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kristofferwolfspraul, Couldnt there be an meter of som sort on the webpage stating number of bens sold?05:12
jluistuxbrain: have you seen http://blogs.fsfe.org/fellowship-interviews/david-reyes-samblas-martinez/06:05
wolfspraulkristoffer: bens sold :-)06:38
wolfspraulI think it's roughly 700 now06:38
wolfspraulnot so easy to make a meter, there are also distributor with stock06:39
rafaxiangfu: yeah, I cloned it07:52
xiangfurafa: here is how to compile uboot in openwrt : http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Bootloader#Compile08:43
xdpirateHiya! I'm thinking of getting a NanoNote, anyone available to answer a couple of questions? :)09:27
zearme :)09:29
xdpiratelook it's zear09:30
xdpiratenvm then09:30
xdpiratefirst off09:31
xdpiratedo programs compiled for dingux run without recompiling them for the ben?09:31
zearmost of them09:31
xdpiratesince it's basically the same platform09:31
zearsome of the emulators don't09:31
xdpirateis sdl ported to it?09:31
zeardon't know what is the problem09:31
zearbut many dingux apps are statically linked09:32
zearso they use their own sdl libs09:32
xdpiratethis might sound odd, but are you able to use the toolchain for it on the device itself?09:32
xdpirate(code and compile on the go!)09:32
zeartheoretically yes09:33
zearbut i don't think somebody ported gcc for it09:33
xdpiratecos it would be sweet if i was somewhere w/o access to a computer, code little snippets and compile them :P09:33
zearbut the compilation time would be long09:34
xdpiratedoes it have good battery life? something a la the dingoo?09:34
zearit uses a standard nokia battery09:34
xdpiratehow many mAh is on the battery?09:34
zearso it depends on the battery09:35
xdpiratethe old fat ones or the newer flat ones?09:35
zearthe one that comes with it is 850mAh09:35
xdpirategot a few of those lying around from busted old phones09:35
tuxbrainopening a nanonote to answer the batteries09:35
zearthis one: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Compatible_batteries09:35
tuxbrainli-ion 850mAh09:36
xdpiratesweet, i guess 850 mAh is good enough for a terminal emulator :309:36
tuxbrainarround 6-7 hours of working time09:36
xdpirateeven if i can't compile on the device, i'd like to code on the go, is there a text-editor with syntax highlighting?09:37
tuxbrainregarding compilation, Debian distribution can compile just "apt-get install build-essential"09:37
kyakhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apOUKCa4YWg - liked the video.. there is debian on this NN, so i guess, gcc is ported automatically09:37
xdpiratethat sounds great09:38
xdpirateany disadvantages of using debian instead of openwrt?09:39
tuxbrainkyak:thanks :)09:39
tuxbraindebian is BIG09:39
kyaktuxbrain: that's your video, isn't it? :)09:39
tuxbrainOpenwrt is light09:39
xdpiratei see09:39
xdpiratei'd probably use debian if it can compile tho ;)09:40
tuxbrainkyak: yep :) proud true metal power of steel09:40
xdpirateon the wiki it says it's got "USB device", is this a usb host enabled port?09:40
tuxbrainxdpirate: when the next uboot release I'm thinking on a perfect solution of having debian on SD and openwrt on flash09:41
xdpirateconnecting a mini-mouse would be icing on the cake09:41
zearxdpirate, it's the same deal as the dingoo09:41
tuxbrainno usb host09:41
xdpiratetuxbrain, nice :D09:41
xdpirateaw, ok09:41
xdpiratewell, doesn't matter too much, I'm fine with just the keyboard09:41
xdpirateis overclocking the processor possible?09:42
xdpiratenvm, found out by googling09:44
xdpiratezear, are the keyboard buttons clicky like the a320s shoulder buttons? :p09:47
tuxbrainxdpirate: playing with clock is  posible but not recomended, example LCD at low rates start flikering, and higher rates can just burn something . doen't worth the risk for a hundred of Mhz09:47
zearhell no, they're a good quality09:47
xdpiratezear, awesome, and tuxbrain, i see, i won't be doing that then :P09:48
xdpiratewell it's settled then09:48
tuxbrainoverall quality of the device is really nice, sems more german than chinese :P09:48
xdpiratei'm getting one ^^09:48
zeartuxbrain, can you clock the cpu only, without lcd and so on?09:48
tuxbrainDon't know, lars is your man :P09:49
zearor maybe the flickerings are because gmenu2x uses jz4740 overclock code09:50
