#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2010-05-30

qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [sdcv] fix compile errors. thanks to jirka. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/df66aa300:02
xakhokay, this make went fine, after I unchecked everything.00:06
urandom_so what are you up to now?00:07
xakhwhat do I do to make the symlinks?00:09
urandom_just run make package/symlinks00:09
xakhis this going to take forever?00:13
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: new package [sc], thanks to jirka http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/933f0cd00:17
xakh okay00:29
xakhmeant ok00:29
xakhbut I was one letter off00:29
urandom_so you have leafpad now in menuconfig?00:31
urandom_does make package/leafpad/compile V=99 now say something different?00:34
xakhdidn't seem to00:50
xakhbut I think I found an error in my makefile.00:51
xakhgoing to redo it and see00:51
xakhgot the same error compiling leafpad00:54
Action: xakh sighs02:06
xakhcloser I get, the further it moves02:06
xakhnight all.02:06
xakhis there a midnight commander port for the nanonote?04:51
xakhwejp: can I have the ipk?05:14
wejpxakh, actually it should even be installed by default. at least it was in the previous firmware images, not sure about the latest one05:17
xakhlemme check05:17
xakhnever bothered, figured it wasn't there05:18
xakhholy crap!05:18
xakhthanks man!05:18
wejpyou're welcome :)05:18
xakhI still don't know all the shortcuts05:19
xakhwhile I'm gone, could you point me to a shortcut list?05:19
wejphm, i don't know a shortcut list, maybe there is something on the wiki05:19
xakhI'll look it up05:25
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [gnuchess] add new package gnuchess, thanks to David Samblas http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/1e46c5a06:08
xiangfublack_Nightmare: hi06:39
black_Nightmarewas just looking for some other inspiration in hardware design online and came across the qi wiki .. seem interesting that I thought I would try the irc channel as well :)06:40
black_Nightmareso hmm yeah here I am heh06:41
Action: black_Nightmare thinks I like the milkymist one06:42
xiangfublack_Nightmare: then Qi projects is the right place :-)06:43
black_Nightmarexiangfu so is opencores, wacom graphic card, etc ;)06:45
black_Nightmareanyway if you don't mind .. what you doing?06:47
zearso people are actually interested in thing on the qi-wiki beyond the nanonote project. Good to hear :)06:48
black_Nightmarezear lol ... you want know why I bothered looking? ;)06:49
xiangfublack_Nightmare: I am software engineer. develop NanoNote. most of low level code. :-)06:49
zearsure, why not :D06:49
black_Nightmarezear its because I'm tired of small laptops/notebooks that says they are laptops/notebooks when there's obviously almost no way to even hook up anything except perhaps a larger monitor or a mouse to put it short06:50
black_NightmareI just call them all 'overpriced digital notepads' as thats what they seem to be... the milkymist on the other hand actually has plenty of useable ports .. and if it was me I could reuse serial for an internal modem card if I was needing to :)06:50
black_NightmareI know its not supposed to be a desktop os hardware but still06:51
zearyeah, nanonote doesn't even try to call itself a full feature laptop06:52
black_Nightmarexiangfu heh nice .. is it assembly or something else?06:52
xiangfublack_Nightmare: c code. like u-boot.06:53
black_Nightmareah ok06:53
black_Nightmarezear you're right about that ... the truth is that if I'm going to buy any kind of 10-14" laptop I want to actually be able to use it to get emails or watch a photo slideshow from the camera stick etc. something that the supposed cheap notebooks still can't do yet06:54
zearwith the exception of lack of the net connection, nanonote should be able to do both of that tasks06:55
black_Nightmarexiangfu I sometimes wonder why some softwares sometimes have funny names .. like eg u-boot .. almost sounds like "you boot it"06:55
zearas for reading/replying to mails, it might be handy if you connect it to the pc once a day to upload/download the mails06:56
zeargood for people who have some sort of business and send a lot of emails in larger batches06:56
black_Nightmarebtw is there a page for nanonote somewhere?06:57
zearmain wiki, "platforms" section06:58
zearas for pictures slideshow, the two disadvantages i forsee are: long load time of huge pictures (2000+px), small resolution of the nanonote's screen (320x240)06:59
zearthough we haven't tried to port/write any picture viewer yet, so nothing's sure06:59
black_Nightmareactually..its 420x320 to 1200x1024 photos :)06:59
