#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-05-28

xakhwolfspraul: wow crap sorry guys00:13
xakhhere's mine00:14
xakhand there's his00:16
xakhsilver power button on his00:16
xakhthe blues are brighter on his, caps lock arrow is a different direction, silver separator between f keys and qwerty00:20
xakhjust thought it was interesting00:28
wolfspraulxakh: ok so which one do you think looks better?00:32
xakhI like mine. :)00:34
wolfspraulok good00:34
wolfspraulzear has a really early one, from one of our small runs00:34
xakhso mine's just newer.00:34
wolfspraullater we changed the power button to black, and the divider between F keys and other keys to black00:34
wolfsprauland we made the red print on the keys brighter I think00:35
wolfspraulI don't think we changed anything with the blue, but there were several changes on the keyboard so I'm not sure00:35
wolfspraulso bottom line, yes, yours is 'newer' from the mass production run00:36
xakhI'm still one of the original 500, right?00:38
wolfspraulyou mean first 500?00:39
wolfspraulprobably, don't know00:39
wolfspraulwe have sold around 700 by now, I think00:39
wolfspraulhave to remove that banner on the wiki, it gets annoying... :-)00:39
xakhI felt all warm and fuzzy being in such an elite club ;)00:40
wolfspraulwell it's a start00:40
wolfspraulof course we need to sell many more00:40
wolfspraulbut the most important right now is to sell to a crowd that really gets the idea, and supports us in the long run00:40
wolfspraulas you see on the list we still have a few people that buy it and it immediately starts collecting dust. which is sad but well it's another sale.00:41
wolfspraulxakh: if you have ideas how we can reach more people that can really enjoy the device where it is today, please spread the wor.d00:41
xakhactually I get tons of compliments on this thing00:41
xakhbiggest problem for adoption is a lack of a windows client, since that's what a lot of people I know use00:43
wolfspraulwhat should that client do?00:43
xakhbe able to reflash it00:43
xakhalso, an easier way to reflash00:43
xakhthough I really like the current system00:43
xakhit'd take quite a bit of explaining to a normal user00:43
xakhlike a switch would work well00:46
xakhoh, and of course wi-fi00:46
xakheven just b00:46
xakhI'm actually going to try to cross compile netsurf00:46
xakhwhich is a tiny browser00:47
xakhI should have all the kinks worked out in time for the Ya image.00:47
wolfspraulyes! :-) that's the right attitude00:47
xakhspeaking of.00:48
xakhI've been trying to compile leafpad.00:48
xakhI'm using this guide00:48
xakhit says I need a modified makefile00:53
xakhand that confuses me00:53
wolfspraulcan't help you, need to wait until David (tuxbrain) gets up00:54
xakhhow long will that be?00:55
wolfspraulwell who knows, I shouldn't speak too soon... But it's early in Spain...01:02
xakhso that's where he lives01:04
wolfspraulBarcelona, Spain, yes01:06
xakhI live in Huntington West Virginia, out in the stinkin' states.01:08
xakhkinda sucks01:08
xakhhoi zear02:13
zearhey there xakh02:13
xakhI found out our nanonotes are different02:13
xakhI thought it was interesting02:14
xakhand I like showing off my wallpaper02:14
zearit fits really good02:14
xakhso, you got any ideas on how to port this software?02:15
xakhhttp://www.tuxbrain.com/en/content/my-first-port-ben-nanonote-gnuchess-howto I'm following this guide02:16
Action: kyak is waiting for his NN to arrive to join the geek talking02:16
xakhin the meantime02:16
xakhbask in the glory of a shark and a gorilla high fiving02:17
wolfspraulmirko: I connected the Atheros SD25 I have to my NanoNote, and it did show up as an SDIO device02:17
wolfspraulof course now the actual Wi-Fi driver is missing and I got a flashback from all the Openmoko pain02:18
zearxakh, well, i didn't really master openwrt yet02:19
zearall my ports were done using dingux toolchain02:19
zearwhich isn't a proper way of doing it02:19
xakhby the way02:19
xakhif anyone wants my wallpaper02:19
xakhit's a little long02:20
xakhbut it only cuts out the "nice" part02:20
xakhby the way02:22
xakhone of your ports has a bunch of bugs, zear02:22
xakhyour port of powder02:22
zearall of them have :)02:22
zearwhat are the bugs in powder?02:22
xakhbut this one registers all non letter keys as B02:22
zearah, i know02:23
xakhfor key combos it works fine02:23
xakhbut I can't rename my guy02:23
zearred arrow + backspace for deleting the name02:23
xakhThanks man02:23
