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LunaVoraxHello everyone !06:00
zearhey there06:01
LunaVoraxIs booting Debian from sdcard a bit tricky for the Nanonote ?06:01
arctanxLunaVorax: Have you seen this? http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Debian#Install_Debian_to_SD_Card06:11
LunaVoraxindeed arctanx, I even tried06:12
LunaVoraxBut the nanonote don't want to read the /boot/uImage apparently06:12
killiAnyone here sucsessfully bought a bnn to norway from website shop?07:18
killias in bought, and got it shipped home. Just wondering the timeframe07:19
wolfspraulwow this is good: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_SMT/DIP_Process_Flow07:48
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer: you there?07:48
xdpirateMy new development blog domain - http://www.qqmore.info/10:54
xdpirateAnyone have any more feature requests for dex before I release it? Check my two latest blog posts for details - http://www.qqmore.info/15:35
Action: DocScrutinizer now here somewhat, but wolfspraul isn't :-S15:57
tuxbrainhi there! slashdoted community :P16:45
qi-commitsBas Wijnen: working fat system on sd card http://qi-hw.com/p/iris/896803017:04
xdpirate(PC/NanoNote) Yet another dex update - http://www.qqmore.info/?p=2018:59
xdpirategot 386 pokeymanz now19:03
xdpiratedunno if i'll bother adding gen 4 (diamond/pearl) just yet19:03
tuxbrainheheh funny app a pokeymanz dict in nanonote , awesome dude!19:04
xdpiratestill haven't gotten my nanonote yet though19:05
xdpiratei'm hoping it'll show up tomorrow or tuesday19:05
tuxbrainthen twice awesome!19:05
xdpirateit got from tuxbrain to oslo very quick, but it's been in customs since the 3rd of june :p19:05
tuxbrainI'm sorry for that but is very few I can do with that...19:06
xdpirateHehe, not your fault :P19:06
xdpirateWe also had a transport strike here so19:06
xdpirateBut strike is over and everything should be back to normal as of tomorrow and tuesday (:19:07
tuxbrainbad times to webshopping on Norway :P19:08
xdpirateyeah rofl19:08
Ornotermesi have read a bit about nanopad, but i haven't ordered one yet. i'm trying to pursway a swedish company to import and sell them (if they do i will probably have to wait a month or two) :S19:53
Ornotermesnanonote* by bad :(19:56
Ornotermesmy even19:56
kristianpaulnp :)19:56
Ornotermesby the way, does anyone know who uploaded the pic of nanonote next to a can of cola?19:58
kristianpauli dont know20:00
larscOrnotermes: kristoffer20:01
tuxbrainKristopher from Jlime project20:01
Ornotermeslarsc: maintainer of jlime?20:02
Ornotermesoh, thanks :)20:05
freespacehas anyone had success using the i2c port of the nanonote to communicate with a sensor or some such?20:08
kristianpauli wonder wich pins are i2c wired20:11
freespaceme too :)20:12
freespaceit's there on the wiki and in theblock diagrams20:12
freespacebut haven't had time to dig further20:12
larscyou use any two free gpio pins by using the gpio-i2c driver20:14
kristianpaullarsc: TP4/TP5 you meant?20:14
larscany two you want20:16
Ornotermesfound this on wiki: #  23 Keyboard in 6 (i2c?)20:16
Ornotermes# 24 Keyboard in 7 (i2c?)20:16
kristianpaullarsc: there are more besides TP4/TP5?20:17
larsckristianpaul: hm, not sure20:17
kristianpaulguess avt2 differs a bit from nanonote board20:17
larscOrnotermes: those are the pins which can be connected to the i2c controller of the jz4740. but since they are used for the keyboard they are not available20:18
freespacelooking at http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Hardware-Ben#GPIO_pins there are a few gpios free20:18
kristianpaul#  18 TP23 (free)20:19
kristianpaul#  30 TP25 (free)20:19
kristianpaul#  15 TP 38 (free)20:19
freespacenod, those ones20:20
freespacethere is also 2 (unused)20:20
freespacewhich i assume are also free20:20
Ornotermeswell, too bad the hardware i2c is used for keyboard20:22
kristianpaulnow i'm digging why tp4/tp520:22
freespacenod, but if there is a driver to bitbang the gpios for me... i don't mind too much :)20:23
kristianpaulthere is20:23
kristianpaulis like the mmc one20:23
kristianpauli guess20:23
kristianpaulor uboot take care of it as uart?20:23
larsci think tp4/5 are not connected to gpios20:25
kristianpaulis uart isnt?20:26
kristianpauli know right now is used as uart but i wasnt sure how it was implemented}20:27
kristianpaulfreespace: you can use sd interface as i2c btw20:27
larsckristianpaul: yes it's uart. but not a generic input/output pin.20:28
kristianpaulyes sorry  i was confused20:28
Ornotermeslarsc: is it not possible to change cpu regisers to configure the cpu to use it as gpio instead of uart?20:32
larscOrnotermes: no20:32
larscnot for tp4/tp520:32
larscthose are either jtag or uart20:32
kristianpaullarsc: the TP i pointed and that labeled like free in wiki could be used like i2c?20:34
kristianpaulTP: 23, 25 and  3820:34
kristianpaul23 and 38 are near to 5 and 6 (aurt)20:35
kristianpaulbut seems smaller20:36
kristianpauli dont how will go soldering on there20:36
larsci guess best chances are with tp35 and tp3620:38
RISCi_ATOMDoes anyone know of any good MIPS emulators?QEMU, VirtualMIPS, etc...20:42
kristianpaullarsc: where are those located phisically?20:44
larsckristianpaul: between RAM and SoC20:49
larscwell, at least the same physical connection goes there20:50
larscit's part of U1120:50
kristianpaulfoudn it next to C2720:51
kristianpaulOrnotermes: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/I2C/es20:55
Ornotermeskristianpaul: i took a peek at that, but since i2c-pins is used and i don't have a bnn to poke atound in i didnt read it all20:59
Ornotermeswhere there anything you wondered over about that?21:02
mthRISCi_ATOM: http://code.google.com/p/jz-hacking/wiki/qemujz21:04
RISCi_ATOMThanks mth I'll check it out.21:09
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