#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-06-04

qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: update debian/changelog http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/007cdb003:09
wolfspraulto xdpirate (who is offline unfortunately) thanks for the report about 403 for /irclogs/latest.log.html03:19
wolfspraulfixed now, apache settings were a bit too tight I allowed FollowSymLinks now...03:20
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [xburst] cleanup 500-modifier-keys.patch http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/0a1873110:03
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [xbboot] cleanup for jz4760, split stage1.c to board-jz4740.c http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/5b682c210:33
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: add *~ to gitignore http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/abec43210:33
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [xbboot] add jz4760.h file http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/13fd16510:33
sanderrQi-hardware and the BNN are linked on slashdot, in http://linux.slashdot.org/story/10/06/04/142259/New-Handheld-Computer-Is-100-Open-Source11:03
nielsleI have moderator points. Let's all go and troll :)11:11
sanderrLol. :p11:12
GNfHi, where can I order one of these mini-computers?11:22
GNfI'm literally staring at my credit card now11:23
xdpirateGNf, where are you located?11:23
GNfUSA, I found the Buy button11:23
xdpirateNp :P11:24
GNfWhere can I find Daniel Clark?11:24
slaeshjag1Hmm... I sense slashdot effect on websites?11:27
GNfYou did sir11:27
GNfIt just nailed our IRC room11:27
GNfFew more questions sir, 1. any clue what size the battery is?  2. Will there be an upgraded version?11:29
GNfLet me rephrase, 2. Will there be an updated version any time soon?11:30
xdpirate1. The battery is a standard Nokia-battery11:31
xdpirate2. They're planning the Ya NanoNote, which'll be an upgraded version, it's not going to happen in the immediate future though11:31
GNfCool cool11:32
GNfI see 850mAh, how many hours does the battery last, can it charge/run from AC outlet/DC carlet?11:32
xdpirateslaeshjag1, I think the slashdot effect has already been invoked, the sharism.cc and nanonote.cc sites are unreachable atm xD11:33
xdpirateGNf, 6-7 hours of normal use, and I think it can charge with a wallcharger, yes, though I'm still waiting for mine to arrive11:33
NecrosporusYa NanoNote?11:50
NecrosporusWith Bluetooth?11:50
stuckeywhere to buy?11:54
stuckeyfound it11:57
qwebirc67640hi all12:53
qwebirc67640conseguil someone install debian in nanonote?12:54
qwebirc95991Can anyone tell me where I would go to purchase a Qi - Ben NanoNote?12:54
qwebirc67640I bought here - http://sharism.cc12:56
qwebirc67640#qi-hardware [sergio-Brasil]12:56
kevin009hello, i have an idea to put speakup on the nanonote to make it talk for blind people13:51
kevin009any thoughts?13:51
BliceHi, is it possible to install my own kernel or even distro on this device without the development board?14:00
Bliceer- the NanoNote, I'm referring to14:01
urandom_Blice it is14:04
Bliceurandom_: amazing. Do you know if there's a huge backorder on these? Like is it going to take months to get a device?14:07
urandom_i got mine from pulster.de in under an week, it depends where you are14:09
zearBlice, you ask if you can install a custom distro on the nanonote?14:14
zearsure you can14:14
zearthat's the whole point of open hardware/software devices :)14:14
urandom_and it has hardware usb mode so it is unbrickable!14:16
zearusb boot mode :) Not to confuse with usb host which it lacks ;)14:21
urandom_speaking of the ben, someone interested in making some proper port of supertux?14:24
zearurandom_, could recompile it one day14:31
zearonce i sort out uni stuff14:31
urandom_zear shouldnt be that much work the dingoo version already works but crashes on saving14:34
urandom_would be really nice if you would do that, thanks14:35
zearhmm.. it probably looks for a wrong path for save file14:35
urandom_well it loads save files without problems14:35
Blicedo you think it would be hard to put a better LCD in the NanoNote?14:43
zearBlice, you'd have to write a new lcd driver, that's for sure14:44
BliceI guess the connector would probably be different too.14:44
urandom_the display in the NanoNote is good, i heared better than the one in the dingoo a 320 for example14:45
BliceI just can't get over the resolution- 320x240..14:45
urandom_you get used to it14:45
xdpiratewhat's kicking yo17:21
plutonashello, just saw some pictures of the ben nanonote, and read the specs, i'm really interested, does anyone of you guys own one and if yes for what purpose?17:48
urandom_plutonas i own one17:50
plutonasurandom_: and what do you do with it typically?17:50
max_posedonI have one, for fun and for note things. Planning also run media player.17:50
plutonasmax_posedon: when you say for fan what do you mean?17:51
max_posedontype or read smth when I go to work by bus. Nanonote makes this 30mins usefull.17:51
max_posedonI mean I like play with such small devices.17:51