zearthere's also a random name creator if you click on one of the icons in the name changing dialog02:24
xakhyeah, it's also f302:24
xakhI'd named my dude Cage, best I could get02:24
xakhbut now02:24
xakhI have my sn back02:24
xakhalso, Tlosh ftw.02:24
xakhI always choose necromancer.02:25
xakhI love me some zombies.02:25
zearplaying xom (><0|V|) is a bit risque, but you can get a lot of benefits02:25
xakhthat's what it says.02:25
xakhbtw, do you mean risky?02:25
zearrisky i mean :)02:25
xakhrisque usually means...02:25
xakhwell I wanna play xom is all I'll say02:26
zearbtw have you played that game before? I'm wondering, as usually new players are like "meh, this game is hard and boring" :)02:26
xakhI've played Nethack, and about six other roguelikes02:26
zearah, then you know what you're doing :)02:27
xakhI always love me some nethack, but the keybinds are always a pain02:27
xakhnot to mention the tiles are way cooler02:27
zearbut anyway, powder is more like a game of chess02:27
zearyou have to plan your every move02:27
zearor you'll die, especially on the later levels02:28
xakhI rarely make it past lvl 302:28
xakhbut I love sending my horde of zombies to do my bidding02:28
xakhone time I found a wand of transmogrification02:28
zearwhen the labirynth levels start (hmm.. about lvl 5 i think) the game gets harder02:28
xakhand turned into a fire demon02:28
xakhone time I turned into an iron golem.02:28
zearwand of polymorth you mean?02:29
xakhthas the one02:29
xakhiron golem = ownage02:29
zeartoo bad the effects aren't permanent02:29
xakhbut I morphed all my zombies02:29
zearwell, they are if you put on you an amulet of unchanging02:29
zearbut you can't give your pets items02:29
xakhunless they turn into monsters that can pick up items. ;)02:29
xakhlike Trolls.02:30
zearyes, but they are also stupid sometimes :)02:30
xakhbut I had one with two rapiers02:30
xakhit may have been temporary02:30
xakhbut an iron golem02:30
zeardrop an amulet of strangulation and a monster will pick it up and put on himself ;)02:30
xakhhahahaha seriously?02:30
zearand probably if you dropped a poisoned weapon (dipped in poison potion) they'd do the same02:31
zearoh, and you might want try to dip items in potions, some give quite interesting results02:31
zearbut i won't spoil the fun ;)02:32
xakhis there an armor above crystal plate?02:32
zeari think not02:32
xakhspawned with it.02:32
zearunless it's to be found on latter levels02:32
xakhalso how do I jump?02:33
zeari like the randomly generated artifacts (items that have ! on them)02:33
xakhit says I can02:33
xakhI love those too02:33
zearyou need to have an ability to jump02:33
xakhit says I have it02:33
zeari once found a sword that was granting "dig"02:33
zearso i could dig through the map without wasting my mana02:34
zearthen you need to choose it from the menu02:34
zeargetting to the menu is a little complicated02:34
zeari think it was shift + V02:34
zearis that a menu with a list of actions to choose from, or is it rather a main menu?02:35
zearjust checked, it's the right one02:36
zearyou have a list of actions to choose from02:36
zeari find it more handy than pressing keys on the keyboard02:36
xakhme too.02:36
xakhI don't like random named animals02:36
zearhehe, they're like bosses02:36
zearusually carry a special item02:37
xakhcrap, should stop running from this named spider.02:37
zearand have more hp (probably a higher level)02:37
zearbe careful, they are stronger than normal monsters of its kind02:37
xakhyeah, bigass spider02:37
zearyou can distinguish them as they have ! on their tile02:38
zearoh, and if you have potions of greek fire, acid or poison, and you find a room filled with sleeping monsters, trow the potion in02:39
zearusually you kill so many of them at a time that you get a level :)02:40
xakhI did that02:40
xakhit was awesome02:40
xakhfirst time02:40
xakhI set myself on fire02:40
zearempty potions also work that way02:40
xakhlike bottles?02:40
zearyeah :D02:40
xakhso you hit them with glass or something?02:40
xakhchucked a potion at him02:41
xakhhad no idea what was in it02:41
xakhnow spider is dead02:41
xakhgave me a copper wand, and a silver dagger02:41
xakh*iron wand02:41
zearmormal potion works on 3x3 tile range when shattered02:41
zearblessed on 4x402:42
zearand artifacts i think have even a greater range02:42
zearso you must watch if you throw blessed potions, as you might accidently kill yourself :D02:42
xakhfriggin grid bug02:44
xakhnew game.02:45
xakhbtw, book of h'ruth + book of necromancy02:48