black_Nightmarehmm looking at it I think I'll take the milkymist one instead07:01
zearthe device has 336MHz mips cpu and 32MB ram07:01
zeardunno how that translates to pictures load time07:01
black_Nightmarezear .. try compare it to a powerpc 603e at 100mhz ;)07:02
black_Nightmarehmm that makes me wonder..07:03
black_Nightmarewhat do you two really think of x86 at all?07:03
zeari'm not a right person to ask, as i'm not a hardware specialist, but from what i was told/seen for so many years, x86 is outdated, eats too much power and emmits too much heat07:04
black_Nightmarehehehehehehehe....jeeze.... nice to see someone is so right up with me07:05
black_Nightmare95W cpu just because I freaking want to be able to look at what you still try to call the "web" ... its just so wrong :p07:06
zearand x86 devices cannot be miniaturized as they need space for fans and other cooling stuff07:06
black_Nightmarezear yeah I never liked the Atom from the immedate start and still don't .. I mean ... its being stuckup-ly bundled with a hungry 945 chipset07:06
black_Nightmareeven the newer ones that dropped the 945 finally...still aren't anywhere close to non-atom embedded cpus yet07:07
zeari never had to deal with an atom device, but it's x86 compatible and it pretty much killed the linux position on the netbooks market07:07
zearbecause x86 - you can run windows, so everyone will install that on it07:07
black_Nightmarewho would bother put a 4W cpu with a 12W chipset for crying out loud07:07
zearand the device prices go up as vista/win7 costs a lot and they bind it with the device, you usually can't buy a system-free version07:08
black_Nightmarezear .. didn't NT4 actually run on several platforms for a short time back then?07:08
zearyeah, but the apps are still binary uncompatible07:08
zearthat's the main reason windows sticks to x86 and x86 still dominating on the market07:09
black_Nightmareespecially NT4/ppc (and the fact various faqs always had to keep pointing out it would never boot on macs)07:09
black_Nightmarezear .. opengl isn't uncompactible .. java isn't ... html4 is pretty much flatly neutral .. etc ... there's no point in trying to stick to windows when its as easy to go platofmr neutral07:10
zearof course that's not a problem in linux world, as you can recompile all the apps for your processor type07:10
black_Nightmarebut blah07:10
zearand in windows you don't have source code of the programs ;)07:10
zearyeah, but people are used to windows07:10
zearand they also want games07:10
black_Nightmarewhere opengl doesn't run on there's a chance there's already another port (mesagl, etc) that would07:10
zearand windows binded them with directX 1007:10
black_Nightmarezear...several major publishers actually have opengl support (ironically some of them are the same one that have published their own mac/unix ports natively)07:11
black_Nightmarefigured if you ask me07:11
black_NightmareUT was one of these for some time before07:11
zearyeah, ID Tech, for example07:11
zearid software, i mean :)07:12
zearid tech is just their engine07:12
zearut3 still isn't out for linux07:12
black_Nightmarezear and there's also these companies that work with others to port their game for them ... like eg Macsoft (not sure if that company is even aroun danymore)07:12
zearthere is a closed beta though07:12
black_NightmareMacsoft did Civilization II for starters07:12
zearcivilization II for linux?07:13
zearor you mean mac?07:13
black_Nightmaremac yeah :)07:13
zearbut mac as in macos, or the earlier mac systems?07:13
black_NightmareI think thats why they named it after MACintosh SOFTware ;)07:13
black_Nightmarezear..as in macos07:13
zeari don't fully understand why so many games have macos (posix) version, but they never realeased them for linux07:14
zearwhile it shouldn't be that hard to do so once you get it running on mac07:14
black_Nightmarehere's a scan of the boxart just for a little humor ;) http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41Q00RAhb7L._SL500_AA300_.jpg07:17
Action: black_Nightmare has everything except the box itself07:18
zearwell, i prefer freeciv over civilization series :)07:18
black_NightmareI just prefer games that can run without needing heavy emulating07:25
black_Nightmareto our own ;)07:25
black_Nightmarexiangfu mind talking about software coding or not now?07:32
qwebirc52863hello do it french user in this chat ?09:12
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [uboot-xburst] when boot from sd card load kernel from ext2 parition. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/ff43eec10:19