urandom_oh i use it for hacking mainly and playing games and music17:51
plutonaswow hacking on such a device17:52
plutonasand what are people mostly discussing in this channel?17:54
urandom_buying nanonotes, installing debian, installing toolchain, you can view the irc archiv17:55
plutonasalright, thanks17:55
xdpiratesharism was slashdotted today :P18:05
xdpiratewas down for like half an hour18:05
zeari was wondering.. how is the wikireader developement going?18:17
larscfor the nanonote18:21
zearnot the openmoko device ;)18:21
larsci guess it's pretty now staled now that veggyraupe left the project18:22
zearso what would be needed to write such a program? A html rendering engine? Or it reads the database in some other format?18:24
larsci think the database is in the zim format18:24
zearhmm.. why not use lynx/links as a wiki reader? Just hack it to read the zim format18:35
kyakwhat's wrong with vido?18:36
zearnot developed anymore18:36
zearnot really usable in the current state18:36
kyakbut it's working?18:37
kyakmm, i see18:37
zearso far was only able to launch a german part of wiki about films18:37
zearand it was really buggy18:37
urandom_what kind of software is this using thewikireader.com ?18:40
xdpiratei'm guessing proprietary, self-developed, closed-source software :P18:40
zearurandom_, it's doesn't even have a real OS inside18:41
kyaknot really, it uses this http://github.com/wikireader18:41
kyak(according to wikipedia)18:41
urandom_so we could find out how they do it18:42
xdpiratespecs here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WikiReader18:42
kyakif it compiles for openwrt, the problem is solved :)18:43
urandom_oh it can run programs written in forth18:44
xdpiratego for it kyak :P18:44
kyaknot untill i get a NN :)18:44
zeari guess we'd have to hack the gui for this reader anyway18:45
zearas it is touscreen-only18:45
xdpirategreader2x for dingux with plain text versions of the wiki-articles x]18:45
zearxdpirate, the whole point of the wiki are links in the articles18:47
xdpirateyeah i know :)18:47
xdpiratei was joking ;)18:47
urandom_well we could hack support for links in it ^^18:47
zearand links can render on the framebuffer18:48
zeari guess that means it can run in the graphic mode on the framebuffer18:48
zearso different font sizes, just what wiki needs18:48
zearthough i think having a reader in sdl would be the best solution18:49
zearwould be really portable18:49
urandom_well just write an reader zear! :P18:51
zeari know, i know ;)18:51
urandom_oh and some random thought: couldnt stardict be used as a wiki reader?18:53
Brian2898anyone have a nanonote here18:55
urandom_yeah me18:55
zearnope, just like half of this channel :D18:55
xdpiratemine is still freakin customs18:57
xdpirate04 Jun 2010 11:18:28 Oslo Customs Clearance In Progress.18:57
xdpiratepractically the whole country is on strike18:58
xdpiratei'm guessing the transport strike is what is holding it up18:58
Brian2898Can you actually run a GUI on Nanonote?18:59
zearxdpirate, well, isn't customs unrelated with transport companies?18:59
zearand is rather like goverment thing?18:59
zearBrian2898, of course18:59
Brian2898and which gui18:59
xdpirateyeah but if no one picks it up from customs, it won't be registered out of customs until they actually get the package18:59
zearxdpirate, good point19:00
xdpirateso it'll probably stay there a couple of more days19:00
xdpiratei'm predicting i'll recieve it on monday or tuesday19:00
urandom_xdpirate you have to count like one day in for finding out how to flash it before you can use it19:01
zearor he can bug us here instead :P19:02
xdpiraterofl urandom_19:03
xdpiratei can play around with the openwrt that's on it before i reflash it =)19:03
xdpirateand I'm quite awesome at following instructions, and googling aswell19:04
kyaki bet those guys at customs are playing with it already :)19:05
xdpiratei'll rape their faces19:05
xdpirateit's mine =(19:05
kyakyour precious!19:05
xdpiratedunno if you guys are interested but19:08
xdpiratei made a red/blue pokedex app for the nanonote19:08
xdpirateout of boredom :)19:08
kyakwhat's pokedex?19:10
xdpiratepokemon information from the two first pokemon games for gbx19:11
xdpiratepokedex - pokemon index basically19:11
zearhaha, that sounds sweet19:11
zearnow i just need to repaint my nanonote in red :P19:12
zearbtw xdpirate, just to inform you, this channel is being logged and google has access to them19:12
xdpiratewant a binary to test zear? cos i don't have my nanonote yet, testing on the actual hardware is kinda hard19:12
xdpiratecool story bro19:12
zearunless you have nothing against the whole world knowing you're into pokeymans ;)19:12
xdpiratei love pokemon19:13
zearyes i want a binary :D19:13
xdpirateand i admit it freely19:13
xdpirateI'm Lars, I'm 20 years old, I have a fiancé, a son, and I FREAKING LOVE POKEYMANS19:13
zearbut.. but.. DOES NOT COMPUTE19:14
xdpiratezear: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7046011/redblue.bnn19:15
xdpiratei put .bnn on the end cos dropbox doesn't like files without an extension, and dropbox servers sends bogus mimetypes19:16