xakh= necromancer's delight02:48
xakhlearn clean kill, and raise dead02:49
xakheverything leaves corpses02:49
zearoh, that's good02:57
zeari usually just feed on the corpses02:57
zearoh, but you don't want to eat slugs, they lower your health permanently02:58
xakhthat's weird.02:59
zearthe message is "You feel more basic"02:59
zearsame if you have a pet (non-zombie) and it dies02:59
xakhby the way02:59
xakhdoes a zombie retain any stats from what it was before you raised it?03:00
zearnot sure, but mice zombies usually die first for me :)03:00
xakhoh dang it I set myself on fire.03:02
xakhhow do I get out of a dungeon if it has no door?03:03
zearxakh, you need to *search*03:10
xakhoops. I just restarted03:10
xakhwand of nothing03:14
xakhcan you make it do something?03:14
xakhor is it just a stick?03:15
zearjust a stick i think03:16
zearyou can waste your turn with it :)03:16
xakhcan I quiver a knife?03:16
xakhlike, will it fire from my bow?03:16
zearit won't fire from your bow, but it will be under the *throw* action03:17
zearso that you don't need to open your inventory, select it and then throw it03:17
zearerr.. i mean it will be under the *fire* option03:18
zearbut your character will just throw it, ignoring the bow you wield03:19
xakhI'm tired03:22
zeari'd like to talk more, but i have to go, uni awaits :)03:22
zeartalk to you later03:23
xakhyea man03:23
zearno, i mean what's with the "hey"03:23
zearunless it's the "bye" hey ;)03:23
zearyeah, anyway, cya03:24
wolfspraul  /names06:56
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740-timer: Mask timer irqs at startup http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/d7808b808:24
larscmth: ok did some tests and the irqs are self clearing and writing to pending indeed does nothing08:37
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: intc: Do not ack pending irqs http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/3036ab509:39
mthlarsc: I see you created a 2.6.34 branch, but the commits on that have a date from 1 month back, while they contain more recent changes...?10:40
larscdo they?10:41
mththis contains the mask init you committed today, but at the bottom of the page it says "created 1 month 3 days ago"10:42
larschm. must be git. I sqashed the timer fix into the original commit10:43
mthand it kept the original date?10:43
larsci guess10:43
larschm. i'm currently looking at the sound dma issue and playback only works if i set the source width to 16bit and dest width to 8bit. which is a bit strange imo10:45
larscand i'm playing 16bit samples10:45
mthis it using the fixed dma.h?10:45
mthI have tested with source set to 16 and 32 and dest always set to 16 and both configurations work10:46
larscok. forget it i'm apperently to dump to read the specs...10:48
larscgot the width encoding wrong again10:48
mthspeaking of DMA, do you have any plans for scatter/gather list support?11:00
mthif not, I could have a look at it11:00
mthit would make an efficient deferred I/O implementation of SLCD possible, I think11:00
larsci implemented it once but deleted it accicentally :/11:04
larschm. the dma engine gets an irq when there are at least 16 free slots in the fifo. with 16bits sample size shouldn't it be safe to transfer 32bytes per irq?11:35
mthif source size is 32 bits, does that also mean the data must be aligned to 32 bits?11:40
mthfor 16 bit stereo that would not be a problem, but I don't know if it can be guaranteed for 8 bit or 16 bit mono11:41
larsci guess it need to aligned11:43
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Fixing analog and digital ground on LCD's SAKC circuit http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/c8b70e511:49
methril_worklarsc: ping12:11
larscmethril_work: pong12:13
methril_worklarsc: i was taking a look to the kernel organization12:16
methril_workit`s possible to organize the jz chips inside ingenic folder or something like that?12:16
methril_worki see som SoC manufacturers does like that and keeps the mips folder cleaner12:16
larscmethril_work: yes, sure. but currently there is only one jz chip supported in the qi tree12:18
methril_worki see12:18
methril_workbut if we do frequent updates with the ingenic repos. it`s better if we adopt this structure (with them) :)12:19
methril_workare there any schedule for mainline inclussion?12:20
methril_worki was talking with carlos almagro about a jz patch to support RTAI or RT_PREEMPT12:21
methril_workwe need a roadmap for kernel too :)12:26
