from the dingux version18:41
xdpirate|craptopit was just the flashing of the rootfs that kept failing18:41
zearso the lcd timings go crazy and the screen blinks18:41
xdpirate|craptopzear: yeah i noticed the screen, will it be better if i clock it up to 336 mhz?18:42
xdpirate|craptopgmenu2x clock is set at 200 mhz18:42
zearxdpirate|craptop, no idea, but every time gmenu2x is launched is runs the jz4740 overclock code to set the clock18:42
zeareven for 336MHz18:42
xdpirate|craptopum how do i quit gmu? x]18:44
zearxdpirate|craptop, you need to add a new entry/edit an existing one and disable the wrapper18:46
zearor you can just switch the console with ctrl+alt+F*18:46
xdpirate|craptophmkay, thanks18:46
zearbed time, cya everyone18:49
gbraadzear see ya18:49
xdpiratethanks for all the help today btw guys19:01
xdpiratefinally got it working (:19:01
tuxbraincoooooongrats man :)19:03
xdpiratehehe thanks :op19:03
tuxbrainand it happens suddenly isn't it?19:03
tuxbrainafter n^2 trys, on n²+1... somthing is different, don't move, don't touch anything don't breath...... it's flashing!!!!19:05
xdpiratewell i tried another usb cable and another usb root port on my pc19:11
xdpiratethen finally it worked :)19:11
Action: Textmode huggles xdpirate :D19:11
Action: xdpirate is huggled D:19:11
tuxbrainsave that cable as gold and hire a pair of security agents for that plug, at least don't forguet what is the plug and mark somewhat that cable.... flesh is weak... you will end flashing again :) again congrats19:14
xdpiratehehe :P19:15
Ornotermesis lb60 a specific revision of the AVT2 board? or am i completely lost?19:18
larscavt2 is lb60 with minor upgrades19:21
Ornotermesi have only managed to find scematics and complete layout for avt219:23
Ornotermeslarsc: is the complete pcb layout and scematics for ben published?19:30
larscschematics yes, pcb don't know19:34
Ornotermesi have managed to dig up the scematics for lb60 as pdf19:36
larscyes, thats all i know about as well.19:37
Ornotermeswho would know more?19:38
larscor write a mail to the mailinglist19:42
Ornotermesi try the mailing list19:47
xdpirateanyone know of any apps/games that work well under dosbox on the nanonote?19:54
xdpirateanyone knows where the text string that used to say "Press enter to activate this console" is located? It changed to "starting the graphical environment", but i disabled gmenu2x so it annoys me that it says the same :)20:30
emebfollowed instructions here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image21:22
emebto build the toolchain & images. Worked fine, but apparently didn't build SDL.21:22
emebNow when I try to compile stuff from http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/dingoo.cgi it fails.21:23
emebbecause no SDL. What do I need to do to add SDL to my build environment?21:23
xdpirateadd the sdl libs to /include/SDL21:24
xdpiratefrom the dingux toolchain21:24
xdpiratebtw, how do i turn down the sound? the volume buttons doesn't seem to do anything21:25
emebwhat app are you using that ignores the vol buttons?21:26
xdpirateit's a dingoo game21:27
emebah - they work OK in the music player app so it must be app-specific.21:27
xdpirateouch, no sound daemon or anything that turns down global sound?21:27
emebALSA appears to be installed, but AFAIK there' nothing else monitoring the volume buttons.21:28
xdpiratehow do i turn it down with alsa then? =p21:28
xdpiratethe game doesn't change the levels, it just uses the volume it's at21:29
emebfrom the console run alsamixer21:29
xdpiratethanks mate! :)21:29
emebnp - best if you run it from a term on a PC host via usb/ethernet.21:29
emebalsamixer is a character graphics app and may not look right on the NN screen.21:30
xdpirateit does actually21:30
xdpirateit looks very nice21:30
emebcool - need to try it...21:30
xdpiratebut even though i set sound to 0, it's still on max when entering the game =/21:30
xdpiratecould it have something to do with the fact that the game uses sdl_mixer?21:31
emebI would have thought that alsamixer settings overrided tho21:31
xdpiratei'll have a looksie in the source, the volume is brutally loud21:31
xdpirateyeah i thought so too21:31
emebah- looks just fine. Must query the console dimensions.21:32
emebthis is just so cool - a teensy little linux machine the size of a deck of cards.21:33
xdpirateyeah :D21:33
