#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2010-06-03

xdpirateblargh my nanonote is still in customs14:06
zearxdpirate, well, they've been keeping mine for over a week :)14:07
xdpiratewat, you ordered another one?14:07
zearnah, the time i ordered it14:07
zearbut i had to fill up some papers, hence why14:07
zearand it was from china14:08
xdpiratemines from spain :P it's said "Customs Clearance In Progress." since 11 am this morning :P14:08
zearnah, tnt probably14:08
xdpirateye tnt14:10
xdpiratebut we've got a transport strike in progress in norway right now14:10
xdpirateso at the tnt site they're saying that packages may take another 24 hours to arrive14:10
xdpirateyo, someone needs to change permissions for http://en.qi-hardware.com/irclogs/latest.log.html , i get a 403 forbidden error when trying to access it :)15:59
xdpirate"Customs Clearance In Progress."17:17
xdpiratefreaking customs =(17:17
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