larsci'm not sure what it takes these days to be linux-rt compliant, but given that most of it is already included in upstream linux it shouldn't be to hard12:26
larscroadmap is: get as much done as soon as possible...12:26
larsci'm planning to send patches in for review when the merge window for 2.6.35 has closed12:26
methril_worki`ll try to get hands on next week12:27
methril_workif i could help...12:28
methril_worklet me know12:28
methril_worktime to back to work12:30
methril_workwe stay tunned12:30
methril_workthank you larsc (2.6.35 inclussion is a plan) ;)12:31
larsc2.6.35 will be the next upstream release for which the merge window will close soon.12:48
larscmth: it is possible to set a minimum period byte size, so i guess it's safe to always use  a dma_width of 32 for the buffer13:12
mthI don't know how much difference it makes in practice, but it sounds more efficient13:14
mthit might halve the number of reads13:15
larscor quarter for 8bit samples13:15
mthby the way, do you know whether it's useful to clock down the JZ CPU when the load is low? or is it just as efficient to run it at max freq for a shorter time and then let it be idle?13:16
mthas far as I know, the gain from lower clocking comes from being able to lower the voltage supplied to the CPU13:17
mthbut I don't think that embedded devices do those kind of things13:17
larscdownclocking to 100 Mhz saves approx 5mA13:17
mtheven when doing the same amount of work per second?13:18
larscwhen idle13:18
mthI thought it might stop its clock when idle13:19
mth(the clock to the CPU part, not the SoC part)13:19
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: jzcodec: Add S8 as supported format http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/a6d81b513:50
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: ASoC: Fix and cleanup DMA config http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/57f43ae13:50
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: jz4740: dma: Fix dma width constants http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/51a5b8c13:50
rafawould it be possible to use a common usb cable for serial ? http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Ben_nanonote_serial1.jpg15:10
kristianpaulthat could be an addon for Ya15:14
rafakristianpaul: you mean the usb cable? or was you talking about another things? :)15:22
kristianpaulrafa: cable15:23
kristianpaulit is required15:23
kristianpaulDIY cables are not always the best option if you want something strong15:23
kristianpaulDIY? - DO it together15:24
rafakristianpaul: I do not know about kind of usb cables.. For example :15:24
kristianpaulactually a usb cable could work15:25
kristianpaulbut the same connector for both usb and serial, is not safe15:25
rafakristianpaul: http://www.sadoun.com/Sat/Products/SatHawk/USB-cable.jpg15:26
rafaI would use a usb cable like that and I would test15:26
kristianpaultoo big?15:27
kristianpaulwher are you hpoing place it?15:27
kristianpaulrafa: i want follow what you made15:29
rafawell, I would disassemble the right connector (I would remove it) and then I would try to realize out which internals tiny wires should I use15:29
kristianpauli have same cable here15:29
kristianpauland my nano fully disassemlbed15:29
rafaI am not at home yet, I am just trying to think if I could use any usb cable (using the tiny wires inside )15:29
rafaI would not dissasemble my nn.. I just would like to solder the tiny wires of any usb cable like this15:30
rafaBut you say that any usb cable should work right? So I will try with some usb cable at home (removing one connector and soldering the tiny wires inside)15:31
rafakristianpaul: I am asking because I do not have knowledge about those cables.15:32
kristianpaulrafa: yes is a 4 wire cable15:33
kristianpaulserial need 315:33
kristianpaulso it should work15:34
kristianpaulrafa: what are you thinkign to plug the usb cable?15:34
rafaI need serial output to debug15:35
rafaI would usbserial and minicom perhaps.15:35
rafaI would use*15:35
xakhtuxbrain: ping15:37
rafakristianpaul: I need serial output like it is explained here : http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Serial_console15:37
xakhboosh, you're on!15:38
xakhI need to make a package for the nano15:38
xakhand I know you're the master.15:38
tuxbrainheheeheh you have missunderstod the word... is the lammer the lammer....15:38
xakhheh, still.15:39
xakhI'm taking a small text editor15:39
xakhleafpad, as my first project15:39