zearinstead of jz472009:50
zearbecause i just made a straight port from the dingoo, leaving the cpu code intact09:50
xdpiratedid ya'll buy the nn from sharism.cc?09:52
tuxbrainwhere ar you from?09:54
xdpirateme? norway09:54
zearxdpirate, hard to tell, i bought a dev model, long before sharims was selling them09:54
zearit came directly from china09:54
xdpirate$40 shipping :<09:55
tuxbrainyou can buy at tuxbrain.com09:55
xdpiratetuxbrain, how much is the shipping?09:56
tuxbrainlet me check09:56
tuxbrain14.12¬ (1-2 days)shipping + 85.34¬ = 99.46¬ not vat or customs feeds included10:04
tuxbrainNorway is not part of EU, so you will have to pay your local taxes on arrival10:05
xdpiratewait what, your product page says €99 for the unit? =P10:05
xdpirateelectronics are duty free10:05
tuxbrain99 with Vat included10:05
tuxbrainso then your are lucky10:05
xdpirate€99 + €14.12 = €113.12 ~= $138.1510:07
xdpirateon sharism.cc it's $136.41 x]10:07
tuxbrainnot, without Vat is  85.34¬10:07
xdpiratebut i'm paying vat?10:07
xdpirateto you10:07
tuxbrainyour are not from EU10:07
mstevenstuxbrain: how's nanonote sales going?10:08
tuxbrain:) slowering better and better but not to buy a ferrary yet _P10:09
xdpirateso, what are you actually charging for it? i'll handle duties and taxes here if applicable10:09
tuxbrain4.12¬ (1-2 days)shipping + 85.34¬ = 99.46¬10:10
xdpirateso that's the grand total, yeah?10:10
tuxbrainsorry 14.12¬ (1-2 days)shipping + 85.34¬ = 99.46¬10:10
xdpirateyeah, it's cheaper than sharism then :310:11
xdpiratei might buy one in the coming days10:11
xdpiratedo you provide a tracking number btw?10:11
tuxbrainremember me in the order comments and I will send it to you by mail10:12
mstevenstuxbrain: that photo on your site of many nanonotes is a bad influence, I keep wanting to buy enough to recreate it10:12
tuxbrainhehehe :) I can offer you a big order discount ;)10:14
xdpirateok tuxbrain, i normally don't trust these random internet shops without checking them out extensively first, but it seems like you know what you're talking about, and you're a proper reseller instead of a scammer ;)10:17
mstevensxdpirate: I bought a nanonote from tuxbrain and it turned up!10:18
xdpiraterofl, awesome10:19
mstevensI think his order status notification emails are a bit cryptic from what I remember, but otherwise no problems,.10:19
xdpiratelawl, as long as i get a tracking number i'm fine :310:20
zearxdpirate, i got from tuxbrain an unrelated item (wiz) and it came in the next day :)10:20
sanderrxdpirate: I bought one from tuxbrain too, and it showed up in 2 working days.10:20
tuxbrainxdpirate: glad giving you that impresion :)10:20
xdpiratealrighty so yeah, i'm ordering one right now10:21
sanderrWoohoo, another NN out in the wild. :)10:21
tuxbraincool :)  one more to the hacking party10:22
zearone less from your storehouse :D10:22
zeartuxbrain, are they selling well?10:23
mstevensI'm tempted to buy a lemote at the moment but I don't think I can quite afford it10:23
tuxbrainjust to not be dissapointed at first boot, the OS that comes by default is a little bit old, you should better reflash to the last image release10:23
xdpirateyeah i'll probably be smacking debian on it, first thing10:23
mstevensI should see about getting debian on mine10:24
zearxdpirate, dingux's scummvm works fine on it, add powder, doom and frotz and you have all you need :)10:24
mstevensor at least the most recent qi image10:24
xdpiratezear, sweet, i'll be playing BASS and monkey island10:24
zearsam&max randomly crashes during the game for some reason, but other games should work fine10:25
zearbut i haven't tried neither bass nor monkey island10:25
xdpiratei'm a Beneath a Steel Sky junkie10:27
xdpirateI have it on every single one of my devices10:27
tuxbrainooooh sam&max!!!!10:27
xdpirateI've got it on my smartphone, PC, DS, Dingoo A320 and my android tablet10:28
tuxbraingadget junkie!10:28
xdpiratei returned my android tablet today tho10:28
xdpiratewifi was busted10:28
zeari completed the whole sam&max on the dingoo, so no idea why it crashes on the nanonote10:29
zearmaybe out of ram problems?10:29
zear(nanonote has a little less free ram)10:29
mstevensHave you seen these stories about the chinese "iped"10:29
tuxbrainnop any link?10:29
mstevensit's a sort of ipad knockoff10:30