DingooDigitalUSAAny one need Kingston SDHC Class 6 Flash Cards I have 4 each of the following 8GB 16GB 32GB11:31
DingooDigitalUSAAsking $40.00 USD for 32GB  $30.00 USD for 16GB and $20.00 USD for 8GB11:31
kristianpauli need wifi :)11:37
kristianpaulor SlowFi ;)11:37
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: Fix typo. http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/c8b42c412:15
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: dma sg http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/4d4598dc12:15
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: Fix typo. http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/a62fe9512:37
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [imgv] new package: imgv, thanks to Fernando http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/998018513:13
rafatuxbrain: hey man, thanks. Now we can continue with jlime port ;)14:06
tracbacI don't speak much English - is there a French-speaking channel on this theme?17:18
rafatracbac: I do not know. But perhaps if you can write english mails you can get lot of info you need.17:22
zeartracbac, i don't know any, but with enough luck you can find a french speaking person here17:25
zearalso, we don't mind poorly speaking people here17:25
zearif you only can construct understandable sentences (you can even help yourself with dictionaries), it should be fine :)17:25
zeargoogle translate produces quite good translations nowadays, you can use that17:26
tuxbrainzear:I dissagree on the google (or any automatic) translation qualification of quite good... maximum "barely understandable" :P17:28
zeartuxbrain, enough for a conversation17:28
zeari remember a french person using google translate on #dingoonity17:28
zearand he was quite understandable17:28
Action: tuxbrain is just trolling a little bit :)17:29
tracbaczear: ok, i will try to make understandable sentences18:10
tracbacso... I have a nanonote and I woud like to add an ethernet interface18:12
tracbacare this thing easy ?18:13
tracbacor, just possible18:13
tracbacthere is anough space in the nanonote to add this interface ?18:14
tracbac(are my sentences understandable :D ?)18:15
wejpproblem is, it is difficult or even impossible to connect something like that18:15
wejpit is not even a matter of space, but of connectivity18:15
tracbacah ok18:16
tracbacand if I change de matherbord ?18:16
zeartracbac, your sentences are fine :)18:18
wejpyou can have a look at the mainboard yourself, schematics and everything are available somewhere on the wiki. but as far as i know there are not enough free gpio connections, i could be wrong though, didn't have the time to do much hardware hacking on the nanonote yet18:18
xakhbtw, if anyone didn't know18:19
xakhthis thing has midnight commander18:19
xakhfound that out last night thanks to wejp18:20
tracbacor just try to solder an aditive connectivity ?18:20
xakhit seems random18:20
urandom__i use mc like every day on my ben :P18:20
urandom__just had to type "mc" to find out :P18:21
tracbacbut, how "did you" (I no, this is a wrong sentence) to connect the nanonote to internet ?18:22
tracbacall the usb modem's are incompatible whith linux18:23
tracbacand internet with usb is not very clean...18:24
dptechhello, can i have a nanonote with azerty keyboard ?18:26
tracbacdptech, if you are a frensh speaker I recomended you the BÉPO disposition join #bepo (in french)18:28
dptechmany thanks, i'm going to buy and it 's fun!18:29
tracbaceh ! dptech BÉPO are just a disposal of keys like azerty18:30
tracbacbut in #bepo you will not find a nanonot with azerty disposal18:31
dptechI see web site at same time... I understand!18:32
dptechSo it's not probleme to use qwerty!18:33
dptechtracbac: Are you a developer  ?18:35
tracbacdptech: no but i would like :D18:35
dptechtracbac: You live in Republic of Mauritius ? You can speak french ?18:41
tracbacdptech: No I am living in morocco and I speek french18:42
dptechC'est bien sur! J'essayais de comprendre l'interet d'un nanonote à travers le monde!18:43
tracbacon essaille de deffendre le libre partout (sorry for every buddy)18:43
dptechton surnom Napoleon est bien francais, arf18:43
tracbacn'apeche je suis marocain ^^18:43
dptechpareil pour moi, je suis un linuxien convaincu18:44
dptechNe t'inquietes pas j'ai compris!18:44
tracbac(je fais beaucoup de fôte d'orthogaffe qui me vallent d'incessante remarques ^^)18:44
tracbactu pense que l'on devrais continue la dicution en privé ?18:45
dptechJe ne t'ai rien dit au sujet des fotes dortografe   ;-)18:45
tracbac(j'ai ouvert un MP ;-)18:46
xakhDingooDigitalUSA: Does the Dingoo have a drawing program?21:04
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