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tuxbrainkristianpaul: ping you were seaching for me_07:17
Action: FrankBlues waves10:10
wolfspraulwolfspraul doesn't know how to wave properly, but still waves back :-)10:12
FrankBluesHeh, thank you wolfspraul!10:13
wolfspraulthanks for hanging out there10:14
kristianpaultuxbrain: yes11:19
kristianpaultuxbrain: i'm having issues with tp4/tp5 when sending data from computer to nano11:19
kristianpaulmy picocom crashes11:19
tuxbrainkristianpaul: what uboot?11:37
kristianpaultuxbrain: good question11:39
kristianpaulhow i can get the version?11:39
kristianpaulor do you have same issue in the past?11:40
kristianpauli'm about to use last uboot maybe tonight11:40
tuxbrainI use this one  http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.bin11:40
kristianpaultuxbrain: and no other?11:40
tuxbrainnot for serial comunication11:40
tuxbrainmy father says:"if it work don't touc it" :P11:40
kristianpauli dint work yet for me11:41
kristianpaulso i'm keep toiching11:41
kristianpaultouing ;)11:41
tuxbrainshure I must say may father says just aftet, "Why in the name of all saints have you touch it!!!"11:42
kristianpauli cant resist11:43
tuxbrainmust leave11:43
cain__I have a question16:26
cain__The serial port RX line is enabled ?16:26
cain__I'm trying to make a loopback and minicom16:27
cain__and doesn't works16:27
cain__I mean RX of ttyS016:28
Xakhso, what's new in fosslamd?16:38
Xakhany awesome new xburst ports?16:39
Xakhanyone here?16:40
Xakhzear: ping16:41
zearhey Xakh16:41
zearnot much here, working on my thesis16:41
Xakhah. what's it on?16:42
zearboring stuff16:42
zeardon't like google to know (this channel is monitored ;))16:42
Xakhhaha alright16:42
tuxbrain_awaycain__: using the lastest oficial uboot you must press Power+S to activate serial RX16:49
tuxbrain_awayPower+S to boot the BNN16:50
cain__Hi David17:05
cain__is Carlos17:06
cain__I'm on SAKC :(17:06
cain__I've already wrote a simple program to change the RX pin functionality17:06
cain__works fine :)17:06
tuxbrainHi carlos :) I was to writting you a mail :) are one of this boards on the way to tuxbrain yet?17:08
tuxbrainI have read some verilog tutorials and I realize I have done this before :)17:09
tuxbrainat University and I have was not bad at it17:09
tuxbrainMatricula de honor :P17:10
tuxbrainWe use Altera soft instead of Verilog, and the acronim of HDL was diferent in Spanish17:10
tuxbrainI must say the things we do there where very "simple" and elevator with memory control, weather sensible irrigating sistem control etc... nothing compared implement a full cpu but at least I'm not so afraid to mess with the fpga :P, I think I can start a beguiners tutorial from a beguinner17:19
cain__Hi David17:25
cain__great, matricula de honor jejeje que nerd :)17:25
cain__I'm talking with some people here for mount 9 sakc boards17:25
cain__they have a pick and place machine17:26
cain__the first one I've soldered at hand17:26
cain__but is very tedious17:26
tuxbrainsure, too many pins and no value added to do so17:26
cain__maybe this week we can mount the 9 boards17:27
cain__they will mount the boards for free  :)17:27
cain__so I'll be waiting for their call17:27
tuxbrainso then I guess the 10 saks already mounted have owner :) I hope we can see some publications from them17:28
cain__I'll send 5 to Europe, I think that one is for you17:28
cain__another for rafa17:29
cain__3 for me and my team17:29
tuxbrainfrom the already mounted or the next samples bathc?17:29
tuxbrainhi qwebirc2242817:30
qwebirc22428any body from BRasil?17:30
tuxbrainmethril is from there but I think is away now17:30
qwebirc22428tanks every all17:31
cain__I've already wrote some pages about HW/SW interface on SAKC17:31
cain__in spanish17:31
tuxbrainon the wiki? give link and I will take a read17:32
tuxbraincain__: what are the main difference between sack fpga and elphel/milkymist one?17:33
tuxbrainsame modules can work on both without recoding?17:34
tuxbrainif it fits in size?17:34
tuxbrain:) mmm good compendium :)17:36
tuxbrainit's a pitty we don't have a free HDL compiler17:41
tuxbrainhaving the fpga binary uploader, would be awesome to have full fpga related stuff needed inside SACK17:43
cain__but you can download webpack form xilinx17:44
cain__is free17:44
tuxbrainI'm not saying things are so bad :) just searching for the best :) , having a free as beer compiler for x86 arch is better than expensive propietary soft :)17:48
tuxbrainI hope it also works on 64bits arch17:48
cain__I can configure the .bit file from SAKC17:52
cain__i don't need external applications17:52
cain__I'm using some GPIOs for drive de FPGA's JTAG port17:53
Action: steve|m remembers some guy saying that he has a FPGA bitstream reverse engineering group at his university17:53
larscdo they pulish their results somewhere?17:55
cain__mmm great17:55
cain__but is a hard task17:56
steve|mcurrently searching chatlogs to find out who it was17:56
cain__many people working in reconfigurable computing change some info on .bit files17:57
cain__they know the .bit architecture17:57
cain__but, the problem is the P&R algorithm and the internal architecture17:57
cain__Right now I'm working with lm32 on SAKC17:58
cain__works fine17:58
cain__I'm trying to run plasm, bu I can't17:58
cain__I want to use plasma in my computer architecture class17:59
cain__David the main difference of SAKC FPGA is size18:00
cain__they needs a lot of multipliers, ram blocks,18:00
steve|mhm, don't find it anymore, but found something googling a bit18:02
steve|mbut it doesn't really go in detail, it's more like a general description18:06
cain__many years ago I've worked with jbits18:07
cain__a java tool for manipulate bitstreams18:07
cain__I remember that some people make some applications based on this tool18:07
tuxbrainI want to implement a module for the elphel camera that in adition of the high resolution high fps video output gives low res low fps output to use a small computer like Nano or SACK, as visor to where is cam aiming, due I have no Idea on how to do so, I think SACK can be a good sandbox to my fisrt aproaches and tests.18:10
tuxbrainin adition, can the SACK FPGA be converted in a full ethernet card?18:12
tuxbrainlike this http://opencores.org/project,ethmac18:14
tuxbrainor is too big to bee on sack?18:14
tuxbrainanother interesting core to test http://opencores.org/project,usbhostslave :P18:38
jd823592Hello, do you know any other open notebook similar to touchbook?19:07
Action: FrankBlues waves19:28
qi-commitsCarlos Camargo: Adding lm32 demo to SAKC project http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/61d440822:51
xakhyo dudes.22:56
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