mstevensruns android10:30
xdpiratetuxbrain, I just ordered now12:08
xdpirateget your ass in gear and send it already12:08
tuxbrainxdpirate: I will ship it tomorrow, so at last you will should get it at the end of this week :)12:47
xdpiratetuxbrain, thanks mate :) glad to see a reseller who's actively involved with the community12:48
xdpirateMantener el buen trabajo!12:48
tuxbrainhehehe let me guess, google has help you on that translation :P12:52
xdpirateyup ;)12:52
xdpiratenext time you hear me saying something in spanish, it'd be from the spanish dictionary on my nanonote12:53
tuxbrainxdpirate: here, the engineer, the marketing, the costumers, the vamping resellers, users, soft developers , manufacturers and even the few trolls are part of the comunity :)12:54
xdpiratewow, qi hardware has trolls?12:55
xdpiratei just got an idea for a game12:55
tuxbraintrolls are every where.13:00
Action: tuxbrain sometimes like to trolling just for fun ... spanish culture carateristic I guess :P13:01
kyakxdpirate: i guess you lucky bastard will be getting your NN faster than me -\ My parcel is in GUANGZHOU right now, I hope it will be coming to Russia within a week or maybe two13:22
xdpiratekyak, aw, too bad, you should've ordered from tuxbrain :P13:25
kyaki'm not sure it would've been faster :) also, i ordered an SDW-823 Wi-Fi card from sharism to ship it together with NN13:28
kyaktuxbrain: out of interest. could you please check the shipment cost to Russia?13:30
tuxbrainkyak, not shipping to russia :( sorry, the courirer agency I usually use there only ships if destination is a company, and customs there allways with problems, so finally we agree with sharims they will ship directly there until some local distributor wants to sell nanonotes there :)13:39
kyaki see.. yeah, customs and problems have become synonyms lately13:42
tuxbrainvegyraupe: hi!14:20
tuxbrainthe FSFE interview has finally being released :) http://blogs.fsfe.org/fellowship-interviews/?p=10914:21
vegyraupetuxbrain: yay! great!14:22
vegyraupetuxbrain: congrats14:22
tuxbraina warm geek proud , is invades myself each time I see the my pic in the FSFE blog :P14:23
tuxbrainand the proud also becomes enourmous ego when thanks to the intervies some guys at CERN contacts me to talk about open hardware licencese... yay! the f&"ng CERN!14:25
tuxbrainvegyraupe: you have gained a special strong spinebreaker bear hug when I see you again14:27
vegyraupetuxbrain: hehe :)14:27
vegyraupetuxbrain: I'll make sure to remind you ;)14:27
jlmoko_tuxbrain,  I notified you on this same chanell this morning noon f14:28
jlmoko_from work <jluis> tuxbrain: have you seen http://blogs.fsfe.org/fellowship-interviews/david-reyes-samblas-martinez/14:29
tuxbrainyeah jlmoko_, I see it sorry for not to reply :)14:40
jlmoko_I suspectected you where on the arduino hackaton14:41
tuxbrainand I'm still on it :) all week translating14:42
jlmokoI've twitted on ot from indenti.ca ;P14:47
_ant_Just curious: is it possible to upgrade RAM to 64MB just by replacing the chip and tweaking the kernel? (or there are missing address lines on PCB?)17:42
larschm, whats the nanonote device class in one word?18:33
zearlarsc, you mean something like a netbook?18:37
_ant_larsc: PDA? )18:37
zearit's a handheld pc18:38
_ant_zear: it is 2 words)18:38
zeardamn, "nanobook" name is already taken ;)18:39
zearmaybe call it a "micro pc"? I dunno :P18:39
zear*i'm pretty sure we have a unique class here18:39
zearso far only the nanonote and zipit share a similar size/design18:40
zearlarsc, i don't know what do you need the definition for, but if it's a wiki you can write "Ben NanoNote is a small clamshell device we like to call a "micro pc" " or something among these lines18:43
zearlarsc, there's the "Ultra-Mobile PC" class, but it was a term coined by Microsoft and it's for devices running Windows18:45
_ant_zear: hmm, I didn't heard about Zipit before. It is interesting thing for this price, but Nanonote with built-in wifi should totally beat it.18:48
zear_ant_, yeah, zipit is like half the price of the nanonote, and it has a wifi, but it has no official linux port (just community driven) and it available only in USA18:50
larschm... ok. patches for sending upstream almost done18:54
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