zearxdpirate, i hope the pkmn index ends on gold/silver/crystal? As i don't accept the newer versions19:16
larscxdpirate: hi lars :)19:16
xdpiratezear, only first 151 are included as of now, i'll make a more comprehensive one when i get my nn19:16
xdpiratelarsc, sup, i'm lars-christian, which makes me you19:17
urandom_wow you included them per hand? you really love it19:17
xdpiratei always pondered if you were named the same as me when I saw you chatting in #dingoonity19:17
larscxdpirate: actually i'm lars-peter19:18
xdpirateurandom_, http://www.upokecenter.com/dex/?version=red&view=export19:19
zearxdpirate, oh, it's a console program :)19:19
xdpiratei'm not a crazy dude19:19
zearwas hoping for something graphical19:19
zearbut it's fine the way it is19:19
zearand yep, it works on the nanonote19:19
xdpiratezear, yeah i'm thinking of making a sdl gui ontop of it and release for both NN and Dingux19:19
xdpiratebut for the time being it'll stay commandline :P19:19
xdpirateurandom_, I didn't type them out by hand, dya think I'm crazy? =P19:19
urandom_well could have been19:20
zearhmm.. it lacks missingno.19:22
xdpirateawesome that it works on nanonote zear, kinda expected it to tho, it's standard c with nothing but stdio, stdlib and string.h :p19:22
xdpiratecos missingno. is a glitch! :P19:22
zearbut missingno. is the whole point of pokemon games19:27
zearand since they made a reference to the "empty truck in the ss anna" bug in the later versions of the game, i guess this legitimizes missingno. as well19:28
xdpiraterofl zear :P missingo doesn't have a number, doesn't have a pokedex entry, and isn't a real pokemon, so i won't include it >:(19:31
zearxdpirate, you want to learn a true story about missingno?19:32
xdpiratein b4 me saying 'tl;dr' but ok?19:34
xdpirate"MissingNO is a programming quirk, and not a real part of the game. When you get this, your game can perform strangely, and the graphics will often become scrambled. The MissingNO Pokémon is most often found after you perform the Flight Safari Zone Pokémon trick [or Viridian Old Man trick]. To fix the scrambled graphics, try releasing the MissingNo Pokémon."19:35
xdpiratethat's a direct statement from nintendo :P19:35
xdpiratethis channel is now about pokemon19:36
Action: xdpirate sets topic: "POKEYMANS"19:36
zearxdpirate, that's not a true story :P19:36
zearit's only the official one19:36
xdpirateSo what's your "true story" zear? =P 'ONCE I SAW A MISSINGNO IRL'19:37
zearever wondered why missingno. evolves into a kanghaskan?19:37
zearwell, noticed how cubone and baby kanghaskan share the same sprites, just with little changes?19:37
zearguess what, missingno. is the "missing link" between cubone and kanghashan. They probably planned to have an evolution of cubone into kanghashan, just changed it on the last moment, leaving an "empty" pokemon in the game19:39
zearwhich is why the missingno. glitch occures19:39
zearand i base my theory on absolutely nothing but a silly rumor :)19:39
xdpirateno, the missingno. glitch occurs because there's no pokemon data available for cities, and the shore in cinnabar is considered a city, so the players name is used instead (which is stored in the registers where pokemon data is usually stored after the old man battles the weedle) :D19:40
xdpirateit tries to create pokeymanz from the bits in the players name, and when that fails, it pulls up a non-existing pokeymawn19:41
xdpiratebut nice theory :P19:41
xdpirateread it in countless troll threads on /b/ tho19:41
xdpirateback before the newfag invasion of '0619:42
xdpiratezear, btw read this : http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Missingno.#Why_Missingno._appears19:42
xdpirateand i'll go have a smoke19:42
urandom_oh man pokemon it was th only reason i bought a gameboy color19:50
urandom_how can i upload something fo the wiki?19:51
larscurandom_: hehe, same here.19:52
Brian2898why did you by nanonote xdpirate19:53
xdpirateBrian2898, to have a portable linux box I can program stuff for, and to write code-snippets on the go with vim ;)19:54
urandom_i am going to write a small how to on how to make gmu play mp3 but where do i upload the codecs to?19:55
urandom_doesnt sound nice19:56
xdpirateit is19:56
xdpirateit's the best of all file hosts, no wait time, no bullshit, you just get your file immediately19:56
urandom_yeah it might but not nicest solution for an how to19:57
xdpirateif you want to direct-link your files19:59
xdpiratetry dropbox19:59
xdpirateafter you installed it, put files in the Public folder, and right-click files > dropbox > copy public link to copy the link to the clipboard19:59
urandom_nah dont want  install it now20:00
urandom_you can upload it for me?20:01
xdpiratena can't right now20:02
xdpiratejust use mediafire man :P20:02
urandom_ah fuck that, just will tell to download the dingoo version and extract it the files needes, someone else can change it20:04
urandom_done. pls check someone and test if possible http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ben_NanoNote_New_User_Guide#Making_GMU_play_MP3-files20:43
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