#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2010-05-29

qwebirc58386what is the current state of wiki reader programs?08:22
wolfspraulqwebirc58386: I don't think very usable at all08:32
qwebirc58386any projects in progress?08:32
wolfspraulbut I haven't tried in a while08:32
wolfspraulhe, yes. all over the place. :-)08:32
wolfspraulbut if you are asking about openzim in particular, or fast openzim viewers, or actual openzim files, I think it's all slow08:32
wolfspraulI think most work right now is still in the lower levels, reflashing, u-boot, kernel, openwrt rootfs, debian & jlime, porting console apps, working on gui toolkits (quite a lot of work around qt4 for example)08:34
wolfspraulI assume you just want to _use_ offline wikis, now :-)08:34
wolfspraulso then the answer is: doesn't work08:34
wolfspraulif you want to help hacking, wow, yes, many places you can start08:34
wolfspraulthe openzim team doesn't look very active to me, for example08:36
kristianpaulqwebirc58386: i use this in my computer https://launchpad.net/wikipediadumpreader08:38
kristianpaulwikipedia dumps are small compareted to get zim files in order to read08:38
wolfspraulkristianpaul: are you using this on a NanoNote?08:39
kristianpaulwolfspraul: dint try it yet cause rquire X08:40
wolfspraulI like this concept, reuse the existing dumps that are already produced for all wikis today08:42
wolfspraulno need to always reinvent the wheel with yet another dump format08:42
wolfspraulone of the many reasons why the openzim project seems stuck08:42
kristianpaulactully the sofware make an index of the dump so is easy to read after that08:42
wolfspraulsure I can imagine, the key design idea first is to accept the data in the format that is most widely available today08:42
wolfsprauland they got that right :-)08:43
wolfspraulthen build on top of that08:43
kristianpaulalso they uses comond gnu tools like grep08:43
wolfspraulI am wondering whether we can get this to work on the NanoNote08:43
wolfspraulour screen estate is super valuable, so it has to be content only08:43
wolfspraulnothing wasted for widgets and stuff08:43
wolfspraultext only would be fine as a first step, if it would only work, and would be fast08:43
kristianpauli'll write to de debel asking for command line version just to wonder what respond08:44
wolfspraulqwebirc58386: so there you go, I wasn't aware of this project and it's not fit for NN today, but still maybe that's another more promising angle08:44
wolfspraulyes definitely08:44
kristianpaul this reder uses grep zcat and other gnu tools :)08:57
wolfspraulkristianpaul: let's get something like that to the NanoNote08:58
wolfspraulthen we don't have to wait forever for the elusive openzim solution08:58
wolfspraulkristianpaul: k I'm out, thanks for the link to this interesting project. too many things going on...09:19
kristianpaulwolfspraul: bye09:22
zhangyikristianpaul: hi, have you checked our spanish flier?09:32
zhangyikristianpaul: how do you like it? Am I do it right with the text?09:33
kristianpaulzhangyi: hey09:40
kristianpaulzhangyi: i reply the mail 10 seconds ago ;)09:40
kristianpaulzhangyi: i like09:40
kristianpauli see there small error and the in contact box09:40
zhangyikristianpaul: aha, yes, just got the mail :)09:41
zhangyikristianpaul: thanks! i will fix the error09:42
zhangyikristianpaul: i plan to send it to printing shop on Monday. hopefully, it comes out good09:43
kristianpaulzhangyi: cool09:45
kristianpaulbtw  i liked:  DIY? Do it togheter09:46
zhangyikristianpaul: you mean the sticker?09:50
kristianpaulzhangyi: yes09:51
zhangyikristianpaul: oh, good. we haven't settled on stickers yet09:52
zhangyikristianpaul: thanks for the feedback09:53
rafalarsc: for http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/qi-kernel/ , which target you use to build uImage file.. openwrt and others  use make uImage, but no in this case.10:18
rafayou use to build the uImage file?*10:19
rafamkimage with some args perhaps?..10:22
larscrafa: https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/trunk/target/linux/xburst/image/Makefile#L2710:30
rafalarsc: ahh.. great. Thanks a lot10:31
rafaargh.. no luck :( .. I have not able to boot a useful kernel yet with kernel messages on console12:15
rafaI have tested openwrt kernel, http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/qi-kernel/ and jlime kernel.. And I have used 3 toolchains as well.12:15
rafaI can see the logo on console, so something is happening when booting.. but without useful messages it is not easy to debug12:16