xakhand I'm a bit stuck.15:39
tuxbrainwhat happens15:39
xakhI set up my build environment for xburst15:39
xakhbut I'm not sure what I need for the makefile15:39
tuxbrainyou can use the one of the tutorial as template15:40
xakhokay, I see that, but I'm sort of new to compiling my own packaged15:40
xakhI've been spoiled with precompiled repos15:41
xakhso after I copy the makefile from the site you recommend15:41
xakhwhere do I go?15:42
tuxbrain:) I understand in fact that tutorial was my first experience on making my own packages15:42
tuxbrainlet me review,15:42
tuxbrainread from the part of "Creating a Package with OpenWRT" from the same tutorial, it descrive that you have to create a folder , then put the Makefile there in it's own folder inside, and then add that folder to the feeds.conf etc etc... after you have done all this you should be able to see your package  in the make menuconfig under the section you have defined and be able to select and compile it as other OpenWrt package15:47
xakhI'm still quite confused.15:51
xakhso I make a folder15:52
xakhthen I put the makefile in its own folder15:53
Action: FrankBlues waves15:57
xakhI'm learning how to compile15:57
xakhand probably frustrating tuxbrain15:57
xakhnow, the leafpad compiler already has a makefile.15:58
xakhyou're telling me I need to make another?15:58
steve|mxakh: leafpad itself of course already has a makefile.. but you need to add a makefile for the openwrt buildsystem to know from the package16:00
steve|msomething like https://dev.openwrt.org/browser/packages/Xorg/app/gtkperf/Makefile16:01
xakhWait is that xorg for the nano?16:01
xakhor just for openwrt?16:01
steve|mxakh: I have no idea which explicit version your're using (haven't a nanonote myself), but I've been playing around with openwrt a few years back16:02
steve|mthe makefiles are all structured the same way16:02
xakhmine's for xburst16:02
xakhso what do I need to do from here to make this package?16:03
steve|mafter you have the makefile, you should see your package in the menuconfig menu16:05
tuxbrainhave you changed the key variables on the,lets call it,"OpenWrt Makefile", then name of the package, sections... etc etc?16:06
steve|mxakh: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/creatingpackages16:06
tuxbrainyes that was one of the sources to make my howto16:06
xakhalright, I have the newest version, so I don't need the patches16:07
xakhI don't think.16:07
xakhso I have /home/xakh/openwrt16:07
xakhhave /openwrt-xburst inside16:07
xakhand have /leafpad inside16:07
xakhI need a /makefile inside which?16:09
xakhsorry if I sound like a total noob16:12
xakhI'm really new to this whole system of actually building stuff16:13
xakhbeen spoiled by Ubuntu and to a lesser extent arch16:13
steve|mand so on..16:14
xakhand I put it in the leafpad folder, the makefile folder, or the openwrt-xburst folder?16:15
xakhI'm trying not to sound like a moron, but it's tough, since it tends to take a couple whacks for stuff to stick to my brain16:16
steve|mseems like inside the package/leafpad folder16:19
xakhwhere do I go for the checksum?16:19
steve|m$ md5sum leafpad-0.8.17.tar.gz16:20
steve|md39acdf4d31de309d484511bdc9f5924  leafpad-0.8.17.tar.gz16:20
xakhand the rest of the info, actually?16:20
xakhis there a place in the leafpad folder I look to get the rest of the pieces for the makefile?16:23
xakhoh, and do I need to have the tar.gz in there16:23
xakhor can it just be an extracted folder?16:23
steve|mdoes OpenWRT on the nanonote have X and GTK running btw?16:24
xakhGTK: Yes.16:24
xakhit runs through framebuffer16:24
kristianpaulrafa: thats a solution that works, the one showed in the pic16:26
kristianpauli just tought wire serial pins will be usefull with a usb connector16:26
steve|mah okay.. since I've just taken a quick look on the packages directory, but those are only the packages which aren't upstream already16:26
kristianpaulrafa: i recomend you as tuxbrain pointed use TP4/TP516:26
kristianpaulif you want full serial capabillities16:26
xakhwell, still, anyone know where I can find the rest of the info to pad out this makefile?16:30
xakhand again, can I do it straight from an extracted folder, or does it have to be a tar.gz?16:30
tuxbrainit has to be tar.gz and if posible directly downloaded form his original url16:38
xakhok, it is16:38
xakhso I make a folder, /package/leafpad then?16:38
xakhbecause I just have leafpad extracted in there16:39
tuxbrainno, no need to do so just put the Makefile there16:39