emebWhat it needs is a native toolchain so I can run gcc on it...21:33
emebnone of this worthless cross-compiling.21:33
mthit's fun to be able to compile on the road, but cross compiling is much more practical if you want to compile many packages21:34
emebyeah, I know.21:35
emebnative is nice for little jobs.21:35
xdpirateemeb, the debian distro for the ben has a working mipsel-gcc compiler21:35
emebxdpirate: cool - will need to investigate.21:36
emebHow's the deb distro on performance?21:36
xdpiratei have no idea21:36
xdpiratehaven't tested it yet21:36
xdpiratejust got my nn today :)21:36
emebgot mine yesterday.21:37
mthI'm just a bit sensitive about this since many builds are broken in ways that only show up during cross compilation and some people would build in qemu rather than fix the builds21:37
emebcross is good for finding configuration issues.21:37
emebxdpirate: so for SDL, just grab the dingoo uclibc toolchain and pull out the SDL libs/includes?21:44
Textmodemth: could you expound on that for me? given that I'm embarking on modifying a sourcetree to improve its portability to portables it could be very helpful21:44
xdpirateemeb, yup21:44
xdpirateemeb, you can actually use the dingux toolchain to compile for the ben aswell21:45
xdpiratethat's what i'm doing21:45
emebaha - might be even cleaner.21:45
emebthan messing up the openwrt setup21:45
mthTextmode: in my opinion, the simplest way of making a cross compile friendly build is by treating a native compile as a cross compile, where the host and target just happen to be the same arch21:46
Textmodemakes sense.21:46
mthtoo many builds treat cross compiles as an exception and then you end up with two different implementations of the same build steps, where the cross implementation might be broken because it isn't tested as often as the native implementation21:48
mthbut even if you test both frequently, having two implementations is already more of a burden to maintain21:49
mthwhat is also important to be explicit about what depends on the host and what depends on the target21:49
mthand to be friendly for packages (both native and cross), make a distinction between installation location and runtime location21:50
mthfor example, support DESTDIR21:50
mthwe still have a bug there in openMSX, so I'm learning from my own mistakes ;)21:51
mthinstallation location is something like /home/mth/openMSX/derived/dingoo/install/share/openMSX, runtime location is something like /usr/local/share/openMSX21:52
mththere are things like fakeroot to work around proper support for this, but with a good build system such workarounds are not needed21:53
TextmodeI'll have to test how compliant the current build system is in that regard, I do know its autotools based.21:54
Textmodebut it seems a bit cobbled together in places21:54
Textmode(just incase autotools wasn't enough of a beast)21:55
mthI'm not a fan of autotools, but there aren't many alternatives either21:55
mthjust avoid libtool if you can21:56
Textmodeno...not to mention that changing build tools is rarely fun.21:56
mthbecause it's next to impossible to debug libtools problems21:56
Textmodetheres a libtoolize call in there, but I'm not sure if it actually does anything for anything actually in the project. I'll have to look at that too.21:57
mththe thing about libtool is that something goes in and something comes out and if you're unhappy with what comes out, you have two options:21:57
mth1, try to read through 10,000 lines of shell script to figure out why that output is generated21:58
mth2. apply trial and error to the input in the hope of getting the right output21:58
mthin theory it's open, but in practice it's just a black box21:59
Textmode#2 is basically voodoo coding :/22:00
Textmodebut yeah, hopefully I won't have to mess with that, I'm not even sure it actually does anything in this project.22:02
emebOK - finally got something from dingoo to compile & run. Had to copy a bunch of libs over too...22:19
arctanxoh wow, it's here, it's here!22:23
Textmodereminds me, I need SDL mixer for nanonote...22:26
xdpiratewe should have a discussion forum tbh23:07
Textmodewe don't?23:08
xdpirateTextmode, nope, only a mailing list23:28
xdpirateWhat does the Qi-button actually do?23:44
Textmodewondering that myself.23:49
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