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: PWM: Fix pwm disble. http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/2faa20a13:07
rafatuxbrain: you there?15:39
tuxbrainrafa: hello?16:40
xakhtuxbrain: ping18:37
xakhevery time I try to compile and stuff it says18:39
xakhERROR: please fix target/linux/mx2/Makefile18:39
xakhit runs the command, then says it again after it finishes18:39
larscignore it18:39
xakhlarsc, wanna help me cross compile somethin?18:41
larscxakh: depends18:43
xakhgimme a seco18:43
xakhI have the makefile necessary to make it into a package18:44
xakhI just need to know what the command is to make the file run18:44
xakhsince I compiled the base system already18:44
larscwhat file?18:45
larscyour package makefile?18:45
larscmake package/name_here/compile V=9918:45
xakhto compile it for xburst?18:45
larscfor whatever target you selected18:46
xakhdo I have to do it inside something?18:47
urandom_i dont think you have to do it inside something, from console i think18:50
xakhdo I use the tar.gz or the makefile for making18:51
urandom_i am learning how to cross compile myself18:51
xakhwhat're you going to compile, if you don't mind my asking?18:51
urandom_the makefile i think18:52
urandom_oh there ist a lot i would like to try18:52
xakhxakh@WarMachine:~/openwrt/package/leafpad$ make package/leafpad/Makefile/compile V=9918:53
xakhMakefile:8: /rules.mk: No such file or directory18:53
xakhMakefile:22: /package.mk: No such file or directory18:53
xakhmake: *** No rule to make target `/package.mk'.  Stop.18:53
larscjust `package/leafpad/compile V=99`18:54
larscand from the openwrt base dir18:54
xakhshould I move leafpad inside my main openwrt directory (openwrt-sburst) or keep it out of that directory, and just in my openwrt folder?18:58
larsckeep it where it is18:58
larsc`cd  ~/openwrt; make package/leafpad/compile V=99`18:59
urandom_oh "make -r world: build failed. " meh :(19:01
xakhI'mma go to the bathroom19:01
urandom_it was compiling bison, isnt there a already compiled toolchain?19:02
xakhcompiling bison?19:05
urandom_while compiling the toolchain with make19:06
xakhwell, I compiled my system but it gave that error19:07
urandom_what error?19:09
xakhERROR: please fix target/linux/mx2/Makefile19:11
urandom_oh this compiling toolchain thing can take a while... ah und xakh i get the same error so dont worry20:15
xakhurandom_: Ping21:25
xakhor is it21:26
xakhurandom_: ping21:26
xakhor does it not matter21:26
xakhthere ya are.21:27
xakhI got side tracked there.21:27
xakhso you get the same error I did?21:27
xakhdid it still work for you?21:27
urandom_i have run out of disc space while compiling :/ but dont think you have to care about the error21:30
xakhwell nothing seems to be happening21:30
urandom_xakh what are you doing now? you have succesfully compiled your toolchain and now want to compile an app or what?21:33
xakhI compiled my toolchain a while ago21:33
xakhit took about an hour and gave that error21:34
xakhnow I'm trying to figure out how to make the actual package21:34
urandom_are you using the howto from tuxbrain?21:35
xakhI lost the link21:35
xakhand I get lost easily21:35
xakhhey, if you're out of space21:35
xakhmaybe I could help you out, if you teach me how to build this stuff21:36
xakhI'll compile any of the stuff you need21:36
xakhprovided it's doable21:36
xakh(so no flash or anything :P)21:36
urandom_well just ask me if you dont understand something but i think the howto is really good21:37
nebajothhowto to do what?21:38
nebajothsorry, I just got here21:38
nebajothI hate it when people do this21:38
nebajothbut I like howtos21:38
urandom_you have to do the Creating a Package with OpenWRT part now ;) xakh21:38
urandom_nebajoth http://www.tuxbrain.com/en/content/my-first-port-ben-nanonote-gnuchess-howto21:38
xakhwell, I have a makefile made21:38
nebajothah yes21:38
nebajothopenwrt package preparation21:38
xakhand I made a myfeed21:39
nebajothI definitely need to look at that21:39
xakhand I made a makefilw21:39
urandom_so you need to add it to feeds.conf21:39
xakhdid that21:40
xakhis it supposed to be called feeds.conf.default? that's what mine calls it21:40
urandom_ah thats the problem, no feeds.conf21:40
urandom_you should copy it, rename to feeds.conf and edit it21:41
xakhwell, I already made the necessary modifications in it21:41
urandom_good so just cp and rename21:42
xakhwhere do I put it?21:42
xakhit was just in the base folder of openwrt-xburst21:43
xakhdo I have to put it somewhere else?21:43