tuxbrainOpenWrt will do the magic of download decompress compile16:39
xakhso then what do I fill the makefile with?16:40
tuxbrainin the folder "package" there was more directories?16:41
tuxbrainI just trying to know if you use an already set up feed16:41
xakhI'm throwing it together from scratch16:42
xakhand reasonably confused16:42
xakhI have a tar.gz, and your instructions16:51
tuxbrainyou no need the tar.gz :)16:57
tuxbrainwell now in the feed.conf you must put the full path of the new feed "package" you have created (the folder) like this17:00
tuxbrainsrc-link myfeed /path/where/you/created/folder/package17:00
tuxbrainif there is no feed.conf  there sould be a feed.conf.default or somethingl like that in the root folder of the openwrt17:01
tuxbraincopy it to feed.conf and add that line17:02
xakhoh ok17:02
xakhokay, I still don't know what to fill my makefile with17:03
xakhI sound really stupid, and I'm sorry about that17:03
tuxbraindon't worry every body is a newbie some time17:04
xakhso I point it to package, or to the subfolder containing leafpad?17:05
tuxbrainand don't offend please but seems you have not read the  http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/creatingpackages , isn't it?17:05
xakhI didn't know it existed before someone linked it just now17:06
xakhI was just going on your tut17:06
tuxbrainno just to "package",17:06
xakhokay sweet17:07
tuxbrainafter that you should run17:07
tuxbrain./scripts/feeds update17:07
tuxbrain./scripts/feeds install -p myfeed17:08
tuxbrainsorry not running yet!17:08
xakhhehe ok17:08
tuxbrainwe must be a little sure what is in the Make file, can you send me a an email with it?17:08
xakhalright, sent17:12
tuxbrainyou have wrong package definition, I suppouse you have based it on gtkperf, basically you have to substitute "gtkperf" by leafpad in any appearance17:16
tuxbrainI should also remove the Xorg in the PKG_BUILD_DIR17:17
tuxbrainPKG_BUILD_DIR=$(BUILD_DIR)/$(_CATEGORY)/$(PKG_NAME) should be enough17:18
xakhdoes that folder have to exist, or will it create it?17:19
xakhalso, what am I going to need to do to show it in /card on the nano, so I can easily put it in gmenu2x17:21
tuxbrainno is part of the OpenWrt magic17:22
tuxbrainmmm after you finis the proccess you will end with a ipkg file17:22
xakhoh ok17:23
tuxbrainyou copy that ipkg file and put it some where (the sd card or the internal flash) where you can run "opkg  install thecreated.ipkg"17:24
xakhwhat else do I need to remove from the makefile to make this go?17:24
tuxbrainand then it will be installed directly on the rootfs of the nano17:24
tuxbrainmmm send me it again :)17:24
xakhshould be there now17:26
tuxbrainok, at first sight and with my knowledge seems ok now, let's try and see what happens17:28
tuxbrain./scripts/feeds update 23:0717:28
xakhjust like that?17:28
tuxbrain./scripts/feeds install -p myfeed17:28
xakhoops, wait17:28
tuxbrainI guess17:28
xakhstill in category xorg17:28
xakhoops. ;)17:28
tuxbrainwell it just means that when you search for it in the menuconfig will appear under that categorie, nothing else17:29
xakhI know, under neatness, changed it17:29
tuxbrainonce you run the avobe instrucctions the real fun will beguin :P17:31
rafakristianpaul: where did tuxbrain point that?17:32
kristianpaulrafa: it was time ago17:32
kristianpauli was bugging here about serial port and bn17:32
kristianpauls/bn/Ben nanonote17:33
tuxbrainrafa: and in honor to true was Carlos Camargo + Xiang Fu I'm just an verbose executor17:33
tuxbrainmmm have you setup the xburst architecture in make menuconfig (step 1 of the howto)17:34
xakhI did17:35
tuxbrainmmm strange17:35
xakham I supposed to be running that inside the menuconfig?17:35
tuxbrainnop the scripts to update feeds not17:36
tuxbrainmmm have you already run "make" to complile the toolchain, kernel, etc?17:39
rafatuxbrain: a verbose executor is always a good proof ;)17:39
tuxbrainxakh: what computer you have due this step can take a while (on Quad core about 30 mins)17:41
xakhit's a decent, but aging laptop17:41
tuxbrainthen, if you don't mind, I will go to sleep :P17:42
xakhwell, when you think you'll be back?17:42
xakhso where do I go to run make?17:42
tuxbrainin the root of openwrt17:43
xakhso /openwrt/openwrt-xburst in my case?17:43
tuxbrainweekend is for family, so expect I can't do another tutorial session until monday17:43
xakhthat's fine.17:44
xakhthanks for all your help17:44
tuxbrainyes that's the folder17:44
xakhI'll just run that other command after this thing makes17:44
