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xiangfu_ben_centhello. I use the centerIM04:48
xiangfu_ben_centcompile by Jirka :-)04:48
xiangfuxiangfu_ben_cent: hi04:50
xiangfuxiangfu_ben_cent: test04:58
kyakthere's a good trend of making 99 $ devices :)04:58
xdpirateis there an irc client in busybox or any irc clients compiled for the nanonote?06:34
kyakthere is an irssi for openwrt06:35
kyakand, judging on what xiangfu was just doing, centerim is also working on NN (centerim supports IRC protocol, too)06:36
kyaki also see weechat and bitchx in openwrt repos06:38
kyakso you've got plenty of choice06:38
wejpweechat works pretty well on the NN06:48
wejpespecially when using a smaller console font06:48
xdpiratethanks for the responses :)07:07
xdpiratealso, where can i get a wifi sdio card for the nn? :D07:15
zearthere's only one microSDIO wifi model that has drivers for linux07:15
zearand i think it's not being sold anymore07:15
zearbut check the wiki for the detailed model name07:15
zear(qi-hardware wiki)07:16
wejpthe wlan micro sd card is still being sold, e.g. here http://pulster.de/d__msdwlan__NanoNote_WLAN_Karte_microSD_von_Spectec1233.htm07:18
wejpbt it is really expensive07:18
zearwejp, wow, they even advertize it as a card for the nanonote :D07:27
zearto bad it's the same price as the nanonote itself :P07:28
wejpyeah :/07:28
wejpif it was in the range of 50 euros, i would even consider buying one :|07:29
tuxbrainand even is a eol product If it was those range I consider to comercilize, but simply is not the case07:52
kyakxdpirate: Spectec has offered me this card for 70 USD08:11
xdpiratekyak, sorry, I had to leave so didn't see your messages untill now17:36
xdpirate$70 is too much for a wifi card17:36
xdpirateway too much, i'd rather wait and see if the next nn model gets integrated wifi17:36
xdpiratetuxbrain, can you send me the tracking number via email? :)17:59
xdpiratetuxbrain, thanks, but the tracking site isn't available =/18:03
xdpiratedo you have the package#? probably XX1234567ES, or something like that18:06
tuxbraintry now, the package is the end of the url without the .118:07
xdpirateSweet, worked on track-trace.com, thanks mate :)18:08
xdpirateAnd thank you very much for shipping so quickly18:09
xdpirateYou're THA MAN18:09
tuxbrainjust the doing my best to copyleft hardware supporters :)18:13
xdpirateanyway, it's time for dragon age18:15
urandom_yeah playing supertux on the ben18:24
urandom_should be includet in the next image oh and sdl-mixer18:26
tuxbrain+1 to this!!! have you put some tutorial on how to do so?18:29
urandom_it was easy: i found out there is a ipkg for sdl-mixer and then just used the dingoo port of supertux18:31
tuxbrainwhere is that ipkg?18:34
urandom_does this need a tutorial? maybe i could write it on the software demos page18:34
tuxbrainthat should be great18:34
tuxbraindamn it, why so cool thing to do when a lot of boring stuff needs to be done18:35
urandom_sound doesnt work i think, so someone needs a proper sdl-mixer port i think, but i dont want to play it with sound anyway18:36
tuxbraintime to some sleep, just to wake up and do more booooring stuff, hope next week will be more happy hacking , I need some burocratic rest.18:40
urandom_meh supertux gives me a segmentation fault when saving, someone cares to do a proper port of it? shouldnt be much work19:25
mirkois carlos in irc sometimes?19:26
urandom_what nick ist carlos using?19:28
mirkodon't know :)19:53
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