urandom_i dont think so, try it21:43
xakhokay, where's it supposed to show up? in the openwrt menu?21:43
urandom_in the menuconfig thing i think21:44
xakhnothing there21:45
xakhis there something wrong with my makefile maybe?21:46
urandom_well it should be there anyway i think21:47
urandom_what does make package/leafpad/compile V=99 say?21:47
xakhthat's what it looks like21:49
xakhthis is the makefile21:51
urandom_have you tryed compiling something other? so that we know you toolchain works and all21:53
xakhI dunno what else to compile21:55
urandom_gnuchess from the howto or some package that was ported to openwrt21:56
xakhI'm gonna need a good makefile to do that21:57
urandom_they come with a makefile21:59
xakhnot that makefile22:00
xakhhave you read the openwrt guide to packages?22:00
xakhthere's a separate makefile22:00
urandom_i was talking about the separate makefile22:01
urandom_units should be doable i think22:02
xakhwell, point me to something with a makefile22:03
xakhI meant point me to something to compile22:05
urandom_well it is? you have the makefile for units so you can compile it22:05
xakhI'm copying the file22:08
xakhand it still fails22:10
urandom_oh uhmm: someone else has an idea?22:11
urandom_you have selected xburst in make menuconfig?22:13
urandom_wiki says "when you run make menuconfig, select some useful looking unselected package and make it an 'M', and make sure you can compile/install it" so try this22:15
xakhso try to install an app from inside the menu, you mean?22:17
urandom_run menuconfig22:17
xakhso I hit M22:19
xakhhow do I make it....22:19
xakhlike, go?22:19
urandom_it has to have an <M> in the list and then just exit und save and type make22:22
xakhso I have to make again?22:23
urandom_it will rebuild everything and the package yeah :P22:24
xakhthat took forever last time22:24
xakhwill it take that long this time?22:24
urandom_it will, wait22:25
urandom_you could search for a package already includet and do the make package/gnuchess/compile V=99 stuff22:26
xakhI already started make22:26
urandom_i remember it tool only half an hour for you22:26
urandom_or wasnt that you?22:26
xakhit took a bit longer22:29
xakhbut it's done now22:29
xakhbut it still says "m" next to the package I added22:30
xakhis it supposed to change?22:30
urandom_dont think so22:30
xakhokay then.22:31
xakhso what now?22:31
urandom_so we know you can compile shit22:31
urandom_you could just edit the makefile of the app you just compiled to the leafpad one and try again22:33
xakhaugh have headache.22:34
urandom_yeah cross compiling sucks22:34
urandom_ah shit i know what we forgot22:42
urandom_have you done /scripts/feeds update and all?22:42
xakhdo I need to do it again?22:47
urandom_when you changed feeds.conf.default to feeds.conf have you done it again?22:48
xakhno I didn't22:48
urandom_so thats the problem22:48
xakhwhat's the command I need?22:49
urandom_./scripts/feeds update22:49
urandom_./scripts/feeds install -p mutroxports22:49
urandom_ mutroxports should be changed to you dir22:50
xakhwhich directory?22:52
xakhsorry, confused22:52
urandom_no problem, give me your path to your leafpad makefile and i will tell22:54
xakhit's /home/xakh/openwrt/package/leafpad22:54
urandom_so leafpad it is22:55
xakhso I say .scripts/feed install -p leafpad?22:55
xakhit did a buncha stuff22:56
xakhthen where do I look for it?22:56
urandom_now leafpad should be in menuconfig22:56
urandom_you might also need to do make package/symlinks but first look22:57
xakhI'm going to try remaking23:00
urandom_make package/symlinks23:00
xakhand I'm going to go get something to drink, help clear my head23:00
urandom_just do make package/symlinks first23:00
urandom_and look again23:01
urandom_and yeah drinking might help23:01
xakhI'm in the States23:01
xakhI can't get anything alcoholic. ._.23:01
xakhjust going to get a massive frozen drink and a hot dog or something.23:02
xakhactually, screw that, I23:03
xakhI'm gonna go get tacos.23:03
xakhsee you dudes later.23:03
urandom_ok, see you23:03
qi-commitsXiangfu Liu: [u-boot-xburst] update to version 201003 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/b0a1a3923:52
urandom_wb, it is already morning here so i will have to get some sleep soon23:53
urandom_xakh have you tryed make package/symlinks?23:53
xakhoh, it said make world failed23:57
xakhI hit space on all the main options in the menuconfig23:57
xakhso that might be why23:57
xakhI'm running it again with V=9923:57
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