tuxbraingive me that thanks when we finish to compile that package, i also want it on the Nano :)17:44
xakhI'm glad I'm not the only fan of leafpad.17:44
xakhafter this, maybe something a bit tougher, like a browser?17:45
steve|mtoo bad17:45
steve|m...leafpad uses the same icon as gedit in ubuntu lucid17:45
tuxbrainyes when those commands finish correctly, enter in make menuconfig search for the package leafpad, mark it as <M>  exit and run make again17:46
steve|m(sorry, accidentially hit enter) ;)17:46
xakhyeah it does17:46
xakhbut I took their old one with the pencil and the leaf17:46
tuxbrainwhy it's bad? I think the text editor icon is some what standard of freedesktop.org, isn't it?17:47
xakhshould look good in gmenu2x17:47
xakhyeah, but I think the leaf + pencil looks way cooler17:48
steve|mwell, once you get used to something.. I use gnome-panel for launching the most important applications17:48
xakhif you want the old icon17:48
tuxbrainwell guys, good night from spain. Buenas Noches :* :*17:49
steve|mxakh: or, better: https://lliurex.net/projects/valencia/gaia/export/7407/ubuntu-mods/trunk/leafpad/data/icons/scalable/leafpad.svg :)17:50
steve|mtuxbrain: gn817:50
xakhnight bud17:50
steve|mxakh: there is still some some stuff that bugs me, like a decent gtk-based hex-editor.. I currently use Okteta17:50
xakhthat svg's nice, but since gmenu2x requires pngs at 32x32, they're pretty cool for me17:51
xakhyo zear18:15
xakhwand of polymorph18:15
xakhturned into one of those nearly invincible ghosts18:15
zearyeah, the only times i got deeper into the dungeon was when i was polymorphed :)18:16
zearthe trick is to polymorph yourself and put a ring of unchanging (or was it an amulet?) on you18:17
xakhghostie things can't wear anything18:17
zearyeah, but they're powerful18:20
zearand you still can use magic/wands18:20
xakhis awesome18:20
zearthe game is really fun18:20
xakhand I have noclip on18:21
zeari just wish it had larger levels and more monsters/items18:21
zearas it feels like chess ;)18:21
xakhtransformed back into my old self on level 618:22
xakhand I'm still level 118:22
xakhand I read the wrong scroll and set myself on fire18:22
xakhhey, what's a scroll of magic mapping do?18:22
zeardiscover the nearby map18:23
zearuseless except some rare situations18:23
FrankBluesI am not understanding the compilation error I'm seeing18:24
FrankBluesit keeps saying missing seperator on a line that is blank...18:25
FrankBluesMakefile:49: ***missing separator. Stop.18:26
mthdoes it contain a tab?18:27
FrankBluesNo... should it?18:27
mthprobably not18:27
mthcan you post some context? (here or pastebin)18:27
xakhwelp, off to shower time. See you dudes in a sec18:28
FrankBlueslemme change to a regular irc client, halfasec.18:28
FrankBlueslets see18:29
mthline 49 is not blank though, it contains the eval18:32
FrankBluesIt was complaining about 47 before, my math was off after adding some whitespace.18:33
mthyou could change $(eval into $(info to make it print the expansion18:33
FrankBluesSaved, trying make again.18:35
FrankBluesHrm... now I got this: http://pastebin.com/W2XcAMSW18:37
FrankBluesThe target/mx2 line is baffling...18:38
mthI don't see anything that looks like the output of $(info18:39
mthmaybe use $(error instead?18:39
mththat will force Make to stop there18:40
FrankBluesWait wait wait... I have to compile the kernel and toolchain first, yes?18:40
mthI'm not familiar with OpenWRT yet; I know Make, but not in this context18:45
FrankBluesThanks for the help, it's time for me to leave work... I'll tinker with this later.18:50
xakh_washinoh shit dudes18:50
xakhmy compile's finished!18:51
rafawolfspraul: larsc : do you know some way to build nn kernel without to use openwrt? I mean, 1- get just the kernel source code 2- build it20:24
larscrafa: make ARCH=mips20:28
rafalarsc: thanks, using vanilla right?20:28
larscrafa: no. http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/qi-kernel/source/tree/master/20:31
qi-commitsLars-Peter Clausen: Add qi_lb60 defconfig http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/4d7a0d720:33
rafalarsc: ah.. okey. Let me try then20:41
rafalarsc: it builds.. I have another question: do you know which kernel config option to set so I can get debug kernel messages on console?..22:42
rafalarsc: to the current .config I added the option : "Map the console to the primary display device" but without luck..22:43
rafaI just see the logo22:43
mthEARLY_PRINTK + "console=tty0" on the kernel command line, I think22:43
rafaI have changed the openwrt logo, I put tux which is tinier22:43
rafamth: how can I set command line? I am booting from micro sd22:44
rafaEarly printk is set22:44
rafain kernel .config22:44
mthcommand line can be set in the boot loader or in the "kernel hacking" section of menuconfig22:45
rafaI know, but I do not know how to edit the boot loader comman line in nanonote22:46
mthI don't know either, but if it's only for testing it's fine to do it via the kernel config22:46
rafaperhaps.. because I do not see kernel messages with the current .config options I am guessing that something is avoiding that22:47
rafaall the options for kernel messages are set22:48
rafaand yes, CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=y is set22:48
mthtry "cat /proc/cmdline" to see if "console=" is used there22:48
rafahe.. I can not boot.. that is why I am asking how to see kernel messages ;)22:50
rafawell it does (boots), but I can not see where it stucks22:50
rafabut it does not reach the rootfs mount + init scripts22:50
larscafaik, the default cmd line does not include console=tty022:53
larscrafa: and you should switch to the jz-2.6.34 branch in case you haven't22:53
urandom_the openwrt logo should be removed in the official image as well or at least replaced with small tux or qi logo22:58
wolfspraulurandom_: you mean the openwrt logo should be removed in the openwrt image?23:00
urandom_uhm yeah23:01
kristianpaulit can co-exist with other logos i think23:02
kristianpaulbut.. to many logos an start up...23:02
kristianpauli dont like to see i think23:02
urandom_not co-exits, remove it, takes too much space and is ugly23:02
kristianpaulalso qi brand is labeled in the nano case23:03
kristianpaulseems we need a poll :)23:03
wolfspraulurandom_: makes no sense to me. if you don't like the logo you can remove it yourself or replace it.23:06
wolfspraulbut if we are using openwrt, of course I think there should be an openwrt splash screen at bootup23:07
wolfspraulDebian renamed Firefox to Iceweasel, but OK they had some licensing issues over the artwork.23:07
kristianpaulurandom_: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Customizing_OpenWrt_Boot_Logo23:07
kristianpaulbut there is a contest http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Splash_logo_contest23:08
wolfspraulbut other than that I would never rename free software.I think we should credit the people and projects that we are using more, not less :-)23:08
kristianpauloh this is nice http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/images/e/ea/Logo.gif23:08
wolfspraulkristianpaul: yes sure, all for choice. It's already easy to build a new image, or change the splash screen.23:09
wolfspraulanyway, speaking for myself I like the OpenWrt splash screen23:09
kristianpauli think we need a more refined OpenwrtLogo23:09
kristianpaulmyself too, i just a bit poor in quality23:09
wolfspraulI'm not following the logo/splash discussion upstream, I'm sure OpenWrt would be happy if people helped with artwork.23:10
urandom_taking the openwrt logo out it not renaming or not crediting openwrt23:11
kristianpaulbut with a refined logo23:12
kristianpaulany way, every people taste diferent23:12
urandom_well if someone makes a nice logo i would be happy too23:12
kristianpaulwhat about this http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Logo.gif ?23:12
kristianpaulor http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/images/4/46/Openwrt_logo.jpg23:13
kristianpauland so on23:13
wolfspraulurandom_: you can submit improved artwork to the openwrt folks I'm sure23:13
wolfsprauleverybody loves better artwork23:13
wolfspraulbut my point is - if anything then we help openwrt 'look better'23:13
urandom_i like the the first one the http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Logo.gif23:14
wolfsprauland if they don't agree, well we can keep submitting stuff but I will happily use whatever logo/artwork they currently think is best23:14
urandom_well i cant do any art myself, i just can criticize it ;)23:16
wolfspraulhe - fair enough! :-)23:16
rafaurandom_: well, the distribution is openwrt so the logo is okey perhaps. Perhaps an openwrt logo with a little Qi logo mix? :)23:45
urandom_rafa well i dont really care if it says openwrt or something different as long as the logo looks good :P but yeah yeah mix would make sense23:53
--- Sat May 29 201000:00

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